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#1 Posted : Monday, January 21, 2008 12:58:04 PM(UTC)

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Attention surfers: we have taken upon ourselves to promote Israel trail in the world using lightweight flyer.
Going abroad read Please here and take flyers. Link information.


The Dolomites are a high mountain range in Northern Italy the demarcated North and West Ridge. . The mountains are named after French geologist daoda de dolomio.
High peaks rise beyond 3000 yards.
The landscape is characterized by steep cliffs, mountain ranges and lots of cockscomb glacial lakes that are spectacular.

Hiking trails:

Very few natural sites in the world of networked hiking trails like the Dolomites. Who observer in topographic maps are amazed of climbers each Ridge and reach all פינה.  On the surface it seems impossible to maintain the thousands of kilometres of marked on maps, but Italians do it successfully and on most trails , check the signs and excellent maintenance.

My way Height AV1-AV10
< = Click the link to download a file with an abbreviated description of all the paths

The highlight of hiking trails in the Dolomites Are methods of height "( Alta Via and shortening (AV
Way they backed ridge trails, each of which covers a specific
sector in the Dolomites. Among the ten famous are the "lenient" AV1 and AV2 "percussion"

Note don't be confused between Alta via trails 1-2 in the Dolomites to Alta via 1 Aosta Valley-2!!
For most routes in Valle d'Aosta which begin in the town of Dunas (Donnas) and ends in the city of kormior (free Wi) has nothing to do with.

General location map of trails 1-610-7 trails unmarked on this map but updated the link in the header stop ה 

Through height 1 (Alta Via 1)

The track "easy" and the most famous Dolomites. 125-150 Km (depending on the uriantim) stunning beauty from Lake Braies In the northern part of the Dolomites to the town. Belluno In the South eastern portion of the route is considered one of the most beautiful and light Alpine routes and connected to all Length hostels (Refuges) Great bathrooms and dining for the completed in 1969 And is the most popular of all the routes AV The Dolomites is considered to one of the ten most beautiful tracks in the world.

Who's interested in the more extreme route in the Dolomites and much less cluttered, Can a link to orbit Alta Via 2

Braies Lake The starting point of the trail (photo: Sturm יענקל'ה 2014)

Hiking season:

For the opening at the end of June (some are open all year round) and the official season. Starting in this period reached its peak in mid-August and ends in the third week of September, with Close the designer who walk for the season must book by phone or email accommodation Cabins along the route that would be hard for him to find a vacancy we reached for In early July (2-12 July) without advance reservations and the cabins were almost always full so And we hardly had to sleep in private rooms they are much more expensive, In all the dormatori above the sharpen more weekends for now fills travellers It's really short-term impossible to find space in the cabin is popular on Friday and Saturday night without Pre-order.
* Please note. As of 2015, the trail became so popular in Europe and the world must book cabins from the early season in June to the first week of September.

When most beautiful trail
Plain and simple -at the beginning of the season, meaning the end of June to mid-July, this time in height, snow-capped peaks and lots of still water-flow, however, most comfortable to travel at the end of September as the weather is stable, no more snow and for less crowded (but also less beautiful) who wished to go to at the very beginning of the season (June 20) must verify the status of the snow in the mountain passes between snow-capped mountains (as it was for example 2013) the walking season may be delayed to early July the date for departure is 1-15 July, after Thus, the load becomes lightly.

Water trough in orbit (photo: Nimrod)

The degree of difficulty of the trail

Compared to the alpine trails, AV1 Suitable for hikers of all levelsacross The route has a few ups and downs, but the designers long for to mitigate the sharp With so many srpentinot can also ages 70 + or small children to cope with the challenge, however, it is important to understand that this is for an Alpine walk and thus the degree of difficulty is far beyond the difficulties it faced, for example, in the Israel National Trail (INT) or for the Golan. Furthermore, Alpine route has the body to cope with relatively sparse oxygen At an elevation above 2,000 meters and temperature changes and weather that quick came to discourage inexperienced travelers from getting out and deal with alpine trails, but only to clarify to them that this is a physically and mentally demanding enough task.

View North from rafiog Passo Giau (photo: Joe Langi 2007)

Some technical data:
Starting point: Bryce Lake (Lago di Braies)
End point: Belluno (Belluno)
Full track length: 125 km
The highest point on the route: 2752 m-rafiog to agsvi (Lagazuoi)
The lowest point in the end point 389 m: Belluno
Rpiogis number along the route: over 40
Number of days required for each runway walk by the book: 12
Number of days required to power all the good gym owners: 8

Sunset in Dolomites (Photo: Guy Shitrit 2011)

Track: equipment

The thing most important Alpine routes is maintaining low backpack weight. The lightest weight he plays everything. Is it allows us to enjoy walking and he was watching us on the knees. AV1 can route and obligation to reduce the weight of the backpack down to 6-8 kg weight it needs to add another 1-2 kg of water at any given moment, but in no way, there's no reason to go with a backpack weighing more than 10 kg, there are many ways to save weight. Start with a backpack. AV1 shell enough to 40 or 50 liters and pods of 70-80 liters. Warm clothing is concerned, there is no need to carry heavy brass set after walking since very rpiogis fighter and light clothing. A sleeping bag is not necessary and enough to bring easy sheet or liner (the best) and not carry double cotton pulp weight. Everything about toiletries should be gnomes. Shampoo (I've seen who carry Pantene shampoo). Small SOAP. Suntan lotion 40 grams (please bring sunblock of Dr. Fisher weight 400 g). Deodorant half empty enough for 8 days and tiny towels beach towel replacement successfully. Have to think about all the little effort it takes. This is not the time to carry on the back the novel complexion. Every unnecessary KB will be translated in the mountains of suffering. Who plans to demonstrate diverse rpiogis fashion, he should regroup and understand that brafiog wear every day the same thing out of my voice. Please, don't wait for the first request in order to understand the dramatic importance of backpack weight. Learn from Veterans!!



