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#1 Posted : Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:37:25 PM(UTC)

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Suggested itinerary for March, following the announcement on the subject.

Counting the four weeks and was carried out in accordance with table standing in the beautiful, so some days shorter than book recommendations. The start date is determined according to vacation time, but we went so well in the Galilee was blossoming, and the rest of the track was not too dry.

The first day we opened. The two previous evenings that were dedicated to settle at work, (no lightweight tech team manager to leave for four weeks, there are many things to end, until one night in miles with). Form till morning (even with some already packed. And most of the equipment is ready). However only come out at ten and above, the administrator, and toDan at 12. Snack by Ussishkin, photography, and we were off.

I feel right on abrchivt (no small trouble to arrange them any time starting after ...

The Backpack on my back. And concerns. Hip, leg, knee ...

Don't be afraid to download and the shoe barefoot.

After the hatzbani, which to welcome spring, tedious, but there is nowhere to rest on the side, all the downloads, Nimrod Plexus, Tel azasiath, zaura and napkin. Busy dad was here in six days. And Ami Lev-Tov his troop downed head reserved. Continue. Pass the ה"כפר Greek neighborhood a bit of welcome spring. Not great, but it's right in the face! The road bypasses Kfar Yuval-big bird out of power. So she quit this time, and half a mile until the road to Metula-get from mtulait. At the meeting a bunch of young, י"בניקים. All Backpack on my back. Shoes don't fit, smooth polygons. After one day. Rising along the roaring lion (only a few days for back to school). The first day done. When you have an uncle in Kfar giladi-head to visit. Even in other places, it adds flavor. If he's 88 years old birthday visit. And bid him in Gematria "but" (it is found).

And now remember: accommodation-50 years is not landscaped space, although it arranged. There are welcome at Kfar giladi (too expensive). And if you don't feel like going out to dinner-mark on the blowtorch in. ..

The lion roaring in.. The administrator imports all our right to collect the car from here (Len.). Down-getting songs on many plants alive. Down in the Valley-not to be confused, right up, and we're facing a young woodland pink Lilly There will be more in the next few days but these are impressive and being photographed. Go up and down through the South along the Ridge, Naftali, was losing altitude to get below it all back. A convenient way to ride (car could coordinate lunch. We didn't). Stop in for breakfast. Stop at Lookout liran (some guy) Beautiful views of the Valley and the plateau. And met the four girls, who are to the South. Both after release from the military, from sales and service, wonderful girls of Israel. Heavy load on my back. Stop us again to see the Eagles. We time and again before they override. Shoot them in the pink of the Peach Orchard opens. And us. Repeatedly sitting with them just before the descent to skid. (Meeting later after many days). Here, we only meet every week, walking the path from South to North. With walking sticks made of himself (not so good) good walking, and we meet again with the u. One missing (injured lock, home ...) but the coffee they make is suitable for very Lady-.... And we continue Nebi yosha. But when the road opens to see what name Temple stream a track left (down to the temple Mall) and decide afterwards-tomorrow morning. That's administrator and is picking us up there. He and his friend remains in power, Castle and we go at Millington. That's how it is when you have relatives and friends to take advantage of it. Especially if they have a guest room, and dried fruits.

Morning Canyon Creek, first temple, and very beautiful. Arrive at the fortress, and the male Grove fall (Uncle trksky), blooming Orchid, who first met! Here also the first cyclist in the Fort we meet doing bike path route and southward. Dinner with the Administration team (Ofer and author) and we're off. Bypass the Nebi yosha, chrysanthemums that hides the check for, and begin a day's journey by foot. Cost for Naftali, and down to the packinghouse. There's water, and Pack apples and avocados (so we took years of water). Continue, a huge water pipe dimensions (still have to ascertain the purpose) and down to the Valley orchards. Easy way, planters, and pear orchard, near to big bird, reflection, dipped in doviot feet, perhaps finish here and order, but there are, and. And the power is back. Another one up and down the Creek. Downhill-nitrogen, and birds of prey. ATV and Jeep down smack in the path. And here we got out, and now are with know it was fallow deer valley ... Already in the afternoon, and three of the four kilometres from chicory. And our administrator with Finnegan coffee on a campfire near Alma bridge (300 m, near the metal a good place to wait ...) the 300 meters covered these in the morning and started the Alma bridge itself. And here we are to our next b-rhania. (Welcome back, which is the next day at crayon). Only at night, dripping rain really shbmrkaz.

