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#1 Posted : Wednesday, April 16, 2008 1:50:58 AM(UTC)

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Hi! I arrived a few hours ago, home-night break (and a medical examination of the feet), and on Monday I'm going back to the path. So far was simply unforgettable. And if the feet (heels), that really makes me worry about the business not later goes off without a hitch as I want (if any) goes off without a hitch, I'd tell the story.

Here is a summary of recent days. I would love to help anyone who plans to go for, and they can direct or private message or concatenating assignment.

And the conclusion:

1. eye-Sheepdogs Dan course-beauty tossed my shoes in Nahal Snir-jump on the stream like I'm steady as a rock. And the putting me in my place. Good Shepherd eye a place to crash. Cold spring, close is useful, as the sheets.

2-eye-Sheepdogs to power Castle one important impression on the residents of Margaliyot has probably the most beautiful scenery in the country. Koah is a great place to crash. Again, cold, so that everywhere in the region.

3-koah mulching seat not leapfrog Fund Naftali (encountered several travelers through that skipped the Fund), it is not difficult and beautiful views. The pass over the super pipe lands (after unpacking) the turns exhausting--who goes alone to think the day before about unresolved issues and will spend the extra time to resolve them. The descent to dishon, and walking in the beautiful river. In so, I slept at fertilization to a hearty meal, a hot shower and a second.

4-seat car from fertilization. The section from fertilizers to top of Miron just breathtaking (literally), I highly recommend to anyone who has not yet done, don't wait and get out now (or wait for next winter). From the top of the face down just Miron until the garage section must be beautiful, but most of the focus was on how to encourage my feet out before finishing.

5-Meron parking lot to the beach tonight at Tamar Miron was interesting, a good place to shop. But it is a Friday night heard or exhumed, festivities or other atanim fests. Pretty Miron stream, Amud top drop dangerous challenge for me. Read here the recommendations not to do Nahal Amud a day-I don't know why I got out of the car, and finished the day at Tamar bchnert beach. While it wasn't easy, but that's because I'm not in good enough shape. it is certainly possible. Here it is important to note that since Amud while about 200 bottom below sea level, it feels like 200 feet below ground, where business functions like a sauna. Therefore, in summer-maybe worth divided by two, for water only. Nahal ' Amud lower console, didici again toward shore Tamar exhausting and boring thing.

6. from Tamar to fertile hostel Maximum full day fell on haze. So I missed the stunning views you should see aarble and Woods. Was frustrating. The Group less than I thought-until I got to the steep climb on another challenging and a little dangerous. Need to get used to the fact that the body's Center of gravity back cloth-and-rise or fall down, with all the fun and spirit that strikes inside will be painful. And lastly to finish-elite walk in kind. The lodge received my clothes to the laundry (as much as possible to read the wash clothes in the sink with SOAP washing bathroom).

7. from Jordan breeding. The purpose of this day was to use it to relax and say to go a few miles until moshava Kinneret and settled there. In the end I found myself looking for good location on the Jordan, to shorten the day (up to Kfar Kish), and relatively close to instead. In the end the Bank took trail intersection before that leaves Jordan, the intention was to get up in the morning and jump to Degania bet. A great place to open a tent, just take into consideration that the pumping station in the area started at midnight and some pretty startling-if not ... Incidentally, the «colony just fine there.

8. from the Jordan to the village press. Since I met you afraid of questions I heard this story pretty hard, so I went relatively early (about 7-bit), I went looking for water in deganya bet in a construction site, where workers have volunteered the nicest water. Raises the questions above is not difficult and minimum recovery time was done it earlier than expected and made healthy stop helicopter (if stopping to rest after up. so there.) After a few hours of walking, again showed the pain in the feet, pretty disturbing. The way I recommended some travellers arriving from Eilat to spend the night on the lawn of the grocery store, I have to move the reference to other readers. A great place to spend the night, and the lucky ones who are awake late (6), coffee, paper, open container and services courtesy of grocer. There is also water.

9-Kfar Kish to Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth. I knew I was going in for a long day, Tabor, mount Deborah and her mount Yonah. The village of Kish took a ride to Gazit (Yes, skipped over a section of trail I don't feel good about it, but ...), and began to climb the very prototype Tabor, a little harder, but not much else. Stunning scenery and weather in the morning-the simple on the Tabor was one of the most successful point on the trip so far. At the Summit, made a tour of the monastery. The decline of atavor was more challenging than the rise, towards the end, I lost concentration for a moment and staked his right hand in a thorny Bush. Oh well, Jean Payne Mount Deborah moved lightly. In contrast, Dove Mountain to climb, though hard as Tabor-with my feet, I came back to hurt again was exhausting, especially to walk on the surrounding road nightmare. I must say that confusing markup into mountain climbing bee quickly Dove-especially portions of olive groves. Fauzi Azar Inn and strongly recommended not to skip a tour of Nazareth.

Fauzi Azar Inn-10 for launching. The original plan was to stop the mill area, but saw that came relatively early and decided to give push towards eradication. The way from Mashhad to birdie for birdie for beautiful, almost biblical. The road to the crossroads leads nicely as well. Away a little bit exhausting. Markup after bad jam, and thanks to a nice tour with well-developed sense of disorientation I found myself not Jiving more minutes. The tip that I can give, is that once the port is kaabiya not to rush down to the channel, but to stay more or less on the same line-height. When we got to the area near a gang attacked the Galilee area before Jam (unclear but unpleasant story anyway), at the same time over the desire to travel and landscape orientation (the rise isn't easy for the Red comes to the settlement) and took a ride to the launch pad. I've coordinated with shades, Angel, and slept with her trail?. It offers a good place in the world.