Downloading: equipment list equipment _ list


The rafiog rafiog Biella -1st and granting reasonable food but is considered one of the worst in terms of track condition for (photo: Joe Langi 2007)

The weather during the walk:

This is heaven on Earth the weather cool and perfect for walking, however, during the season. Need to be equipped for walking in wet and foggy Dolomites down a lot Rains should know that most of the rains don't come down in the morning but starts to lose and therefore It is recommended to leave no later than 09. daylight hours until mid-July are especially long five In the morning there has been light and the sun sets just prior to 9:00 pm when a very common to find people Tan at 8 p.m. outside cabins to depart in September the days grow shorter and significantly decreases has been around. Relevant weather forecast see next site: the weather forecast on track next week.


You can see the trail through mode Network cameras In another rpiogis this link cameras


The porkla de Lago (Milky way 20b) towards rafiog to agsvi. At the bottom of the picture you can see the edge of Lake agsvi (photo: Joe Langi 2007)

The huts along the Track:

The huts are actually motels with attractive location at the time to be too high. The cabins are topographic Italy ריפיוג'ו and are divided into two types: ripiog ים Public ownership (CAI-Club Ataliano Ilpino) and privately owned ripiogis. There are several differences between public ripiog Ripiog. public information maintained by the Italian Alpine Association would be more often, Less and sometimes no hot showers on both runs, Caretaker) ) Ripiog public's will regularly nicer from the owner of the private ripiog, maybe because the visitors opinion about will determine the employment or non-employment next season. rafiog never throws public walks out when it is full, but it shall wherever possible be it the kitchen or the stairs in rafiog, however, throw walking uninvited outside in the pouring rain and blink if the rafiog is full. After I've visited most of the Rpiogis along the route have a clear preference for the rpiogis, but I find it hard to single verse Unambiguous on the subject on the one hand there's cheaper ripiog, the food it usually larger And there is no substitute for the warm treatment receiving it on rainy nights on two rafiog get info Hot water is not limited in time, clean sheets, blankets, duvets and a menu that includes wine, the first ripiog is also Most fancier and offers private rooms with a level of 2-3 stars.

Private room in Sennes rafiog (photo: Omri Gelber)


Download the list of the main rpiogis along the track, with phones, email and task times (updated to 2015):  -Rifugio-List AV1


Rpiogis layout along the route Google maps can be seen at the following link  (Thanks toguy create the link)

Forum member Tomer (Tom Be) Upload site upgrades With rpiogy layout with extra information (2015)


A bedroom at Averau rafiog (photo: Omri Gelber)

Recommendations in the private rpiogis :
1. rafiog rafiog Sennes -relatively cheap, very clean, warm and attractive menu (requires an additional reservation).
2. rafiog rafiog- Lavarella homely atmosphere position (requires an additional reservation).
3. the Lagazuoi rafiog rafiog most famous private track. Very friendly but tends to be crowded during the day because direct cable leading to it.

4. rafiog- Scoiattoli beautifully and rafiog conditions. Easily accessible and therefore a bit crowded during the day (it is recommended to try the lasagna).

5. rafiog Averau . the best rafiog track (and perhaps the entire Dolomites) with gourmet menu (don't miss the deer) is accessible by cable car and therefore pretty crowded throughout the day.

6. rafiog Albergo Passo Giau -indulgent ways, especially in terms of 3 * (relatively expensive). The only accommodation in private rooms. Packed with bikers and cyclists during the day.
7. rafiog Passo Staulanza -friendly motel with handsome and expensive private rooms but also small and cheap dormitori who want to save.

8. Thomas rafiog Passo Pab.duran – ways that gives warm squeeze some basic conditions in nearby is also San Sebastiano and rafiog.

Rafiog Nuvolau -one of the most active volcanos along the route (origin)

Skotoni rafiog -An option acceptable to end the day at the second or third (photo: Joe Paulose)

Track pricing (updated to 2012):

Daily cost in orbit is quite permanent and is about 70 euros per person in the big Division is about 50 euros for half-board accommodation and 20 euros for lunch and additions (beer, wine, mineral water, etc.). Also traveling with a heavy spender who uses lifts and inviting cocktails every night, don't get on track more than 100 euros per day, so those who mastermind, walking can heart to multiply the foot on 80 euros and almost certainly left him at the end of the runway some extra shopping in Verona.

Meadow in bloom near Sens rafiog (photo: Ofer Sarne 2013)

What about camping and/or cooking myself along the way?

I have news for the tents and the master chefs of the area. Accommodation in tent fires Prohibited throughout the track and signs warn about it. Still never seen patrolling Ranger (there may be those in civilian clothes) but also ran into tent dwellers before and Lenny and I hang out a lot in the Dolomites. In short, AV1 not route carrying a Cardamom, mattress, sleeping bag Sleep and food. The rafiog provides everything needed in Exchange for dropping the backpack to 7 to 9 pounds.

The impoverished who insist to sleep in a tent and/or cooking?
Within Ami I live and know that the prohibitions are those who choose to explore how this efficient.
The cost of track for which (rafiog eating and camping) does not exceed EUR 40 per person per day: 20 euros – dinner, 5-1, 15-lunch).
You can also track up at 25 euros per day, while giving up a morning and treats like beer, wine, Cola, ice cream etc. Those who cook for themselves, go into Super frugal 10 euros per day but will have to carry all the food on their backs or catch rides to towns way (rpiogis cannot be buy food to cook myself). 
I point-blank don't recommend traveling so!!!! AV1 is a combining perfectly wild with sublime pampering.

