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#1 Posted : Friday, January 15, 2010 2:13:39 AM(UTC)

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I have a few questions I will try to list the equipment you have to start organizing my equipment list

1. I have 60 + 10 of NORTH FACE, serving 6.5 years. He has one good back ventilation no disadvantage, but he's very rested, I send it to the company for repair of stitches and see what will be their answer,

A good volume to come from?

The coming thermal shirt can help about the vents?

Who has experience with repairing bags, effective?

I have a km well weighing seven 1.400° c weight?

Standard amgazit puncture canister (sometimes she has a gas leak)-whether to buy amgazit of the flare?

Got headlight of easy and economical batteries PEZEL

Some needed canes to walk, and how much you want to invest into consideration in your pocket.

Matter what clothing best invest

Shoes-how long before departure should I buy for them?

What's best for shpshfot

The new book come out with all the maps of the trail better than סמו"ש maps

What other things do I need to have so many lists

What is needed in the first aid kit

Would love any glimmer of information

#2 Posted : Friday, January 15, 2010 2:28:13 AM(UTC)

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Thermal shirt-shirt sweat onatch funkier head band-Israel of course. Recommended.

I have never fixed a backpack.

The k-7 for excessive unless as in Negev onatch to go in winter

Amgazit. If the gas evaporating substitute, unpleasant to hang without gas.

Rods-highly recommended, not only for walking but in case of sprain, the tent, falling hard.

Clothing-lightweight synthetic pants, underwear, socks, sweat ndefi professionalism for walking, a special hat for walking, funkier head band-Israel shirt, lightweight winter storm

Practice months before mountains-so buy today so you can practice.

-Itching lotions to prevent a full, tight body helps too, just don't wash cotton

I prefer the maps because there's more graphic information

First aid-read the sticky announcement equipment list for more information.

#3 Posted : Friday, January 15, 2010 2:45:47 AM(UTC)

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Gilad, when are you planning to go?

The k-7 or minus plus 7?

Puncture canister experience may cause problems if you already know which is prone to calamity recommended she buy yourself a new filter type a hotplate.

I have the book and I plan to take the maps only, the truth is that I prefer topographic map is good but the awkwardness and the price makes it better, free maps of the book shows everything you need to know about the trail, with topographic maps is that it shows you what's around.

Good luck. 40192.9916782407 LiorEl
#4 Posted : Friday, January 15, 2010 1:56:38 PM(UTC)

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To repair THE NORTH FACE backpack rarely facilities in the country, which would make be long until you see my bag back. But the quality and effective fix.

About thermal shirt summer clothing can also benefit a funkier head band-Israel effectiveness of quality winter shirt F1 is balanced between the evaporation capacity and isolation can be helpful.

Regarding, if 1400 grams and 7 were either very or extremely high quality fake.
And if you were to guess that very heavy 7.

About the think tanks punch gas burner as good, especially if there's a leak. Filter tanks hold a very small tank (110 g gas) that can solve the problem of weight and volume it takes up. Gas main has very little quality starting and 139.

Walking sticks, one of the most iiailim products really can ease the walking path. The cost of a quality sticks but not really expensive 350 per pair.

Clothing-trousers synthetic fabric is lightweight and dries fast and takes up a lot of volume and weight. A sweat shirt and funkier head band-Israel at least 2 pairs of high quality socks!!!

Shoes-one month before the beginning of the path you want to start walking with shoes, even a few hours a day, the shoe and allows "used".

Itching-agispor liquid or cream. Whitfield's ointment.
Keep cleaning and moisturizing like phyto against itching.

#5 Posted : Friday, January 15, 2010 4:33:04 PM(UTC)

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Thanks for the answers.

I plan to leave around mid 3 probably, או4

Shoes I travel almost every weekend and once a month day month day trip and more when I buy considering what data? And I have come to practice before heading to anyway?

That cost me much money kg I have new budget got him six months and tours (South Judean desert, Eilat mountains and the Golan) done except 1 rain slept with boxers and a shirt, if I suffer a fever? Haven't tried it. The old weigh 800 g but has a zipper problem, worth trying to fix?

What if they have amgazit pipe with screw-in or if it's just your head What is more hashoni in gas consumption?

I don't take a tent, you should buy? What is recommended?

What are the chances for rain while I plan to go In short trips I take a nylon greenhouses whether she can hold on.

Walking sticks at a reasonable weight 350 NIS?

I discount the book maps The evidence includes the misbyb area?

How clothing is supposed to get two sets and coming? Underwear and socks it is better 3 than 1? What can I give? To consider in your Pocket

In the meantime thank you's

#6 Posted : Friday, January 15, 2010 6:45:10 PM(UTC)

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When I bought the my research see p98. ...

Unequivocally, a hotplate steady, reliable and good filter and gseet perforating it recommends very much not to close them. (From experience)

Are best friends like MSR, KOVEA etc., recommend titanium folding models reach up to approximately 120 g and doing the job perfectly, to replace the a hotplate and store the container. Companies that I would recommend that CP and silence. ג'נרי equipment from China that will get the job done so far, if so investors investors once. (I had a puncture their Ashlar graduating and almost the user very quickly ...).

A good option for protection from insects and some shades, double and single, has recommended despite the extra g to go on that even more flexible options. SEA TO SUMMIT produce a superior black with repellent ($ 140) of fasten or outdoor 80 NIS.

BTW, finally brought us a hotplate of SNOW PEAK at 250 NIS weighs only 55 g.
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