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#1 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 2:26:02 PM(UTC)

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Okay: I warn in advance that I am open, so don't laugh at my question.

1) I know you've worked here in question, but I still can't quite understand: should or shouldn't come with the tent?

Basically, I know the benefits of hisbachb with a tent, but I wanted to ask:

Not exist along the path of agents (e.g. Scorpions, spiders, snakes, etc) who are exposed can be problematic?

If you take a tent and rain (even though it's going to be a bit rare, if you go in September), how escape?

2) and not entirely related question:
Clothing. Theoretically, just walk around with dirty clothes throughout the orbit I heard there's guys that said anything about laundry, but how exactly do it?
Not that I mind being filthy, I ... But it sounds like it's a good recipe for shpshfot.

Thanks in advance for your answer,
#2 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 2:40:07 PM(UTC)

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Backwards-itching-evaporates sweat underwears boxers in haonies of adidas or the traveler or Ricochet, gold. You cream in a pharmacy to prevent itching and ran every morning before walking.

In-גדי0 wash when there's Angels have a washing machine, spare pants or a shirt he wore and any public or tap bass Angel home and dry on the casing. You must wash the clothes and other mainly socks and will cause bruises and other disasters.

If the tent and wooden-looking cover at night it is impossible then take thinnest nylon cover. Sure get wet. In September doesn't see 99% rain

Snakes, scorpions, taking risk. Never heard of snake bites. Check room, bedroom shoes in the morning, the boy.

I'm always up for tent-Tal, rain, field, privacy, personal security, protection from wind and cold, the problem that these lightweight. If you have a budget as $ 250-buy online and send you home, this tent TARPTENT can always sell in seconds. Because there are those in Israel. Search on the Forum and read it. Or enter the site.

אסף פרידמן  
#3 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 10:12:05 PM(UTC)
אסף פרידמן

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Opinions about camping here and here, the vast majority of camping's going without the tent and I think rightly so we went with a tent that is fitting not slept well without it (facial concerns) and I think that quality of sleep improves, though again for me preferably. Every year we reserve services in the field without a tent and wandering Rabbi tours featuring we sleep without a tent, if you double the number of nights, the number of people reach to thousands of nights without a tent around Israel and never met anyone who was stung by something (not including mosquitoes).

By Ma recommend a tent and looks great and definitely the lightest tent that I saw could be problematic in the Israel National Trail (INT) is pristandinig (not himself), i.e. the tent have pegs to stand (and a walking stick or similar), then you can tie its ends to rocks but this is a big drawback. Where I traveled abroad no problem sticking stakes but in the country, and especially in this desert is a serious problem.

About laundry, we traded socks and underwear every other day (we had 3 pairs) and took care of that at least once in six days we got to where we could wash with shampoo at worst. Of course, then washed the shirt, etc. On the road. Hung clothes on the case and they dry very quickly. Of course, we looked for stops in town already warm him up even a bit along the way.


#4 Posted : Sunday, August 23, 2009 4:02:08 AM(UTC)

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We went with the most simple tent. One took one curtain and pegs, so that everyone is in pounds, maybe less.

Is not completely sealed, but it really helped against winds and cold [Eilat early March].

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