Who is impoverished, or want to save, you better choose another route. There are many options in Europe

View from the terrace of skoiatoli rafiog-one of the best rpiogis track (photo: spring 2012)

Horses in a meadow near Malga Prendera en route to SITA rafiog di Fiume (photo: Guy Shitrit 2011)

Prices in 2012 rafiog (Expect some markup percent annually)

The prices are rafiog HB dormatori and 45-55 euros per person when The prices are expensive in the private rpiogis (4 dormatori-6 travellers) for private rooms for couples by To add between 20-40 per couple depending on stay rafiog level Covariance (Dormitory) Sleep in bunk beds and a thick pad wrapped in a sheet, pillow Under expected and blankets (wool in public) the rooms are warm and therefore there is no need to carry a bag and bring The House just expected (preferably Leiner) since the level of public rpiogis sheets unclear (it seems pretty clean).

The public rpiogis to European Alpine Club members

Half European Alpine Club (the Israeli's too) get a 50% discount on accommodation in public rpiogis and placed on a part of the menu (soups, water, tea and other items). Alpine Club membership card costs about EUR 45 and so only those who sleep more than 4 public rpiogis along the track, returns to investment. This particular track has no reason to get a membership card because most are private rpiogis.

Rafiog Passo Staulanza rafiog beautiful and luxurious but expensive and not always give respect to travellers chips (original)

Rafiog Vazzoler Picturesque rafiog on the outside, but the worst track in terms of accommodation conditions (photo: Joe Langi 2010)

Cash or credit card?

Private rpiogis only accept credit cards while the public will only rpiogis euros in cash. Therefore should take most of the money in cash and a credit card is used only for backup. Whoever prefers to withdraw cash from ATMs, have attracted only points off course so don't build on it. Most places won't take dollars and those who do will poor rate conversion of euros to dollars. So reach Italy with EUR you bought. The gate is to buy euros in NIS in the country and to change dollars to euros in Italy, probably not at the airport!

Coldai Lake in early JulySeptember water levels significantly lower (photo: Norman and Renee Cohen 2013)

Ethnic style:

Most of the route AV1 Passing through an area that was once under Austro-Hungarian rule and considered as associated with geographical South Tyrol is the Austrian population and the dominant language in rpiogis She German as the peninsula transitions from dry encounter in Italian, especially in public rpiogis, but one thing is certain about everyone that they speak very little English.

Fascinating geological formations In a way Faso geo The Cit? rafiog di Fiume (photo: Joe Langi 2010)

Food Track:

All hot meals to eat in rpiogis and several restaurants along the route. Dinner and this morning in rafiog where staying and eating lunch in one way rpiogis + many-stops nose and treats. The meaning is pretty straightforward-taps on this track, although the physical difficulty. At best leave.

Breakfast is usually rpiogis a.m.

Dinner is served in rpiogis: 00

The food style is a distinct Austrian Basic dishes of goulash, schnitzel, potatoes and polenta, the Italian accents on the menu are pastas, gnocchi and just inistrona and therefore folks who build about eating pizza and calzone to be disappointed because anyone no rafiog! Us as Israelis, it's hard to get used to the minority in Austrian cuisine they do there best when they give the side a little shelter even those who call a main dish salad, preferably not dribbling in anticipation a plate loaded with all the best 2 sliced cherry tomatoes on a bed of lettuce, shallow salad considered hysterical, rpiogis. and most always serve public table olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese that is itself a treat with the bread.

Maybe worth mentioning that word in Italian would mean ... She Caldo hot and we Israelis like their coffee and our soup caldo Extra that they served.
Another word
about who the regular latte land should summon Kato and cappuccino latte.

Typical dish in Sens rafiog (photo: Omri Gelber)

Rpiogis food prices: (updated to 2013)
Starter – soup, small salad, spaghetti, etc. – 6-7 euros.
Main dishes – schnitzel, Viennese steak (150 g), large pasta etc. 10:15   יורו
Dessert – aplstrodel/ice cream – 3-5 euros
Small beer-2 euro
Beer 0.5 l-4 euro
Coke (330) 3 euro, 4 Euro Cup of Coke.
Mineral water (get soda unless demand without gas) 1 litre – 3 euro
1 euro Caf?
Tea – 2 EUR
0.5 liter house wine – 5 EUR

Averau at rafiog sausage platter Unsafe unhealthy tastes (photo: Joe Langi 2007)

Lavarella sausage platter and rafiog cheese
(Photo: Omri Gelber)

Well, we in South Tyrol with the fan running population and piglets and slaughter Jew no chance to find there. However, rpiogis can be ordered vegetarian dishes and and sometimes you can buy the Viennese schnitzel beef instead of pork. At breakfast in the private rpiogis will be hard to find the cheese side with kosher sausage too, but in a complex public ripiogis breakfast is bread, butter, jam and coffee so no problem there as a substantive level positions.

Tissi -rafiog public rafiog basic but full of atmosphere and very beautiful (original)

Lagazuoi rafiog-the famous rafiog in the Dolomites (photo: encourage and 2013)

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#2 Posted : Monday, May 19, 2008 1:26:46 AM(UTC)

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Location: ירקונה

What airport should fly?

The most convenient base for reaching (Dolomites and on track in particular) is the city of Verona in Northern Italy
* Note: spring 2014 ELAL operates a direct line to Venice. This is currently the best option to reach for (in terms of attractive price).
(* see note below) about 250 km distant from the starting point in Lake Rais sometimes more financially lucrative to fly cheaply to Milan which is approximately 190 km west of Verona and from there reach the trailhead by train through Verona. (Meridiana flights sometimes have $ 200 to Milan).  Getting option is recommended again is far from Munich early for approximately 330 kilometres (more than 80 km Verona).

