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#1 Posted : Thursday, May 17, 2007 6:37:53 PM(UTC)

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So far I've traveled a lot with simple gas burner, and there were no problems. In a few months I'm going to South Africa and intends to do trekking, and therefore need to get nzinia or questions. Can someone explain me what etc (who is on the correct combination between quality and price)? Thank you.
#2 Posted : Friday, May 18, 2007 2:14:37 PM(UTC)
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Hello. I traveled with nzinia but there are places (e.g. Bolivia) need to look good to get good fuel (benzina blanca). Highly recommend this option or you can walk with alchalia (store-bought or you can make – find links to Forum-pepsi stove), which would be cheaper and easier. You can also go for the newest thing on the market- MSR Reactor and Primus Eta Power (see video) which shorten the wait for morning to properly prepare a frozen water at night.

If you need info/recommendations on trekking in South Africa do not hesitate ...

#3 Posted : Saturday, May 19, 2007 2:49:12 PM(UTC)

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Compared with the other global questions, heats slowly but surely on its final fuel calculation in terms of weight and time span to work better. It's easy, reliable absolute way does not require maintenance and nstamt. The nziniia a wheelbarrow, but heavier on the base, ending up more fuel, vulnerable to leaks and blockages and malfunctions are not "dumb" proof requires knowledge of operation and use.

In the cold, a lot depends on the external system that wraps the cooking. Much energy is lost around the guards and systems machzarot cooking heat, like the shell of the terngy, Primus, ג'טבויל cooking (although I'm not sure it is suitable for extreme cold), etc., raise the efficiency of heating, take less time cooking and less fuel too for dinner = less weight on your back.

If you concerning questions-my personal opinion, terngy, and like their website says "many have tried to imitate us, but nobody has really succeeded. There are sets of two or more people. Prices in the country and abroad.

There you can get ality only abroad, and some newer systems. The base triad of ARGO reaches the doubt Habib-see here for more information. In principle it is possible to make a deal with triad-like home, the vendor might melt pots and windshield. But not sure if I was going for this trek without the equipment check all. Buy commercial equipment is proven, and does only, unless I'm absolutely sure what I did.

In a oltipiol nzignot facts about white gas, kerosene, alcohol, and sometimes different fuel (kerosene, diesel, etc.), or even on gas tank connection screw. MSR and Primus are known companies in the field, and a few other side. The recommended structure is a tank with a hose and then the burner separately. To have bnziniia and oltipiol models. If you don't want problems with some פק"ל bnzignot, tschach:

1. read the Manuel. Also, and especially, in English. Use a dictionary if you have no excuses if you don't read, you probably have glitches.

2. follow the instructions as it says in the Manuel.

3. buy spare parts set to take on bnziniia, including two number-dises notorious tendency to get lost in and cleaning some Leatherman juice or light oltitol and 15-10 cable צה"לי meter {ultimate cleaner dises).

4. arrange (store-bought or built) windscreen or good cooking. This is very important. And good commercial fuel-quality store-bought bottle, and some improvisation.

From the selection, and oltipiol, you get an impression on http://www.backcountrygear.com/catalog/familydetail.cfm/Stoves

(Note: when we go out to most runners to buy lots of equipment not always really need it all, first of all, I would check if specific treks that you do really need this stuff, or maybe he comes with food guide included in advance, sometimes you can buy secondhand instead of those who are leaving, rather than carrying around with everything from Israel for that Lonely Planet, friends, shops, lectures and tours international forums).

Tzurlis 39281.7957175926
#4 Posted : Saturday, May 26, 2007 3:54:23 AM(UTC)

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The Primus has new model via Gravity, name more durable and cheaper than previous models.
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