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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 1, 2013 3:55:58 PM(UTC)

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Story through 2013 from beni dolfo-jumla.
I returned a month ago from Nepal and I thought the story this way and amazing Trek unfamiliar I think also he's still information in Hebrew.
I traveled with a friend (Neria) two and a half months in Nepal this year, the lakes and langtang moved to Kanchanaburi and finished in about a month's trip dolfo. In every way it was a highlight of the trip, the Trek a lot harder and the least painful of all, interesting example of Kanchanaburi passes difficult Trek is relatively quick and easy trek to dolfo. Not recommended as a first troorsoth have long trek in the snow that can be very dangerous and several with free navigation along the path. Also in terms of the amount of hikers Trek all saw only three and six climbers. I think this is one of the most unique things that Trek because of the attitude of the locals are amazing, they are hospitable unusually always helpful and often without any desire and receive compensation. 17000 meter, of UPS!
Dates: 21/5/13 – 20/6/13 of 23 days (Soler)
The entire route is described in the book himakaya-Nepal trekking in lonely plant and is a combination of the routes:
1. Beni to Dolpo
2. Do Phoksumdo lake via Tarap
3. la Kagmara
4. to Dunai Jumla

Seasons: late April-May, September-October can also explore dolfo in the monsoon in Nepal and even the rest of this season's favorite hiking in Dolpo then you can combine the trip with great Trek from Beni to dolfo. Another issue that could be in late May and June is the vast amount of Caterpillar yarsagumba seekers grows from her mushroom and Tibetan medicine is considered to be the ultimate remedy, this season has really a gold rush in the area and entire villages from the old residence to the mountains in search of the precious fungus as easily 100,000 pounds and up! A very interesting phenomenon, we met here and fortunately only on the last day of the trip and the dam broke just saw convoys of thousands of people, just whole villages out of the mountains. What is March and April she answers don't fit because there are still a lot of snow and we even had a lot of snow in the high in mid-May.
Accommodation: apart from Jumla dunai and there really is no guest houses, but can sleep in each community in very basic conditions. There are many nights sleeping on the ground and have a tent many nights
Getting there: by bus from Pokhara to 4 hours and then another bus to 3שעות drbang that can save the first day. Can reach from npalgong dolfo (roughly 17 hours by bus from Kathmandu or fly) when we were at the airport was closed for renovations for the season, which might explain the small number of visitors. Majid could catch a flight without reservations, there are some flights to npalgong. Can also go by bus npalgong to c and vice versa, but that's not very recommended option, takes something like three days for dangerous concepts and even Nepali locals prefer to let him go if a flight or on foot. There is another possibility to reach dunai over the bheri River to a place called thulo chaurjhri walk for three days and probably not interesting (at least what I know is the least popular option).
Cooking: we took on nzinia, there are almost everywhere to buy kerosene option settlement (not gasoline). What we also saw was dunai gas canisters but not anywhere else (don't know if I can trust it).
Pramit: pramit dolfo Government costs 10 dollars a week, there's a bit of a problem to achieve if travellers without a guide, we were able to achieve. We paid $ 35 fee, too. In addition to buying $ 3000 in rupee pramit logon dorpten "hunting" Dhorpatan reserve. Need to buy more of 3000 pramit dolfo logon Reserva rupee coin but nobody asked him to see it and we haven't bought the pramit.
Day 1: Beni-Dharpani
A four-hour drive to beni and then another 3 to Darbang. From there we continued for another hour and a half to Dharpani. Following the pouring rain and no lasting moved on.
2 Dharpani – moreni
This morning started with a lot of rain, walking along the beautiful terraced villages of potatoes, wheat and beans cabbages. At one point passing near a hundred meters high. At night we slept in a tent.
Day 3-Dharpani Dhorpatan a very long day.
Rising to c-band (3390) in snow but finally got clear skies. Crazy views per daologiri range. All the walking in the forest of rododndion trees bloom in a variety of colors. Away down the wide Valley towards dorpten Valley. The Valley is inhabited by Tibetan refugees, is considered one of the wide valleys in the mountainous region in Nepal. The Valley is very beautiful and full of horses. There is a guest house on minimum bunks in the room eating. Pretty big place but the groceries you can get him.
Day 4-long day of Dhorpatan Takur 1300 meters and a drop of 900
Leave the dorpten, pass the police there have to pay 3000 pramit Rupee to huntimg Dhorpatan reserve testing pramit too removed in Kathmandu to dolfo. From what I gather, even those who only do the way of dunai had pulled the pramit dolfo, ask me why, this is what we were told. Anyway, we start to rise before and after have line we pass it the other side at all full of snow, called broadband Phagune Dhuri (4060) decline to point out a tiny settlement, Takur two houses, only one is occupied. The road is route convoys of donkeys and the House is a guest house for Nepali, very basic conditions. The way is now clear enough, just needs to be aware of the dorpten for some unclear, global crossing takes mini stripe and then rising in the Valley is the dorpten.