Flights to Verona and prices

Direct flights scheduled for Verona are mostly pretty expensive but wonderful town travelling in summer (July-August) also four Charter companies, of which one (Israir) and three Italian: NEOs, Neos Meridiana and Air Dolomiti Air dolomitishinedattention that not all these companies fly from Verona to Israel every year and most of the foreign companies eliminate direct line in September due to low demand in 2006-2012 was worth buying tickets right at the last minute. Because ticket prices on flights were down Czech wonders orders. the basic cost card over $ 500 might drop below the $ 200 asking $ several days before the flight, when h.Rutherford salaries were trying to get rid of the cards unfortunately, all this belongs to the past and the past two years (2013-14) no more dramatic price declines in short-term orders it mean there is no point to wait for "crazy deals" last minute and reserve your tickets for the dates you want the direct flights to Verona moving around The $ 400 (but not when searching for direct flight as early as April-May when the price in the search results will usually over $ 700). Please note that this year (2015) is the exhibition EXPO in Milan until October and therefore all the companies have increased this year, action on this line, which allows "fishing" attractive price to Milan around $ 200.  

Inquiry and booking a flight to Verona you can do a lot of Web sites like Gulliver, Valle Torres, 90 minute etc.

The available flights And lowest price, easy to find via teroolist site or skiiskner the site more comprehensive

Getting there from the airport of Verona to the trailhead

From the airport take bus to Verona railway station Verona Porta Nuova Buses depart from the airport every 20 minutes from 5:35 to 11:35 pm bus station is approximately 50 metres on the right as you exit the Terminal time travel to Verona train station is half Time and costs 6 euros (2015).
The train station in Verona city ticket buyers Villabassa
(Few) that includes trains in Exchange line Fortezza -Dobbiaco Brunico
The line from Verona train and hour train ride takes about 3.5 hours. In express and maspth 5 ticket price of about EUR 31 (2nd class summer 2015).

The trains and the exact schedules , You can get The Italian railways website

(Note that sometimes has trouble identifying a target at the first screen and therefore need to reinsert it in addition that opens).

* Important note: the schedule of the summer (June-October) appears only towards the middle pointthat may. It is therefore impossible to receive search results for hiking season before this date.

Important notes about the train tickets from Verona
1. There is no need to purchase the train tickets. Buy them at the box office at the station and that the State exists and not cardstock.
2. Note the sequential number from which the train departs.
3. Note carefully where you too. There is a train public address system but you can barely hear it and therefore must follow in the eyes after the stations. Not one, not two missed drop station.
4. must get tickets in yellow machine before going to the train. The machine, hanging on the wall, print date, and punches the card to prevent reuse. Those who forget to move the card machine, could get high monetary penalty if the conductor comes by train. Murphy's law States that achrtisen will come for sure if you don't pass a card and he doesn't speak a word of English but great penalties will be in Italian.

From Munich Airport to the trailhead
At Munich Airport, ticket buyers Fortezza with drive from the airport to the train station Munich East (Munchen Ost)
At Fortezza and replacements on Brunico-Dobbiaco line up to town (a fewVillabassa (ride from Munich takes about 5 hours.
From Munich to Fortezza would be a very short time of 6 minutes to change trains. While the whole train got half an hour but who wished to begin a walk that day, every minute counts.

Getting there from the airport of Venice to the trailhead
Who's flying to Venice by ELAL's direct flights can reach the trailhead by train via Verona is about 130 km west of Venice through shorter (but not sure faster) will travel north by train from Venice to kllazo town (Calalzo) and from there by bus to for detailed instructions for reaching some kllazo buses later on this page under the heading "who keep a rental in Lake Rais."

Getting from Villabassa to Bryce Lake.
מ Villabassa There is a bus (line 442 = > 2.5 euros) to the trailhead at Lake Pragser Bryce (Lago di Braies) Or take a taxi (10 minutes 25 Euro) bus (runs from June 17-6 October) comes from the town of Villabassa every hour, the first at 7:09 am and the last at 19:09 (updated to summer 2014.) Note that the first and last bus end up, for some reason, one stop before the Lake just 1 hour 8:09 am to 6:09 pm the bus reaches end of the line.

Getting there from the airport of Verona to the trailhead in the cab.

Optional location quickly and easily reach Verona Airport to Lake Bryce is by taxi.
Best (summer 2001) is about 400 euros for a group of eight hikers (bargain!)

Train: 50 default from Verona and if it is to start the course on the day of arrival
Most flights to Verona from Israel arrive in Verona for the 8 a.m. flight have land a little sooner, but in most cases, to depart from the Terminal and the train station, find the first option to get to the trailhead is 7:50 train (* see note below) it creates a frustrating situation since on the one hand, stuck for 2-3 hours in standby and come quite late to the trailhead at Lake Bryce was asked many times whether it is possible to go rafiog (byala or sense) If you take the 7:50 train. From personal experience and from the experience of others, is that it is possible but not recommended. Iceland's train arrives at 3:30 p.m. vilabsha. Even if you take a cab right at Lake vilabsha in Rais, still hard to start walking at the track before 16:00.  Now, anyone who intends to come to rafiog, it will take him at least 4 hours 2.5 hours that would be difficult all this after a sleepless night, flight, exhausting ride trains and eating messy. in other words, he gets crushed to rafiog, not before 8 p.m. light in terms of problem (invest in June-July are at 9 pm and at the end of August at 8 pm), but dinner is served at 7 rafiog which means how come need to sit down to eat dirty. Or risk eating leftovers. Have an option to stop and sleep earlier in Yala rafiog thus saving one hour walk, but go is one of the worst rpiogis in orbit and is strongly recommended for sleep.

