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Eli TheHiker  
#1 Posted : Thursday, October 3, 2013 2:33:31 PM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,

As usual lately, due to extensive use of the Forum in recent years, trying to do my part and hope I loaded too much unnecessary information.

September 18-21.09.2013 did I, me and thank the Wadi zered shelter, and also visited the town of Wadi Musa and Petra in Jordan. To enter Jordan tourist visa is required, authorization holds Jordanian border crossing and a Jordanian tourist police. A lack of knowledge of Arabic and stories of many delays at the border (and the reason I moved the border near Beit Shean) decided to take tourism company whose goal is to move the border. We contacted several Jordanian travel companies and choose the appropriate, agreed on all the details with a travel agent to get us off the southern border in Eilat, Aqaba, from taxi to the trailhead in the heats finished gathering Ofra, track two and a half days later near the town of Safi, Wadi Musa and then ride back to the border in Eilat, Aqaba.
As far as I know, according to Jordan over four groups have each field trip and tight Guide and because we were only three, not worried about the issue. In the village of Wadi Musa (near Petra) ishnano at a local restaurant, we ohtzteidno Super next day in Petra.
After an extensive tour of Petra's most outstanding restaurant and returned with the taxi to the border and return to Israel.

Description of the route to visit Petra in General:
Wadi zered shelter, this is a track that is about 200 miles north of Aqaba (equivalent to the dead sea works) and medium difficulty level in Israeli terms about 27 km with about 50 meters and Mile decreases when mostly anxious all the time stream at a depth of about 10 cm to feet (as of September and can vary depending on the season). Campgrounds not regulated, fixed or water sources and food can do the route between days (one night) until pressure for three days (two nights) in very calm. There are many cold pools and several hot springs from. The vast majority of the route runs through the Wadi and tall and despite being unmarked in any official רוג'ומים have pointed at all of Greece to walk in places where there are multiple choice or obstacles. The track itself saw little local Bedouins herds of sheep, goats, one small group of Europeans and especially other groups of Israelis and only for the hoadi port in places accessible to the car began to reach Jordanians. After the walk, we came to a town called Wadi Mousa (approx. 25,000 inhabitants and is located approximately 100 km north of Aqaba) to one of the hotels in downtown (near Petra) and the next morning we went to Petra. Petra's rifle at an altitude of about 900 metres above sea level and occupies much space so be sure to leave at least 1-2 full days. We did a 21 km round there with 650 m ups/downs in one day and covered the most interesting parts.

Information sources:
1) the Jordanian Tourism Ministry
2) visiting Petra.
3) General summary about a nature hike in Jordan
4) old 2007 summary with map and leads to different sites

Maps & tapes:
1) topographic map there is a Hebrew stories taken from the book of tibia single- map of Wadi zered shelter, but there are several mistakes and many hikers underestimate the remaining distance on the main mistake is the 11-point wall rock in the middle of the stream is running 10 second point not as marked on the map and this point remains about 11 km to the finish.
2) tape walking in Wadi zered shelter/in gipiasis
3) tape walking in Wadi zered shelter/in abriterle
4) tape walking in Wadi zered shelter, on topographic map
5) tape of Petra gipiasis
6) tape of Petra abriterle
7) walking map of Petra

Weather in Wadi zered shelter, and Petra:
Wadi zered shelter/:
1) the weather in Safi
This narrow Canyon) and mostly unable to venture out and therefore not allowed to travel when there is a danger of floods or strong winds for fear of falling stones.
3) begin the walk 300 meters height and end at a height of 360-but in terms of the geographical conditions of the area similar to Eilat mountains and very low humidity.
1) Petra weather
2) Petra occupies space and is in height of 880 m (when the monastery is about 200 meters above) and therefore the area is exposed to strong winds and sandstorms.

