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#1 Posted : Saturday, September 19, 2009 3:24:01 PM(UTC)

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Hello, I'm back from 4 weeks trip in Norway is primarily assembled from hiking on 2 of the South Norway
It was hard to find information (in Norwegian) and therefore get the Forum in the coming days the information
Happy new year to everyone!
#2 Posted : Sunday, September 20, 2009 11:35:06 PM(UTC)

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Hiking trails in South Norway:

General description
Due to the Northern location and geology units her windfall Norway combining extreme views ranging from enormous glaciers, endless waterfalls and fjords (tongues) arriving anywhere. Hiking the national hobby for Norwegians and therefore there is an extensive network of trails and mountain huts in most of the country with an emphasis on mountain ranges national parks of South-central Israel. Despite the many travellers who trails, trails, rare wild sense of isolation due to the small towns and villages in the mountainous areas. In this section focus on regions where we walked – iotonheiman Ridge (Jotunheimen) and rdangrbida (Hardengervidda), both South of the Arctic circle.

Getting there/htniidot
There is no direct flight between Ben Gurion Airport and Oslo, but you can find an affordable flight linked, we flew via Frankfurt at $ 600, total 4 hours flight to Frankfurt and then two hours to Oslo.
Public transport in Norway is the high standard of classical Europe and frequent buses at low frequencies on weekdays only. Yet many distances buses (Ekspressbussen NOR-WAY company) operating all year round every week.
Iotonheiman reserve number entry gates are accessible by public transport –
1. Gjendesheim – getting a bus from Oslo to Fagernes (4 hours) and from there another bus for two hours.
2. Spiterstulen – getting a bus from Oslo to Lom (5.5 hours) and from there another hour and a half bus triggered only during July and August (starting mid-August only on Fridays and Saturdays).
Ovre Ardal 3 – getting a bus from Oslo to Ardal (6 hours) and from there a bus inside of half an hour.
4. Turtagro – getting a bus from Oslo to Location or Lom (5.5-6 hours) and from there a bus runs only until the end of August, from Lom but long bus crosses the Sognfjell level.
The path that went up to Turtagro from Gjendesheim.
The rdangrbida can be easily reached as it nihatzt North by rail to Oslo-Bergen (4 hours from Oslo, Bergen). The stations where you can get to the Park are Hagostol and Hallingskeid, Finse, Geilo. The trail that went from Hallingskeid to Finse. It is important to note that the reservation extends many miles South to more regions won't touch.

Recommended season
Norwegian short summer and official tour season is from early July to mid-August, but due to the school holidays of Norwegian schools, you can travel from mid-June (watch for snow mountain passes) until mid-September (the shuts down most ticket cashiers).
Even in summer it is very important to specify that to expect rain and cloudiness on almost daily basis on the summer rain is mostly sparse rain won't hurt the tour experience (whatever you can say about the frequent clouds ...).

Of them we were from 8 days iotonheiman and 5 days in rdangrbida, but the trails and cabins allow freedom to plan walking routes all along it has connection between legs.
In terms of difficulty laying down area in the iotonheiman mountain is steep, but the magnitude of the alpine trails and individual cabins that require climbing over 1000 m (Fannaraki, Skala) the rare days when passing from the 700 m ascent descent In adrangrbida there is no significant increases (unless you decide to climb the glacier) but nice walk between days 25-30 miles a day.
The primary barrier is rather erratic weather and moisture (the trails often notched streams has to cross without bridge), all cabins are equipped with special rooms for drying the equipment with wet shoes, but it's not much fun.
The times marked on the map are calculated by Norwegians Kelly legs and should take them with a grain of salt.

Food can be purchased in various cabins, whether hot meals in the basic ticket cashiers or service cabins. There are no villages or towns and reserves so that you can find in the grocery store, although some can the f take bus (for iotonheiman or community in Lom/ardangrbida at Eidfjord in Geilo) to stock up and return.

Many cabins along the trail, as well as the reasonable prices certainly (DNT members) enable easy trip to all cabin trails in the reserve, as well as many other trails. We are the preferred trip with tent and gear, although in practice there most nights.
Apart from the standard equipment of all travel and preferences will emphasize the importance of equipment against rain, summer rain is sparse and frequently can significantly impair the enjoyment of your trip for travelers who are not equipped. In rain gear I intend to
• Raincoat.
• Good rain pants (not jeans regular trips to quick insert mtiibshot repels rain wear over pants, like storm wear, but without the smell).
• Report rain gloves – the gloves will absorb water quickly than a machmmot tznanot.
• Case coverage.
• At least 4 pairs of socks – will allow to dry on a daily basis.

