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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 1, 2006 12:40:07 PM(UTC)

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The body has an enormous store of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to protect itself during the short shortage or changes in diet. Neglect over time when shortage will affect the health and performance and enjoyment.

Basically when the body's energy effort fueled by carbohydrates and fats, the body needs food in effort between 700 grams to pounds dry material and even more effort.

Endurance affected by carbohydrate reserves and keeping muscle glycogen (glycogen-animal starch is created from sugar molecules connection and stored in the liver and muscle) and therefore need to eat snacks every half-hour to maintain good energy levels. Glycogen is necessary before a brief effort as rising on the mountain. The liver glycogen supply the body when blood sugar is low.

When you feel it, you're out, you need fat and it will come to you if you hold it down on foot to allow oxygen and sugar from the liver to arrive to empty energy muscles.

In general practice and good physical preparation will lead to efficient oxygen burning muscles, burning calories is estimated from 3,500 to 5,500 calories according to the body's reserves, will contribute significantly to energy needs during the first few weeks to walk off weight, however as naturally consume and critical energy reserves.

Strenuous walk takes the FAT to be approximately 40 percent of the weight of the food to delicious, fat weight in the backpack, breakfast will keep you for that fat slows down digestion and gives more fuel and energy distribution.

The proteins are not necessary or critical to the body, they need to put up to 10 percent of the weight of food per day, remember that the body needed in a lot of calories and is not for another day.

Often while straining the body encounters a checkpoint, heavy muscles, hard work, and it comes from glycogen and carbohydrates consumption by muscles. Final muscle carbohydrates and is facing, lipid and fat consumption by lots of oxygen requires muscle and oxygen came carbohydrates you should enter your body every hour to maintain good level 30-40 grams of chocolate adshi snack like M & Mpeanuts + raisins + almonds + dried fruits, cookies and other fat-rich snack filled with fat.

Don't do that mistake and will have high sugar foods in the morning because the insulin level in the blood and this channel will prevent muscle lipid dismounted when the effort itself.

Back muscle training before going make you fat intake and oxygen then help lower glycogen consumption.

One of the risks is lactic acid = lactic acid, do not create it in muscle. It is formed when oxygen is limited and no burning perfectly by sugars. This acid causes muscle pain and heartburn.

Thnshnsho all the time basically, rest frequently to allow muscles to replenish carbohydrates, not every 10 minutes, of course.

Paragraph day explorers with pizza and ice cream but ate food consists of all the major food groups.

There is no perfect food but list recommendations and select from the following:

Need to walk.

Oil (not margarine) 20

Seeds/nuts/almonds 80

Cheese 80

Peanut butter 40

Beans 40

Dry sausages like salami 100

Grains 100

Rice or couscous 80

80 noodles (dry)

Chips ready 40

200 bread

Granola bars 40

Dried fruit 70

Candy like lollipops 40

(Dried fruit like apples, apricots, etc.)

Other options: tahini, jam and honey tubes, powdered milk added to main course, main course with me are bag and a half – up to two bags of food for quick preparation like rice and Jerry in the bag of 350 gramsor more tomatoes and noodles, hot dishes quickly for a minute, I add a slice cheese, olive oil, tuna oil, little dry sausage, peanuts, yes all together in a large saucepan and spoon to eat. Don't plan on gourmet food for It will do once seated. In the morning, I was drinking a cup of coffee with a sandwich and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, others were preparing a drink powdered milk with cereal, each taste him. The most important thing is to grab all the time especially the peanut mixture and fruit. I was worried about carrying fruit hard as a small Apple or carrots per day. All of the weight function.

It is important to eat spicy foods and salt and a lot of junk to complement the electrolytes you burn. Some soups such as chemicals or rich sausage.

A loved and gave me energy before climbing was the sneakers, not the thin ה"אגוזי". Chips, Bamba, Kelly Beasley added weight.

Who wants to spend money and buy food like snacks for cyclists that cost $ 9.

#2 Posted : Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:55:25 PM(UTC)

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And again get the vitamins additive.
Should I take some small box of Centrum or something similar?
#3 Posted : Friday, October 20, 2006 4:06:52 AM(UTC)

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If you eat right and do not need much.
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