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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 31, 2006 3:04:19 PM(UTC)

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That long trek is something you should do at least once in a lifetime, so why not here?
Because this desert hike the best therapy, to travel alone with your thoughts and conclusions.
That is the way to get to know the country and its people, landscapes, fascinating history and people.
Because we're all joining the army and risk their lives for the country, but most of us don't know her at all.
That way you can say you were one of the first who did Israel trail as shapi people all over the world will follow him every year.
Because as far as I'm interested to discover new worlds and it's much more exciting to discover a new world not knowing really.
That being a tourist in your own country and experience the thrill.
Or maybe just because it's an incredible Trek and experience you will not forget the world?

A few?

The path is approximately 950 km walking throughout the sequence takes 7-9. Weeks.
It is recommended that you dedicate for at least two months so you can allow yourself a few days of rest during a walking pace for giving
Enjoy the road rather than just gobble distances there are travellers who choose to travel for a long trip abroad indefinitely,
Allowing them to stay a little longer in places like transitions, volunteer a while in one of the farms road
Down once the trail "and another official as alternative tracks


The best seasons for hiking are:
September – November
March – may

Is strongly recommended to do the trail during the summer, the heat load (especially in the South, but not only) and quantities of water needed to carry
Can make your trip fun and no experience.
You can travel for the winter and just stop for a few days at a time that stormy weather.
In this case you must take into account the duration for 5 and maintain constant contact with civilization in order to catch up with the weather.
The weather. It is important to note that walking on wet and muddy trails dangerous (not to mention sucks ...).
In the South to find out on a daily basis is there fear of floods in the area where you are.

What-from North to South or South to North?

In the autumn we recommend walking from North to South as shaitronot are clear:

· Start with the hot season in Northern Peninsula transitions from dry and temperatures.

· Greece as it allows you to build the best progressive fitness because the North has more places to stock up on water and enough to carry
3-4 liters. Ditto about food, there are many communities and therefore carry enough food for three days.

· In the North you can plan your days as a relatively short days so let your body get used to the weight, to blisters and effort.
In a constraint to get from one water source to another times dictate 20 + miles at the beginning.

· After learning to meet your needs in terms of equipment, food, water – easier to save weight when reaching South.

· Much more fun to end the path at the beach in Eilat than Ussishkin.

In the spring the larger dilemma:

· Advantages: everything mentioned above and the fact that the beginning of spring all the North.

·       חסרונות:
May be very hot in the desert (which could undermine the joy of outing + to increase the volume of water carrying).
There's a chance of rain in the North in early spring.


· Weather starting in the desert when temperatures can soar and the relatively low that encrypt the weather heats up.

· A good chance to backs filled with water.

· If you have time and desire, we can continue to go to Mount Hermon.

Do I need to get ready for

You can go for nothing, just to get to the starting point (just need to find out where is J)
But it's best to take the time to examine the following topics:

·          ציוד

·          השגת מפות

· Water resources/water disposal

· Fitness – particularly those who starts from South to North

How are marked for

The trail is marked in three parallel stripes and white cascading, blue and orange.
When walking from North to South the orange bar is the top, and when walking from South to North the white stripe.
The color white – blue – orange has no meaning is defined (at least not by the perpetrators) but the most common explanation (my personal favourite)
Is white symbolizes the snow on the Hermon, sea blue and orange in the desert in the South.
Just in case these are also the colors of the site.


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