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#1 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2009 1:45:27 AM(UTC)

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Section Tel Hadid, Ben Shemen.

Guest spot: Lod Ganei Aviv.

What accommodation: bed/shower/food.

0506256147: warn [on Saturday]

Insights: notify days in advance, can accommodate all religious Shabbat from Friday to Saturday or Sunday [family saves Saturday]

Fits up to 3.

We look forward to welcoming you to bilists in Olga and her room in advance. For those interested-contact Lizzie 052-8-535566.

Yael, Haifa bed and gathered help shower and bouncing if possible

050-Yael 7939644

For Angel:

  1. Hananiah – herding neighbourhood (East of Kibbutz yiftah) – 050-5272422
  2. Shlomi – Kibbutz yiron overnight for 10 NIS 054-7768364
  3. Browse Bobrov + oak Valley "rovrvi Jordan" on canoes. Homestay outside surfaces + water and WC at the entrance to Kibbutz Kinneret. To adjust 4:00. 052-2413176.
  4. URI of the server – conditional on bottom – Jordan -3701662
  5. Samuel Lubin – Kibbutz Degania b 04-6755607, 054-7731901.
  6. ב"ס Alon tavor shmulik – 50 $ per person-3689677.
  7. Dosage – stronghold Guesthouse Nazareth bottom rolls that big assumption. 054-4322328, 04-6020469 -recommended!
  8. Shlomo Rosen – Alon Hagalil 050-8242444
  9. Johnny Silverman of Kibbutz Yagur – 054-5618877. Free accommodation.
  10. Ma, Arad – 052-2791953. Right on the trail, in adapting equipment, cold drinks, refreshments, accommodation and other assistance.
  11. Guy Haifa 5575756 grverski, 050, 052-2575756 help in bouncing.
  12. HED shmueli – ein HoD, 04-9842339, 050- 5252778

  13. IL, Vineyard Fast 050-8688348, Lena and logistical assistance (Carmel, straying from the trail).
  14. Mountain Gazelle – running the maximum, Carmel Regional Council 04-9549222-8970377. Accommodation.
  15. Galkin clan clothes, amikam – accommodation, bouncing and help her PT ב"ס meeting ORT Binyamina/memory: 057-7626510, 04-6389251
  16. Doron-Beit hanania 050-7200296 b in the grass.
  • Ronit and Sherman – Kibbutz ma'agan Michael 04-6394698, 04-6394038
  • A gift from SICA – Neve live room (by the train) 050-5265400
  • Ezekiel Stier "farm land –", 052-8350976.
  • Elad – Fort area Antipater 054-4753369Lena + General help for free.
  • Ronit and Danny Pearl, Mazur room camping guests + meals-4371780, 03-9320623
  • Dothan Greenwald, Kibbutz tzora 054-6734287. Shower +.
  • Didi gimazo, giladi- 050-7630536.
  • Gil, Andrej-5335131 root. 050-5287555
  • Sparrow, Jerusalem -7801982 ready to give any assistance (training, equipment, accommodation, and whatever POPs rescues in) any time, bubble free.
  • Mirza Ali, free servicing, bringing water and food is available upon request for the following car parks: Ranunculus, Tzur Hadassah, tsuba (Stef), Meyer (via mshlts( 050-2040091
  • Jerusalem-a luxurious dinner accompanied with life stories, one businessman in the past and present. Coordination: 052-6438005.
  • Joe and Billie Neumann, Tzur Hadassah 02-5345796
  • Yaron אי"ש excursions – 050-7630644-WC.
  • Moses Frank, acanthus Leon is 02-9991866 054-4991800.
  • Abby wise – Kibbutz Lahav, 08-9913505, 050-5474749.
  • Yossi Deutsch, and Rebecca. 052-4767340-Soler!
  • Weinberg family, going to 1, at 08-6517996.
  • Forest Castle – in Yatir forest, free room + shower.
  • Isaac + Abbas – ב"ס דוריג'את Manager, 050-5322254.
  • Mount amsha, channel Darter – 052-8239646.
  • Avital and Alon Aharoni-Arad, 054-4396824 -accomodation in advance, $ 50.
  • Chaim Berger, midreshet SDE Boker in charge — and equipment — jump to a week in advance! 054-5343797
  • Hadar Spitzer – 050-6346476. Droping water can help in this area.
  • Saliman 050-7795438 054-5927639 – transportation equipment and water fee
  • Selma 050-7288910 – transportation equipment and water fee
  • Mitzpe Ramon, the desert at discount price, or fee plus hours of work on the farm. In a Bedouin tent, hot shower, breakfast, tea, mandatory advance: Ofer -5859415 ofer_ronen2000@yahoo.com
  • Joram fought – the West 7762076 057-. Caching-only drinking water!
  • Itzik stronghold – Moshav hazeva, when recently buried water Temple Mount , East -3666453.
  • Uzi herit – Herzelia-08-6581488, 052-3666888 (only in case of urgent help needed)
  • – Shanti Ashram bits, 052-3795518.
  • Amir GAD Naor – freedom, should buy us food products which we await Eilat fingers (5 days), 052-3351357
  • Jonathan Khan shaharut – 054-4856030
  • Tamari family – Be'er ora -5664107, 077-7110004will be happy to help.
  • Shelter hostel – Eilat, Judy and Jim, 08-6332868 first night free.
  • Yoram Fuchs – 050-7201982-help with water supplies, saut? cooking meals and more. And free consultation.
  • Dani Gaspar – 052-3689641 -phone help wriggle
  • Pstitski family from Arad-a mid-week or on Saturday (religious and non-religious) bed, a shower, a meal. And what help we can.

    For free of course. Fun 0542523773

    Happy to help give food and water to help.

    For help with anything I can.

    Around Haifa, Krayot, Carmel Valley.

    I live in ridges.

    Lion: 0542881225

    And we too-we'd love to have.
    Blade and Maya.
    5 minutes walk from the trail (near the Yarkon Park)

    I collected a few most important sites for Angel to call to verify availability and most important to Gatsby and keep clean you needless to

    זמי1 40773.5679166667
    #2 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2009 2:15:27 AM(UTC)

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    Great work,
    Maybe worth to update owikishbil to do?

    #3 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2009 2:34:56 AM(UTC)

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    1. in the shepherds can't sleep, just full of water

    19. a gift from her room are adorable!

    40 citrus Spitzer lives in real (although she assumes that she can help the area, breakfast program-field name)

    Who comes to give our best regards to Arad, fun.

    #4 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2009 1:39:06 PM(UTC)

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    As a member of the venerable Forum wrote

    I repeat and emphasize each have but had to check against the Angels for if they are still alive, still in the House, want to entertain,

    And most importantly to maintain cleanliness and act accordingly.

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