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#1 Posted : Sunday, August 16, 2009 7:23:29 PM(UTC)

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Wrote me 2 options: (from Hadera to Neve yarak, Israel along the old path is not marked)


1 A pierced along the trail South to the Alexander River instead of South continue westbound.
2. continue until the bridge under the railway and turn East to the turtles.
On the Alexander River until the bridge with Highway 57 (סמ"ש black) and from there on his way to leading the way: coming to Southsea. The way fetuses (tnuvot), on the outskirts of Kfar ya'bez, inside a castle, on the eastern side of Ramat hakovesh (Near East in eucalyptus, a little further South to find the tipping point SJ East towards Elk), continue on the way to the suburbs of Glasgow, Neve Yamin and rich industry knowledge. Cross under the highway and 531 to elishama. Go to the South end and turn West on Kana reach the access road to Moshav adanim, heading south, crossing the Highway 40 and straight into the old structure is next.

2.walk along the banks of the Alexander to the area north of kalanswa (most of this section is marked in cm is normal Israel National Trail), Alexander forest crossing "(a section of this route was hit with six road), crossing the channel in the northern margin of Taibe, along a dirt road east of Taybeh, to create-Nathan Ridge and descending to Rocky River near marked Springs plunge.
Continue with rocky Creek and patrols East of kokhav Yair, Tsur and bypassing Qalqiliya northeast through the ALE of the day (also here a section of trail was destroyed by highway), a road that leads through the village's industrial area , lower scale until the river meets with the existing trail near Neve yarak.

The book of Zvi Gilat (2003 Edition) looks like the trail through an option.

1. pierced along the trail South to the Alexander River. Rather than turn West continue South.
2. continue until the bridge under the railway and turn East to the turtles.

3. along the banks of the river and the timeline leading up to Highway 57.

4. cross the Road South and headed after a half-mile to the East. Another 200 m and turns Southeast and again after a half-mile to the East. Cross the road and continue until the qalansuwa nitzanei oz. Away down South Gate of Ephraim, on the north side seat, continue South until exit and from there the road to Taybeh. Attractive East over Highway 6, South-facing after fewer than k entering Taibe.

5. go East approx. 1,150 m (it is important to try to avoid a mistake) and then turn left (45°, not 90) and greater road, paved road and the dirt. About a mile the road bends South and facing steep Creek bid and equally steep increase will lead to rocky road which connects to Tzur Natan

6 Cross the road and continue to the South and West on the perimeter of the community through the decline and after 1 mile turn left into via some? River bus green Alexander crossed the river and headed to the Southwest by the security of kokhav Yair. 2.5 km down this road and reaches Tsur ygal surrounding South and West of the village and turn left into the cemetery of Kibbutz Eyal after avocado Orchard turn left , Right and left again and the access road to Kibbutz Eyal junction from there. Important: the area of rapid development so that the text could be gleaned from the book since 2003 is inaccurate.

7. Moose Junction Road heading south and West and cross the highway. When the road bends sharp left heading West to the eucalyptus sub-Saharan Kibbutz Ramat hakovesh and South leading up to the axis.

And now the questions:

1. is a safe option. (Not experiencing the separation fence and Jenny powers) Whether it is marked on the ground (even if not SJ profit)? If you can elaborate more on it, I would love! (Including through patrols East of Kochav Yair-Tzur Yigal unknown if it exists?)

2. some shorter way?

3. What is the original route of the old Israel a or b?

4. is it possible to go alongside the highway for road bike rather than East (option 2)?

{It also can help me?

From the nature protection:

Map 7 Tsur area
In the the 5769, a circular walkway opened around the ל"גבעת" zur Yigal to Kibbutz Eyal. It is located in a pine forest and natural woodland (Oaks, carobs, etc). In the Hill – ancient burial caves, GAT and impressive fortifications system used the Kibbutz Eyal was established as a sign in 1949 and later the IDF until the six day war, then removed the border from the East. The beginning of the trail, marked in blue, near the school and finds "the gym. End of the road at the entrance to La monument "post.

Map area 7 Tzur Natan
Nimachk check 4WD segment and month again. The track passes South of Tzur Natan, a beautiful stream observations.  The rocky road Tzur Natan beginning for 4 is marked red and after about 400 m 300 – left for a color-coded view.}

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the length.

#2 Posted : Monday, August 17, 2009 1:04:28 PM(UTC)

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The original Israel National Trail (the 1990s) is almost, but not quite — he goes along Nahal Alexander and then leaving him six miles after a reference to Tel-a-mirror and continues East, a dirt road (then was marked red) that connects Manchester and Yaakov, with up to 57 by Yaakov road, the road continues unpaved South and then East to the nitzanei Oz, there to bridge the old railway Turning Northwest towards the gate of Ephraim, Ephraim road gate and East Gate junction, then continues East bypassing Taybeh as described.
#3 Posted : Monday, August 17, 2009 3:49:58 PM(UTC)

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First of all thanks a lot

I went with you step on a map (pillar-map out of date?) and found one route to (almost):

Http://amudanan.co.il/?lon=200091.2&lat=691761.2000000001&map=I50 (If you can mark my map to be very safe-ODE)

But still:

A. I'm not sure if the trail marks (not of Israel) exist on the ground that the pillar of such marked dirt road between red chicory to barotis how can I find/catch up.

In the map there's 0-0-0-0 (Alexander River West of red Road East), it's a (deprecated) and of the fence, right?

C. how the Highway 6 near Brisbane (towards the old railway bridge)? Including the old railway bridge is accessible because it sits next to the fence? As you have RAM in mhalch how to?

D. wrote:
"The trail turns north-westwards towards the gate of Ephraim" I think you mean "South West". There are walking on the road that unmarked trail?

5. How does bypass the Taibe to the East if my arrival point to Taybeh is in the Northwest?

And most importantly-is this safe and accessible (not arrested Majdi's separation fence and arrested קבטי"ם of kokhav Yair, Tsur ygal/Eyal/Efraim/nitzanei oz etc)

7. How does bypass the Taibe to the East if I'm in the Northwest and there trails map


* Option 2 seems more genuine (though the book ' 99 maps's map "appears exactly on the route 1 leads) and more beautiful though less secure (East) and longer and complicated.

* Possible to bike?

* That's pretty much how km and how long will it take?

* Beautiful stop points: ancient wells/shaded parking lots/observations

* Where can full of water/sleep

#4 Posted : Monday, August 17, 2009 9:40:34 PM(UTC)

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A. obviously Israel trail check notice. The Red chicory should be between barotis.
C-when I went the route of the old road there. It is likely that near Brisbane has some bridge.
4. Indeed, Southwest. At the time there was a dirt road, the railroad bridge to gate Ephraim. Don't know what day.
E. for made a semicircle around Taibe and thus arrived at the hospital and Taybeh dump Jabra.
And as stated, I don't know. Long wasn't there.
M to go towards general and refer to the separation fence.

The length is 56 km from the railway station of Hadera to Neve yarak (option 1), and probably a little less measured, please. Long walk? Two and a half days. Where? In one of the villages in the vicinity, or every time on road and catch a ride to some other point.
#5 Posted : Tuesday, August 18, 2009 12:08:07 AM(UTC)

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When I was in the Army (which was a few years ago) kept from Tzur Natan route there today, and the eastern side of kokhav Yair.

We had a very big goggles (20X120) and I saw the highlights for subscript (marked in black on the pillar)

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