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#1 Posted : Thursday, April 8, 2010 9:15:54 PM(UTC)

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In 2009 I went to two tracks in Nepal. I would like to tell about
The first track, and a larger area for years.
I wanted to reach the Everest Nepal formally known as "sgrmata" [/
That is the solo-combo.

Geographical background brief:

This region fissured many valleys largest is Valley
Feeling himself leading up to the Chinese border and summits
Everest, flown and smashed.
In the Northeast there are two nachrato by two valleys
Glaciers, combo (who created the combo Valley) and ngozompa (who created the gokyo Valley).
They are surrounded on three sides by huge mountains and more mountains start.
The northern part of Nepal is among the highest in the world and therefore switches where alpine conditions of cold and dryness.
The rainfall regime is influenced by Indian amonson resulting from atmospheric conditions in the Bay of Bengal.

Therefore Nepal swamped in summer and winter is cold and dry, but also at other times rain in the mountains and a serious amount of snow.
Nevertheless, Nepal is on the same latitude as Cairo and therefore
The Sun even in the spring, fall and winter is pretty strong.
The track like some others (the ngtang and the goizacond, Annapurna lmbo iiskamp and around Annapurna) are "tea houses" trips they chshmem.
Along the route are dozens of teahouses and lodge that allow rest, eat and sleep in villages and seasonal settlement places.
This eliminates the need for cooking utensils, full size
And tent and can go with less equipment.
Which bgbaim of over 4000 m is a very big advantage.
No need to track the Guide although many renters Guide and suffering (because it's cheap and popular in Nepal) but I think it is necessary.

Equipment and logistics:

Rule of thumb-travel light
I can give a list of what I took to the track if that is going to be a partial list from memory.
Sleeping bag-7 C degrees (I have mine mountain of ardevr), liner, polyester
(Recommended for raising the temperature of the bag and also prevents sleeping bag cleaning required),
Long John (tights) and warm thermal long-sleeved shirt for פיג'אמה.
The brass ears tiwar if very cold.

About walk: a short low parts funkier head band-Israel (and warm) of track (at the beginning and end), thermal shirt (I have of Kraft)
Brass coat (monkey man mountain ' ardevr, polertak thermal pro fleece)
Reverse jacket I bought in the middle of the track (not mandatory but warm in the evenings and the frozen Himalayas) and a raincoat HYVENT bought in Kathmandu in SHONA's alpine shop desigh,
A raincoat and just without all kinds of sophisticated features.
Easy breathing, and durable.
Wool Cap with brass itant produced in Nepal and very warm, even the ears.
Underwear, socks, gloves, sunglasses (required to prevent snow blindness I saw poor people who took it.)
, Cream against dry lips with UV protection, sunscreen, toilet paper, hand rubbing alcohol, a small towel, swim and teeth.

First aid: balls: ormox against altitude sickness (AMS), Tylenol, antibiotics with broad action (even against stomach problems), allergy (lots of dust in).
Whatever it takes against crabs, injuries, sprains-important walking sticks--at least for one off steep passim.

How to organize your trip Obtain a passport, two passport photos and over 1000
Rupees in cash and go to ACAP (Annapurna conservation reserve) where TIMS card publishers and buy a one-time entrance card to sgrmata National Park.
Take bus ג'ירי from the village of Kathmandu city in kanpath Street. Buses in the morning at 6 am, 7:30 am in the morning.
The trip takes eight hours including constipation and irrational gifts
I bought the book's in the everest area of trailblazer guides impressed him greatly.
He gives great detail wrote it traveling has experience, he gives good advice and very detailed. Reaches the level of detail of the fork where White House had three stones turn. "

A few words about altitude sickness:
Once you move from 3500 to notice!
As a result of the atmospheric pressure and decrease the percentage of oxygen in the air, the body goes through physiological processes and responds differently from person to person.

Every individual is acclimatized to the altitude at different rates and have a few days of rest.
Note the symptoms of altitude sickness: dizziness, headache, disorientation, "Hey", loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing.

There are a few rules.
After getting to 3500 m, rest one day.
Every day not for 500 m increase in day. Every day more than 1000 convenient acclimation.
To rise higher than where you are going to sleep then come back to help the body to sleep better (optional) and once symptoms, not cost. To rest.
If the symptoms get stronger to consider a drop down. When the symptoms are getting worse, go down without delay.
Even 300 m provides relief.
Failure to treat symptoms can lead to complications and danger of death!
If your friend or a stranger sees in a State of disorientation, rapid breathing, and he refuses to step down, not give him and insist it immediately.
There have been cases of death from altitude sickness!

To be continued ...

Map of solocombo.

Oded 40280.695625

#2 Posted : Friday, April 9, 2010 2:41:10 PM(UTC)

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Combo: access the track can begin where the road ends.
In the jungle or arrive by locla and start from there.

The first benefits: beautiful scenery, the gym, the slow adaptation and the encounter with the low hills of the Himalayas is fascinating in itself.
Additionally, arriving on a flight to a day at an altitude are locla 3500 m and will need to for a quick adjustment.

