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#1 Posted : Sunday, January 14, 2007 2:14:31 AM(UTC)

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Hello to the Members Forum. I intend to go abroad to do year Trek. Still unknown. The options are in the United States or Europe. Until now I didn't have to fit equipment.

Right now can do, buying all the basic products, to be called by a relative who was supposed to come to Israel in about a month.

What I've done lately is looking for all sorts of Web sites (including the current Forum). Those findings and options found

Two notes: 1 I don't have experience with camping equipment and gear ultra light in particular, all מ"שיטוט" on the Internet and read the current site.  2. Arrival of family relative who was supposed to buy the equipment is next month so that there is a limit as to how long I need to send the details of the equipment you want to buy.

Some of the equipment mentioned in the Forum and I found a part in different sites (such as equipment lists of people on Traijournal http://www.trailjournals.com/index.cfm

Therefore, I would appreciate very much those who wish to comment and propose, but the amount of time I have to make decisions for equipment is approximately 8-10 days.

Basic sites where you can buy the equipment mentioned in the Forum:



There is another similar site: Http://www.backcountrygear.com/index.cfm

Another site with information about equipment Ultra light And in the Forum: Backpacking Light


Where there are tables comparing products of different companies in all sorts of categories.


Another site I found with gear Ultra light בלבד במחירים סבירים הוא:


As mentioned, the basic products for this type of trip (backpack, sleeping bag, storm, etc.) according to the best of my knowledge it is not possible to obtain (and, of course, the subject of prices)

Another question that arises is whether there is customs duties on these products. From what I saw on the website of the customs, tax has nearly 30% on backpack, for example. I wrote them a letter last week and to give an answer this week.

There are a few options for each product and each gave a link (I hope it's accurate).

The products are:

A sleeping bag

There are two well-known companies in the country, but apparently are very high: Was Best Friends

ו- Western Mountaineering

Feathered Friends

Link to the main page:


The model is called: Hummingbird

And the link



Western Mountaineering


And model called UltraLite Super  

And the link:




The model is called: Helium Reg

And the link


Also, should these sleeping bags Stuff sack

הערה: הטמפרטורה של שני הראשונים היא בערך -7C, הטמפרטורה של הדגם של Marmot היא -9C. מבחינה המשקל הוא קצת יותר כבד.

Another question about a sleeping bag is this: "can cover all year round, whether you want to buy a special sleeping bag for summer temperatures, if yes then you will probably buy one soft models of Western Mountaineering או של Feather Friends.

There is also the option to buy Liner Sleeping bag according to theliner adds a few degrees of temperature.

Possibility for example:


Within the link has an offer for two Liners .

Another link to the page of Liners באתר של REI:



ULA, remembered here in the Forum. the company is located in Utah, USA

The link: http://www.ula-equipment.com

In General, an interesting site and should, in my opinion (including the tracks made by the site owner, inter alia a course not known Hayduke Trail), according to a spokesman from quality casings.

About two Backpacks:

1. Catalyst


2. Circuit


I think the problem with him is that the volume of the Central/main body (Main Body) is too small.

3. company not yet mentioned, it seems to me, on the current site, called Six Moon Designes


Backpack model is Starlite


Storm suit:

Talking about Frogg toggs Sure and Chico show meets.

I think this is the link: http://www.froggtoggs.com/home.asp

What's not clear to me what model it is, how much and where can I buy it? Directions to suit.

There are more non-production models, such as Original AndElite,which is about model and where can I get it ?

For clubs:

One of the models of Gossamer

Fire-Fly או   Go-Torch


The site of Antigravity There is also a suggestion about evaluation of oalia:


Another product that I found interesting and quality of Ion Stove


About what equipment is required for clubs (measuring gas bottle, bottle of alcohol itself, etc.)

Another question: I saw something called Cozy , מה זה ולמה זה משמש?


Walking poles:

Link to information on the Poles (I think I already mentioned on the website) and I've found in the past at the ULA :


This writer's site also has articles about shells and equipment Down .