Day 5
Easy day, obviously, in tent, there's no other option. Two tiny settlement point Kayam houses, there is an area that is very comfortable over the houses to check where the helicopters. It is possible to buy basic necessities. It is possible here to feel clearly how each day and passing bar promotes us, dolfo varies slowly Woods and green fields and mountains more arid and forest type changes.
Day 6
Easy day, decrease the stream there are two hot springs in concrete pools clean and luxurious. An increase to two tiny villages, Dhule and marijuana fields after Dhule has three days without any Yishuv, should obtain food here. We stopped in here to sit there kind of Guest House can sleep in Basic.
Day 7
Dhule-seng khola
The trail climbs another bar, bhanjtang nautale (3961). And beautiful scenery, you can see a large part of the East Ridge with several peaks over 7000 daolgir meters. The bar is marked by two large pillars that were once the gate until hamshkof. Beneath the Northeast deep stream we down. Walk along the West side of the River until the area of accommodations already yarsagumba seekers will see lions, at the entrance to the river's Northwest. Up to 50 minutes on the much more successful. Continue about 30 minutes and then leaving the steep and heads to a beautiful meadow where some 4030 height water.
Day 8
Seng Purpang khola.
Accommodation point should go northeast, cross line and down to a stream in a small pond Here we already had a lot of snow. Continue in the Valley trending Northwest very moderate rising height bar 4530. Because the same as Greece is starting to get out of the bar, we meet a bunch of good-looking yarsagumba with seekers. Continue walking down some long, steep troorsa. I think in General that we walked in we should take crampons minimalistic. Reach the stream where you can shop for the night, we go another hour to the beautiful meadow 4270 height
Day 9
Cross small pass and down into another Valley takes us straight band. Bar la 4560. height Jang The breathtaking view, 2500 m deep river flowing beneath the front each slice with dolfo odd and barren mountains. Looming above the kenaz 6612. The stream descends directly from the bar leads directly to dunai and long day can do in one day. We prefer to lose one Valley East of us we connect after we cross a small branch. The steep decline. We are a unique area called tichurong. The villages here are like fortresses. The walled village and the houses are built on top of this, the most famous village Tarakot called him down to the river where you can pitch a tent to the East near the Arab school or his designated area near a police review of the need to view your prmitimim, and you can stock up on groceries in a small shop.
Day 10
Dunai Tarakot.
We went on that day to the provincial dunai for purchase, with some food you can give and go straight to the East. The walk to dunai for space along the river. Gorgeous dunai, the capital of the largest province dolfo Nepal. A few days away from City Road. In the city a heliport landing on a daily basis but when flight is very expensive. A two hours ' walk away there's little airport there are flights on a weekly basis. We were at the airport was closed for several months for renovations. What we realized that landing 400 meters shorter until the matter was not paved and this year decided to build the same thing because what takes a few months. A very nice city, there are Guest House named Blue sheep with an excellent store with food.
Day 11
Dunai Tarakot.
Assumed the cetiideno back on us, like yesterday.
Day 12
Today, Laisicap is the last place to report daily walking distance tarap was Friday and we decided to stop here on Saturday. Audit position instead of the police. There is a warehouse of a Nepali Inn, media here very difficult.
Day 13
Now there are two days of walking along the Tarap khola. Today, an increase of more than 1,000 meters. The very steep, deep river. At the beginning of the day's walk in the woods of hatanim, as that encrypt the stream becomes more malls and there are places that really reminds Chinese or Jordan River. In the afternoon we arrive at the Guest House, Guest House can be seasonal Nepali buy him some food, then come to Toltol, also parking space for caravans with a few tents that make up basic food. Very nice people and even know English.
Day 14
Tarap Laisicap-Do
Start walking, Mall, malls here than there is no vegetation and desert. On the way you meet caravans of yaks that carry firewood from the places where there are trees. In the afternoon comes to an amazing village tarap population Tibetan culture and language, there is an nzim Tibetan Buddhism and Bon religion, ancient religion of Tibet today is very reminiscent of Tibetan Buddhism and, according to locals the difference among them is whether central circle with clock or against Greece. We are hosted in inviting us to sleep at home. The hospitality here is a desire to return, and many people are hosting us at their homes. Dialogue is in a sense one of the trip.
Day 15
Do-Numala base camp Tarap
Devote the whole morning until noon on a tour of the village. A young man from the village, only one met who actually speaks English takes us on a tour of all the places around the village. Notable as one of the world's highest 4200 m! In early afternoon, the village separate hardest part, and from Tuesday to Friday, not through any community point to some Lady I met on Thursday night we don't meet. Continue up the River until the end of the last village in the Valley called Tokyu. The great streams of split we take. We go in and sorted to sleep in Numala Base camp at an altitude of 4700 meters.