The benefits of short flight locla.

My story namch.

I came alone for Kathmandu without affiliate to track. Thought I'd bump into
Other travelers along the way.
After a night at the lodge family, went to walk from the bus station
To the old village by Jeep shivalaya already reached him.

Away from the path through the jungle to play Eddie hill above ג'ירי.

The short tberbrot with through and a talk with Nepalese farmers. He wants.
Travel to work in Israel. Entreated not to do that and take advantage of ה"בוסים" but he paid in. Greece is me for sleeping and a tiny mountain pass and beyond to the steep ioolia.

The village sits in the Valley for entered the village and go left and up into the hills across the Valley. As they say, for her.
The village is designed to sleep was the village of dorali sits on the high pass (2700 mm)
But apparently, the March rains also hills.
Started a flood that forced me to hide under the warehouse that pushed into chickens and put them braided wood basket placed upside down so it wouldn't run away.
Little girl wanted cookies, and she and her son are popping up in the pouring rain suddenly two English short white cotton shirts and two enormous umbrellas.
Father and son on trip to Everest. Graham used to come every year to Everest and took with him his son, 19-year-old Alex. I joined them and rain dorali was waning.

Photo: agricultural terraces at ioolia41554.6989236111 Amnonl
#3 Posted : Friday, April 9, 2010 3:32:36 PM(UTC)

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After changed career went down in zdorali hundreds of stairs carved in rock road

The Lander will dull the Valley voice Alex's problem. His leg is trembling from the effort

And his bag packed. In King, the passion,

Separated temporarily. They were left to sleep and rest, and I continued.
Between the Valley where I next Valley East is the massive mountain

And the road passes through the lowest point of the saddle height 3600 from her

A massive 1000 from King.
The way from the valley floor up winds and includes the standard cover

Rock-cut steps and slowly I am gaining more and more until finally height

The Valley between the hills. Porters (porters) pass and individual houses.

On the trail. Light rain falls at the end of the day lets up slightly

Sate village.

The next day the couple from Germany stamped that told me about a crazy journey that

In a rental car from Morocco to Timbuktu with pastor ...

I went to the rdondron and bushes bloom in red, pink and white.

Snow on the way to bling Paz

In Meg pass begins and the snow that I transformed.

To rain. The descent into the Valley and had almost no steps.
The end of the day in the village of ג'נבסי. A few hours later reunion with

The British have marched all day from King.


The jazz went up stairs to the mountain rdondron forest are amazing.

The flower colors. High tea house in selling yak cheese (MMM)

And views of Everest (rope clouds covered it).
Kept under drizzle and metal bridge across River.

View of the Valley.

Again from the other side of the Valley through pine forest in a way that I can remember.

A steep, difficult and arduous. On the PAS itself there is a House with several small children.

Playing ב"פורטר. Our little girl has grown to five when two Swedish

Join us. Lars and Daniel.
The decline was steep headquarters initially but then turned to more pleasant when it

Moderately down. We a lot of horses and donkeys was an endless commodity issues

Until Lina nontela. The decline continued the slippery mud and stone steps.
We arrived at the river dodcusi Valley. This Valley leads us until close to namch Bazar

And is very steep.
Meanwhile the sprained ankle. Continue.
Continue the path on the right bank of the dodcusi. A lot of ups and downs until

Krikola, between agricultural fields and beautiful terraces.
A krikola her hard steps to on (overnight stop) alloud contct contact ad.
The way the ups and downs between convoys of mules to pass small, Carrie

And down steep, puyanne. Again her spasmodic reduction and easy scanning

Sitting on the descending mountain species to David Kosi.
From scanning the trail becomes paved stones and a very Buddhist atmosphere with lots of

Stupas, prayer wheels and mantras (walls are painted on the rocks like graffiti

Huge Buddhist walls on which engraved plates which mantras. Look great.
Chaplung was a good parking place for the night and the next day was the day we reached the end.

End of namch.

Quick March to the River as shamk and drop and not as steep.

Moved the locla and split for the flooded ב"משלחות" spoiled abroad with

Sparkling and equipment. Why go with leggings and Gore-Tex trousers and Gore-Tex jackets?

Not even cold and rain or snow? We felt anger and contempt toward the shiny delegations.

We really kind of pride. We are the Spartans, ssipis, raised and

So many hills and valleys, with cheap and easy, compared to what's around there

The trail. Not to mention that they barely carried ktanton trmilon while a herd of yaks

Portecim company and carried the bags and backpacks daple. Mad.

Porter only way carrying 100 pounds!!! 4 pods are connected in that the two

Couples decided to pinch pennies in payment for two porters and sold one to carry so much.

Anyway, we got to the point where you have to say goodbye to the milk river and begin to grind more.

Her one.

The last bridge over the dodcusi
We got to the entrance to the smargta nature reserve and we introduced the receipts and the TIMS card,

Milan, we all had no way to ihalov aueist of us money,

(Graham told earlier he had unearthed for a aueistim take loclachi

Contributions of all who passed through. Now they are in Government (now in 2010 they

No longer)).
I crossed the bridge just two yaks crossed over was a little stressful but

They weren't in the mood that day, nghni.
The ailia is the stream was steep at first, but after a while, skills again for her.