So far I used to go with. Now I buy one.

There are famous models Leki This is the link to the rodsultralight


I'm not sure what kind, if any, to buy. Obvious advantage of such rods is the brand of the company, reliability and service in the country, as far as I know.

But there are other types of rods that I don't know if they are current. However you want to check.

The site of Gossamer יש מוטות קלים:

Http://www.gossamergear.com/cgi-bin/Lightrek-Trekking-Poles.html gossamergear/

Should I buy this thing. If something happens, where and how can I fix?

The site of ULA The rods have a walk of Ocean Pole generatorthat these heavier rods, but they are very sophisticated and technically advanced.

And the link: Http://www.ula-equipment.com/pacer_poles.htm .

Link to the website of the company that manufactures these poles which explained the technology etc:


There are other walking poles are very easy (and costly) made of carbon fiber, Bozeman Mountain Works Whether you should even consider an option to buy these bars (repairs, warranty, etc.) ?



I think alternatives are as follows:

One of the models of Tarpnet , שנידונו כאן כבר. (squall 2, Double Rainbow, Rainshadow 2, Cloudburst 2), המחירים הם בסביבות 250$.


The tent offered here by Ronnie ( Gossamer) $ 275 via by model 400 Gr. of Rainshadow 2so I think the price difference is not so big.

But written here before that this is a new model that does not have much experience. Does anyone know still what are the benefits and drawbacks in addition to what is written here?

Link to a tent. Gossamer


What, if anything, to buy options (options) in addition to the tent?

About the weights of these tents, I'm not sure if I included it if you come with the tent poles or whatever used as rods these rods tent?

Another question, is it worth to buy extra pegs, repair sealants etc?

There is another company I don't recalled in the Forum: Terra Nova Quality English girlfriend, according to reviews.

The applicant is 900 Argon

Http://www.terra nova.co.uk/epages/terranova.storefront/45a8f089007b20762741ac1001400677/Product/View/43A900.

The tent weighs 1.16 kg (weight includes packaging). And is more expensive in terms of cost. But perhaps it is more qualitative models presented here.


Model of Petzl שנקרא  Petzl Tikka XP LED Headlamp


A lantern Priceton

Princeton Tec Aurora LED Headlamp


Socks and Liners של גרביים

Think of models Bridgdale שהוצעו בעבר באתר הנוכחי

Bridgedale Hiker Socks "


Or model called: Trekker hopes


In addition they have liners (both types):





I'm not sure exactly what the differences between them?

Another option is to buy socks of Thorlo

Another popular brand equipment lists Trailjournal הוא זה של Smart Wool


I think that by now the brand mentioned in the current site.


There are two new models Garmin I got the recommendation from someone who knows about the subject:





The difference is the amount of memory.  

Product link Garmin :


Another thing I want to ask is whether you can get water purification products such as those of Aquamira ומיכלי מים של Platypus, ואם כן כמה הם עולים?

These are the products I would like to receive the opinion of the members of the Forum. Maybe more, but these are added. As mentioned, I have to submit the list in about eight or ten days and Ode to the Forum members/companies who want to help me.


#2 Posted : Sunday, January 14, 2007 2:41:34 AM(UTC)

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Before you entered into your links should specify the thoroughness

And advise administrators to add to articles.

Align power!

#3 Posted : Sunday, January 14, 2007 7:28:53 PM(UTC)

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It is important to know where you're going for, though temperatures you expect, how much you want to carry on their backs, a few kilometers to go. There is a difference between Trek equipment equipment for long walks on foot like the Appalachian Trail.

For taking a massive pod that will patch the public transportation, walking much easier.

Shoes, but you wouldn't buy a shoe in the u.s. without measure. Found in the Earth shoe in the u.s. it pretty hard. Shoe also needs to break and exit to go and get used to it.

