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#1 Posted : Saturday, September 26, 2015 11:45:15 AM(UTC)
יואב גרוס

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In August-September 2015 I, Yoav, and my girlfriend, Myrtle, went most of the HRP which stretches over 800 km and 40 km increases between the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea along the Pyrenees mountain range.

The sum will include technical specifications that will interest those who genetically linked with practical planning of the walk, he's not tired and can anyone want to read for the first time on the trail. There are several excellent posts that help us to plan the trip.

Link to the description that appears in the Forum

A link to a summary (in English)

Link to buy the book for

On the trail:

A beautiful, amazing! Taking the best of both cross the Pyrenees GR GR 11 Spanish and French sections 10 and he goes to many trails are marked, are marked with רוג'ומים and lots of wild nature, stunning Lakes and Alpine scenery, blue heaven for hikers cliffs geology enthusiasts (and of course someone who learned geology like me)

We went from Hendaye and the fourth segment ends in l ' hospitalet pres andorre

For there are many lifts, daily average rise more than 1000 feet and dropping them. When there are days you get 1500 and up too. But, very quickly coming into shape and even students trail we, who came from two months of tillage tests involving almost zero sports, work out and after 3-4 days we have the highs. The trail runs through the first week in a wooded area and very rainy Basque country and reaches the region of rugged mountains and for most of it is located above the forest around 1600 meters altitude. Is not really high-altitude the highest mountain-Pico de Aneto Ridge is 3404 m height and for not passing the 3000 m.

Along the path by the book published by the friendly is 45 days. It is divided into five parts. The book itself is a bit tricky-originally written in Dutch and the translation is incomplete. However, you can handle but need to know how to read a map and it is important to take a compass. Important schedule they are net times book, IE if you stop drinking coffee, looking at the map-time curfew. It takes a while to get used to and of course at times hard to resist brute if you don't fit that Bill.

Side trails-in the book he recommends 10-tops often walk hours and days (meaning you can take a small bag and leave the bag/cabin just big on the path covered with rain cover). I really recommend! We have three and one of them even we are engaged for J status

The amount of hikers on the trail varies from region to region-feel the French travellers very much more than the Spaniards. There were areas where we saw solos throughout the whole day and famous areas, accessible where we saw a lot of people. In General, it really doesn't rewarding at the end of the season really empty. The Israelis saw that one specific area drain around the town of espot Park area agoaterus.

Getting to the trailhead- we landed in Barcelona, reached the city by bus (line 46) cheap and stbboyoth bus organizations and we got a night of eight hours at a cost of EUR 27 (student discount price genuine 32) to Irun. From there a short train to Hendaye and walk to the trailhead. There's a store where you can buy maps of the trailhead and, in retrospect, you can buy a great writer (= cheaper).

Season and weather

The best months for the walk are July and August. According to the book can begin in June but should come prepared for snow. Also in July and August can even stay in passim, it all depends on winter was We went from 4.2 to the 7.4 and there was total was likely weer. There were 5-6 days of rain and a few days. Also cool temperatures in September, but began to decline about how the starting month and from what I understood some of the huts are closed in mid-September.

Her decision left the country is that we're not "freaks" of the trail and we enjoy and Mark V, if not allowed to walk on the trail went on the GR11. Indeed, in the first part of the trail through the Basque country which has a lot of rain and more importantly there is thick fog. Fog that can cover everything within minutes. In this part the path goes through the forest and sometimes hard to find. So we went a few days on the Spaniard, from someone who went in the opposite direction the maps and the decision reached is that when rainy weather forecast we're going on this path, there is no problem to walk him because he has a great way total went on week along our walking (36 days of sightseeing). The trail easier topography-also when we went on it went "a day and a half" (the set of maps sorted by day, uh page jealousy when you carry over kg maps) and micro-points almost every day there.

Accommodation and food

There is for כ35 nights, we slept 3 nights at the Gite is the cheapest hostel is in French towns and two more times in the campsites. The other night we slept at a million stars in our tent-j. In principle you can camp where you want with the limitation of a minute walk from the nearest paved road when are national parks. In practice we slept sometimes in fields bordering towns but heard stories about people who were supervisors.