Hence my recommendation for anyone who builds on Iceland's is plain and simple not start walking on the first day.
The best thing would be to sleep in prgser Hotel in Lake Rais and take advantage of the day of arrival to a trip around the Lake. Bryce Lake is considered the Pearl of the Dolomites and is spectacular. Whoever comes to the Lake later and nervous to go, unable to absorb and appreciate the rare beauty of the Lake, so I say you don't have to click the sole commitment is to benefit and not the provider who manages to find availability in prgser hotel (the only hotel on the Lake) or it's a bit expensive (half board in a double room will answer approximately 60-70 euros per person), you can find the hotel or pension oilabasha cheaper and get the next morning to early.

* הערה: Since the summer of 2013:39 o'clock train added the train to vilabsha-14 and reduces overall strength f to sleep.  

Getting there from the airport of Verona, Munich, Venice to the trailhead in a rental

This option very easy and economic value for a group of 3 and more because the path and back to trains and buses costs about 100 euros per traveler. Whoever gets into the Lake in a rental car should park it in the parking lot outside the public domain. The driveway within the Lake is a fee (for those who do not sleep at prgser). There is a guarded gate at the entrance to the Lake. Free parking is located approximately 100 m from the gate. Parking is safe and there is no fear for the vehicle. However, he didn't know travelers leaving luggage ever visible. Everything put in the trunk. Very common to leave cars and power plants in the garage before. There are dozens if not hundreds of vehicles and remain there for a long time.

Back to Verona/Munich/Venice/Milan at the end of the trail.
The trail ends in Belluno (Belluno) trains for Venice (2 + hours), Verona (3 + hours) and Milan (5 + hours) require replacing at way too who need to return to Munich, prefers to travel by train to Verona and from there by train to Munich. It will be a long journey of about 9 hours, but it's the fastest option there. Many times I have been asked is there a way to reduce returns to Munich via bus. The answer is not. There is a direct bus from Belluno to any destination from where you can continue by train or bus to Munich. The best option is to travel by bus to doviazzo and from there by train to potsa and then wait for the train to Munich. In terms of mileage is much shorter but who tries to do so, may hang on the road all day and miss the flight back (if that). Italy not mentioned anything as far as the United States and long-range bus schedules. If you use trains you save precious time, money and many headaches. And it might make you think for a rental charge for the little time (it's only $ 20 to Munich).

Those who do not intend to complete a full orbit, should reach Cortina and from there back to Verona.
Later in the message has a file called "Download"a bris _ to Belluno"with directions to Cortina from different points along the route.

Those who keep a rental in Lake Rais
And want to return to should take a train to the town of kllazo (Calalzo) and from there take a bus to the city of cortine, about an hour's drive. Kllazo bus to Cortina train station approximately every hour. The line stopped working on September 14. From Cortina should continue in SAD company bus (line 445) doviazzo City (Dobbiaco) and another for SAD bus (442 Ko) to Bryce Lake. Another bus company up from Cortina to Bryce Lake doviazzo road is Cortina. It was her schedule in 2013 . Credit is due to kllazo early in the morning can go up to doviazzo with DolomitiBus heading over the line twice a day (morning and evening).

Map of train routes in the Dolomites

Important note to the end of the runway.
The trail ends at the technical section of vertical decrease of iron spikes and ladders (via ferrate-say, see note below about "via ferrate") stretch requires security equipment and is intended only for experienced hikers in gear holders. There are several possibilities to flank the technical segment and bus station to Belluno. Details of the ogapot can be found in the official story and the concatenating assignment duration.

URI Dror begin to lose a Prata say toward the end of their walk in July 2012

Trail maps
Topographic map of the path are of Tabacco And on a scale of 1:25000 And 1:50000
On map 1:50000 unmarked trails all but who moved the central route
Note: you can purchase maps from Kompass German trajectory (below the message has a link to the online map of compass).

AV1 is essential.

Purchase maps And co-payments
FLet purchase the maps on the Internet but this is not necessary because you can buy the first Lake Bryce and the other in rafiog to agsvi on the third day.

In scale 1:50, 000 View all quotas for 2 maps only and the number 1 and 4
The price of each map 5 euros

At 1:25, 000 scale cover for 4 maps* (see below for savings tip) maps numbers (from North to South): 031, number 03, number and number 025 024
The price of each map-7.5 EUR

Note: recent maps in scale 1:25000 are applied where a change in 2011, including new distribution area (full route maps 4 instead of 5 maps). You should not rely on the old maps available for downloading pirated network.

* Important tip to purchase topographic maps:
The new Division in 2011 puts about 90 percent of the territory for two maps (March 25). Parts of the trail remain outside these two maps are the first day (031) and end of the track via the privatization (024) say. The majority of the marchers for a privatization say it at the end, because it requires the use of security equipment. Therefore, most don't need a map. Regarding the first day included 31 map can copy and print. The track is included in Biella rafiog map 03

Marking the first day of golf on a topographic map in scale 1:25000 (1 inch on the map = 250 m). You can copy, print, and save having to purchase the map 031

Sterifim (low quality) with a bold path to maps in scale 1:25000 Topo can download here



Note about sterifim: this is a map sterifim not updated since 2007. The sterifim are designed only for general impressions of the route.
Walking is recommended size to purchase the new maps in 2011

View online map route of KOMPASS (Thanks to Chenav for the link)

Excellent online topographic map

To view the itinerary with Google Earth software
You can download the AV1-KML file (Thanks to Arieltm for the KML file)

(Google Earth software installed at your computer can download and install it from this link)

The full route in GPX format for GPS gt can be downloaded from here.

