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#1 Posted : Monday, October 30, 2006 8:11:04 PM(UTC)

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According to the best traditions of thought poromit I want to shoulder the effort to write the long conversation demands I can share everything and not bad poor experience on the track.
Because tilapia caught all the applause like intestinal diseases and wounds secretions out I decided to write about what I see in him one f interested him: God or rather what he wants from us and even the conversation I'm dedicated to the mysterious YGH course.
Start-the principle difficulties I encountered them as religious split in half when Shabbat and Kashrut kosher shsogit resolved pretty easily for me because I am a vegetarian I used to eat disgusting food either on the track doesn't really had a problem just eating rice.
Some, like surely known to all acetidoth methods on the trail divided into two drops and e-mail tztidot on track in waking from local writers, if you tell the person training/who likes to eat well and can arrange support network there is no doubt that the first preferred method which means bringing the country amounts of hot dishes, soups and all kinds of things from the wrong kind of broken in principle still the food level will be less diverse than sayyour average Shikai here but not yet an alternative to car and she like rice.
That is an option and it is this that I chose it says always can find something kosher beer is not Cambodia but is limited selection and buy the food in simple shape and not spicy which means institutions should diversify neighbor bring spices from home e.g. we bought one minute rice or mashed potatos, the simplest and added that dried butter flakes that can sometimes buy raisins or any other stuff but obviously not at the level shtoooha of some like it hot The country has also to take into account that sometimes reach the places where small shops so that even the hard to find until the dichch were sometimes the only kosher thing you could find sneakers.
Valid types: like everything Americans believe what more is much better and if possible to exaggerate so much eishnam where all types of different service levels and of course the OU or U in a circle as it seems is the standard approval and there is no doubt as to the level of his training there is no problem even if K inside a star or a diamond in the North has complicated such Minister of HV no problem with either. However, he caught the kosher triangle K which is very common as a lot of little Debbie cookies bread and baked goods to local gossip says most of the dead a long time ago that approval and his Secretary does the strictly kosher terms now, but whether he does not consider it don't tend to eat this approval or tablets. Yeah I ate that most offences appear tried not to but sometimes wouldn't have any choice at all to your own discretion.
What is clear is that all the food to eat with just K without any special form of fiction that it's not kosher food in any shape or manner (except for products of Kellogg's only where it catches)
Soft drinks are always kosher coke etc. even though there is no sign of them. Of course it sounds kind of crazy, but with time and practice I believe can handle it.
And go sit-or didn't know Saturday has two main problems the field Saturday and swing whether you choose to dwell on Saturdays in towns (as I thought at first, but found out I could handle it financially and it doesn't really benefit) or choose to stay in "hostel (like 80% of Saturdays) to go not allowed at the track in any way or manner that's off limits Saturday. Rock is the main problem he didn't mix a solution comes into consideration because problems such as ogsties which is two seconds hakr leaves that can shake only within the "hostel creates a problem especially in areas where they are needed, and bears hang out food we crossed each other I don't know if it's legal, but never asked. Maybe these areas really attempt to be hairy. Besides the Sabbaths were perfection didn't go out my bag key which can be pretty fun unless you have gathered who claims his whiny boring but this can be overcome easily with five. Total develop any procedure Saturday cooking fast before we sit we put the stew and eaten after evening prayer. And in the morning we ate bread, usually when no wine but God carried on Fatah. What we tried to obtain on Friday so that our food on Saturday will be higher without that we would have to carry heavy food all week.
If you lack meat has different types of meats, cheeses, meat substitutes saw only New Jersey and so on but it's worth checking every shelf.
The exotic cheeses in one sometimes treasures
In short, should define what is important and what is not and know that to survive sometimes have to compromise.
And my favorite phrase "God forgive me"
If you have any questions call the Emir has the drop, your Pavilion.
P.s. sorry for mistakes the press don't have time to proofread. This is too cool now?
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