Then walk a steep rise in a pine forest (so the energy fall

I got a cookie package in two minutes).
The namch entered in the snow light and we sigh trmilano in one

Well-kept guesthouse in the heart of the village. The first acquaintance with the fire. (Sherpa)

Namche bazzar

Amnonl 41554.6994444444
#4 Posted : Friday, April 9, 2010 9:50:08 PM(UTC)

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A few words about ג'ירי-נמצ'ה

Track is amazing, lasts about a week, with ups and downs
I've never seen before.
Annapurna also go up and down but to make so many valleys and hills, it is really a bit much.
The landscape and the human landscape is worth it.
Only in the upper dodcusi Valley saw the first fire until then these were other residents. I don't remember any ethnicity.

- Culinary adventurelodges offer a western Nepalese style meals-pizza on the basis of Chutney (pastry thin little sex)
Very little meat, and lots of potatoes.
Because we are broke, we had to terakrim dinner dalevat
This is a typical lunch with Nepali lentil soup, white rice, potatoes and boiled vegetables Curry
Thin and crispy bread called chapati, papad and sometimes
The morning we were having some sort of egg (omelet, review etc), toast with butter, steals, Mosley with water and powdered milk drink.
To noon (instant) noodle soup with vegetables
Or baked potatoes, fried or roasted, or chips and lots of biscuits.

More pictures of namch. Oded 40277.7869791667
#5 Posted : Saturday, April 10, 2010 3:20:26 PM(UTC)

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Namche is a town in miniature.
Stone-paved roads, hotels, restaurants, bakeries,
Market, supermarket, shops that sell camping food
Trekking equipment stores and timosim with Chinese contraband goods by Tibetans across the border
Gompa above the village and travellers of all kinds and genders and the yaks convoys up and down loaded equipment
Villages above.

נמצ'ה is built around a natural mountain crater around her.
Snowy Mountains, and snow fell every 2 days or so.
White thin flakes spinning in the breeze.

Hamishtino parked the Nice and we our rest day acclimation.
I like the last six months twice in these heights and ldak Sikhs, so that my body was used to more or less.
We waited another day to Lars returns to us from his intestines.
And the next morning we all got up.
Vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and weakness. There is no doubt that hoikingi gave us all.
Day then back to English and went through bven if they grow back
Graham said if he stayed another day at the namch Plotz.
My things were. For two nights I sweated
Sweat until the shirt was soaked in water. In the evening I got "burned" hot water in a bowl with tigerbulm,
Kind of Hay, and marvels of blackout battle moved her.

Two American climbers were with us at the hotel told me that the bacteria and namch populated all get sick.
Because here you go stay patient. Indeed, the next day I went after I bought a coat to cold nights (CA, dachis, heater).

North of namch, the topography includes three valleys surrounded by high mountains.
The biggest one is the combo, gokyo Valley and West Valley l.
The valleys are linked through mountain passes and this is our way.
Lars and Daniel came before that day, 1.4.09
The road consisted of initial climb up the surrounding crater wall is נמצ'ה, to the point where the plateau, walk
Winds around the hills and ranges, lodge and bakeries,
With beautiful views over Mount Everest, then a reference to gokyo, descending steeply into the Valley of dodcusi.

There just before the bridge, Lars and Daniel waiting.
Today was hard. Still weak from the disease,
Head dizzy and couldn't walk straight without zigzag your way up.
However crossed the river and started to climb.
At the top of the right side of a deep canyon through the forest, winds around the Mall.
Today was very nice. Blue sky and sunshine.
We stopped halfway and stayed in the mountains around us.
That meant the Buddhists as "Shangri-La"
After the fall, and one last twist around a hill,
Through into wide plain stupa,
The Gompa and טינגבוצ'ה 's beautiful little village below.
What a feeling of relief! Allow to rest finally.
Escape from נמצ'ה bacteria.
And the parking lot was full, and only good for a British family of that one room acetmtzma saved us from wandering.
Fog blanketed the skies and the source.
This morning was amazing. I opened the door and said "wow".
Lars looked and said "wow".
Exactly, over the site of a mountain טינגבוצ'ה his status.
Emma dabelm name and is very impressive.

We stayed to rest that day in March, and the tingboch continued to דינגבוצ'ה.

The way the butcher was very impressive.
We went down the Hill to the village of טינגבוצ'ה, name, דיבוצ'ה.
The road passed through enchanted forest and suspension bridge over a river.

UPS and downs began here tired me headaches from Renee haltis.
Us high above the River, the forest and the waning and the climate has become. Small shrubs and arid land.
The wind became stronger and became cold during constipation.
Like any Bill in Nepal, he began descending steeply to
The same river we crossed before, and up steeply from the other side.
Yesterday she drank alcohol up Valley
And reduction of hills, turn,
Pass a stupa and a wall there, discount דינגבוצ'ה.