Mobile navigation application (thanks to guy Holden for the tip and the explanation)
Some Android software with which you can name Oruxmaps navigate with maps topogfiot.
Download software to search in Play or store has made it its access to this address.

After installing the software and opened the first have to download the map here
The map files have put Android device oruxmaps/folder and create a folder with mapfiles what name you want (for example Italy).
Within this folder to put the two files downloaded by you. Do you mean at the end of the process should have a cell phone these two files in the following path:
Mapfiles oruxmaps//Italy

To view the map and make sure you've done alright then: when you open the software, you can access the button with the picture of a map of click Switch map and then click Offline and there appears the map and watch it. The map isn't bad, but it lacks the numbers!
Macaques for and then click the arrow to Start and it automatically detects GPS where you are on the map and show you.
When you have finished click on Stop and other GPS app will continue to follow and will devour much battery.

The walk along the Ridge Civetta en route to Tessie rafiog (photo: Norman and Renee Cohen 2013)

The check for the maps and in the field.

All the trails Alta Via Marked the European standard-PES Red and white

It also marked a sometimes triples including the route number. AV 

Most of the trails also numbered junctions appear wooden/metal signs with The trails.

Actually a track is marked in many ways: European standard triangles AV And numbers.

The trail is well marked and the convenient little surveillance signs also.

Trails check 547 and 549 on wooden sign near krstiato rafiog (photo: Joe Langi 2010)

The map marks topo map

You should know the meaning of the notation topographic maps
The trail is marked with a red line platform -wide main trail marked and controls how great
The trail is marked with a red dashed line in uniform-normal profit level path marking Standard
The trail is marked with a red dashed line in variable-gain a poor maintenance and/or problematic.
The marked points - crowded main trail marked has difficultyhigh
The trail is marked with spacious points -hard trail has poor maintenance and/or in trouble.

The section is marked on the cross means: through iron Via Ferrata

It's hard to transition path segment that used ladders, tent pegs and iron cables Via Ferrata
This section requires special equipment (helmet, a harness is secure and gloves) and therefore is not for everyone.

It is important to know that the special equipment not required for each section of the trail is marked on the map with a cross
Only sections above are explicitly specified the name of ferrate require security equipment and it is not always
So when you see a map marked with crosses without explicitly indicated that this Prata
That means you can get through the hard part with caution and without any security equipment

For more information on prattot in the Dolomites ראה  The link here.

For information about Cortina area, see prattot in the following file: via prattot around Cortina thanks to Sage greenhouse on the file

From the aprattot (and easy) in the Dolomites is near the track, but not part of it, photo: Amnon Langi 2007 - Scala del Menighel

Route distribution. Walking time averages in each section and story (Hebrew and English)

Download the official guide of the route (in English) a story through full Division to 12 imialicha official guide to AV1

Download an abbreviated description of the walk (in Hebrew) in 10 days  A bris to Belluno  (מעודכן ל 2015)

Download a file containing recommendations for dispute Of the track (6-12 days) options to divide the track.

Download a file containing the recommendations from travellers who went the route between 2008-2014 travellers tips

Walking times from a friendly guide

Sketch the trajectory (In three parts: North, Central and South) from friendly guide

Cellular and Internet availability
Cellular recorded in most parts of the track explained. As usual in Alpine routes, reception problems: while you are in the valleys and gullies. We strongly recommend that you buy a local SIM card at the airport or at the railway station of Verona. There are two telecom companies that sell SIM cards: TIM and Vodafone. The prices of packages ranging from 15 to 35 euros as shahabilot certainly cheap enough. Past experience teaches that we talk and surf a lot, the trip ended before the package! Italy is included in the new package of Golan Telecom but as the service entered into force only in the summer of 2014, we have no opinion yet on the availability and quality of the package. Unlike in the past, nowadays there are availability of Wi-Fi in most cabins and therefore you can do well even without discounted media packages or SIM cards. Charging mobile phones is possible in any rafiog. The shape of the precipitation and tension in Italy similar to the land and therefore not require any adapters.

7 Alpine rafiog-last rafiog track

Search and rescue services in the 118 number and medical insurance
In Italy provided the services free and rescue and helicopter rescue includes business and skilled 669 style. In a State of serious injury that does not allow for movement, you must contact the call center. The easiest and fastest is in dialing the number 118 (don't forget Israeli mobile prefix 0039) directly to the rescue. You can also call any rafiog on track and give an explanation of the type of injury and the location and they are will send a helicopter. This is very useful during the season see the rescue helicopters. All the above doesn't solve a traveler in the country of purchase insurance to cover sports (best cover). In case of injury, the free ends of the rescue evac mossek. From this point onwards the entire charge will apply on him.

A refreshing bath in the Lake to agsvi (Photo: 2013)

Inclement weather climbing up the immortal path 20B (photo: jino in 2015)

Trail literature
There are two English books to track (unnecessary for anyone who buys and uses maps to download here):

Sisrona company (Cicerone) There is a detailed guide (2016) routes AV1 ו AV2

Additional instructor (2006) by Henry Steadman featuring the sterifim tofu

Answers to some questions were asked repeatedly over the years.

Does this budget trajectory? IE is going with?
Obviously the case. The route is hilly and more-Alpine route. So when I write that it is one of the easiest routes in Europe, relative to other Alpine routes, Alpine route does not require strenuous work for UPS and downs. Some routes in Europe (e.g. TMB) that some companies offer equipment transfer service cabin the cabin, so that the traveler can walk only with a bottle of water. This option exists in a limited way in AV1 and is predictably also quite expensive. Need to find out about the transfer of equipment to the next cabin.