1) travel to Eilat – fuel costs. Back should jump to Eilat and fill in without.
2) border crossing on the Israeli side towards Jordan-$ 100. + $ 5 fee, you can pay together and one-time fee only.
3) border crossing on the Jordanian side towards Israel 10 dinars.
4) border crossing to the trailhead and back:
Travel agent-border transfer about 15 dinars (miles.)
A taxi from the border to Aqaba 10 dinars (a chat with other travellers)
A taxi from Aqaba to the trailhead in heat approximately 70 Alena dinars (a conversation with fellow travellers)
Bus from Central Aqaba parasite 3 dinars (a chat with other travellers)
Tafilah taxi to the trailhead 10 dinars (a chat with other travellers)
A taxi from the runway to the zered Safi 4 Denarii

We took a tourist company Tours Desert Paramours that concern each and a trip to Petra and back for $ 339 when if we go directly back it would have cost $ 290 taxi up to 4 people.

4) Hotels- hotels 3-5 stars in Wadi Musa
* We took triple room, 3-star hotel is in downtown approximately 10 minutes walk from the entrance to Petra at the cost of 10 single dinar.
5) food/drink – all cheap Aqaba and Safi 2 times 5 Israel, Wadi Musa, Petra price level approaches to earth but still cheaper. One meal at the restaurant around 10 dinars including tips. Water bottle-Petra 2 dinars and there are no places to fill.
6) tips-it is common to leave tips as the country though some of these tips are included. According to taxi drivers, it is common to give approximately 5 dinars for a long ride.

Photos and videos:
1) photos are full of just walking in Wadi zered shelter,
2) full Picasa pictures of Petra
3) nature photos and video summary video
4) summary and video clip people photos

Special notes
* It is recommended to keep water filter, purification tablets to drink many rivers flowing all over and carrying weights.
* It is not possible during the route to obtain food.
* Convert shekels, dollars for dinars-can be done on the Israeli side in CHANGE but relatively high gate and the conversion fee and therefore if there is a possibility, you should switch before.
We saved $ 600 to 110 JOD-Jordanian dinar $ 5.2150 gate with 3 back, Commission and VAT 19.70 3.01 when the official rate was about JOD 1 = NIS 4.99
* Reference to border crossing is about 3 km before Eilat and near the border a large free parking where you can leave.
* Border crossing opens at 6:30 am and 8:00 Sunday-Friday-Saturday and closes at 8 p.m. also on holidays.
* In many cases רוג'ומים have pointed at all of Greece joining the optimum route.
* Mosquitoes because many water sources and network spokesman John Jericho fly in and therefore it is advisable to get a word or a tent.
* There is a critical error in map-dot 10 second () is what it says in the description of point 11-wall rock in the middle of the river boat-shaped and it is important to know where there are about 11 km to the stream.
* Need to very careful to choose a suitable accommodation under walls or floors for free because the rocks instead of crumbling boulders many are hanging by a thread throughout the Canyon of the river and windy enough to move them down (it shows the number of stones placed below)
* Whoever Petra outside Jordan will pay about 90 dinars and the entrance was in Jordan for more than one day 50 dinars.
* Food and water prices in Petra is skyrocketing in relation to Jordan costs in General and even Israeli concepts (eg. 1.5 liter of water = 2 dinars, entering the restroom = 1 Libyan dinar) so be sure to stock up on food and water ahnies in the city.