We sat down and said hello to the mountain that looks like a snowy Sphinx

I recovered almost final illness נמצ'ה
But Lars's condition was not so good.
We rested for a day in dingboch and he decided to forego the trip to צ'וקונג Valley is perpendicular to dingboch,
Instead go the easy way into the Valley, tocla combo.
We agreed to meet again in two days lovoch
And I continued on my own צ'וקונג Valley and the village of צ'וקונג.
The road was more or less comfortable and within hours I arrived in Chile.
The owner was, that ethnicity is different.
Fire Administration and the guy was so nice and helpful.
The prices were affordable, full plates above and beyond and the delicious delbt.
That Hodge bumped into whether Israel, and was
Surprisingly. The daughter immigrated to צ'וקונג alone,
Fast Ducks walk and they come off tomorrow.
In the Valley easy to lovoch.
I chose the hard way.
צ'וקונג Valley there is a shortcut for lovoch, combo, and Valley Center passes through La Paz at an altitude of 5500 m.

I went alone, went after a pair of climbers from chsikas
And I followed their trail so as not to mess around.
A very nice way, frozen lakes and frozen waterfalls,
Climbing steep and moderate path on the hills.

Around 2 reached the high pass with Woodpecker headache.
Tishvati's relocating and I realized I had a problem down.

(In the picture you can see the glacier's Maureen combo.
And for costs. Further you can see the houses of oboch)

The other side was a huge stone free
How to touch them both.
Falling into the bolderim waiting downstairs.
According to the instructions in the book (trekking in the everest region)
I went to the right and found a less steep area
And slipped on my ass in some parts and ran zigzag the other parts using a walking stick still remains intact.
Halfway I turned around to see how I went

Here I found the check for (רוג'ום) and skipped
Boulders moving if you touch)
And from there on a steep down to the combo.
And the bottom of the glacier's Maureen.
Tishvati, didici, took aromox ball
To alleviate the headaches I had potatoes and chips.
And boiled eggs, and then started snowing.
I went for the Maureen and two thirds of the way.
I looked back and saw hardly anything!
See almost zero! Walking across a glacier in danger of deletion
The path by the snow so wasn't a good idea.
So my grandmother on tracks and went on down the path combo.
Glacier map dot called tocla lodge there and there I went.
Across the stream of water between boulders that fell from amorein,
And the snow fell and fell.
The trail will be wiped clean. I was sure that I don't get ltocla
And Sophie will die from cold here at night.
Or build an igloo of stones.
Eventually I decided to get on the hills
To see where I'm going.
The little clearing unveiled hills on both sides of the glacier.
The evolving convergence to a single point.
There was also some pipe on the hills. Apparently of water.
I knew I was saved and began to go down hills.
Fog white until I got onto a path that he went.
I arrived dressed tocla green slim coat I bought
In shona, a blue cloth scarf has become white and white became too casing cover.
I arrived at the lodge feeling of relief and started to shake all the snow and hang to dry.
In the commonroom, and again met her mother and eaten garlic soup
To rehydrate and fight headaches.
The snow fell all night.
Pictures from namch through צ'וקונג to combo. Amnonl 41554.7054282407
#6 Posted : Saturday, April 10, 2010 4:57:32 PM(UTC)

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I don't think it's "recommendation" walking in your footsteps, other recommendations IE tips.

More ideas for trekking in Nepal

Amnonl 41554.6886342593
#7 Posted : Saturday, April 10, 2010 10:59:10 PM(UTC)

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A few words on the way from namch to the combo.

From namch to lovoch not difficult nor dangerous. The difficulty lies in the fact that aterak is in the heights of 3500-4500 from the sparsely populated affects walking, especially up hills.

From the dingboch road splits: left directly to the combo and tocla and oboch, and another right onto צ'וקונג Valley and the village with the same name.

The road passes through צ'וקונג to lovoch is more challenging, but the only problem is the steep decrease kongama (5500 m) to oboch with steep, falling boulders, winding, and iceberg. The problem I ran into is snow.
That forced me to give up the glacier, and instead go around to tocla.
Snow delete, nothing really freak me out, but since the glacier ends near tocla, no problem to navigate through the hills.

צ'וקונג Valley: the Valley that leads to internal to oboch through kongama, and up the Valley to the village of צ'וקונג and two in surrounding area
Valerie צ'וקונג 5400 mm height and relatively easy to increase, and that TSE's tricky to reach and is higher.
To continue on, several lakes and Island peak base camp.
The full camping expeditions await three high and difficult passes of over 6000 m at the upper end of the Valley to Ridge qb Cullen.

Testimonials and comments for walking at high altitudes

I found comfortable going with a thin long-sleeved thermal shirt and jeans.
In a situation of strong wind, cloudiness or source, I suggest wearing a raincoat and easy breathing (and others or hyvent disease easier
And breathe better, featuring a zipper underneath the armpit for ventilation).
During breaks, wear brass or above (in area exposed to wind, cloud edge enough to lower the temperature a few degrees.)

I prefer walking stick (well down with her kongama for example, to use the ups and downs.
Why not two? The spirit causes any leak in these conditions, the need to consult a map or book, and the desire to photograph made me realize that free care than walk with two canes.
Share me.

