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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 31, 2006 2:53:43 PM(UTC)

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The water along the apalazim are very good quality and excellent even. A large part of ashlterim is located near cold water springs and wonderful and you can drink without any fear.
Of course it's an imperfect world and sometimes shot forced the traveler to take water from streams and wetlands.
Is it worth to invest in regular cleansing of water or rather drinking look for and treat parasites that can penetrate?
On the surface, it seems better to purify the water and taking risks, and indeed most people do it, but if you explore the depth of veteran travelers, we know that most of them don't bother to purify the water.
Water purification occurs in three categories

1) boiling
2) chemical purification
3) mechanical decontamination using filters

Boiling is effective but not practical. It is unthinkable that we boil hours of thousands of liters needed for body along the way. We don't have the time or the interest.

The chemical purification (iodin solutions, chlorine, etc.) is very convenient but it has three prominent flaws
A. he destroys the great taste of the water and makes them disgusting serious!
2. it requires long waiting time before you can drink the water (from ten minutes to half an hour)
C. its effectiveness is not 100% and decreases significantly with water temperature decrease.

Purification using filters is the recommended solution and should be the default for anyone who chooses a purification.
Also various filters has three flaws.
A. are expensive.
B. they weigh quite a bit and always easy to operate.
They require maintenance
I must say that phasing out the past infiltrated several market and effective filters replaced bulky and heavy models that ruled until the mid-1990s.
When you come to buy a filter must not be tempted by the low price tag because it's the weight and ease of operations.
Easy and efficient filter, with spare parts, costs a lot and can easily reach the level of $ 150 or more.
While I went for the PCT ran into all kinds of filters and almost all require several minutes of pimpos in different difficulty levels. However, I came to know that there are filters that do not require pimpos and are comfortable. This type of filters, the traveler fills directly in bottle or water bag and set them in the Center tube of the filter. The bottle/bag put into the top of the casing and the water was flowing over gravity. The advantage of this method is easy and operational speed, only water and keep moving. The disadvantage is relatively small and the filter should be replaced every 300 litres.

Personally I prefer not to purify water and to use the rare cases where iodin water taken from a very questionable source. Anyone who chooses like me not to purify the water must meet the infection it may be exposed and I want to focus only on the most when he has a fighting chance to encounter.

1 Giardia Lamblia)
Pinhead worms)

The giardia is a parasite that grows in the intestine of hosts (host) and excreted in faeces. In humans it causes intestinal disease known as giardiazis (Giardiasis). Since many animals poop near water sources, the most common method of infection of the parasite is drinking water that contains the parasite.
It is important to know that not everyone who drinks the water carry the giardia parasite infections and not everyone infected develops the symptoms of giardiazis. From here, by the way, the nature reserves authority, prohibition did little needs just 100 yards from water, since the person is infected with giardia is not necessarily aware of.
Only one in 10 infected (11%) Develop the symptoms of the disease and are diarrhea, flatulence and mighty burps husband reek of stinky egg. Diarrhea can result from so many other holirot as voice and microbic salmonella food poisoning, so it's not a symptom characteristic of giardiazis. They're mighty burps smell however.
Giardiazis not killing and not dangerous, but she didn't. The most effective treatment for this disease is by taking a dose of four pills (with food before bed) cheap medicine "tiniba" known as its generic Tinidazole.
This drug is prevalent in the country but unable to get it in the u.s. used the medicine Flagyl name horror to happen. It is advisable to go for with 8 balls (two doses) as a security measure.

The worms are white sand and sand blasting capabilities through the anus (vis-?-vis the under water) or drinking water with sand. The worms can be identified easily in the stomach, and it's not a sight to discover all our insides are worms. Anyway, no dangerous worms and marginal and uncomfortable irritation of the anus, causing damage. The usual treatment is taking a large dose of garlic (4-5 teeth). Chop the garlic, diced and swallow all her once with food.
All my walks for apalazim, PCT and Canadian Rockies, didn't put any effort in water treatment and in total suffered once worms (PCT) and once giardia (FR) with minor symptoms.
It's not so heavy price to pay against the treatment and completion.
I don't want to sound discouraging water island. You want to clear all filter that is direct and conversational emanations.
Anyway, anyone who chooses like me (out of laziness and weight) not clear, so in addition to the dangers and I figured that attaches the judgment and recommendations published by the Association for the study of giardia.

1) water source flowing fast and it integrates better than slow's better side for it moving parallel to the route of the trail.
2) in Lake or swamp it is recommended to drink at the feed and the second priority in the mouth, especially with fast streaming.
3) as cold water are safer. The danger is greater in summer than in winter.
4) high safe water sources than for minority owners lower and shorter flow path.
5) the Earth is an excellent filter and therefore who emanations and are generally safe.
6) greater pollution danger in drought. In rainy years occurs naturally cleaning of water sources.
7) avoid drinking water flowing through urban areas.
Don't drink) water murky source or foam. If all else fails, boil the water.

Health for everybody.

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