That depends on if it McKim temperatures. A walk taking you miles easy and more expensive. Summer/winter-you decide when you go and for how long.

Buy socks with padding under the track. Water tanks-of 3 liters in the country of SORCE

That will bring you a liter Platypus 1 2.

Terptant, tents have nothing to fear.

For cooking, again depending on which fuels where you have traveler can get alcohol for example,

What are you going to Cook? A few days? Only? Every day?

In short, lots of answers to many questions, trying to focus on where you're going.

Canes of KEKI.

Country clothing.

Storm suit again, hiking or backpacking? I went with a simple plastic pants and jacket, there are lots of opinions in the Forum. Gore-Tex or not Gore-Tex.

To iiniram to watch the heat again by SAC/source.

Water scale filter PUR TWO DOUBLES.

#4 Posted : Monday, January 15, 2007 2:04:48 AM(UTC)

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My ambition is to make walking (hiking). The option you have is to do the JMT FILMS DISTRIBUTION around late August or September. As far as I can tell the temperature relatively low at this time. Another option is to make the Colorado Trail. From what I read, there were large variations in temperatures. So I think we need anyway to buy a sleeping bag with-c Ma, do you know the first bags I wrote? I read good reviews about them in the equipment lists on Trailjournal. Also, what about and once again does anyone know what model of Frogg Togg, how much it costs and where to get it.

If the United States needed to be walking then I prefer cooking alcoholia and accordingly the equipment purchased.

About walking sticks, I think the most logical option of Leki. But I'm not sure what model? I gave a link to the page of the light shafts. And once again, because until now I was with, I thank those who understand if prescribing a specific model.

#5 Posted : Monday, January 15, 2007 1:07:19 PM(UTC)

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Added to articles.
#6 Posted : Monday, January 15, 2007 8:04:05 PM(UTC)

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First of all, regarding the customs. I wasn't worried. I went with my gear several times and was never tested by customs. I find it hard to believe that if you check, the wechs says something about sleeping bag, especially if your relatives will drop the labels of the equipment.  Hiking equipment is a legitimate thing to bring into the country.

About the poles.  Unlike any other piece of equipment, I don't think the weight rods matter so much. Their weight directly on the ground and not on your back.  That's why I wasn't so nervous to buy light carbon fiber rods.  I saw these rods (GOSSAMER) was not bad although their weight.  Walking poles tend to bend, especially at the beginning when you don't normally use, and rods of GOSSAMER no warranty in case of breakage.

Also, I'm not so enthusiastic about from LEKI. Although in the past they had great customer service, in the last two months haven't been able to get them to switch after a rat ate my one of the tracks.   If you are a buyer of LEKI walking sticks buy them through their REI customer service.    The problem is that if you intend to use the Poles especially in Israel, I am not sure whether there are any LEKI's customer service.   Actually, most of the walking sticks are pretty similar.  I met people who buy used ski poles at a thrift store for $ 5 us and they work equally well. If these rods bend, don't have to worry about customer service-just buy a new one. True you can't fold ski poles, but it doesn't really matter to us moves   Another inexpensive option is to buy a pair of rods Wal Mart (not Wal-Mart, not all the time) 18$ in the United States, even though this is a couple that is heavier than most bars.

#7 Posted : Monday, January 15, 2007 8:19:44 PM(UTC)

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Don't buy Platypus!!!    These water bottles while, but really not reliable. These bottles tend to leak, and usually don't last more than 500 miles (although sometimes they start to leak within a week). Not that water scarcity is a problem Colorado JMT FILMS DISTRIBUTION or

About socks.  I wouldn't break my head on them. Socks worn out anyway. If you do the JMT FILMS DISTRIBUTION perhaps choose socks made of brass (+ liner) mtiibshot faster because there are some water breaks at the end of August shouldn't be problematic.