If it's really cold, I had gloves liner pauerstertz and wool CAP to help not to freeze.
Photography tips-put 2 batteries in your pocket to work better on camera and light the camera before filming and it immediately afterwards. Do not delete images that it wastes the battery.

Meals: good breakfast, just lunch meal noodle soup and feeds to dalevat night. Lots of energy and always get extra. Prices rise with the altitude so you money as more Nepali the dollar mountain is outrageous.
Dlevat-white rice, lentil soup, potato and vegetables dish.

On the road, always be a pod package of biscuits or Mars Snickers/energy.

To avoid altitude sickness:
Garlic soup, drink as much as possible, not to cost more than 500 metres per day.
Bear emergency ormox balls, and another night of 1000 feet her whole

For those time, I highly recommend to start. But if time is limited, and they decide to go to locla, you should rest for two nights in namch and another night added on tingboch or דינגבוצ'ה
In order to avoid altitude sickness.

My track description for tocla in combo Valley where
Over the glacier.

When I woke up this morning all around me was white. A long column of
Yaks, porters, hikers and climbers who greeted his way on a trail in the snow white. A few twists to pass and beyond tukla downhill left to his amorein, hides it from the public eye.
To the village of oboch.
The village looks pretty oboch. Dump even looks beautiful. I tracked down where our fellow Swedes, and Ayoub, also suffering the venom immediately tries the same. Tummy time, but his back was captured and already two days he can't get out of bed.
After I gave him all my antibiotic pills for his stomach, handed to him anti-inflammatory muscle pills to ease his aches.

The next day me and Daniel carried to March his gear and went to the place from which comes to visit the base camp of Mount Everest. Place name Gorak Shep (gorak shep) and it means "Swedish shit" or something like that.

The way so beautiful!!
Although the climb to La oboch not easy at this altitude (4700-4900) but nice and white.
After the pass and how much and how many leads, UPS and downs, we entered a small glacier that's Maureen to the combo.
The beauty here is really surreal. As computer emulation, like science fiction, as in a dream.

On the way to another pass.

Maureen crossing

Finally, go back from amorein and descend down the Hill onto the snowy plain where the Gorak shep seasonal

Life is so wonderful. The stunning (and so dazzled I lowered sunglasses ...) and the sensational sunset colors. I ran out of superlatives.

As we were getting ready to March into the base camp snow and the thermometer stood at
2. The road climbed above the plain of Gorak Shep and started going up and down through snowy hills around huge boulders and finally sank down into the combo!
The iceberg is dead. Covered with a layer of dust and dirt, not moving anymore as it seems (at least that's what they told me).
Global warming aochrio. Yak way over the ice and sunbathing in the Sun, at an altitude of 5300 m.
It was very cold, and head pain. We went to look at the tent of one delegation and French scold us.
"This is a private expedition. You must leave imidietly. "
Disappointed we went away and hung out a little between the tents, we saw the "Khumbu icefall and snow came again we return.

When we moved to the other side of the glacier and went back to the hills and the bolderim end. The snow is flying and intensity in the face, cheeks, eyes and old reserves filled with frost.
Yak evil didn't want to proceed slowly, blocking the trail.
After an hour of threats, kicking and throwing a hand with Hayek, we get safely to the Valley of Gorak Shep and the open fireplace in the dining room.

Beginning of the combo, ice wall and the Valley.

Everest basecamp

Last assignment got this Valley (5100 m above sea level), overlooking his Majesty of Mount Everest and two of his fellows.
The name Kala patar-Vantage-Black Rock, in Hindi.
Fortunately today was a beautiful day with blue skies,
Like to order.

The way snow trail, up and up and up.
Finally you can see the Summit, the Summit of pomorie on top
And what's left is jumping on the ice-covered boulders and reach the top.
There's a cluster of antennas and a collection of mountain climbers
And just like us, hikers photographing and admiring.


The same day we returned to lovoch. Even Lars's back condition has improved and we were satisfied.

More pictures Oded 40279.9774768519
#8 Posted : Monday, April 12, 2010 7:21:56 PM(UTC)

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Most people want to see Everest.
And they focus on, they rush back to namch and lukla (about 3 days) and flying to civilization.
A few continue to gokyo Valley, West of and parallel to the combo.
The shortest way has decreased down the combo to turn on פריצ'ה, at the top of gokyo Valley.
The most challenging way leaves the river flows lovoch up to the main Valley and qualifying to the mountains named Cho (5400 m) and surfing gokyo Valley and crossing the glacier to its width.

Chu is a small glacier located in vendor Summit (the saddle) and steep descent and and bad weather danger.
Fortunately we won in two days and ice covered except for a few rocks, we had no trouble crossing it.

Our small group split again, as of shldniel mountains and is returned to namch while Lars and I continue.
From lovoch the trail turns to the right just above the Valley sides are covered with grass and all snow-covered mountains. Like a scene from "ב"שר of the rings Rohan
Finally, the Valley and straightness for crossing the Creek on a rickety bridge and across the Valley is dzongela small seasonal village.

