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#1 Posted : Saturday, May 15, 2010 5:40:41 PM(UTC)

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Done the congratulations, Israel last Tuesday.
I've read a lot of travel and wisdom of the members of the Forum. But nothing prepared me for life, ה"שבילאי, sights and experiences. There is sometimes a kind of feared if prepare too experience hurt. I don't think that's true. As shmochns and know in advance how to handle challenges easier, safer and more to explore, in addition, always finds a new challenge for us, not to worry.
As for challenges, the human body is not designed to go so much, and more with ... There's weight is crucial. But either way, it hurts everything that could hurt, it is important to take the path slowly and carefully, especially at first. Is not easy at all.

Some of the equipment, my personal experience with him.

Start precisely onwalking sticks, I have a X-type GABEL LANDER, I can definitely say that clubs are worth every penny and much more, I don't attribute much significance to the model, most of them do the job equally well. The sticks are very soft and keep the body decreases, the plains are less effective but they give momentum '. Most we were camping with at least one stick, I recommend 2. In my opinion makes it just one quarter of work. The clubs rarely found themselves.

Caseauspryy אית'ר 70L, I have seen quite a few travellers who travel with him and heard only good things, and the case was really successful until he cracked plastics turn Nahal (around outdoor) definitely not loaded on it, I don't know how it happened. After about a month he returned from repair with the importer, backrest back a bit aligned. However the majority of trail I went with an old case of LOW ALPINE that did the trick. Auspryy are very good but a bit. (Price for a relatively light weight).

Shoes, Solomon EXPLORER GTX bought them a year ago, I went with the Golan Heights and a number. The end of the Israel trail shoes were in good condition and nearly sole that almost completely worn out. Very comfortable, very light, hold your foot and the ground. Not waterproof as expected (dishon was a hell of a test).

The km, TNF type CATS MEAW for minus 7 degrees, I purchased it because I intend to explore in New Zealand. The bag kept me warm in the cold night of March to mid-April and from there onwards leave me sweaty. In the North, very cold at night, in ranking of above zero wasn't doing the job without a layer of clothing. Besides the bag very comfortable, nice and spacious.

Socks, among the most important items! It is true that the three pairs cost me over $ 300 but they give them that saved me quite a few blisters. Until the whole Jerusalem I developed a blister. And then to Eilat was lonely. Socks: 2 pairs of Bridger trail-type highly recommended (Merino Wool). And another pair of ט'ורלו-less but did suggested (green).

CLOUDBURST tent 2 of SHIRE HANRY, 2-person tent, very spacious, 2 persons + incoming equipment fun! Unfortunately or not, he's not experienced in rain, but in strong winds and it is beautiful. One issue common to all lavnati tents, wall thickening. During humid nights (mostly in the North) and without wind, the steam accumulate on the ceiling of the tent after all his starts rattling the drops should take. Not very nice, but not too bad. Dry your tent. Total all 4 nights. Incidentally, I have taken the floor protection sheet, it is recommended to protect against sharp stones etc.
Including the tent, little more than he weighs a kilo, spirits, kept mosquitoes in South Motel is mainly given peace of mind against fear of theft and insects. I really enjoyed traveling with him, and although I had planned to get rid of him after the rains, he stayed with me until the end.

Bill number, the bilists still running with the book of Bill and still complained. They met the new school (the Red Book). Just saying things short:
Descriptions and graphs, are great! Successful Division of days especially in the South (went the same gist).
Regarding the map, they do work and can quietly go only, but Not a path that intersects with Israel appears, not the night camps and all the places we wanted to cut the map boundaries were (sometimes want to see). Visually map are both trails. I think the following bmadorot should add more relevant information on the maps as consumers.
BTW, very outdated maps and updated on the site. Except for occasional inaccuracies between the surface to map both were loyalty to reality.

All kinds of knick-knacks:
Headlamp TIKKA plus head-splitter-did an excellent job (didn't need to replace batteries to take spare).
Flip-flops, was a war between the root of the Crocs and the crocs won and did an excellent job. Perhaps North had to root through muddy trails and streams, better weight efficiency.
Use MSR's bnziniia (author), is heavy indeed more than a hotplate and insert the soot and maintenance, but its function was successful, especially when required to prepare dinner for a group of 5. And always there is fuel.
Jachnun-pot did an excellent job! Cheap and best practice.
Drinking bag of root-delight to drink without bottle out. I tore some fairy (she two years old so it's OK). Pay attention to the amount of water that you have inside!

A total of clothing: socks, underwear, 3 3 (regular), a funkier head band-Israel shirt tiwar, thermal shirt T shirt, jacket, undershirt, pants falling apart and hiking shorts added.
The North took a jacket TNF APEX fabric with something. Is not so warm as the seller says, but it did the trick for Arad back home (along with the late T shirt and tiwar) caught his undershirt.

MP3, nice to hear the sounds of nature, but sometimes tedious 4 way, it doesn't matter. Highly recommend taking such pieces music for raising morale and some to disengage from unhealthy group.

That's all for now, it's my opinion and my experience.
I really enjoyed.
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#2 Posted : Saturday, May 15, 2010 9:36:31 PM(UTC)

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Always fun to read trip experiences ended, this experiential.

Walking sticks – totally agree with you, after I bought canes can't go without them, also on they do a great job.

As soon as I picked up the sticks immediately feel the difference in strain on the feet. The sticks are a type of two additional infantry and they help in every situation.

Backpack -as a fan of OUTDOOR can't comment on auspryy.

Shoes I wear of your shoes. My shoes (old Oslo) and presently consists of.

Guide to maps -the next release will not be a big difference visually between topographic maps in the Guide. Will new format maps of f. Add info about the maps according to weight the amount of information that appears on the map.

Yankale17 40313.8795138889

#3 Posted : Saturday, May 15, 2010 10:40:37 PM(UTC)

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Congratulations on graduating. Strong experience.

#4 Posted : Sunday, May 16, 2010 1:25:59 AM(UTC)

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I also did the trail with my 70, last (there were points that carried a 25 kg). Probably just a fluke.
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