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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 31, 2006 2:51:59 PM(UTC)

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There are three important things to maintain relationships along the journey:

1. providing independence and space.
2. lack of bookkeeping.
3. Paragon and magnanimity. 

In the first two weeks the relationship gives strength and confidence, everything is fresh and there's plenty to talk about. After my period should start and initiate walk separately. This can be accomplished in the ranks of an hour or two in the morning, or simply to meet tonight in "hostel. In advanced stages of the route it will create not if crime rates of more than a day between us so and will only sleep till the convening in the city or in "hostel.
Walking is rated has so many benefits it's unbelievable how some couples don't even think about it first, it gives some freedom and territorial quality time thinking to analyze things of the world again that allows us to communicate in English with other travelers and cut us off from the double bubble and eventually it makes us want to be with your partner because it is well known that fruit are subject to an axiom "relationship far fonder. Long walk apart is proactive rather than background dissonance between individuals then the more the merrier.  

The second issue is that bookkeeping outer shell out more we tend to bookkeeping. For example describe a routine situation where a man or a woman walking home from a day's work and the couple constant crises facing them please go to the store to buy milk because over seemingly trivial issue and even trivial, but it's usually enough to register in alert partner for lack of consideration.
For almost no work day and constant crises and therefore the sensitivity between spouses is promoted such fire could erupt at any moment without smoke. Failure is an integral part of Paragon bookkeeping and generosity which are character traits as required for apalazim. Each partner must internalize and strive to invest in two more than he expects. It means want to carry more weight and equipment could pay bigger bonuses a surgeon and in restaurants and in General to be more.
When couples are trying simultaneously to implement such an approach, their relationship becomes route mprgant and crisis-proof. 

The next topic I want to refer to it briefly is nutrition and energy availability. In a nutshell should know that available energy stores in the body are carbohydrates as glycogen in muscles and aggregated. I would recommend anyone to try to climb after lunch carbs and richer than Mrs. Croesus to compare his energy levels after a meal seemed richer than Mrs. Croesus type proteins. It is a difference of night and day and therefore I suggest anyone to include many sweets at breakfast and base it on bread, cereals, chocolate and other sweets and regardless, it is important to take the road always chocolate package available as an energy booster for lunch.
Note that this is not related to physical fitness. Will not be a walk for the apalazim not be in great shape from the other end of the month. What separates those who allegedly drinking in longer emails effortlessly, among other things, that most nutrition much more physiological benefits. 

The last subject I find it appropriate to refer to it is the psychology of the effort.
When the couple goes together has a huge psychological advantage to the carrier as it sets the pace and does not need to infect anyone.
I remember countless times when leading member physical fitness is the same as mine, I had always seemed so easy and I had to try to catch him.
Two is very frustrating and there's also the psychological effect because the film leads just hides us.

The solution to the problem of transport is simply change proactively or transfer cascade without eye contact.
When the foot is on the team, so we need to remember that the last heavy psychological pressure might cause him, in addition to frustration and doubt, to push beyond his physical abilities at the same time and cause himself harm.
The Group has the leading responsibility to lower the rate to suit everyone and in addition must follow so that the breaks be given a relaxing time fair also not to proceed with final movement as soon as he comes, otherwise it adds insult to injury.
The big advantage of walking together is the option to migrate away during a call.
It's pretty amazing how difficult walking becomes almost undetected while engaged in enthusiastic conversation.
In 1984, right after my release from the army, went to the United States and went with my cousin, Abdul, who worked for the law firm in New York, a week walking in Shenandoah National Park. To this day I remember nothing of walking but I remember the sequence details the fascinating conversations between us started innocent conversation about why people having children (his wife was three months pregnant) and evolved into a complex conception of nothing less than the human role in the world and the meaning of life. The point I want to emphasize is that there is nothing like a deep conversation or thoughts focused on the subject of personal interest to make scarcely a negligible balicha.
Who tries to deliver mileage of duplicate steps count or watch right glimpse him disappointment. Time passes quickly when you are aware of him and only lengthens when measuring it.
Today, when going for a walk, I made myself a list of topics that I would like to think while walking. I don't believe there's a better thinking that we can her while moving.
When I get tired of thinking I sometimes turn to the other extreme and try to empty your mind of all a glimmer of thought and focus on nothing or I'm sinking in listening to the lyrics of the songs on the radio mnogenim.
But these techniques invented and tested exercises in meditation I managed to implement.  

Although there are more things I wanted to discuss, and perfected in the document that marks wrote yesterday, I find it's time to put down the pen and add a few more words from the heart.

Assaf, Sarah, (next year) YGH (Leave you Ma ... You go).

You are about to embark on a journey to great change you in many ways.
Physical and sensory experience, such as social capital, until I find myself in envy of virginity.
You are about to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor and even said it before, before, it doesn't matter.

Take and remember all the way to ktadin there anyone who follows you (what with the register Amir?) and pray for you and networked enough United States to make the right calls when pushed.


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