The next day we got up early with packed lunch and marched up the valley until ashtepa in moderation to lump all of the blocked crossing.
Away just forms almost vertically in the sea rocks and boulders, some of which are covered with ice and should be careful not to slip.

Hence, there's a slight slope and covered with snow and ice. We stopped for lunch on the glacier of Chu, and continued to follow the path laid in the snow by dozens of shoe soles to high transition

Don't Chu la

The transition itself.

The decline looked scarier than it really was. The winding trail repeated several dozen times partially covered in snow, ice and mud. A bunch that was tied a rope to the top, and assisted by him not to skate.
We went downstairs and covered over boulders that field was waiting for us downstairs. Away some ups and downs on the hills then rose with steeply medium
To the seasonal village where we had lunch again because we were very hungry.

Even this nutrition track is not good enough and they all lost a few good pounds (in Kathmandu found that lost 10 pounds in this track).
The steep decline continued and this is where I made a mistake and Lars and instead to cross the ngozompa glacier, we found ourselves at the top of the cliff drops into the Valley.
We found an extension after extension that took us to the Valley and we found ourselves in the village please. A few miles south of the village of gokyo which wanted to go.
Lars meanwhile decided that he had enough of the mountains, and he broke up with me the next day and marched to namch, and I continued alone to the gokyo Lakes.

Gokyo Valley is famous model like big brother combo but is very very beautiful and mysterious.
In the center of the Valley is the village of dozens of gokyo lodge with food, on the lakeside of gokyo.
, Very comfortable, gokyo RI, is the mountain at a height of 5300 feet, and is good to Everest in the morning.
Far up the Valley are three lakes. And vi that is actually several small frozen lakes are in the Valley surrounded by mountains in the end of the world. Everything is so beautiful.

Chu La.

Gokyo Lake

Gozompa glacier

Gokyo RI, gokyo Valley Summit

After a few wonderful days in gokyo Valley, I accompanied friends to the pass leading to another Valley West of gokyo Valley, Amar bold.
This is called the רנג'ו La pass and the road and floored him. There is also a small icefall way and of course Everest looks at us all the way.

Everest and Lake la meringue

Stark, arid Valley and little valleys.
The way through interesting and because of the decrease in height, several villages and adapted area larger.
Two days later I arrived at the village on a wide Valley ended below the riverbed. Another day's walk through the Woods rdondron clouds led to namch which kind of civilization (i.e., the Internet and cheap eats and variety).

Images from Chile and gokyo

רנג'ו Valley and Bute Oded 40280.6840277778
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Awesome story man. Did the mood.
I've always wanted to go after Kim Kipling's, these are places he writes about.
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There is another chapter ... Fall down (and a few ups)
Try to post later tonight.
Thanks for the feedback.
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I arrived at the namch Bazaar in foggy afternoon after March that started at noon from tame
Nice group of breakup of Americans who stayed overnight at the lodge name of apa sherpa,
Nepalese man veteran people who had the greatest number of times on Everest.

The first thing I did was burn namch all photos on DVD and print the article published by the moderator and was based on my master I graduated a year earlier.
A little surreal to read about physics in this place. By the way, the DVD is corrupted and you cannot copy it to your computer.
Since I deleted the pictures from your camera, when facing a broken trough. Fortunately, I brought up a number of images (more than 200) before the disk is corrupted.

The namch met Polish guy I knew in gokyo, and together we went to a remote path leading to tomlingter village in eastern Nepal.
Map of the track

We've passed it through namch and which came a month before, this time quickly downhill.
Within an hour we reached the Valley and David Kosi quickly to צ'פלונג.
The scanning began her arduous to pass through several long steps count
Only at 7 p.m. reached menopause.
The way down in complete darkness through several houses and asked about Lodge.
Finally some boys invited us to their Lodge. ה"לודג" apparently as a slaughterhouse.
When we moved there they just finished to slaughter a pig and saw his body and separate meat from bloody body.
The big room was full of dried Buffalo meat and we slept in a room in the attic. An interesting experience.

Ran the next day via poein and Carrie her beautiful village where lunch alloud contct contact ad This was the last meal not included Dahl baht a week.
We went in the afternoon and abandoned to the jungle Highway to enter for the conductor to slefa Paz and wardrobe.

The trail went through streams and multiple and village karate. We continued on the rise towards the first of the three that we cross passim.
Now tonight when single family home on the road. Our request for accommodation was received favorably by the elderly couple who lived there.
For dinner we had Dahl baht tzmpa and barley porridge-thick and hard to digest energy intensive.

The next day we passed through the village of pngcomgama which wanted to come yesterday
And no difficult climbing we arrived in La Paz and started getting it deep down into the deep valley of the river clear voice through rdondron forest at its peak.
Pink and red flowers boys escorted the Valley.
We crossed the river something malls after lunch short and started climbing from hell.
The trail was brutal. Stairs and ferocious path switch back the way through the hills and rises around them.
The end took us to a beautiful high Valley and small village and great people who welcomed us, and were very nice. Najing dingma village name and friends build Gompa (cloister) instead of the one that collapsed and 200 rupees as donated funds.
The sight of the sun setting between the mountains, surrounded by Golden barley fields was spectacular.
Our room was made of wood with wooden roof shot.
In these areas, low, very hot and residents use wooden houses and straw to make themselves more open environment than stone.