#8 Posted : Monday, January 15, 2007 8:33:12 PM(UTC)

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About the trails – two very nice paths in terms of landscapes, although I personally prefer the JMT FILMS DISTRIBUTION largely because I find the scenery in Colorado a bit monotonous. A similar degree of both difficulty and relief because the thin air (but if you're walking them in the right direction to have a few days to acclimate to the altitude). The climate in both paths pretty much the same, although storms happening almost every afternoon in July and August in Colorado, some less common on the JMT FILMS DISTRIBUTION, and are less problematic because the name JMT FILMS DISTRIBUTION consists of rising and descending passage, so that you are mostly below the tree line (where you are pretty safe from lightning) against the C.T. photos. Where you expose portions of walking on the ridge. Late August is considered the best time to start the trails, because that is usually the end of the lightning storm season.  Maybe if you're going to have a Blizzard or two, but usually because the ground still warm summer, the snow melts within a few hours.

I wouldn't worry too much about the cold.  Indeed significantly cold mountains a day compared to the valleys, but at night, the temperature not much lower valleys, and often actually higher temperature (cold air sinks).  20 f sleeping bag should work fine, and maybe you can handle sleeping bag warmer, if you are willing to sleep with clothes on cold nights.

#9 Posted : Tuesday, January 16, 2007 2:13:02 AM(UTC)

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Thanks for the helpful tips.


I wanted to get your opinion regarding the following items (links are in the post I wrote)

1. about the storm suit frogg toggs. is the link I gave is true and if so I'm not sure what model

Question, how much and where can I get it?

2. about the backpack. Do you know the models that suggested If so, how?

3. about the tent could expand more on what you wrote about the new tent based on the squall of tarpnet, site of Gossamer (link in post) and if he beats compilation includes models of tarpnet ?

4. about the poles. It seems to me that acne model of LEKIshopping thing (along with other items) will be the site of REI, even if available, perhaps, on other sites, the equipment costs a bit cheaper, the responsibility they'd rather summary .

Also, do you know the special website for the gear ultra lightI gave at the beginning of the post there, unlike other sites phone number, so they look reliable.

Thanks in advance,

#10 Posted : Tuesday, January 16, 2007 8:07:16 AM(UTC)

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Equipment tips warning:

Should be careful from taking equipment advice too seriously.  Now swear in, but actually have personal experience in equipment (some people have already tried 10 different types of tents until the perfect tent?).

Comparing equipment (warts) is the most popular activity on the trail, but different people love different equipment, so you should take the opinions of Dr.  This is true even with "professional" opinion papers as TOP DESTINATIONS or on Web sites that can be questionable, so that the author usually write reviews after a few days.   For example, read the excellent reviews on time Platypus, but none of the reviews mentioned the inevitable flurry of cursing when you find that your water bottle decided to leak in the middle of the desert in California.

In addition, it is difficult to track renewals on the equipment. Things change very fast. At the time, preparing to apalch, I did pay for research equipment, particularly ultrasound equipment. Today, most of what I know.

Because most equipment companies spend new years each year model, or just change the product without calling it a new model every serious feedback you receive will be obsolete and often irrelevant.  For example walking shoes for new balance 801-804 models were the Urim and Thummim of the PCT shoes (one pair of אצלי3000 lasted 804 km). Then came the catastrophe model was 806.

Customer service equipment company may be ups and downs, they will send you a replacement gear for free (and the examples that I know are GOLITE LEKI, etc) .

Basically take everything we say about equipment guarantee is very, very limited.  As much as we like to think we can buy Smart Kenya the equipment, to make your trip perfect, in reality it's not really like that.   Vice versa. From my little experience I noticed people, devote less time to choosing the equipment. And the hardest GEARHEADS, ultra byte fanatics (and I like this youngster) those labels and mccecim breaking handles of toothbrushes, them find more at home than on the road.

My rule is, if I'm in doubt about what the right equipment, I go for the cheapest option. Buying junk for $ 20 rather than $ 200 buying crap.

#11 Posted : Tuesday, January 16, 2007 8:58:15 AM(UTC)

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And after warning that long (to be my alibi if the words are clear nonsense again) here are the answers to specific questions.

