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#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 5, 2007 10:54:36 PM(UTC)

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Hi ...

Congratulations on I stand before the liberation. A couple of weeks.

Four friends and I are planning to go for. Some group. But it will be fine!

Of course I read all the Forum several times, and many, many websites and were at the briefing of the Committee Bill. Total preparation and. ..

Now the main thing we have left after the atmanot, for.

Did the atmanot planning and wanted to know your opinion on the design. Is it possible to give somewhere or there's something we forgot and got stuck without water.

So, from North to South:

1 night parking from Tamar can be reached by car.

2. the parking lot 227-road can be reached with private vehicles, plus there is a military base if necessary.

3 + 4. Parking eye ball hurts-spoken nice guy named life recommended on the atmanot of f and he's willing to do both for $ 300, on the grounds that you cannot make with private vehicles.

5. no crust Creek parking lot can be accessed by car, was it?

6. Barak River can be reached by car.

7.-garage-Black River can be reached by car.

It's like, how Forgot something ... Does the huge number 5 not accessible by car? ...

Finally, we reach the South in late October and November in the past. Therefore it is possible and sometimes it rains, probably still take tents to improve night (against cold and rain if there) but the question is. If overnight stay in a garage overnight declared, nothing to be concerned about the topics and the like? Is there a parking lot known as dangerous in this area and must be a value?

Thank you very much,


#2 Posted : Thursday, September 6, 2007 12:28:18 AM(UTC)

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In general you. You assume that you one day from Arad to Tamar's 30 + miles that is.

Tishkol to Arad, a rattlesnake rattlesnake bar gap small crater, a small crater visible gap iorkeam or tibavenit sandstone. Entirely.

Metzad Tamar landfill. Sometimes steal the name landfills. Consider taking a taxi from Arad is 80. Bring your water there.

At the top of the crater. I guess you take water in Auron. Section showed soft car and I repeat it. Hurt too close to the car park, you need at least raises a snake farm, or heat, three parking closer to the Observatory. Enable soft car I really don't recommend it. There is also an obligation to coordinate with the army in the area.

Scab is inaccessible to vehicles. Barak. Black too.

Try the next option and do expense cheaper (even Daddy's car costs money i.e. father, accelerated wear, etc). Instead of doing the landfills, which will bring you water problem areas:

A taxi to metzad mahmal Tamar 80 NIS head small makhtesh (Yeruham or Dimona) about $ 120 and thirsty generation (not hurt) will cost $ 300 you look gdenor Amir "where he could help in lightening although vehicle accessible but it's something like 20 miles back and forth in a way.

When you reach shachorth. Sleep the night before near Be'er ora. Come to shachorth and go to the West. Tzminmonit to Eilat about 30 NIS sleep in Shelter first night free shbillas. The next day, take a taxi to Netafim (50 shekels) and go to shachorth the road repeatedly taxi to Eilat about 30 shekels in night Shelter I think. Last day to go the Netafim culvert.

Another tip: almost no one leaves the shizafon tsihor. In approximately 45 bus passes tsihor on the way to Eilat. If you catch him on half an hour and sleep in shizafon Smadar.

Do what cheaper generic account, including fuel, to make the atmanot and pack them (it just water with you or food if food needs proper packaging), I think that buying the services through cheaper and more.

About floods: If big flood God won't save you. In the far parking lot. If you want to stay on for a small flood problem, too. Will be updated about weather. Normally there are no problems in November.

Yankale17 39330.8960416667
#3 Posted : Thursday, September 6, 2007 5:13:22 PM(UTC)

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I highly recommend to make water and landfills have to tangle with taxis and water problems and know what is waiting for you there.

In addition we set food-Keith m.d., flakes everywhere and even surprises like waffles and cookies.

From septic bone bury and hide that usually are found only atmanot hide and disappear.

We also set up Ramon crater parking hues (you can go to Khan) and mount yehoram but can go all the way to the pass but you have to consider it in my time.

Have fun

#4 Posted : Thursday, September 6, 2007 10:45:08 PM(UTC)

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Shizafon tsihor.

I've heard rumors from my friends that there is a nice girl who can rent her bike and all the necessary equipment for riding.

When she meets us at tsihor first ... Take all equipment and brings us a bike.

And meet her again at the shizafon and back bicycle equipment.

And all at a cost of approximately 60 shekels.

Such an animal exists?


#5 Posted : Friday, September 7, 2007 12:36:58 AM(UTC)

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Now I'm home and moved on the map after I read your proposal.

About the departure from Arad. We do plan to divide it into two to beer and Rattlesnake on the Tamar, but still considering whether to plant a rattlesnake bar, because it can carry water for a day and a half from Arad. And get them to the Palm side.

With regard to section and, we do not make the atmanot ourselves, but with the help of life as we say, at a cost of 300 ring.

Indeed possible to pull the day raises the thirst, and so reduce the Observatory, but there are 2 things to check. Does the group agree, and if willing to do so, since you're damaging eye caching is performed on the road section so there is no extra cost for ...

Anyway, if I fill in my eye hurts water per day and a half, I believe we can manage them until the Observatory (approximately 35 miles) a day and a half.

The black theme and to Eilat and back. Seems a little "destroys" that I cut in Eilat and go back to finish the trail. Anywhere you want to go to a solsh, dirty and smelly.

About the other atmanot: lightning, black bean, we are still working on a friend's option with a jeep.

Today raised the idea of burying in Jehoram because no water crossing Netafim. See more about it. Maximum order taxi from Eilat. Or take advantage of best friends.

It is about about tsihor-shizafon like I said, we hope to do it on a bike. If anyone has the pretty girl's phone to do this. I'd love to have!

Shabbat Shalom!

And almost holiday sameach!


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