The next day we went up the Valley to the foot of the mountains, then between two hills way to pass that is at the top of a narrow gorge. La scanners.
Needless to say, it carved a stone staircase.
On the other side were waiting for us vendors with Nepalese pastries and yak cheese.

She, like scanners yesterday, has steep deep valley. But this time the road was milder and lasted longer.
Our past meadows and fields of rice and lentils, and went to a steeply viharas of Nepal. 800 years old.

Chambalin Gompa

We went through small villages, fields and streams into huge village covering a wide area. It took us a while to go through the long and very steep decline to the Monaco.
We saw huge falls from above the broken bridge, ate a little bit, and knew what was going to happen.
Moist heat of low valleys in the spring for Nepal became brutal in combination with steep stairs cut into the rock.
Started in five and finished in 7:30.
After step stairs and crossed over hill and through rice terraces up the steep, we managed to reach the village.
We found the lodge and were really exhausted. Force ourselves to eat. We were so tired we hunger too.

We were so lazy this morning. The map and told us about the next step-3200 m altitude slefa Paz. We knew it was the vendor of them all and physical and mental situation convinced us that today would be the day. Go to the nearest village and sleep. So we called beds shtrano.
We left at 10 (later!) and we need for to the fields above the size

The fields above goodel

And went to the inner Valley penetrating the hills into the massive mountains that surround La Paz salpe.
The road rose and descended through small streams. We moved rdondron trees with red blossoms are wonderful to Sanam.
The man is the only lodge in the village told us here to this slefa hours.
We looked at each other, the shoulders and in silence the decision to step up.
The road to La Paz was the lightest since leaving in alloud contct contact ad!
The progressive increase in Cross River, a beautiful Green Valley, by replacing the separations, and is known to the other Nepalese vendor.
This was upon us. We arrived at dusk to late night and stopped at salpe tearoom at the top. Lovely lady Lana tea house made us Dahl baht and lit a fire in the House.
There is a good, good thing. That morning we expect szipi and tedious.
The downhill was slefa very steep. The path winding down steep hills, using thousands of stone steps.
On the ledge and sat goransa drop renewed. The path passes through the village of steep elongated named ג'ובארי. We moved rice fields
(Baht), lentils (DAL) and potatoes (Aloo), shagivot over tshtshut in the murky and the valley below is coming to us.

The accusation led to the village of paddy (mountain foothills) and lunch.
The track continued along the valley leading down from paddy and squirmed.
We walked slowly down the fatigue and Sun were on the way.
Around nine, after establishing the lantern light among boulders and crossing the River on a bridge we weren't sure where it leads, single family home, about an hour from Bazaar, ghota moved.
It was a wonderful evening. Nepalese family only knew, and tried to communicate in this language, despite the poverty Center.
Dahl baht, and in bedrooms on two makeshift beds were a real treat.
A pleasure to sleep outside among the stars. Even one cat that sleeps on Greg.

The way she was Bazaar short ghota and moved between rice fields are flooded.
Wood and straw.
The village was joy — bananas. I didn't eat more bananas. They were so sweet.
Began to be very hot. Us on a hill above the Valley, and after two hours we came to another forest and fields. Passed the Hill and down steeply to the Valley of the closet.

(Above ghota Bazaar)

This long day was over so quickly. We crossed the River on a suspension bridge metal cabinet and went into another world.

On the way to tomlingter

The Valley is very wide and sandy beach, and a small fishing village and answer is about half an hour.
Wooden houses are built on stilts and livestock run between houses. Evil duck went after us and barked aloud.

The five crossed and went down the Valley in a way she has seemed to end. We went in with some Nepali society who also marched south down the coffin.
Separated them from the village through the evening and continued to walk up to the point where suspected that there tomlingter reference.
Fortunately I was right. The usher to shortcut is steep and we have the heart of the village, near a small friendly family and stopped for the night.
How good was the beer cold!
On this day the track was over but the story isn't over.
Medieval days in Chitwan & Pokhara fury. The minority tharu pissed for Nepal's central rule for some reason and declared bhand. general strike and because the only way to Kathmandu goes in
There are no more buses.
The only way to begin to walk up to Kathmandu was flying.
But what? $ 110 for a traveler and a Nepalese rupees 3000.

We didn't have the necessary cash and tried to persuade travel agents to charge us Nepalese fee.
The end of the matter was that a Yeti airlines flying to Kathmandu with my credit card. There I took money from a.t.m. 's and gave him $ 200 Nepalese silver.

The whole thing was weird and weirder still was the flight.
First of all, know that tomlingter is pretty, but I rarely see, but mckallo in iiskamp forms. Therefore there is no reason the stores hold toilet paper.
Since a week from namch to tomlingtar either toilet paper in a way that means we both had to use the Nepali technique (in other words, water jug left hand).
The afternoon took us has our lodge birthday party of his friend's son.
Was there a reason glad College meat (rice wine) and racksi (rice whisky). We were very happy and it was definitely interesting to be there.

