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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 3, 2010 7:49:44 PM(UTC)

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If you read my previous posts on the Forum, you probably noticed that I went for a week for Israel, along with five friends. To ease slightly on raw like me who want to go for, I share with you my experience.
First of all, to align-18 and so. Made part of Israel for a week, Madden to Tiberias at the end of September to the beginning of August 2010. I have no experience whatsoever, and this is the first time I slept in a tent. My friend was a bit more experience than me, but they are inexperienced yet (they slept in tents and carried heavy bags, with training, and from what I gather, it was different from the path).

General points relating to:
* I was pretty nervous before for not knowing why. I was afraid lest I won't stand for putting myself. Plan your trip down to the last detail in order to prevent such cases. When I came to, I realized that good markup and almost no need to book or map. To get maps in case of losing, and of course to know what awaits us. The book, however, it is possible to consider him as the travellers mothera met carried with only maps. A good book to read explanations on the spot, and what awaits us, and part of the path, but not much else. The trail so obvious.
* Planning always thought we'd be, and I don't have time. When we found out that went exactly by the book, and we could get even more. For example, on the first day, we arrived at 12:30 p.m. Dan and we should reach Tel-Hai before sunset. So we went relatively quickly, and finished the course in 4 hours, meaning you can achieve the target if you want.
* While before outing case can show you too heavy to carry it every day on my back, as on the first day, but practice. Already on the second day the case feel relatively easy, although it might actually be heavier. A few days later, the case already real easy.
* Emphasis on the food, especially if you are a large group. We were six people, and us remove to our not so enough to prepare food. Also, we didn't plan well the food we take with us, and we thought we had plenty of food, it's never enough. In general it is better to go no more than 4 people, and even less so as not to get involved with. It is advisable to always carry a bit more on the back, and eat well, which save weight at the expense of the hungry. Although as mentioned above, the case will be easier every day, so you get used to its weight anymore.
* Further to the notice subject always have enough food until the next space – and even more in case there is a problem (like us). Before you rely on the place to stock up, make sure it is open (see holidays and Saturdays).
* About the water issue a little problem, because a reliable source enough to know exactly where there are water points. Try to find places that have, but don't rely on them alone, especially if it doesn't tap but you can ask him. For example, at the crossroads of the world can be full of water, but when we got to the place, Mohammed decided that because we're so big, he prefers to conserve water on us and forced us to buy water. Sometimes people may not be so friendly to you, and give you full so no water can always count on is as a source of water.
* It is always better to sleep in a place where there are available for running water. This facilitates Assembly, filling the water and allows you to clean yourself, and clothing. If there is such a place, make sure to take plenty of water with you before your arrival to place for cooking tea/coffee, brush teeth, drinking and washing dishes.
* It is recommended to plan everything in advance, but it is likely that during the trip to meet other bilists will accompany you. We met quite a lot of bilists did a track similar to ours, and we saw those people during their trip and accommodation. You can use these shbilests to ask them what leaders are going to do and where they are staying to plan your own route. In addition, a large majority of the camping will be happy to help you if you're missing something you have, such as food, water, equipment, etc. Must take into account that most short tracks do camping for a few days, so that from the day escorted at least two bilists. Nearly all start camping out starting points (Dan or Taba). I mean if poke around long enough, you'll probably stay pretty long periods alone, without seeing the other bilists. If you walk from one of the start points are likely to be with you pretty much bilists.
For example, we were supposed to do Nahal Amud someday, but exactly the same day closed the track in heat overload. We asked the other bilists in our area to stay what they intend to do, and what they think we can do and the information they provided us concluded that the best thing for us would be to go to swimming pools to be able go to Safed, Safed to do a short tour and then take a bus to the tower. And this is just one example of many.
* Remember that no matter what happens, there is always a solution for everything.

#2 Posted : Sunday, October 3, 2010 8:59:36 PM(UTC)

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Well-written, go for a walk!
Note, when we go out to little for the sequence can't plan everything in advance, take lists of water sources, Angels and important phone numbers.
Determine the route, pay attention to the problematic points (eg in the South needs to plant) and you can use close. So leave the path, with a little planning and common sense, everything works out for the best.

One thing annoyed me:
"For example, at the crossroads of the world can be full of water, but when we got to the place, Mohammed decided that because we're so big, he prefers to conserve water on us and forced us to buy water.

Really kind of trickery!! And he says "Angel"
יענקל'ה, it sells? You can download it from there?
Even when we were there, except the bathroom and lured gross wasn't too can enter the classification of "crafts".
And just something bugging me, he sells 100 grams by 9 Hilwa weight!!

יענקל'ה סער  
#3 Posted : Sunday, October 3, 2010 8:59:40 PM(UTC)

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Very nice I enjoyed reading. You are thorough and that every plan is the basis for changes and not fast program has messed up usually between teammates. This is true for all.

The optimal number: 2.

Lior, pass to the world list node.

Yankale17 40454.7534490741
#4 Posted : Sunday, October 3, 2010 9:13:05 PM(UTC)

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Great יענל'ה, thanks!
#5 Posted : Sunday, October 3, 2010 10:13:14 PM(UTC)

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About the size of the Group I agree that's a problem. We hiked most for nearly 10 people left and others have been added over time. What matters is that everyone, or maximum cooking equipment will couple b and their own food or even in my opinion better equipment alone. That way avoid problems of group but enjoy that there are plenty of good company.
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