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#1 Posted : Friday, October 2, 2009 10:27:59 PM(UTC)

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Sorry for the length.

Some notes and questions:
On the day of the first trip to the Memorial, the roaring lion:
If detained after the check for it leads into the village-eye at some point. He goes into the village a few times then stops and leaves you confused. This is a mistake, because according to the map shouldn't even enter the settlement-but only after hours of tberbrot and loss of valuable time in orchards near the village we recorded it. Later we found another pair at least one travelers who fell there. There is no reporting reference check before the settlement! To report to the Committee for topographic erase this check.

-Perhaps that if the triggers sense find, though: too bad experience (we go but yankale travelling with Charter School told us that they didn't say) not in grocery stores have great giladi has pretty much everything travellers need to continue. Many travelers didn't know that and thought that the only way to obtain it contact for unmarked to Kiryat Shmona (a drop of something like 300 feet, which is quite sharp and dangerous), or finish the day without food, you don't have to cook. יענקל'ה-the next release?

And now some questions:
My brother and I strayed from the other day, and we plan to return Sunday at sunrise. We went down because we lost physical market because a sequence of mistakes I realized (we started dating too late in the day, heavy, and trained enough before that). We're not going to give up, but we want those days to figure out how to split the following routes they correspond to our physical fitness. In both books, almost all of the first week, and mountain, begins the 19 km this is a problem for people like us, we need to build more efforts bar. The problem is that we can't figure out how to split the tracks and go shorter distances, because we can't see where to sleep between the two points in each track. We stopped power Castle (יש"ע). Does anyone have a recommendation on how to walk the runways shorter than this step forward?

Besides, no fertilization how to by yankale school if not for the Angel Bill or b & BS. The Angel for not answering us and b & BS that option expensive. Where to sleep in fertilization have even if not going for Angel?
#2 Posted : Saturday, October 3, 2009 1:44:13 AM(UTC)

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You can stock up on food in Kfar giladi who is three feet from the lion in Tel Hai

There's a check welcome spring appearance shouldn't enter into it, walking around the fence and around the orchard in sandy and gbavent way to Kfar Yuval

You can obtain Ramot Naftali, you have nothing to go to just a waste of time and naphtali steep but short, look at the map for bypass it without a problem and sleep next to him, buying food for two (the holding carbohydrate anyway for three days)
Fertigation is divided into two parts, note that just before the road at the end of the first part and have sometimes open there can be full of water. You can sleep in the beginning or the end of stream in Bar'Am forest and road drivers with empty bottles (you can fill for 20 liters)

Good luck
#3 Posted : Saturday, October 3, 2009 2:38:34 AM(UTC)

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[QUOTE = neta87] before check welcome spring appearance shouldn't enter into it, walking around the fence and around the orchard in sandy and gbavent way to Kfar Yuval

That's exactly the point.
There was no reference check before.
We were there two nights ago and saw God.
I wish that logged so you can see for yourself. Not only are there before the settlement check, there are a few rogue notations within the village itself are very confusing and weird.

Anyway, we split a few days (and we look forward to your opinion/):
The Citadel to track Moose we split into two on the first day to get out of the tower and in front of the entrance to dishon stream we turned toward Casar and stay there. Try to find people who can help us to complete and sure there good grocery deploys to help us obtain. The next day go to fertilization Casar and stay there.

-Elk track to warm .... we're going to split again into two, as shatira between the first day of two be iron in, or just good grass, on the same principle of Casar.

Do you think it goes well? Casar is an amiable settlement to go into?
And how do you think can be divided in the same way the routes of these days?

Besides, I would like to ask also about walking way:
What more? We met two kinds of travelers. Both leave at 6 in the morning.
The first type is going slowly, slowly, long term, and at sunset.
The other goes, stops, stops and finish a couple of more hours before sunset.
What is your opinion?

Many thanks, Merry.
#4 Posted : Saturday, October 3, 2009 10:53:26 PM(UTC)

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Sunday-we went from start to Manara Cliff cable (and saw Simon before see Baruch, 4.3)
Monday-Terminal yesterday until km Naftali Foundation
Tuesday – late yesterday before Bar'Am forest

About the issue, I would vote to leave but five others do not and therefore went six and a half hour and eating some. 12-1 stopped because it was hot until 3 and we when we get 5-6 mileage.
I went home that they decided to increase the pace and stop less and it didn't work for me (18-20 km per day is enough to get you started)
Do what you're comfortable with these things right or wrong.

And I'm a girl
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