Norwegian law allows to park anywhere as long as it is above 150 m from the place of residence so that the accommodation in the camp are limitless. Furthermore there are 3 different types of cabins operated by Norwegian cruisers organization – DNT – when membership (around EUR 30 aged 26 and under, or around 45 euros regular price) significantly reduces the lodging prices ranging at around 15-20 euros when DNT members 26 and under pay half price. Reservations are not needed in as secure a place to stay — even with a mattress on the floor if there is no place for the members of DNT cabins –
1. Full Service kiosks manned – more mountain huts, hotels and restaurant that forces the cooking space enthusiasts to cook outdoors. The season (usually mid-September) the completely closed (no winter room), it is important to note that meal costs about EUR 25.
2. partial service cabins-mountain cabins does not actually have full kitchens and food at prices not much higher than supermarkets, the payment can be lax in this envelope into a safe or keep credit card information on an existing form (what most locals do). In order to obtain a key for cabins (same key opens all the huts) deposit of about 12 euros in the offices, DNT
3. no cabins – service parts service without a kitchen and groceries.

Travel guide
We took walks with Walking guide in Norway published by Cicerone which turned out to be completely unnecessary and only planning phase.

The marks are uniform – T Red – the symbol of the DNT, many areas are marked by giant רוג'ומים with emphasis on areas of fog which highlight this is vital.
Maps can be purchased at the DNT and tourist offices, they are nzdkekno maps Jotunheimen Aust and Vest to Jotunheimen and iotonheiman and Hadengervidda ardangrbida at Eidfjord Vest to everyone in scale 1:50000

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, the high costs can be reduced through international student identity card (provides 25% discount on buses and trains) and membership in DNT (especially if you're 26 and under). The local currency is the franc (1 euro = 8.5 kroner) and can be paid in foreign currencies. The following rates are averages, and constitute a gross picture of projected costs for the traveler in Norway:
1. bread – 2-3 euros.
2 pounds ziti – EUR 1.5
3. Mountain Coffee – 2.5 euros.
4. drive three hours by bus 30 euros.
5. organized Camping accommodation (often including a kitchen, showers)-15 euros per tent, 30-35 euros for a basic cabin.
6. dinner – 30-40 euros a person.

Links to more information
The DNT's homepage-includes comprehensive information on the trails and cabins
The site contains descriptions of trails in Norway
More tour site at iotonheiman

Iotonheiman in Norwegian means "home of the Giants", this region is the country's most mountainous and contains all the highest peaks where galdapigen Scandinavia (2469 m Galdhapigen) and gliterinden (2464 m Glitterinden), as well as a variety of glaciers, lakes and rivers. Some of the trails may be busy in season with an emphasis on Bessegen (section 1) and the spiterstolan to galdapigen.

The same went for is:
Gjendesheim-Memurubu 1 (6 hours) – approximately 800 m, 700 m downhill, walking on the edge of a cliff, including the saddle in the impressive Vice (Bessegen) between 2 lakes in increments of 500 m altitude. You can also skip down to mmorovo and find a place to pitch a tent on the way to gliterheim thus saving approximately 400 m of ascent and descent.
2. Glitterheim-Memurubu (7 hrs) – approximately 600 900 m, downhill, hiking along scenic Lake Russvatnet and tiny mountain pass before descending to gliterheim hut.
3. Gltterheim – Spiterstulen (6 hours) – there are 2 options – one has to gliterinden Summit and steep decline spiterstolan (1100 m, 1300) or through an endless field boulders lined Lakes and snow stains (300 m, 500).
Spiterstolan is a neat complex of hotel and campsite owned for climbing Mount galdhapigen (doesn't require any mountaineering skills – while we were there a class of children brave 13-year-old Norwegian rose and fell on the same day – in a complete fog ...) or guided hike on the glacier (25-50 euros – depending on the length of the tour).
From spiterstolan comes twice a day in a season-and-a-half hour bus to Lom for people who wish to obtain.
4. Spiterstulen – Leirvasbu (5 hours) – 100 m, 400 m, descent, beautiful, easy trail through deep valleys and enter the sanctuary under Mount impressive Kyrkja (since at least ...).
5. Leirvasbu – Olavsbu (4 hours)-200 m, 100, hard weather forced us to choose a short but beautiful path segment also.
6. Olavsbu – Skogadalsboen (6 hours) – 600 m descent, marshy Valley walk a bit around a series of lakes, you can also opt for alternative cuts and Skogadalen Valley extends about the walk.
7. Skogadalsboen – Fannaraki (5 hours)-1200 m, long relatively comfortable for climbing to the high mountains in Norway (2117 m), we suffered a heavy fog to hide from us the views of the fjord orngna (Hurrangane) until the reflected Luster on clear days it got to see only visible hanging on the walls of the cabin.
8. Fannaraki – Turtagro (4 hours) – 1200 m drop, season passes for bus tortgra Lom to keep Northern fjords or Location away transport throughout Norway.

