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#1 Posted : Friday, October 31, 2008 11:25:37 AM(UTC)

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On the website of the society for protection of nature in Israel has a list of campgrounds, declared and designated is the link here.

Information about water excellent campsites with an asterisk * here is also listed here:

Map 1 – Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon
* 1. A parking lot on the Western Bank of Nahal Snir attainable.
* 2. JNF forest near the Shepherd's eye (not a specific car park).
* 3. South of the border in structure of Nebi yosha.

Map 2-Upper Galilee
1.886 road (outside the dishon stream) is not defined.
* 2. KH homma.
3. the twist in Meron next to road 866.
4. achbara (outside custody Amud near Highway 85 is not set).
5. close the road leading to Kibbutz hokuk (outside the Amud is not set).

Map 3 – the lower Galilee
1. near the village of wheat (not car set).
* 2. Switzerland forest (one of the parking lots of the JNF).
3. productive eye – the Keck.
4. Khirbet however (not car set).
5. the Tabor Creek after crossing Highway 7276 (not car set).
* 6. Rainbow House forest – in the parking lot after a JNF atavor.
7. Mount Deborah – one of the Jewish camps.
8. olive grove South of the grave of Judah II.

Map 4-Carmel
1. in the Woods adjacent to the reference to inverurie Hagalil (not announced).
2. East of Kfar Kfar Hasidim (outside the national garden – oak block announced).
* 3. JNF garage next to Carmel scenic route.
* 4. The JNF garage.
* 5. Pine car park (East of pine junction).
* 6. JNF garage next to Ofer Observatory.
* 7. JNF complex adjacent to the road leading to the mountain vineyard.
* 8. The aqueduct beach.

Map 7 – Sharon and West Samaria
* 1. Nahal Hadera Park (in future also in Hephzibah of IEC East to route 2).
* 2. JNF forest parking lot.
3. the JNF garage next to Khirbet Samra.
* 4. "The seasons". ("Octopus" beach)
* 5. "Green Coast".
* 6. Tel Baruch beach.
7. eucalyptus Grove Southeast of delights.
* 8. Ben Shemen forest.

Map 9 – Judean
1. brush against.
* 2. Burma road parking lot adjacent to route 38.
3. chandc eye.
4. Woods near the road 3866 (Tzur Hadassah, bar-Giora).
5. the orchard.
* 6. Park garage at the United Kingdom Tel azekah (South).
* 7. Expect.
8. Villa across a jungle at Govrin.
9. brush against Lachish National Park.

Map 12 – Southern Hebron hills and lowlands
1. eucalyptus Grove South into the link between Bill blue for Red 13110 13111.
2. in the Woods at the top of Sycamore Creek (East of the railroad tracks).
* 3. The forest Blade (Joe Alon Center).
* 4. Adjacent to the tower north of Forester string.
* 5. The Yatir forest.
* 6. Near mount amsha settlement.

Map 11 – South-Judean desert
* 1. Arad Park (ran Grove).
* 2. The North Park in Arad.
* 3. Against measles Dimona (clay). Water in the quarry.
* 4. Metzad Tamar (the quarry).

Map number 14 – North West and Eastern Negev
1. the parking lot outside the crater.
2. car park above the top (opposite camp expects the crater).
3. ein irkeam parking.

Map number 15 – the high school.
1. the parking lot North of the factory Oron (water plant).
2. the garage finally stream oedipoda.
3. parking at the tip of the heel (water in the Ben Gurion)

Map No. 17 – the Midlands and a 18-West Har Hanegev
1. the parking lot over HAVA.
* 2. Pine Grove in front of the soccer in mitzpe Ramon.
* 3. Parking garage in wells.
* 4. "Sandy" pit garage in scab (kancli water plant supervisor – wooden pole stuck in check).
* 5. Stream aggregate garage (set knclim – sign – wooden pole).
* 6. Sapir Center – Park.
7. in the garage.
8. parking lot entrance to Nahal Barak.
* 9. Tsihor River next to Interstate 40 (water in "sources").

Map 19 – level and the great rivers meet
* 1. Ashram collects.
* 2. Shizafon junction.

Map number 20-Eilat mountains
* 1. Attached to fingers.
* 2. Nehushtan in Timna Park parking (fee required).
3. Black River parking lot (1 km East of the mall).
4. Mount yehoram garage (across from Mount despair).
5. Gulf Coast (between Princess Hotel Taba border crossing).

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