What part of the trail is considered the most beautiful?
Some opinions here and here. I think the northern part is the most beautiful (Bryce to Lake Paso GEO). Whoever disposal long enough to go all quiet heart, can settle into 3-5 days in the North. Who prefers a more "wild" taste and less loaded with travellers can go the middle section from Paso GEO to Paso Duran (4 days), or the southern part to Belluno Passo Duran (3 days). You just have to remember that the northern part of far more open because it runs mostly in ski resorts. As you descend southward down the quality maintenance for decreases. The landscape remains beautiful throughout the track.

We reach Cortina by bus and we have three days. What do you recommend I do?
Have a little cumbersome option and convenience options. 1) you can get buses from Cortina to the trailhead and the northern section of the Lake AV1 Rais to Paso palzergo. 2) you can get a bus to Paso palzergo and make a three-day course in serial tzinqua or 3) you turn to some sector East and the three labardo's teeth. Later in the thread has a lot of material about each stock. In terms of comfort, the second option is most comfortable, but I think track three labardo's teeth should take priority in who has three days and lock on the AV1

We want to walk the trail in October. Is it possible?
This is only possible in the northern part of the trail, i.e. a Rais to Paso geo. You have to remember that all public rpiogis closed on September 20 and therefore almost no options in the Central and southern portion. Moreover, the weather in October is unstable, Cryo nights below freezing and snow are expected to fall. All this makes the walk in October and really not recommended.

The trail is suitable for families with small children, aged 4-7?
I don't think Alpine routes are suitable for preschoolers, but follow the trail for families with babies on their backs, making carrier age 4-7 is not unusual.
From my experience, there is little serious problem of losing patience. All long the climb becomes very fast swing. In short, I do not recommend.

I would very much like to reduce the cost of track with camping but didn't realize it was illegal. Is unable to establish a remote tent-cabins
In AV1 banning camping is sweeping and marked with signs. Hundreds of Israelis went off the track since 2007 and are still not reported that he ran into the tent or sleep in a tent.
Anyway, about the prohibition of camping hiking season (20 June to 20 September) so if you're thinking about traveling after this season or the season, you can pitch a tent.
However, there are a few private cabins open year-round or closed only during October. Therefore on the off-season, prohibition to camp in sight of an open cabin.
There is a clear logic to ban camping in AV1 for the authorities. Want (rightly done) I smacked one the cabins and justify their economic existence all camping is a loss of income.    

Is there any reason to buy a book?
It's hard to think of a good reason to waste money on a book. The information there in the Forum indicate several levels for any book that Bill written for AV1. The information also updated Forum all the time. Most Israelis call the Forum go in orbit only according to the Hebrew story and believe me the level of knowledge and their readiness is without comparison compared to other travellers. So save yourself the extra expenditure on trail of friendly numbers. I say this responsibly. Take maps + the Hebrew story + rpiogis list and you more organized.

A personal request to completion
Concatenating the AV1 comes (to April 2016) to display pages 94. This is a huge amount of pages that stems in part from their recycling questions already given answers. I'm begging you, go over the material that appears on the various pages of this thread and upload in forum questions not yet give them an appropriate response. In general it is necessary to concentrate on reports and experiences (with or without photos) from the field in order to keep the current forum

Thanks and have a good trip to all who chose to go the route.

Amnon Paulose

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#3 Posted : Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:11:03 PM(UTC)

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Location: ירקונה

Got back a week ago and immediately went to Eilat to heal the body and legs.

The track is great in itself but to make him both perfection and versatility in order to feel that utilized the Dolomiti.

Both side perfection
1. visit the mramolda
2.The Tre Cime di Lavaredo (aka in German, Drei Zinnen) three labardo's teeth

For further details on the circular route of labardo (3-4 days)-see the announcement of Buckthorn

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#4 Posted : Thursday, July 24, 2008 1:15:03 AM(UTC)

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Welcome back!
#5 Posted : Friday, July 25, 2008 9:54:45 AM(UTC)

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The update completed.

Enchanted magical route.

I thought I'd go next year the Lycian way in Turkey but now know that first AV2.

Perhaps as early as September this year if the walk takes and passes me.

Amnonl 39684.6431828704
#6 Posted : Friday, July 25, 2008 12:27:37 PM(UTC)

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Good update great amnun, appetite, אי"ה next year.
#7 Posted : Saturday, July 26, 2008 5:31:14 AM(UTC)

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Looks really interesting.

After Bill Israel and I'm looking for something no longer, according to UPS cumulative height increases more aggression from Israel.

Would you recommend to do it alone or preferably?

Seen while walking the many groups of hikers?

I think at the beginning of August to do it, or all the possible rpiogis are full right now and it takes a little longer than a week planning?

#8 Posted : Saturday, July 26, 2008 12:10:32 PM(UTC)

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I saw the day view of the Dolomites hiking and admiring. In August would be the Western half wish prenas have inspired the level region.



#9 Posted : Saturday, July 26, 2008 12:11:12 PM(UTC)

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Repair, East side.
#10 Posted : Friday, August 1, 2008 3:28:34 PM(UTC)

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I am now at Rif Tome (near San Sebastiano), 3 days to Belluno. And it is absolutely amazing. I have no words to the describe the view besides "woah".

I was surprised that very few people along the way knew english, but with just for of italian and even less german we managed to order the right food.

The level of their difficulty of the hikes is not very high, although shvil israel is like a walk in the park. Some climbs are steep, but it is nice to see that when its a steep climb the way usually zigzags.

I am now at the town of Agordo, trying to find a place to wash my must, without any luck.