Distribution by days

On Thursday we decided what we were going to do in Jordan, who's coming and how to drive and sent the passports through the mail to travel.
At 10 p.m. after labor day we went by car toward Eilat and after 4 hours drive we arrived at the parking lot of the border crossing. The plan was to deploy tents in the parking lot and sleep a few hours before, but there was a lack of time and taste so deployed sleeping bags only.
00 (30 minutes before the official time) there was a siren announcing the opening of the border. The targnano and around 6:40 start. At first moved in and kept the CHANGE dollars to dinars, crossed the border on our side and their side. We passed a security inspection mirror machine for bags
And before immigration and tourist police met our travel agent who brought him full details for tourist visa/permit and tourist police with our travel plans and told us exactly where to stand, if any, and what steps to go. Basically supposed to go first in the tourism, to explain what's going to do, where and when Jordan and get signed and confirmed, and then to go to the counter of passport control. The whole process took about 20 minutes on the Jordanian side and 30 minutes after total left the border, travel agent showed us the taxi driver and that should accompany us later in our trip in Jordan. We received a used named Muhammad medium + English and we were off. Immediately up to jump on the way to Aqaba and bringing PITA/hummus/falafel/fresh and local nonprofits anomaly of approximately 3 miles from the track, the driver agrees with joy and bouncing us local shop. After purchase (prices that non-tax) went our way and drove about 3 hours (200 km) to the trailhead in warm Ofra. About 2 km before heats ore (after a single trailer) the driver stopped and told us that if we don't want problems with the tourist police so we should lose map directly to Wadi and not heat that always have police Ali. Although gladwe got and all said pretty much the same only groups over 4 people need and tight guide along the way, we could not find a network site, official Jordanian source can be based on him and therefore we have decided to hear the driver's advice and instead proposed thus started.

Pictures featuring:
Me, me, Vadim

Sunday summary
We got out of the cab, the things we go down for 4 on 4 locally towards the stream and went right at the point of intersection between river ore to Wadi zered. At this point we started to walk in water and cross between Bank bolderim Bank and many river stones. At first the Canyon reminded some Wadi Qelt in Wadi Qelt in the country and wondered if it really is going to stay that way until the end, but quickly began to appear late green cane everywhere, green ashvia different, hot-water springs and palm trees hanging from the pens that reminded us that we are no longer in the country. We kept walking along the Creek slowly wonder and took our time also breaks immersion in various places. After two hours we reached the confluence point 7 on the map the chalk with the trail end opposite yet convenient drive to gravel for the tourist police vehicles and at this point we expect surprise Bagger. Approach we have 6 different Jeep vehicles and walked toward us about 15 people in uniform from army personnel, police and the tourist police and ask us where we are, what we do here what we're planning to do, who brought us here, how are we supposed to go and write down our names and ages them. All the dialogue in a strange atmosphere although non-threatening in English medium Jordanian side occasionally sounded different notes we need to return them back or to go somewhere and not to continue in these and other reasons, no real rationale reason. After approximately 15 hour police and military personnel almost everybody left and only 2 officers and soldier who took us aside and continued mumbling because we only wait for another group that should be and then drive us all somewhere without specifying where, when and what needs to be done there. After about 20 minutes when nothing changed, suddenly one of the most senior officers said he put his phone number and name and we can continue on our way, and if there will be any problem or someone will ask what we do here, so I call him. Without further said hello to them and continued on our way from the good get lucky blessing that trip was over before it started. I really wanted to find out what was the reason for the delay but not to ask questions unnecessary duffel bag and cause unnecessary fights avoided doing so. We continued our way about 3 hours in the water with many stops and baptisms to refreshment until we got to the point of putting up the tents before point 8. I and me went looking for nbiath water and found one about 400 meters after the 100 and camp down the road on the left wall. When the targnano fire and meal, several small groups of Israelis came and they went through the same thing with them the high officers in the same place holding them about 40 minutes and then released. Only one of five or six Israelis was forced to sign a document confirming that they are aware that they need to be here with a guide and they don't but they also gave them to continue.