First of all, if you have relatives in the u.s. instead of pressure to be able to buy all the equipment before they come, asking them to keep up with them, and then send it in the mail when you come to us (mail parcel USA pretty cheap).  It indeed takes the fun of game with brand new equipment, but saves you the need to close the Messenger to deliver the equipment.

And questions:

1) spent more than an hour now test alternate prog Web togs and (I need this information as much as you do, that sometime in the not-too-distant future the suit had completely crumble) and still not really wise.  One of the reasons this product so common in travellers is that is the first of its kind, and therefore he had years to sink in and become so popular.  From what I've seen, especially in he's got these BACKPACKINGLIGHT several alternatives which are cheaper and more easily and even disintegration. An example of one such product can be found on 20 and likely gosmar for replacement of the suit will have (but I, cheap).    Regarding the various models, don't know the difference. I'd buy the kind with a hood (HOOD) and Richard, as I have now, that both these things allow you to use a larger temperature range.  You really don't need the mchimbas with it, unless you want them as Sapphire pants you wear.  Pants tend to wear out even faster than a shirt, and according to legend one fart enough to punch them.

About where to buy them, usually find such equipment manufacturer website in highest price, this price MSRP, when most stores give discounts for such price.  BACKPACKING LIGHT saw $ 45.

2) on the cartridge, I don't know, but perhaps other members of the Forum can help. I use gosmar shells, but they're not for everyone.

Remember one thing-ultra Lite cartridges really not fit for flight. Last year when I went to USA sat near the window and dreadful thing when I saw נמה"ת New York workers lay casing my delicate force on the conveyor belt.  In one backpack caused more damage than in six months.  Since I try to use cheap duffel bag that I put all the equipment and even my backpack.  If you have an option and you are going to visit relatives in the u.s., maybe leave the ultra Lite backpack with them, fly them with a heavy backpack that leave them.  (It's time to start looking for any lost relatives who live near the airport).

3) about the tent. What is special about gosmar's tent, and why I'm so enthusiastic about him is unlike any other new model, which is mostly where the fabric, and the model itself has been tested for years (or so I think).  Send E-MAIL to best friend and ask them directly about the feedback they received last year. The people in the company are very nice and ethical (and the fact that evidence shows the site how to sew only short the two most popular backpacking).

4) saw some cheap bars (a discount of 30%) LEKI's at REIOUTLET. This is the same company-REI with the same excellent customer service, but the prices are much cheaper.  As Greece that the significant difference between the rods you might choose from a small selection of some of their REIOUTLET the cheapest equipment.

And last, but not least, about the site, BACKPACKINGLIGHT I know it only in part, that is in large part a fee (and I supposed cheap). It is home to the fanatic and the Leitrim, ultra mglachim body hair to save weight, people in their equipment, the weight of the item recorded in the accuracy of one-hundredth of a gram.  The only reason that higher mortality from hypothermia among those crazy is that you download extra stitching t-shirts (while saving of 0.014 g) requires of them so much, they don't have time to go out and take a walk on the trail.  You better stay away from them and their equipment lists.

Hope it's not a mistake you even more.


#12 Posted : Wednesday, January 17, 2007 1:10:11 AM(UTC)

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Hello Baroni

Again thank you for your detailed answer.

Write to me regarding the following socks;

If you do the JMT FILMS DISTRIBUTION perhaps choose socks made of brass (+ liner) mtiibshot faster because there are some water breaks at the end of August should not be problematic at all.

My question is what is a brass socks

Also, can I contact you by phone?

My phone (at least until midnight tonight, and you can also call up a little later) is


#13 Posted : Wednesday, January 17, 2007 8:38:52 PM(UTC)

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-Phone 03-6040376

I found an excellent comparison of the tents I mentioned on the website of the fanatics: http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/gossamer_gear_tarptent_squall_classic_tent_review.html

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