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Lake Karakul Surrounding mountain trek. Muztagh Ata

General tips:

Hikers Trek.

The track is 5 nights.

The average distance per day – 18 km.

: The starting point of the Trek is Karakul Lake, accessed from the town of kshger. The bus ride will cost around 35 Yuan, the trip takes about 3 hours (the ride back takes about 2 hours). There are two buses a day, 9:30, you must buy a ticket at the station the day before, estimated arrival 3-4 p.m. during a trip there in passport control, so remember to bring your passport and a photograph. There is a stop for lunch in the middle of the road.

Equipment: it is important to print maps before departure. You can use human beings. First, print Soviet maps displayed here on this website. Secondly, print maps according to the disruptions and one line in agogel macro perspective of all of the area (there is also a travel agency in the city, but it's hard to get them). Bring with you 2 bottles of 1.5 l., longer if you forget you can buy next to immigration. There is water all along, but I recommend to get a filter/chlorine and iodine. (Lake water drinkable, and along the way there are good sources, not recommend to drink from the river). Bring a compass and matches (lighter may sometimes doesn't work).

No signal throughout the track apart from Lake Karakul and.

Track: day 1: there are 2 options to start the track one of the Northern Bank of the Lake, and the second option is via the South Bank via the village of Karakul. Two roads eventually connected to big river to the East. My recommendation is to take a bus to the town of Tashkurgan on karcom road and stopping at Lake Karakul lies at the foot of the mountains. Mount Kongur Muztagh Ata 7546 7719 m and m. Recommend to ask the driver to stop on the side of the road when the booking Kyrgyz yurt Downer pigs are thrown into the first road on the left (who wants to walk from the station ordered to stop down the road and then continues to the village – perhaps you will name 50 Yuan). After stopping in the Northern Bank continue to March toward a cluster of yurts scattered along the Northwest Bank. Go for the Jeep moves to the left of the yurt. The path becomes a lane and the West Lake, after 10 minutes of walk you will not find the yurts and be on the rampart and two large rocks along the water. This is a wonderful place to rest for the night (clean water and good for bathing and purge).

2nd day: Sunrise clock for 7. Started to walk toward East to encircle the Lake North to big hill looks like a volcano's crater inactive. You need to surround the Hill North (left), 15 m from the slopes there is a clear path of motorcycles that leads to the South East and the channel until it surrounds the mountain. Now the rocks slowly end and for motorcycles stop/turn towards the Northwest. After an hour and a half walk from the beginning of the day you meet a wider trail reaching from South West and North (seems like going back on the East Branch). Along the way you'll see traces of camels and after 10 min see right through a dump of stones, continue about 10 minutes notice before the opened stream, you need to get up and cross the River on a wooden bridge depends that is exactly opposite the channel's poured across the bridge Bank will be left as shtbito. Fifteen cross the river and before an hour's walk along the Northeast Bank of the stream. The path of path, shade all along, but after an hour or so walk pass the square stones wall with fence, there's a little favour emanations. After 200 meters on your left will be added to house animals is a good place for the repose of afternoon shade. It also has good water source and more accessible 5 mins walk down through the trickle-water for a better source to fill.

After an hour walk brings you to the village two, there are plenty of good water area, from where you can continue on Jeep Trail until you get to the fork in the left path up and around the fenced pasture area. You must take the right path so if you look down the River a small hill you need to enclose. After two hours ' walk brings you to where you need to cross the stream coming from your left, surround left, or simply switch to sandals and continue for A good place to sleep is at the mouth of the stream before it is reduced and becomes the.

3rd day: this day keeps walking Southeast on the North Bank of the River, after an hour or two you'll walk through dirt and one white Pavilion, later passing Pavilion over and after her brief and reach the third cabin is right in the mouth of a river on the cliffs. From a booth 4 x 4 trail heading West toward the River, go with it until you cross the John Shepherd trail where you will turn left. A clear path and lead you towards the bridge you have to cross. From here walk approximately 5.8 km the river left. Walking South sometimes goes right over a tzukit took left to free stream, but with the help of canes, to Rocky grass carpet, this is a good place to rest and water before boarding. Sometimes the trail would be obvious, but if you go one-third the height of the left stream it. 884: East-South-East. Started by simple left to not stream spills East Ascension, there is a gate, a good place to stop. From now on, follow the left bank, the trail disappears and shows up all the time. Cap receives azimuth 180 of you will make a lighthouse. A good place to spend the night and wind is one of the small valleys of the extension. You can identify the spot by so look right bank of three stone buildings, left bank settle them.

4th day: this day passes at altitudes of over 4400 m, one bar (4930 m) and, as a rule, it is a long day, so if you have more power and weather permits, recommending to settle overnight count before rising, bar The day you continue walking on the left bank of the General shchioonchm is left to the obvious peak. At some point the river continues West and LIVESTRONG on the line toward the dome, this type of 2-3 hours, no obvious path, but continue on the line and focused on huge rocks on it, after a while you start to descend and recognize another extension and a stream flowing on the slightly muddy, but it's all day, you need to climb the line and cross the Creek were patient and a bit before breaking South stream. Upward we are number options for crossing. After climbing the South dome ID receives is, beneath notice stream breaks West creates a small lake This is a good time to rest and to warm clothing that two hours are likely to concentrate.

No bar increase, there is no obvious path, but the direction is clear. The band has a wall of stones and set, note that there are two bars on the right and left narrow (the measure) wider. The snowy area and filled with ghosts. After identifying broadband channel on the left, opposite a hill dotted with rocks on the stream. Recommend careful right down to the rocks, there has been an improvement. Try to go into the River, on the rocks, if not, then next to him in the snow. After an hour or an hour and a quarter from the channel bandwidth begin to dilate and the scenery changes to green, to lose the right Creek, you can identify it with me in the steep, but definitely possible. Later meet big channel with which continue westward approximately 2.5 km north-shore (right), a goat path. After this break distance stream South and you start to climb 3.8 km towards the bar. After half way around the river southwards to camp overnight down the river right bank region. At this point, if there are more free time climb West towards bandwidth and notice in big lake, half frozen, but beautiful, it is also a good option. (You can see the Lake in Google map).

5th day: today begins rising 4970 m height bar, clear direction and find traces of sheep or yaks on the snow, go with them to the downstream channel is very clear, your channel connects to the basin from West. The great basin will go approximately 6.6 km, no obvious path, but he went south when the band ioonchm is on the right (West) to the river spills out of the basin. Comfortable broadband Bill. obviously, this is the first right to Saddle Creek. The Valley is filled with cattle and sheep and settled several families, recommend, if you have time to stop before the Strip at one of the houses. The reduction is a very clear line on a narrow lane. After a few minutes you reach the river drop you have to cross water fill important because the next two and a half hours there will be no more water nor shade, until arriving to the big river. Connecting with the big river continued right until the bank connected to jeeps, clearly this way. After about 45 minutes walk from the Grand River pass the mud houses and you will notice a group of trees near the River (left bank), this is a great place to spend the night.

6th day: the last day continues downstream on a jeep trail to the junction with broad channel to the West. After about 3 hours notice on asphalt road and a few before him have to switch to sandals and cross the river. When you come to a road to try to hitch a ride or taxi to Tashkurgan (20-30 yuan). Recommend staying on N37 YOUTH HOSTEL. Price between 40-60 Yuan has a shower. From here you can continue to the Pakistan border on karcom or visit stone town with beautiful views.

  • You can return to kshger via bus or share a cab.


China xinxing district, kashger-Lake Karakul-Trek mount Muztagh Rotator 41181.6384143519 Ataiftach

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