The flight:
Tomlingter airport was grassland on which several small aircraft motor dialog. The House looks like a warehouse of Netivot, scruffy and really hoped we land safely in Kathmandu.

The plane tomlingter and my blue pod in the center of the pile.

How was the flight? Toltlano between the jets and air pockets. Our ears clogged and one was on the verge of Nepali.

But within an hour we were in Kathmandu, back to civilization.
With bakeries, stores, and alleys are clogged with taxis, rickshaws and motorbikes.

Slefa Cabinet photosAmnonl 41554.6959490741
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New Zealand

Hi, Oded

I thought you went all the way up to B.C. Makalu
And did the 3 cols trek.

Any case the release are great! You already know how I
Feel towards the Himalayas.

Didn't you go after inexpensive Renju La to the Tashi Labcha?
Or was that too much? It costs a hell load of money as well.

The pics are amazing!
Good on ya!

You plan any more trips to Nepal?

#13 Posted : Monday, April 19, 2010 3:08:55 PM(UTC)

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Hi Eyal
Not ... These three tracks from a tshi mckallo and Chase weren't in the design.

Though, we both know and whom I met in chat and then wanted to go back to Jersey gokyo differently and showed me a map the rolwaling. I told her now, I read in a book put together and told her about 5700 m tall vendor with a glacier in the middle with karovasim and need a full camping equipment, hiking in the snow and accompanying fire, so she gave up.

The stunning mountains in Nepal!!!
I want to refer you to the website of Efrat Nakash and her story on קנצ'נדזונגה

Certainly future plans to get there. In a March (to avoid rains of monsoon and the mercy of Nepal leeches) in one of the years to come.

Greg, my Polish partner slefa pallbearer, really wants to go check in iiskamp mckallo next year. It goes very quickly, so there's a chance he's going to do it.
He tried to go to La mega in mid-May with two Nepali tamangis
They returned to the cage after the snow came the Gompa height.

Rolwaling sounds extreme and interesting course, צ'וקונג-Kalo also sounds interesting.
קנצ'נדזונגה look on his face easier and cheaper (though the impression that trying the tour agencies in Kathmandu to create). I think this track and functional non-Alpine is certainly possible but not for those who never had over 3500 m.

I would love to go to Kanchanaburi and if you read the link look that's only 4 nights camping full is needed and no need to pay a fortune for the company in Kathmandu to set up the track.

Have fun in PCT.
What madness! Six months in New Zealand and now six months in Rocky!
Lifetime experiences, Eyal.
Have fun!
#14 Posted : Monday, April 19, 2010 3:36:19 PM(UTC)

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New Zealand

Hey Brad,

Where the hell do you know Daphne??? I'm starting to worry.

Know the site of Nakash. The thing is that I love the way treks I love look a little different. I have a lot of information about קאנצ'נג'ונגה.
Daolgiri-level Trek and I think even less. Shouldn't be any technical problem there. March somewhere sounds great. That's my plan. Keep in touch with me about it. Maybe combine forces.

Chad makalo base camp? Not to do it. Go in the opposite direction. The amfo to Chile is very dangerous as it is and the direction he wants it even harder. After too much less good. He knew he had to go through the rpeni voice and one vote after another. Many do it even on the same day. But in the opposite direction, it's just really, really hard. If he ontanirer so I guess he's more ready for it. Caution caution caution anyway.

By the way, it won't be in camp Tashi. This camping five six days. I know that Daphne and her plans. Continuing with the beautiful Annapurna before us is in the Himalayas.

Any Skunk her psycho and region Two days before I crossed the pass 2 Germans and their fires back with your tail between your legs and terrorized us this impossible. Oh well ... I'm stubborn.

The PCT is not on the Rockies. This is siditi. The PCT is along the ridges of Southern California and then for the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades. Ten days!

The siditi will happen.

Thank you!
#15 Posted : Monday, April 19, 2010 8:45:47 PM(UTC)

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I give him my recommendation. His plans crystallized yet. Meanwhile the situation in Poland is not something, and like millions of other young Poles, he tries his luck in the UK to earn some money.
I sent him an email listed on קנצ'נדזונגה, and he thinks about it.

Thinking back to the Mage tomlingter not really him. But as he starts to look away. Maybe mckallo in iiskamp (which, by the way do not have camping, but the camp itself) up thousands of steps and then psychotic.

קנצ'נדזונגה-and I can find a window of opportunity in March-April, my plan to go to acclimation langtang (welcome offer of Canadian veteran mountaineer who met at namch) and maybe look at the Saints missed last year because of rain and clouds of late May.
Then go to Kanchanaburi.
But in the meantime, have fun at PCT.
And all non-sane aiikrim of America.

English names:
Kanchendzunga trek
Makalo base camp
Rolwaling-tashi lebtsa tame
Makalo chukung-basecamp-namche-dingboche
The last track is very, very difficult.
Tashi to very vendor in the difficult and dangerous.

Amnonl 41554.6912731482
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