The next morning, with fear of rain during the track in dishon's ravine. An impressive, but without the flow stream, for without getting wet. And over at mofi winter Eagle Hunter Just go. Us one pair, and some ATV. Peace and quiet. With Spring Creek, near the spring – a bunch of hikers ein GeV. That way we will when we retire.

But we keep going, pass "rhino" and pumping station. After a few horns, high grasslands, shadow eye steppes. Don't miss here, stop drinking liquids either the spring.

For another short parking crayon River, where drops from Bar'Am forest. River Grove to Crayon. And immigrants. Up the road. From there straight to bed and breakfast! We passed a day without rain!

Morning start from the same place but improved conditions. The administrator will wait after the morning parade, with breakfast at the destruction, near mount Meron field school. Meet the sword-leaved helleborine. And back in bloom. Flourishing bow here, after bdishon was already after flowering. Here cyclamen.

The miskim, again without getting to-Miron. No acute observation and more cloud drops us too and srzaf. It's getting colder. But with the blowtorch to mark waiting spear top. Next, go to Miron. By Jan House plantations, including some cherries in bloom. In winter large puddle next to the water, boys riding a motorcycle with a bicycle.

And the weather improves. Reach ein Civet and Elijah's Chair and a garage in Meron.

(Sorry not stayed overnight in the field was better.)

The next morning, the same place down to a stream, ponds, pools and see grouse that ran him forward.

But the next section-hikers. Extreme course on the language page, it took much longer than the map reveals. An impressive piece. Only at the end when you go back to go on walking back to the beat. And amiad kadarim road. First walk weekend. Retired to Hamat Gader Spa.

-Starting down the page, with a friend, and her daughters, and ours. Option on, children, friends and relatives to go with us. The track as expected, with a kind of wet at the page itself. Administrator is waiting for us on the road to h?uqoq and lunch. The girls interpreted with admin and waiting for us. We feel the force and continue to the foothills to Arbel, Wadi Hamam. Back to the garage in the eye, with a nice pool but a noise at night. Conclusion-don't stay too close to the car park with noisy teens.

Arbel-day's cost, and to cliff edge with the bones-girls experience. Through the visitor centre (a refreshing ice cream) and continue to the village of wheat. After the cemetery should not pass through the village, but if the water in the stream and datam not flowing, but it didn't. The mslol working in the fields, but in a refreshing surprise has turned out to be applied «drilling through stream-falling on a natural pool with Jacuzzi-rocks! Away immigrants to the colony. Our guest is separate. (Admin returns her to her car) and we can't continue to pass through Tiberias, until Switzerland forest parking lot. Because of Passover, loaded with vacationers and contaminated. Go to the parking lot.

The next start up again, and down to fertile eye On this day, joining us, a cousin came from abroad to us for. Get-go the path that an international attraction. Eye clean, fertile and accessible to administrator to meet us for breakfast. Go moshava Kinneret, for «yard, if open. It's right on the trail. From Belle passes the cemetery (for those who do not know better to stop Tomb Rachel bluwstein, etc.). From there to the motor by the attention Jordan-Tiberias sewage flows in the salt water canal open and unpleasant to walk this section. The Jordanian water purchase and carry toward Nahal yavne'el. Us that afternoon, pretty hot day, but small portion of the road crossing at water points. We preferred the black route inside the Gorge, but it must be remembered that it is sometimes really haunted thicket and he disappeared for the runways. Yet the eye water flows, and raspberry section nicely. After rising to the right way from the principles whereby certain aspects to administrator name-Fort Worth. We returned to the hotel and campgrounds (company that gave hosting). Twice in the same place because this does not need to pack everything and this morning short and to the point.

