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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 31, 2006 2:50:47 PM(UTC)

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List below is ordered by category.
Each item in the category is associated with one of four levels of necessity based on personal experience:

1) – not to take. The item is not useful for the apalazim and has no justification.
2) possible – you can take. Most of the weight or treat item need not justify the investment.
3) recommended – useful item in daily or weekly level. Not essential for survival but adds.
4) mandatory — basic everyday level item. Giving him hurting minimum amenities or health.

Basic equipment

0. Backpack (classic size 70 litre + 20, but can handle smaller.)
1. A pair of walking sticks (single stick, breaking the balance and much less efficient)
2. Cape (man coverage with a backpack)
3. Mosquito (small holes)
4. Mattress (the easiest)
5. Warm sleeping bag (in summer for sleeping bag fleece blanket or CA)
6. International credit card
7. Cash

It is recommended that
8. + Spare filter water filter
9. A pair of nylon leggings (Gaiters) (keep socks and shoes and practicality from snake bites)
10. Volkmann/discman/MP3/MiniDisc/radio + headphones + fresh and easy in reserve
11. little camera (preferably digital) + spare film/memory card
12. easy backpack (around the city, a side trail etc. is also used as a laundry bag)
13. plastic food bag.
14. strong and hung, food bag, sheets and other uses (4 m)
15. silver case

16. tent
17. trmorst's inflatable mattress + repair kit + track chair
Backpack cover.
19. strong canvas Tarp-water resistant for deployment under a tent or build a makeshift tent.
20. spare parts kit Backpack straps, connectors etc.

Clothing items (except socks all synthetic-cotton.)

21. (recommended skin and easily combined weight not important disease.)
22. t-shirt walk.
23. a short walk (preferably with delicate lining against itching)
24. hot brass t-shirt and pants (after the winter sending it forward to North)
25. two pairs of thick socks for walking (in summer move to thinner)

It is recommended that
26. walking thermal shirt.
27. a long walk.
28. a pair of warm socks per night
29. fleece gloves
30 wide margin.
30. sandals. (TEVA and Source reasons too heavy)

31. a thin coat.
32. tights
33. stocking Cap.
34. a scarf
35. movie absorbs sweat on your forehead.
36. insect mesh Cap

37. Guinness
38. sweater
39. chic pants or shirt.
40. nylon storm suit
41. hrmonit.
42. swimsuit

Equipment for drinking, cooking and bathing

42. a pair of two-liter soda bottles (or MSR bag 5 liters)
43. gas burner + gas (MSR's popular and oisperliit on white gasoline stove fuel, but the reasons of preference)
44. skillet/pot (preferably removed)
45. heat resistant plastic spoon
46. matches (take and wrap in plastic wrap that's waterproof one box is enough)

It is recommended that
47. a plastic bag 10-5 liters for cooking in "hostel and an impromptu shower.
48. a toothbrush + cream (small that flight with ointment 15 g)
48. SOAP
49. lighter (cheap and light plastic)
50. spices: salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, thyme, oregano, thyme (2 month)

51. shampoo with Conditioner (125 grams is not easy to achieve, but you can fill in any small vial)
52. the comb/brush
53. pussy
54. a plastic knife and fork
55. coffee + sugar + HAL/import
56. food supplements (Multivitamin, ginsang, Ginkgo, 10Q, fish oil)
57. black bag 10 litre solar shower

58. body lotion
Makeup Kit.
60. Zippo to light a fire.
61. the grill grid.
62. skewer a Marshmallow

First aid equipment and exhibits (plastic bag sealed)

63. gauze pad 5 + units (especially at first)
64.2 + dressings (especially at first)
65. painkillers IBU type (common adbill but all good replacement capsules)
66. a swim of tetracycline
67. band-AIDS (various sizes)
68. a comprehensive medical insurance for the period that includes evacuation flight in an emergency.

It is recommended that
69. elastic bandage
70. bandages for the treatment and prevention of blisters
71. pure water pills, tincture of iodin
72. moisturizing lip gloss
73. little factor sunblock + 32
74. a broad spectrum antibiotic (augmentin but it's quite narrow spectrum)
75. Tinidazole (recommended 2 servings – 8 ball)
76. a basic sewing kit
77. the total Swiss card, knife, tweezers, nail file, Mote kicking
78. tampons.

79. mosquito repellent (to get the highest rank)
80. Japan small cutting blade
81. pongatit powder/bottle
82. knee protector

83. preventive measures – condoms pills etc
84. escape blanket

Equipment orientation, communication, lighting, safety and

85. trail guide (Wingfoot)
86. water-resistant watch and good sunglasses + DrawString
87. a pilot light or other stationery

It is recommended that
88. route maps (put in rubber bag)
89. a whistle
90. Mega פצ"א Lite + spare battery (small)
91. a candle (preferably in small aluminum used to read capsular Contracture)

92. a cellphone + charger (reception in most places).
93. a compass
94. gum.
95. a gas Lantern + spare cloth heads (but doing great outrage of light and heat).
96. candle lamp
97. Lederman
98 electronic dictionary.
Read book.
100. several distances (Data Book)

102. altimeter
103. quadrant
104. rappelling rope
105. rappel rings
106 Hunter knife
107. axe
108. waiting
109. weapons and ammunition.
110 + Fireworks Fireworks.
111. several country (State Guidebook)

Psychological equipment

112. Bill manners (love thy neighbor as thyself ++)
113. wild motivation
116 steel capacity
115. endurance
116. shame
117. luck.


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