Pictures of the day:

In summary
After a good night's sleep, got up for breakfast and beginning small flies brigades began to attack us and what surprise that there were no mosquitoes at night (or you might not see them) Although water resources everywhere. Organized and continued heading downstream when we pass in the same water source 400 meters after yesterday, in which a small tube is stuck in the wall allowing easy clean flow of spring water. One of the notable things on this day were numerous springs that came out of the rock and especially slowly trickled down from the walls. It looks like someone drilled small holes in the rock and the water. We also found the hot springs excellence as a point 8 map and continued towards points 9 and 10. Two later crossed the point 9 where the walls started to decrease and the flow in the strength and saw one of the most beautiful ravines. Later on, after about an hour, close to point 10 started hanging gardens, meaning many small and large Palm trees with lots of greenery hanging at different heights on the walls and water dripping into the ravine — definitely one of the most interesting places in the area. We continued to walk two hours and saw a few wild donkey wandering in the area without people and surprisingly not afraid even of humans or even interested in us. After another hour we reached a point 10 in map and discovered the mistake. In the middle of the river rock wall shaped like a submarine that was supposed to be at a point 11, was physically here and misled readers about the distance left until out of the stream. After rest and lunch we went and met with several small water crabs and sea snakes. Towards the end of the day we met a local Bedouin with a flock of sheep and brought him a few extra PITA we had and he explained us where there is a water source hidden close to the scene. Along the way we saw the Mall gets narrower and so it will be about 2-3 km by a topographic map and therefore we have decided to stay put rather than move forward. In dyaved, the next morning, apparently after about half an hour walk you could get much more comfortable (and safe). Normally after dipping, bonfire and the meal went to sleep.
During the baptism (1 hour before sunset) showed two Israeli hikers were safe under the map that the exit stream real close and you can do it today, and fortunately I was not persuasive enough, so there's at least about 7-8 km to the finish by GPS and they eventually after many deliberations decided to stay put.

Pictures of the day:

Tuesday summary
In the morning the brigades flies back and made us get ready to hit the road in one of the narrow ravines and the stream continues for several miles. The exit was easy to fill water spring feeding into the stream and then during one of the rest saw four local people, eat some grilled bird and drinking tea. Then we saw them again during the walk coming out of which Wadi when one of them was holding a shotgun, the second and third block a hoe, shovel (according to our driver they were probably gold-seekers in Jordan).
We continued walking in red and deep canyons with water and one of the rest of them we met another group was a travel guide explain that there are moves by African Rift and so what we see here is similar in structure to what happens with us rock the earth moving about 100 km south of Timna and Eilat area. Gradually becoming more accessible pop-up Creek people and started to see families sitting on the side of the River, tourists led by locals to see a river and several SUVs that have passed all obstacles and reached so far. Already hoadi port (about a half mile before the road access) waited for several local achrs asking if we need a taxi somewhere and they have explained a cab, moved towards the road. At the entrance to the road waited a few taxis and vans are looking to local drive. Agreed with our driver in case of collecting between 7:00 p.m. but went much before 1:30 p.m. and luckily one of the drivers instead met our driver and know who it is, calling him on his own and told him we're here and the driver without unnecessary questions underway (Aqaba) and said that comes around. We decided that if we have time, so should we jump to the nearest town of Safi and get something to eat and wait for a return. For four dinars, a van took us to the only restaurant he knew in town that looked like typical falafel restaurant (about 20 minutes from the end of the track). In the town of Safi was atmosphere of camp and prices accordingly. Taboon bread with mixed cost approximately 0.5 dinars and chicken with salad and pita bread around 1.5 dinars. Because I was drinking at the restaurant, went for super tight and got there at very low prices. We finished eating and we asked the restaurant owner (who don't speak English at all) in pantomime to call our driver number to explain where we (also insert numbers in phone numbers without knowing the Jordanian Arabic is a story apparently) and at 16:00 exactly driver Muhammad came and picked us up. The drive to Wadi Musa (near Petra village) set an hour and a half during the trip, he told us that he had found us a cheap room close to Petra:
Petra Sun Set Hotel
. We got there around 5:30 pm and after a quick shower and a network, looking for a suitable restaurant. We found a restaurant at all (I can't remember what the exact name but is approximately 400 yards up the road from the hotel's two-storey structure first name ate local food are strongly named GALAYA consisting of audim vegetables and can be obtained as a vegetarian or if the addition of mutton/beef after a short round and the purchase of beer without alcohol (because we never found another) and tomorrow at the supermarket and then back to the hotel where there was free WIFI in the lobby