A meeting with bilists experience-every time. Also on the road at the end of the runway met Monday with heavy bags and helped them to continue tomorrow. The trail attracts humans different denominations, which is part of the charm. If Russia and Jordanian immigrants was Ethiopian team. All for.

Continue to next same way of Fort Worth. Not easy to assault, but the range of views. And the sticks really help. When you get to find out the Ridge following surface Association-Hill and heart open. Surf to the showroom and refreshing water. There is also a meeting with bilists pair. Coffee.

Pulling out until Kfar Kish. As one into the Tabor Creek Ridge wall warmer, but shadow and water area of the station. Get the stream! More than once! Here are all close together and do their part. Finish on the entrance to the village of Kish. In Kfar tavor.

Her day to Tabor-tired but full of satisfaction. Hope Church-open when you arrived. And should show better (common hindrance reaching Israeli-rather than grainy landscape views. Or cold fever).

We got, including joining family members to track down today indicates 50 birthday trip holds big bird, reaching up to the outskirts of Mount Deborah and returned to a camp in association with shibeli. Recommended.

The next rise of Mount Deborah, and joins a couple close to walking holiday day. From there on it isn't easy to drop Pontiac and Mashhad. The Caf? at the entrance to Mashhad suitable for recess, with a grocery store. Us children and adults received in stride, but I heard from others who took some shots of the stone village-the eye open. We pulled up to the intersection. Without login. The ancient olive orchards between hoshaya owls.

This is the place to mention that the entire journey is not only a celebration of the Earth, and made the Zionist towns, battles, infrastructure and people. He was also exposed to the tragedy of the Palestinians. Many times through the ruins of villages that were destroyed after 48. There were terraces, houses were occupied, used by generations of villagers, Tzabar and leftover in orchards. All these are part of the trail. And sometimes part, information law, the ring, and the story is not. This feeling also rising Tel Hadid in humiliation.

We are the leading crops per day. As we said all week that rest day part of the routine for

Back to the entrance. This day brings us along the River until the monks mill birds, and more convenient to the River Road. Away-bird continued with Ofer to Kfar Hasidim, that I had to leave early. It's also one of administrator, to be accompanied by one day the marchers. This section and the Carmel completed the day big bird was sick).

I started him on the road it left the track and walking up to walk in Moshav Kfar Hasidim and launching. Before her to Carmel to meal and water in launching. There's also good coffee and ice cream. ... The increase itself is not difficult as the Tabor-that is longer and bevel. There is an ancient path trail follows the river snake. And Arad.

We're back for the next day, off Haifa towards House parking lot. The surprising decline in routes where we, the beautiful surroundings, Har Horvat glaucoma (with rare plants of gentianaceae) and steep and a aricht finish.

The following sub pine junction made a few weeks before with friends, taking the path segments. And, of course, the question is whether they can skip. Anyway, we continued the road to Moshav Ofer. It was the day that going home to zichron Yaacov, and it was a special experience, eye contact East, where we come to him countless times, but after walking from Dan. As some Springs, arrived here, too, after the heat and it was already cold and tempted to enter the water. Us eye contact on the path to zichron Yaacov, and appreciation we ate in the restaurant opened at the entrance to the generous gardens (recommended only for meat lovers) and on foot to the House!

Also the following power station in Hadera we've done weeks earlier, so we started there at the gas station next to the light. And here we decided another change made today in cycling. It also allowed and worth a try. The track is almost identical to, except for the bit where tbrbrano in the dunes South of Hadera forest. Difficult passage for pedestrians and marked clearly. You don't want to walk on the sand Road West of the railroad but a little to the West of it on easy gravel. Beit Yanai Beach went through (in this track meet but don't need administrator that has equipment bicycles anyway we met him in the late afternoon in the South and decided to attract more to green Beach to big bird that was a little too much and barely finished the track (and then it turned out that already some virus degr.)

