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#1 Posted : Wednesday, December 23, 2009 4:14:24 PM(UTC)

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Now, after waiting our doves in Taba Fireworks already flourished, exploded, and ה'וואו some lost ' statements subsided, I feel compelled to share here the conclusions of the trail. Before I left I was grateful for every bit of information that could help me. So I hope that will help, if not here, then at least they will unload ת'חוויות. So:

-Equipment. Before the path ended up on pre-a journey that occur between one traveler mshnth store, between selling a reference score watch water resistant and performs the bouncy mattress. In short-I know what you really need? My conclusion is that you take to get used to it, and whether it can handle 80 liter bag newest on the market, whether it's in the army. Just as you and the body works out for with the present. I.e. don't really need (for me) for alcho-gel, but if you start taking you need below. Just do the opposite of reasons to carry and will be fine. What is certain is that nothing is necessary.

-Desert. The hesitant to do some after Arad. I thought that the area is too large, desolate and monotonous, interesting, and there's the problem. Eventually the desert revealed perhaps the most interesting part, for as the landscape topography in General not the same, you can't put the Eilat mountains, West and South-Judean desert under the same title. Surprisingly beautiful. And demographically-reach extraordinary communities where people live. Just amazing to see what the hell is there a hidden area between Beersheba and Eilat.

-Landfills. Our team hasn't done the landfills, not taking water for 2 days on my back with nothing and still had water at least once a day. How does it work? Simply, if you deploy the South and Division of days reveal that there are few places that need to plant them, maybe five to six. In these places what happened was we didn't plan very successful, like to do water ride when you get to the road, but always got along in years-shapes, good people in the middle of the road, and even smart (Maia East Harmon, wonder girl) who offered to give us water. In short, it is better to wait before you open your wallet.

Partners from the Internet. Possible, we did that and came out not bad. Only equals make coordinating expectations as much as possible, keep in mind that these are going to be people that you're going to be with them 24 hours a day for two months.

-End date. I'd say it's best not to place yourself (if possible of course). We finished the strap for a couple of days, and I would say not really. However, there are so many amazing places worth stopping for a day or two, and so many possible variations, it's a shame to be limited in time. It's the difference between a sport or contest, and for the journey.

-Special places. Arikha Bedouin village Creek near mitzpe Ramon. He's a little deviation from the trail, and not seeing him at all. We arrived through the trail Angels list. It's important for me to mention it here because naturally people are afraid to go to sleep in a Bedouin village, but it was amazing to see a friendly face from, was an amazing experience. You can stay there also, do in mud.
Another noteworthy places-don't miss this room for a tsuba, on a visit to Ma in Haifa. About Crest-I did, but no members have stopped showering praises on the track. This is probably the most beautiful route that is difficult, scary. About seaside part I heard a lot of skipping it. We had a really good name.

This is. In summary says the best conclusion arrived it is better to take other's conclusion in grain of salt; For a lot of things change and learn from experience all the time.
Hope that if you enjoy, and before, you are more than welcome to comment on what I wrote, to ask questions or disagree with my opinion, private messages or with everyone.
Tamar (left)
#2 Posted : Saturday, December 26, 2009 11:02:03 AM(UTC)

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Actually, I agree with most things. But I would like to refer to the spirit.

I'm also against the landfills and classes in various stores everything that interests them. But I think the wind is too much, without the design and fix "is fine. I guess that's not really the intention, but that's the impression I get.

Proposes to emphasize "ש"יהיה can be a not bad for living in Greece, but only within templates are designed. Templates, rather than individuals. It is important to plan. To know what are the options, what are the problems and dangers. In this case, after learning the boundaries and limitations on the one hand and the possibilities and benefits on the other hand, can be given to the free spirit.

#3 Posted : Saturday, January 16, 2010 2:18:30 AM(UTC)

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Firstly, I agree with mark.

Actually-I hesitated a bit, the recommended list on the Forum.

The landfills on five or six places should plant it quite a lot, it's better to open your wallet or landfills to make yourself in any way other than to go open.

Online partners are advised to see a few meetings before and into the background of people, usually whoever comes not from far, especially if he starts from the South.

-End date is very important and the boys were not pressed for time.

Special places-lshbill opinion has enough to offer and others have their time, apart from minor deviations infected for every step of the way. About skip sections, if you start to skip not commas.

In conclusion: I hope all travel to travel Israel for the Forum which will make life a lot easier.

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