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#1 Posted : Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:13:59 PM(UTC)

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We depart Friday afternoon from Tel Dan and triple Saturday be at Nebi yosha and--should start raining.

Oh ...

Until Tuesday, the rain.

How where travelers sleep?  We have shelter even for putting up the tents and ourselves and can sleep outside in the rain.

Besides ... we planned to do a ailkato night outdoors, maybe there's a cave in the area/Yaron dishon stream you can sleep and light her fire?

Happy to answers and advice quickly since we leave the House in the morning.

#2 Posted : Thursday, March 29, 2007 8:00:17 PM(UTC)

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Tell me your tent rain resistant Besides this time of year, forecasters are lying in over 50% of firearm. And with shovels to dig hidingcave? It is part of the PAC (f.sources kmtrail toLtd-nilist). Call it insubordination to the guidelines. I don't recommend comments for sleep is really not healthy to risky.

I don't know Bill Angel, nor Bill bedrooms before iron. But if it is raining so there are not many tourists from the rafflesiaceae. Then try "mooching off" Ramot Naftali.

After Ramot Naftali has iron and shbillas room. In Miron has some trouble because they don't iachsano you, they keep religious population at Zimmer and Chol.

If you arrive to Ramot Naftali and find shelter so is some ג'קוסי with inscriptions. .  If it's not rented to tourists so they can take the price because it's cheap or for nothing. And I don't think asking price of holiday. Bloody bargain. And ask instead if you can sleep in the gym.

I actually think bgschm and Christmas when cabin empty, people will be nice. Especially for young shbillas lack discipline, not taking a shovel. Explain the thing when you're trying to fuck loads.

Your solutions is tolerable (???) in Ramot Naftali to Saturday, in Ramot Naftali:

Vacation in different atmosphere



Holidays in the mountains

050-7438060 Sarah


View Resort-Geller


Thing of Abraham





Season and locked up.

303 2004 077

827 77 80 054

Spring vineyard-log cabins and Jacuzzi



Legend of the blade wood cabins.



Peace air mountain suites and Jacuzzi with spectacular views



Naftaly estate, as in Tuscany


Ayala bakfar



Like corner rooms



Accommodation b & b live


Oak Luxury lodging



Bustan Lydia



Among the olives-lodging


Mountain Chalet


Oak butts



Bar mount



Now you have iron with cast room and try maybe in Kibbutz tsivon might have shbillas room.

The community Miron has a nice pair of Amirim hosting bilaim service. It's a little out of the way but around Miron's best. They do not happy if you're not religious act in place accordance if this holiday. If you arrive on the seder night might be a problem but try:

Gnish Moshe 052-2353208. His wife Daphne at: 04-6990594

Have fun and happy.

#3 Posted : Thursday, March 29, 2007 10:24:44 PM(UTC)

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Thank you

I hope these statistics would be to our advantage.

Check the tent out of the question that we are. This b & b over the budget, but if you don't have a choice what seems the owners learned in India in the hope it would work.

#4 Posted : Thursday, March 29, 2007 10:30:42 PM(UTC)

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Guys all respect! What little girl age You go with her on her back or she walks a little and rest on your back?
#5 Posted : Friday, March 30, 2007 1:52:32 AM(UTC)

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This trip to physically challenged.

Baby girl is nine and a half months and it will be most of the time. I () follows the date (Ronnie) and waiting with the car at the end of the day and maybe I can walk a little.
The reason for this is the logistics back problems (2 hacks discus) of billable time nzogi he can't carry nothing.

Meanwhile has a cold because the rain and I have dry food for ten days for 4 people  Who's hungry to come.

#6 Posted : Friday, March 30, 2007 3:24:35 AM(UTC)

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Hmmm ... Now that the trip reminded me tziliigrim , and daughter ...

4 too compromised discs, and some fucking. But it's worse than in. Nevertheless rejected the port's thing planned for early April along with my dog. This design has all the information on the population in the North. I think about the autumn as comfortable doing Madden to Charlie potters.

#7 Posted : Sunday, April 15, 2007 4:02:57 AM(UTC)

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Response to future searches for the same question.

Considering the amount of rain in Israel is rare to walk in rain mode. Did these parts now, with gloomy weather forecasts. Not materialized in most. Only one section of the walk 4 km in fertilizers, was really wet (when it's raining it's coming in buckets). And thanks for the advice available to the hat.

Dishon stream after 886 road, 1 km downstream, wooden turn to immediately and contact with the big sky to steer North, old abandoned stone building attached to the circular concrete (the map) 30/1275863, 198520 (ר"י). Water in fertilizers. The increase is not due to a blockage.

Old abandoned stone building under grave bar yohai. Water above. ב"מתנות can be filled" inside.
The Tomb itself, food shelter, water, and maybe boiling water, tea/coffee and sugar as possible to pray.

Abandoned concrete structure, Safed cemetery area, (not easy nor short) for blue tune in SaFED cemetery is a monument to past, towards the end (before the bridge). Water in the cemetery of tzefat. The structure may be populated in the future.

Amud-between segments, zest, bridge of light flow get wet!: Middle Creek bottom Board page of sources, but basically locked cabin can sleep under it. * It is forbidden to light fires on the River: after 100 m favourite tree sections about Dr. stand creates cover rain isn't bad (requires little or tent flap): under the road bridge, the trtavo flow.

Agricultural structures that map to fertilization immediately they abandoned ostrich farm, d (there are some ostriches), private space with the entrance signage.

It is better to do an umbrella or similar fabric, sewed, backpack, nothing, and have other uses (as a makeshift protective latex gloves, rain or to equipment, dry and clean place to stand on, breaking wind, etc).

If the tent, polyethylene sheet or any industrial nylon (1.8 m width 2.5 m *, 680 grams, 4 per meter) would help immensely. Note that large and strong, and definitely bigger than you guys and stuff. Available in your building, cut to size.
-Experience with owners the curtain, almost everywhere you can store in an area under tree cover,/cells. It's inconvenient, you probably get a little damp or wet, and quality of sleep will not be anything, but it works. The curtain open. the establishment and guarantee of shelter, it is recommended for those with experience only.
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