Along most of the trail you can sleep in the cabins, but towns cannot do without for bed and cooking (unless the trail and ready-to-eat food cold in some nights and not really possible to me). The services given in including food and accommodation services, individuals have consumed hovels were beers and cokes from time to time, we didn't want to sleep with sardines in and more to pay for so little money (see chapter costs) trade was carried many OPS weight of food. In most towns there are cheap hostels-alburgue in Spain and in France Gite and of course hotels in towns. We felt that the acamping give the greatest value for money-you can do including laundry, showering, and whether there is a restaurant and sheds rain, you can pass the time.

We have stated the majority of food, the best of it must carry is 6 days (in part four, we got sidetracked a little trail to). There are towns in total containers precious that reach almost to the country's rates. Cheese and fruit and vegetables and excellent taste level =.


Like any bill the name of the game is to take as little as possible, try to append below a link to our equipment list. The weight of the bags at the airport, i.e. without food, water, gas and a completeness that we did in Barcelona was: Yoav-10.5 kg 8.5 kg-believes that food and equipment perfection (get sometimes carrying 5 days eating) the bags arrived 16 and 13 respectively.

Except for emphasis on the equipment:

The daktelon- Rami Levi of equipment and sports equipment, equipment for Quechue ה"בת" he fine and very cheap and also equipment of leading companies. In general it is very cheap and was our first stop – straight from the airport to Barcelona centre-shop store in terms of the network (only two) but enough to stock up before your trip.

Case the ultimate portfolio is 50 liters, set myself a minimalist but not all my equipment is expensive and little heads it.

Rain gear is essential-not only carried rain pants jackets + rain cover (and of course waterproof rain tent), in retrospect I giiters would prevent the wet socks and shoes on days when walking on grass after rain/time Really useful item gear is rain coverage map – daktelon and it was really annoying to be without him.

Gas-gseet with flare and there was a real problem to find gas. With that they couldn't find where towns and therefore tried to be extra gas-there are large and small balloons. Balon punching were even more common and more widely were balloons with flare-I used to be in the country and these are known as Spain and France but these were balloons, and Andora were everywhere.

Portfolio day-worth taking a bag bags (in some daktelon euros) in favour of hunting and shopping peaks.

Maps- the hurt in terms of weight. Because the track is not an official trail as the model GR-11 Spanish and French GR 10 so he set his own maps. I got half the connector maps and along the way we bought five maps. The cost of a map is 10-12 euros and total have 10-12 maps-depending on what they find. The weight in my opinion out in the fun (when you have a tent weighing the same weight it really annoying).

Saw French printed maps from the Internet and just irkero in the path. You can also cut the relevant parts, but it felt like defacement of maps.

I had courage but know someone who did it-you can send to Barcelona package yourself and pick it up at the end of the path.

- It is important to know how to read a map, there are good parts not marked well and it is important to know your way around. A compass is required. If you have GPS-so worth the book he gives several hundred GPS points he stabbed. There are very few parts for and therefore a good solution to any safety issues is taking Spot. And most importantly to take cell phones.

-Hope I'm not breaking forum rules with no hidden advertising really but Golan great package that really Telecom corresponds to. In the package you can connect to any mobile operator that Spanish publishers (not in Spain but the Andorra in two and a half days) for 45 days a year (fits:))  And there is free Internet and free calls to land. In short everything you need for this trip. Was very very convenient and very inexpensive (99 per month)


A landing in Barcelona until the end of the walk on the path we took together 1150 euro. I.e. € 16.5 days per person, a total perfection equipment at the beginning of the track, travel, accommodation, food. By the end of the walk on the path we were on a trip but we spared no budget shopping in containers along the path (in fact we had better 99% of people who go on the trail).

If you add to this price flights, travel insurance, cell phones are coming to surface of 1800 euros.

If you eat and/or sleep in the huts, including pass through (you can camp next to most cabins) standard rates we saw are: b-17, dinner and breakfast 25 euros and all cabins have seen they offer "picnic" at a cost of 8 euros (not sure what it includes, believe bread and ham or something like that). For those who do not eat pork (like me) think dinner is not relevant.

The bottom line on Bill really recommended, spectacular alpine landscapes, wild nature, numerous lakes.

Highly recommend!!

Meet trails

Yoav and des

#2 Posted : Saturday, September 26, 2015 3:37:39 PM(UTC)

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Sounds fascinating and amazing!

Good luck!!

There are pictures to open the appetite?

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