11. ein HoD's launch. Carmel type very enjoyable and you surprise me, not difficult at all. Unfortunately not available at home and had to take a picture of empty House-shopped in osafia and went down to the beautiful river. From there the road just beautiful to the har-har surprised me and gasped out loud as it was short like a much longer lifts gasped out loud as. The descent to direct garage Beit Oren challenging and enjoyable pine home to a hearty meal in the family even took my bag and went skipping, happy and loving kindness toward your eye. There I spent the night at another Angel shmueli. Who also plan to move him up the night-I recommend, just consider his house in ein HoD and need to do a little reflection reached him only during darkness.

12-ein HoD Observatory. Another day of rest (my terminology), 8 km walk + visit caves at nachch caves. The HoD to Cave Creek cleared successfully and beyond-full of thorns. After a long walk through, desperate and cut toward the dirt road parallel to route 4 until I came to a river. The Observatory Cave Creek dirt exactly the settings of "sewing", 50 meters and 50 meters, so about 3-4 times. Be careful on the way quite deep pits. At the beginning it checks good quality clothing, shoes and ankles of the traveler with a series of jagged rocks and jagged edge. Dirt Observatory opened a mattress under Refresh and spent the day listening to music (a first for)-aljai pleasure. It is highly recommended to go for the sunset to the top-view.

13. dirt Observatory of zichron Yaacov. The beginning was wonderful-the orchards way respected us (join me connect to way) in many orange. And the House of Forester later respected sitting in the bathroom (water.), the road has become boring and exhausting unusually (was on the same day), when we got to the road we took 70 652 directly to the colony. We walk there, I got Crocs (I managed to rip the Amud top and lose later) and lsano junk food. In the evening we did another round of touring and were Kings feast to zichron Yaakov Earwigs. The night we spent with close friends.

14-from Zikhron Ya'aqov to Hadera. The day we moved in in the very nice and generous. Then we continued on the path towards sea level drop-down. After Beit hanania passed Al-Zarqa where we received a variety of soft and friendly gestures, it is unclear why the trail travels where (probably moved at too, so the end time today for me). After 6260320, at best, the Mediterranean! Milestone on Israel! Ourselves ourselves a bit on the bows and continued toward Nahal Hadera Park. The passage over the River a little tricky and we had 3 options: 1) with the path but it means to dip your feet in the water that are filthy, with all the open wounds in the legs-no fun.
2) go to the point where the river empties into the sea after a careful examination, too deep (to the water), which means picking up the case, the problem is delivering strong and difficult to maintain balance. 3) through 2-dangerous, since there are no footnotes in the same period.
-Finally we chose option 1. The move, but the water doesn't look good. Kinhano in the washing of feet in Nahal Hadera Park sprinklers. The night we spent in the home of a friend.

15-room home. Walking in the Woods was very nice room. The passage under the railway was one of the most challenging sections so far. Even long walks difficult towards sand Creek Alexander was challenging. Walking along Nahal Alexander and fun on the beach until main street in Netanya and the bus home.

Some of my conclusions:
-I learned to dislike the gates visit. If those damn gates, my platib look like Swiss cheese, my bag was not perforated and neither the Jeep.
-A real pleasure to meet you bilists along the way. Another delight is to empathize with bilist after you walk "sign contract" his at the end of the day, or see a crowded parking lot that barely off bilists the case back and crash around him in order to experience some minutes of rest and Mrs.
You often do not know how you smell until you take your shoes off, and then the mind of fog rolling for a few seconds and you know it. Amazing how the smell of feet not moving after a few showers.
-If the feet too much mascara and I'm damned sure I'd enjoyed twice on the trip so far.
-Upper Amud stream just a risk.
Platib-7 mm. No thermal insulator, and yet I feel each. I'm considering trying platib 10 mm.
We have an amazing country beauty.
-Meet great people along the way. Say hello, interested, giving tips and most importantly – offering treats!

Nmrdxt 39553.9548842593
#2 Posted : Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:23:14 AM(UTC)

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Just having fun. My comments:

From Mashhad to tzippori and then Charles leads were pretty drab pieces for me, probably not to travel this summer, only spring!

The deal between scenic real launch. Not bad.

#3 Posted : Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:35:51 AM(UTC)

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I read every word of yours eagerly hooiothch only wish for I long to for stalling in terms of equipment and power of Forum members happy to read, see further for experiences after Monday.

#4 Posted : Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:37:57 AM(UTC)

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Buy platib 10, and more. Ahead, a difference the weights is zero.

For the legs. Pongimon!!!, also keeps the foot and prevents odours.

Good luck!


#5 Posted : Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:50:39 AM(UTC)

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Respect, take Saturday and update wiki site.

Jump. "all of Ruben inflatable mattress at $ 140 call first to confirm. חבל"ז.

Take yourself, including shoes and Orthotics, a good orthopedist look at all. Feet: search for material injury (MA insists on "inflammation", is a sports injury.) called Porcupine, and inflammation in the foot (which I took and neutralized me long ago) and read the article on fractions. Might have ultrasound.

#6 Posted : Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:27:08 PM(UTC)

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Swells on weight 140?
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