Day 16
Numala base camp-Danigar
Here the most problematic in terms of navigation and trip so you better be careful. No band is located in any of the three places where it is marked on the map! It is important to adhere to the instructions listed in himakaya Nepal-trekking in lonely plant. There are several ways to identify the bar. First of all in terms of its location on the map, ITM (the E83 04.379 10.539 N29), second down stream can recognize bandwidth and adjust yourself to him. Try to find at least local vote. However in the humble forgiveness for the wrong description, but by what locals said Numa in Tibetan means breasts and gives no recognition of bar. And now the description: after splitting large streams at the end of the village continue to Tokyu go an hour before crossing a stream goes down the left. Immediately followed by a branch to the left you can see a small chorten as Gompa. Climbers and thence continue along the line until you get to a place that looks like a bowl (of course, the deep snow covered) 4960. Away to the right you can see the band road which rises steeply in a straight line. 5290 height line itself and the right Small Cap 20. As a rule you should rise the snow bands as soon as possible as long as the snow is dry and frozen. View stunning stripe and is definitely a place with beautiful scenery I've ever seen in Nepal. See clearly in all its glory and daolgiri behind the Annapurna and manslo too, and all the mountains in northern Tibet and Western kenaz above the Lake. Second hand band drop in to the connection to gyambo khola. An hour is this way down starting to split lanes, right lane taking the Dolpo and left him go. In a long and dangerous troorsa we cimip Ext. and connect to another stream that we rise to the accommodation at the Bagala.
Day 17
-Karka Danigar Yak
The la my viewed hotels – Nepali means gutters and it's a good recognition. We're going inside until it got to Bowl around sex or right or left (we surround right) rising until more comprehensive Bowl it goes right to broadband troorsa (5175). Down the stream until you connect to a bigger River with few days later finally getting 4000 yards and trees and plants. Beautiful valley all over steep cliffs from which waterfalls pouring in from all directions. We come to a single byte with an old lady who keeps the checks, it is possible to establish here and bringing food tent (not to build it at all).
Day 18
Yak-phoksumdo lake Ringmo, karka
Short day, for it is clear to the Lake. Views way for Nepal's largest waterfall, 200 feet tall! Amazing Lake has intense blue, next to a town called ringamo, a very beautiful village that his religion is Bon, and monasteries of the Bon. Two guest houses in the village. We strongly recommend that you continue on the West Lake for the Dolpo, leading to steep for half an hour to the beach.
Phoksumdo lake Ringmo/Lasa.
Long day. 3000 metre high decline until Khola Yalung, where her significant and extended upstream to a place of yaks at a height of 4000. Walk in the Woods. On the way through Bon lovely village named Pungmo.

Day 20
-Phedi kagmara Lasa/Toijum
A very long day. Going along the river left bank kilometre, 100 m above the river. Descend into the very snowy and freezing until it really opens and expands. From there take the right name and d leaving from and rise sharply to the right, the bar la kagmara (5115). The reduction is in the stream to a large waterfall ice that circle on the left. On that day we got to crazy Blizzard, bar was no Bill with fog so that perhaps the best details. Continue to stream up to 2800 height and parked near a stream at the foot of a post. Stopping before but we had already spent around 4000 meters.

21 day
Phedi kagmara/Toijum-Rimi
The walk is very different than we used to, obviously along villages, everything is green and beautiful. The Guest House has a nice arm, in other villages not found. We saw a convoy of sheep on the backs of sheep caravan cargo-a unique phenomenon.
Day 22
Rimi-Mani sagu
Day long walk but no special interest for that space in the near future become road, up-to-date it might be able to. One interesting thing that happened that day was probably opened the season officially yarsagumba luckily it only happened in the last two days that entire villages including children and old people go out to establish camps in the mountains to find the fungus, certainly an interesting phenomenon.
Day 23
Mani-Jumla sagu
Another day of long walk Jumla. Ugly old town quite like 20000 residents couldn't even find it! In the city the airport with airport on a daily basis to Nepalgunj. The flight cost about $ 120. There are several guest houses, we slept in a really nice place Snowland. From Nepalgunj has buses to Kathmandu (or flights) the ride took us approximately 17 hours.
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Thanks for your report
Next year, I go back to Nepal after 27 years.
I guess a lot has changed in the meantime in this amazing treks.
The track that you describe sounds very interesting and adventurous.
#3 Posted : Friday, October 4, 2013 11:50:11 AM(UTC)

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Noam, sounds interesting option for my next flight to Nepal.

You can add photos?
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