Pictures of the day:

Day 4 Summary
We got up early and got separated into two groups because I am and I wanted to see as much in Petra and Indians wanted to sleep to take a guide and go easy. We left our bags in the hotel lobby and began the walk toward Petra at about 6:30 when Petra at morning. After passing entrance about six miles away in Petra and we chose to do the most interesting passages in deep Creek which product do not usually come at the beginning of the day when still not hot and see the most beautiful places at the end and it was definitely worth it. Us the first right toward the TUNNEL and continued to walk about an hour that also included climbing boulders and leads us to the other side. After visiting several caves and climb to interesting places us towards the central area where all the buildings and self-absorbed. What surprise more than anything is the site less than toierim around the local Bedouins herds of sheep, goats and sleeping in caves and although (perhaps because of) this, Petra certainly justifies the eighth World wonder adultery as recognised in 2007 and archialogia concentration, and the coming of the largest I've ever seen in such places. After several different sites in the afternoon, we started to bring in 800 stairs to the famous monastery site. From the beginning the amount of serious proposals/camels 20 dinars, buying everything in 1 dinar in small pavilions along the way and buy some juice started for all logic and after we got there, we wandered among the different observation towards the Valley and across the street and went down, I counted (of course) at least approximately 500 requests during the past two hours and from what I've seen, this method is indeed working on most tourists ultimately agree to buy something or use donkeys. After a few more ..... we started walking towards the exit and through the bumpy, the Treasury and the ravine to the imposing SIG is longer where horse carriages with tourist groups. Petra, and we had more time to sit at another restaurant before 5 pm came we arranged to meet with the driver. This time we chose the best restaurants according to TRIP ADVISOR named Three Steps Restaurant Caf ' e & that justified its reputation and personal attention and excellent cuisine. At 5 pm just wonder met with the driver, Muhammad arranged for us traveling with one of the other drivers (a family member) that should go elsewhere. It took us about an hour and 45 minutes to reach the border. We quite easily and fast on our side and we went home.

Pictures of the day:

Conclusions and suggestions for the future.
* Jordan has many places of interest beyond what we saw and the saw/told to several places such as WADI RUM, WADI ARNON, DANA RESERVE, MUJIB and WADI AMMAN, more and less well-known sites: major attractions in Jordan
* Can handle alone and authorities thus save costs but to do that, I learn at least basic Arabic because otherwise you can hang in many places.
* St Croix Gazette must have their own laws, tourism and they vary depending on the year/season and thus is recommended before each trip to see what has changed and what is allowed and not allowed in place of him.
* Jordan is much more friendly than people think towards tourists in General and tourists out of the country on an individual basis or at least so it seemed to me and nothing felt any hostility.

Who has questions I'd love to here or by email

Good day.
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Train me!
You shoot at an exceptional level.
Eli TheHiker  
#3 Posted : Thursday, October 3, 2013 7:44:20 PM(UTC)

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[QUOTE = Amnonl] Train me!
You shoot at an exceptional level.

Thanks, I tried to do a comprehensive overview of how that can be useful also to come.
About the photos, so here the landscape here was definitely helped a lot to photograph
#4 Posted : Thursday, October 3, 2013 8:23:16 PM(UTC)

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Wow! Great great picture summary
Can you explain a picture album of Petra 113 It looks like the camel is missing. Top 41550.7249305556 io_travel
Eli TheHiker  
#5 Posted : Thursday, October 3, 2013 8:30:41 PM(UTC)

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[QUOTE = io_travel] wow! Great great picture summary
Can you explain a picture album of Petra 113 It looks like the camel is missing. Head

Thanks, indeed it looks like in the picture though is it hidden from view angle several times and for some reason came back and had a chance to catch the extreme mode.
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