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#1 Posted : Monday, September 23, 2013 12:04:27 AM(UTC)

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Last September we trekked in North West Georgia swanti. The area contains some of the highest point in the Caucasus Mountains. The dominant peaks along the trails are Shkhara (5070 m), Tetnuldi (4860 m), Ushba (4700 m) and the Secretary of the Matterhorn in Switzerland in shape.
Trails are marked by a local body called Svaneti tourism center in cooperation with Swiss organization called SDC. Despite the Swiss moaorvot, the check is close to ankle in markup is. In fact, the Eclipse, plus non-specific maps are the main weakness of the leg.
The rope is divided into upper swanti (on Zemo Svaneti) and lower (Kvemo Svaneti) swanti.
Due to the extreme views, the area is an attraction for tourists (especially the section between mestia and ushguli) have nothing to fear from this since in Georgian tourists rush (2013) is on the same scale as in other popular trails (TMB, Torres del Paine, and other popular hiking area that comes to mind ...).


Getting there/htniidot
Access to town is Mestia swanti top, which can be reached by taxi (rshroteca) from Zugdidi or directly from the capital Tbilisi. Access to town is Lentekhi swanti bottom, which can be reached at mrshrotka from Kutaisi. Between the various villages of dirt that locals passengers on them and will take them tourists for exorbitant price.

The spacious family accommodation Almost every family in the area has a guest room used for accommodation. Accommodation including a sumptuous dinner, drinks, and breakfast is usually the best of the Georgian tradition. The food left in the morning you can take in the bag for the rest of the day. This is easy to get used to pampering and experience, especially in villages less regard. The price is uniform (after a specie of course) – 35 lari per person (approx. 16 EUR). Homes usually have electricity, sometimes even hot showers.
The villages between Bastia to ushguli signposted houses as guesthouses, but the locals catch you already at the entrance to the village you get them home. The villages less than toierim just have to wander around the village and when you meet someone ask him where to sleep, he finds the next host family for you.
It is important to emphasize the subject. The locals speak Russian and Georgian. Hebrew English as good as most. We hung out with Notepad and contacted through paintings.
There are no limits on camping but you really need to tent the trails described. We were prepared for each area, which turned out to be unnecessary.

Travel guide/maps
Are Walking in the school of Peter Nasmyth devotes a chapter to sootani. We don't we trekked with the book so I can't vouch for its authenticity. I can testify that the area is developing at a dizzying pace and Greece the book from 2006 is likely to be less relevant.
We used descriptive stories and trails site of Svaneti tourism center.
Maps are a sore point. You can purchase Tbilisi maps in scale 1:50000 of Geoland 2011 at a cost of 10 lari (4.5 euros). The main problem with these maps is often cover the field does not match the paths on the map. Necessarily schematic map sold in containers in stay (its scan is shown in this post – cost us 7 lari) proved to be a more reliable in terms of cover.
The trails are marked with red and white stripes. Trails check does not believe in the following ways:
• There are splits which cleared the right choice (especially the confusing than Zabeshi)
• How often markup is not reliable (all rise to Latfari pass we saw a single check ...)
• Maintaining inadequate markings (many markups stays only white as the red color faded)
The foregoing is not to discourage, but alert. Important before every day walk to understand it for the topography, asking locals to aim for the right and rely on markup that lead you.

Recommended season
Summer in Georgia with the summer. In June the trails may be snowy and after mid-September the likelihood of rainfall increases. The mountain zone, even during the summer months there and snowstorms to prepare accordingly.

Svaneti tourism center website-contains stories and schematic maps – link .
Mterk — site contains general information on hiking in the Georgia – Hebrew link .

Continuous track
Before I describe, clarify that not all the trails described went on our trip due to weather problems and poor preparation. The itinerary described is based on the same track we add several designs were not running/recommendation.
The trail begins in the villages of Etseri on Western access road to stay. All rshroteca that runs on an axis through the Zugdidi – mestia.
The itinerary
• Day 1 – from Etseri (1450) the path goes to the mountains Baki pass (2460). From the apas for moving on to the Meziri Ridge with impressive views to Ushba. The trail descends through woods to Becho community, the first of which is from Tvebishi to Mazeri (1600).
• Day 2: Mazeri for a nice day trip the Ushba glacier lies at the foot of the mountain. The trip includes roundtrip itinerary arriving at 2700 m high peak base camp for climbing the mountain.
• Day 3 – the village of Bagvadanari near great transition path Mazeri mountains at an altitude of 2960 m Guli pass through the deserted village of Guli. The mountains can drop directly to the access road to stay through a path that moves along the Creek or continue to the cross over from mestia to drop to stay herself (1420). It is important to note that trail might be a little long for a day and it is important to start early. We we just pass as a day trip from Mazeri.
• Day 4 – stay there are several nice day trips, including a trip to a glacier Chalaadi Valley northeast of the city.
• 5-day stay can continue up the Valley to high until 2010 m and descends between the villages of Zabeshi, the last village in the Valley, at an altitude of 1690 m. From Zabeshi comes a common day trip trail forth Tviberi glacier 2310 m height.
• Day 6: Zabeshi indicate a path up the Hill to the South and connects to for the guy from peak height (2300 m). It is important to note that this section is characterized by fragmentation and poor marks. The Giants split down the line to the village Adishi (2000 m).
• Day 7: Adishi trail heading up the Valley, crosses the Saddle River and Chkhutnieer with views to the Valley and glacier at the edge of the Tetnuldi. From Iprali lily-livered Gringo coming down to the village at a height of 1800 m in the next Valley.
• Day 8: trail connects to Iprali through early moves along the Inguri River. You can continue on through the jungle to Ushguli community beautiful villages situated at the altitude of 2000 m Shkhara (short day). In Ushguli there are several excursions, including common costs Shkhara glacier up the Valley at an altitude of 2300 m.
• Day 9 – it is possible to cross the asooanti Valley of the majeure swanti bottom through the Latfari mountains (altitude 2900 m), where you can go to the villages Chvelpi (jeeps) or Mami (Milky legs). To pass a jeep road possible from under Daveri to Iprali (20 mins for Jack ushguli) ushguli. The path leaves our perceived as ushguli is too long for a single day's walk (23 km, 900 m, 1800 m) and therefore we are Jeep Trail. The rise and apas views and uniting all the peaks you see along the way to infinite range. In addition to the lower countryside swanti saves approximately 120 km ride back to Tbilisi.

From Chvelpi or Mami you can take a jeep (we paid 50 Larry c.) and Lentekhi, which already have regular transportation to Kutaisi.

The Caucasus, something between the Himalayas. Accommodation in families along the way makes the trip an unique experience. The cost of living, negligible. Even a short flight (2 hours from router to Tbilisi). It is highly recommended.

The Guli pass Ushba inclines to

Ushba East

Tetnuldi is saddle Chkhutnieer

Shkhara is ushguli

Ushguli is beyond Latfari nirshl 41539.887962963
#2 Posted : Monday, September 23, 2013 3:57:50 PM(UTC)

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Thanks for reporting
Looks impressive and we have no previous course reports from there.
Many in Georgia but most tours
I wish there were more individual reports on hiking trails, cabins-tents
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