More updates in two weeks. Although I can ' t see anything else to add to what already:) Of wrote

#11 Posted : Sunday, August 3, 2008 1:38:09 AM(UTC)

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Location: ירקונה

All due respect.

Waiting for pictures and impressions.

#12 Posted : Wednesday, August 6, 2008 5:49:59 PM(UTC)

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This morning went to Verona flight 170 $
It was very tempting but over.

#13 Posted : Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:09:05 AM(UTC)

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I returned yesterday, thank you for the idea to track tilapia (and tips), was just amazing. So, we feared greatly the chances that arpiog are complete and decided (decision, in retrospect) take us sleep equipment (tent, mattress, k.)-came out (2) back on track with a 21-14 kg.

We flew to Verona, then to two owilbsa (one without air (!) and the other got stuck on the way and somehow sent us with a bus), and vilbsha. We spent the night there and the next bus fast to Bryce Lake. The route started at 10 area and no advance warning found ourselves climbing almost without ceasing 900 m (height). Maps 1:25, 000 because they confuse faulty height 50 m apart (it took us a few hundred yards of it to figure it out:))

The route took us 8 days (day of rest for washing and other arrangements). Unfortunately the penultimate day-not seen on a map that includes a short stretch of via ferrate (rafiog 7 Alpine area), interested in Nice Alpine Guide (dortii suru rafiog management ' Paso Darrow, where bumpy day of rest), and is recommend not to do these routes without gear, and certainly not with sand bags to 17 kg (with water). In rafiog ' last consulted with a group of climbers that they recommended not to do this so the feynan marpiog de Fontana went to the road and took a ride to Belluno.

No detail at all, just beautiful cite he was hard to swallow sometimes. In terms of difficulty, is at another level compared to Israel, yet not so hard. As one who loves lots of wheel lifts throughout the track, and I suffered quite a bit (20b track reminds you of something Amnon:)?), suffering and healthy of course. There were days of 1000 meters and more on decline. The last day (rafiog Faso Darrow lapian di Fontana) totaled up 1300 and 1500 feet down noble. On the last day "benefited" from 1300 m downhill at the end of the day, I felt my knees just break me.

For those who want to leave, it is important to highlight the issue of accommodation equipment not needed overnight along the route (tent, mattress, etc.). There are so many רפיוג'ים, just business. Our method was to leave in the morning, at noon rafiog reach rafiog ' to also update the stock CARB and secure a place in the rafiog of the end of the day-we were disappointed. About major during the misery of concluded the weather Predictor. They just have no idea what is expected to be the next day, and every time we come with wet shoes, wearing a rafiog storm-"somebody told us how you can't trust the predictions. Every day it rained. Half the days of rain we have (in their rain at night), most times the rain started in the second half of the day (two and so on), but it was the rain started at nine in the morning. So we experienced the nightmare of no moderate declines down the muddy forest completely. Like walking on ice.

A few interesting things:
1. rarely encountered men who knew to put sentences in English.
2. I was introduced to traditional Italian dish (it looks more Romanian Italian) called polenta, perhaps least tasty food you got to chew. Consider:)
3. If you can, take small rooms as possible. To spend two nights with a group of Germans that snoring and farting all night that's pretty frustrating.
4. nice to see all kinds of pipes along the way with cold clear water.

Some pictures:

Pragser Lake Hotel in Rais

Fodara Vedla rafiog

View Paz Forc del Lago (the V shape on the left)

Forc del Lago- maximum height of 20b, back view upon decrease of 500 meters to the Lake agsvi.

And to decrease agsvi

For winding road towards Paso geo

The boulders near Tissi rafiog walk

Rafiog Faso staolance

"We" in carrying out extraction of grandma who sprained his leg.
We didn't do too much except offer elastic bandage and flap with yellow rain to mark the harvest.

Rafiog Bruno krstiato. The dog was too frustrated with the scene that day.

Decrease in the forest toward the end of the runway.

Ride to Belluno

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#14 Posted : Sunday, August 10, 2008 12:52:26 PM(UTC)

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It really hurts me inside to observe and to dream.
#15 Posted : Friday, August 15, 2008 1:24:10 PM(UTC)

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Location: ירקונה

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and Nimrod.
Glad you had fun.

Enter now to AV2 alert

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#16 Posted : Sunday, August 31, 2008 7:08:49 PM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,
I did 5 days weather stopped cooperating.
I don't have much to add to the description listed except for two things:
1. I arrived via train from Munich to Fortezza (4 hours) and then another one (approximately 45-minute) to a few. Sleep and the next morning, a 10-minute bus ride to the Lake.
2. as long as the locals say, therefore it takes ... To add another 50%!

Good trip,
#17 Posted : Friday, September 5, 2008 2:20:47 PM(UTC)

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Does anyone know what the weather is expected in the Dolomites region late September?

I read in previous comments that you can't sleep in tents along the route-this is true of all the routes in the Dolomites, or only about AV1? And Ditto about cooking myself?

#18 Posted : Friday, September 5, 2008 5:30:42 PM(UTC)

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Most of the huts are closed in the area on September 20th.

There is no problem to cook and sleep along the way, it's wrong, but I didn't see inspectors or something similar. Consider having more regulated areas (national parks), note where you are.
#19 Posted : Friday, September 5, 2008 6:07:31 PM(UTC)

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To the previous question, what about water? Can we count on to be water flow channels at the end of September? I figured since camping is permitted around the huts, is this correct?

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#20 Posted : Friday, September 5, 2008 6:16:52 PM(UTC)

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There's plenty of water, even at the end of September, 3 litre should suffice.

No, in the environment is forbidden to camp (near crying right there are usually signs that prohibit the erection of tents). There are all kinds of way sponsorship and chalets with adjacent shelters.
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