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#1 Posted : Saturday, March 27, 2010 12:43:10 AM(UTC)

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This summer I plan to travel Israel National Trail (unclear if North/South Beach) and then continue for three months, North India (with the Nepal/Tibet "OPS), including No. 3 week treks, with full equipment.

Forward vision for exploring above and the following tours in the next few years, I want to buy (with luck) and pair of shoes that can serve me.

The sellers are various shops offer me Gortex models of precious friendship – also for and.
-As far as I'm concerned he's leading model Zamberlan Vioz (http://www.rei.com/product/774690) costs $ 1,100.
Whether it is a purchase that and correct? Did the cheaper alternatives reliability enough? And what are you?

-Right to choose in cases above $ 1,000 back systems and elements that sound more appropriate weapon systems

Thank you very much,
#2 Posted : Saturday, March 27, 2010 9:26:57 PM(UTC)

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For you to take more than you need to in the Israel National Trail (INT) – namely sunscreen for 65 liters before Israel and slammed. To ttept to buy a large backpack for that is always full and it will be heavy, Murphy's law long trails.

-Shoes, shoe shoe for non Turk, Turk's snow, rain, cold, rocks and mountains, it is Israel. I ask you this: what about your fitness The legs, ankles, feet? Because if you're in shape or get in shape for walking in the Israel National Trail (INT) could rely on rigid shoe half without Gore-Tex rather than zmberln.

About the system and back-back system means comfort in walking, had a backpack with good hip and back, what weight? If you honor and in addition I suggest Backpack Backpack with good prices and backpack back operation trying to get rid of them.

And of course it's a matter of budget.

#3 Posted : Saturday, March 27, 2010 9:46:18 PM(UTC)

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Most of the effort is continuous and therefore I think we should focus on. Easy to say "salesman du camping efficacious, all doing what you intended. In reality, a compromise {up or down} on price and weight. But maybe you don't want to go on the best shoe, but have easy gun kliberit, maybe you should consider using a secondhand backpack parts to one and all when he meets your need.

On the surface, specified shoes are very good in the vibram sole restriction the harshness, I personally didn't die on them because of difficulty in walking, and the Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is nothing to do with Israel. This fiber moisture register inside the shoe than thick koridora and if water entered inside to take him a long time to dry. Still, appears to be a lock.

On the other hand, our desert done cruelly, shoes and trip walk in India or Nepal Trek it relatively short walk for Israel. A week-long trek, suppose, assume you do some trekking. you still akilomterg ' do on the trail. Also likely in places, porters carried part of the equipment.

Basically, you can also take a simple shoe, seal or no seal for water as your choice, $ 500-850 (see for example models at the devil "Givat Haim) and wait for Nepal to shoe fits. If you fell you with no crowds, just.

The six-level trusted, also in Nepal itself can buy decent shoes, especially high tech, their quality much better than a seller. But this information should verify first.

About the question, what the policy weight and volume. As the larger case capacity means higher self weight and more weight on your back for Israel, which is the most important physical.

The major challenges in the Israel National Trail (INT) case two: extra water weight-usually 5-6 pounds but could in extreme cases, and the friction in the rocks and thorns.

This means that should the case be weighing myself sense {assume 1800 grams and under} and back system was excellent, high quality bag style, virtue, and made massive enough fabric. My experience at least proved that delicate cases by not going on the mission, no matter what the manufacturer promises/weight ratio.

In Israel's case for Lowe Alpine 65 liters, and it too {in principle I'm going with little equipment and is relatively easy, launched good sleeping bag compression reduces the size of cruelty}.

Flight trip abroad "on the back," needs a different case: primarily for clothing size and things to buy or attach, the convenience and the ability/capacity close to comfortable and more security against theft, including considering the case. The case anyway will carry a lot of weight, say up to 25 pounds, and the convenience of walk-don't go in mountains a few hundred miles, as for Israel: most turn a few miles at most hostels, flights, buses, city walks, and short trips.

I was abroad portfolio of 75 + 15 litre I think you don't have that new as long as it is not actually carry very large 3-5 months. In my opinion, even a handbag 2, quality used in decent shape answers you need. Alternatively, you can do what I did with my previous doiter, lower his head, make a difference and to make it detachable and save instead and weight on the path and use it fully, with all, abroad. as mentioned above, some sort of compromise.

To endure, 940 km with large and heavy backpack without getting you, to put it more and more. Doesn't look like such a good idea.

#4 Posted : Sunday, March 28, 2010 11:18:35 PM(UTC)

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I personally admire. of zmberln but not from Israel (for a change) isn't really important not Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex, just Groove with qualitypeople travelers not socks cotton.

If you notice most companies in the world, there are no free option or other membrane disease unless it's full skin (Paul Greene) and the reason is very clear, there is no difference except for sealing.

About customizing shoes for several types of tours, so there really is no such thing, but you can buy a shoe that is more than you need for trips and just what you need to be. More sturdy as suitable for soft but soft shoe tours are definitely not suitable for hiking.

Israel National Trail is played. Wear and tear to equipment is large and stayed soft shoe walk unless there is an excess of money and want to buy a new lock for the next trip.

About Backpack I recommend to 65 liters with also much suited to your back to Forum ka problems with certain files with certain importers service.

I was checking companies:

There are arkterx in the country-but expensive.

A rod

Over in Throop

In Usk

And more ...

About shoe shopping at outlet stores and all the ghosts, unfortunately come to shoe outlet magic made hers!!! If she ktelogit (years back) so its price there isn't cheap. Rubber has a shelf life (like Otto's tzmigem) when it dries it disintegrated as the glue.

If you're looking for cheap, reliable and suitable spent recommend gspo's shoes.

Therefore not always is efficiency, and investment in quality equipment and is suitable for receiving a product and surplus shoes lasting more than 150 NIS wasn't buying into the world.



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