The rdangrbida-Hardengervidda
The rdangrbida level is the mountain level rises halfway between Oslo and Bergen is characterized by tundra, endless scenic lakes and one large ice Dome (Hardengerjokulen). In the Western nsteimt plateau abruptly and a mighty waterfalls on the rdngrapord and iidfiord.

The trail does not recommend him when we went, we went for the same thing – the Hardengerjokulen Glacier (Hallingskeid through Rembesdalseter Lodge, Kjeldebu, Kraekkja to Finse) turned out to be a pretty monotonous in many parts and in my opinion not swamp the beauty inherent in reserve. The path on which to recommend based on the sections for it went as well as consultation with many people we met along the way. The gateway to the northern part of the reserve is Finse station where you can find a small container and DNT overpriced. Coming to Finse at explaining more relaxed day trip recommended Ben four hours to return Blaisen.
Point out that because of the sharp negligible in most stages of walking the path class are longer between cabin to cabin (about 25 km to the set to 7 hours).
1. Finse-Rembesdalseter (7 hours) – 300 m, 500 m, surrounding the northern part of the ice dome Hardengerjokulen with occasional views to tongues so ice. The first part is for on the popular and crowded little Rallarvegen.
2. Rembesdalseter – Liset (7-8 hours) – 600 m, 800 m, the section above the ice Rembesdalskaka, moving above the cliff edge above the valleys at Eidfjord and pouring into the road near a waterfall Fossli.
Liset bus can be taken from to in or Garden at Eidfjord (twice a day, once a day in the low season).
3. Liset – Hedlo (5-6 hours) – 800 m, 400 m, rising from the Valley to the western part of the reserve with views of the flat Summit Hartigen.
4. Hedlo – Stavali (5 hours) – 400 m, 300 m descent, mostly plateau among many lakes.
5. Stavali – Kinsarvik (5 hours) – 1000 m descent, descent of the cliff to ardngrapord includes a series of elephants and fjord views.
From Kinsarvik can continue by bus to Odda and another bus to Voss on a line from Bergen. Alternatively you can continue up the fjord in Ulvik to ferry to Voss or Bergen (much more expensive).

The routes described below are routes represent the largest reserves are based on sections of them marched in August-September. In General, the options in additional areas are limitless and allows connection of the various paths such as for connecting the ardangrbida and Finse Fondsbu in iotonheiman (approximately 8 days) or continue North West from iostadl to itonheiman to giirngrapord area along Glacier (7-8 days).
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#3 Posted : Monday, September 21, 2009 12:47:50 PM(UTC)

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Please picture we can see the views. Very good description. Thank you.

#4 Posted : Monday, September 21, 2009 9:35:16 PM(UTC)

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Iotonheiman pictures:

Bessegen saddle.

Above Glitterheim.

The Valley it lies Spiterstulen.

Cabin Olavsbu.

On the way to Leirvassbu.

The steep trail to the Summit of the Fannaraki

* North.

Ardangrbida-pictures. ...

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#5 Posted : Wednesday, September 23, 2009 11:51:41 PM(UTC)

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Ardangrbida pictures:

Ice tongue over Rembesdalseter.

South of Hardengerjokulen Lake.

A typical view.

Ice tongue over Finse.

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