The next day we decided to walk again, and had a relatively short route to Sydney about me. When you're sick tire quickly. The next big bird took a sick day and I have completed part of the Carmel. This study, too, being sick is part of the course, and should be given time to heal. You tried to ride this section-it's hard to ride on the beach, and sometimes impossible, requires changing. Filthy thing in track with a shoreline trash, not authority.

And here comes the section that really we have no complete assembled and went from me to reading sheets.

We began another ride route throughout the Yarkon-very good idea not to give up, even if a part of the Yarkon Park in town. This is interesting in itself, and the sequel reveals us didn't know the winding hayarkon Street, the quiet and clean even at the top, until the Park Tower, antift stopping, try pool, where we met the four girls happily! And we started walking parallel to them in the days to come.

The next day begins with a scene along Route 6, but fun to see agriculture in area (planting tomatoes for industry) and create a connection between the first and the next territory of the low hills south of Elad. -Join members too, and was glad. Wasn't happy to see the trail that was open, found himself in industrial area of shoham, comes on gnawing to it completely. Also whoever eats Gilda Nestle not persuaded Juan should go here. Anyway we got to the home of Nehemiah, and stopped. No need to pull up to Ben Shemen forest. There are also "vacation rentals by the hour" seat, free night to our goal-a simple night's sleep.

The next day starts the same way, but if you don't believe can seat East exit off Highway 6 and shorten slightly. The trail attracts through the Ben Shemen forest towards sha'alvim. To solve this thing away as carob shade (the recommended way to store in the shadow) get us again "build" and join to rest. Closing connection ... (Our admin help and drove to get gas, etc).

For naptime was walking late, and get to the sha'alvim, scheduled pickup. And Zimmer ordered that day.

A shaalabim the next step (see Orchard vineyards of "experience" on the left) to Latrun. The Quartet left yesterday in the Red bin nun, met at the outskirts of Latrun (they join for a moment before cutting from the nun a shortcut). Where next for complex shell stopped for breakfast, with fresh ingredients purchased at the grocery store and Ofer build for the spring, he and his little brothers spring or any other name you gave him him little, who asdiro and easily miss it if you didn't know). Brigade Memorial March through 7 again, and near Neve Shalom, into the wooded area, met with path through Myanmar. So, in the evening we day breakthrough Memorial March to Jerusalem. We reached eye near railroad tracks. With a path toward the gate road Beit Shemesh, met a bunch of bilists who came from the South, and one that was already in that station in the middle of a meal. Not identified each other, but after some time when I said that we trail angels and mentioned my name, which is a related family of unknown young. We invite to stay in zichron Yaacov when they arrive there. And again, the shape and could make a decision to go and climb mshlts range that afternoon and evening haguy outposts Memorial Day Harel, and finish at home. We on the way Jeep. One of the few times we missed left for Israel, and only later we saw big bird with no sign that Bill. Luckily we were in a place where there was a connection path marked blue, and on steep downhill short cut north to Israel breaks Ridge. Therefore we moved all the mshlts and signs like particularly to memory so that past Memorial Day evening rising, first in Burma, and in convoys, mshlts 21 and 16. We sang the songs of Palmach and prototype to Wade. And read the Memorial plaques, and said that our Memorial Day.

There is only one March day, Meir tsuba, and he moved quickly. In November we heard a siren sound level of all communities. Lemon eye right before boarding the tsuba was available from visitors (because Memorial Day) and could go for a swim in the cold water, refreshing finish. The girls, already mentioned them in their hotel on the grass at Meir, arrived at the last minute for a ride on a giant yellow waffle. Another one type, and the end of four weeks for walking.

We proved to ourselves that we can and give the idea to others our age. Take a long vacation and go for. The Organization, and it feels awesome. Joined, without backpacks, camping. Wind a path off us all.

What further: no plans for anymore, even if on vacation for two weeks or one week, chshitafusr to move down South. Maybe next spring.

Additional tips: Michael or big bird. 0544689427

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