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#1 Posted : Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:03:36 PM(UTC)

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The idea is to download the clip used as a weather station learning time, integrate additional products such as compass, thermometer, Stairmaster GAL, learner, and put her hand on a clock.

In the market the professional watches deals a few companies
Relatively limited. Of these prominent old SUUNTO company with several models,-subsidiary of Silva TECH4O, sonto competitor in many areas, identical watches under the brand of SILVA WANGER, known as switchblades and equipment manufacturer to the army, is affiliated with the CASIO with a few basic models, TISSOT with valuable and interesting model, and some other companies.

A selection of favourite compass watches and camping can be found in links:
All models on the market by manufacturer:

TECH4O has released several models, including some that look really good. The PRO selected by TRAILEADER because of the relatively large and relatively comfortable.
In the past I worked for garmin watches and also learned sonto them deeply. With two of the models walking around six months sonto as personal clock.

Round clock with a clear display and literature, a non-trivial interest in watches. Contains: clock, timer, stopwatch, distance meter by meter, measuring heart rate and chest strap for walking or running with a tracking log, calorie meter, barometer with tracking log + weather, thermometer, altimeter and altitude differences with tracking log, compass with locking target azimuth and back azimuth, rate includes the goals, and has the ability to match the user-a great idea and easy.

The Watch has been tested for about six months, including running, distance measuring across an accurate rolteca and ג'פס, and about ten ports to West area, in the coastal plain and in the Golan Heights, in variable weather conditions that prevented hot until rain and storm.

Clock: clock, as stated in clear vision and good rest in between, although low resolution. The screen contains one top field can only be changed at the touch of a button between: temperature, weather, altitude, and the day of the month. Very useful.

The Gaza Strip, another well-known vulnerability in these clocks, and easy to use. Compared to most garmin models Santo and clearly is better. There is no warping of the clip and there's not much chance of tearing or severing as models.

The resistance to medium scratches, not as good as the not feeling like some sonto models of garmin. I left 6 months of testing with one deep scratch very, and I go up and work with.

With this, there are disadvantages. The first lighting. The light goes off in seconds and consumes a large amount of electricity. You can play and display brightness levels, but it's a bit difficult, compared to the amount of all adjustments every interface you need to perform, and so on.
Secondly: formatting buttons. They're wide and pressed lightly, which makes that clicking random while walking and activity, especially the switch that delivers different situations. As a result you may find yourself in the same complicated interface first, trying to figure out how to get out from altimeter's blog for a while of trial and error, when all you wanted was to see what time it is. But it's a bit annoying.

The interface: complicated, but not too bad. Great human engineering nshmamtz and the attached guide. Customer service of the manufacturer includes telephone assistance and available. The interface is a known vulnerability in all clocks, and compared to garmin and sonto is pretty good. The transition between relatively easy, but the clock requires a month of use to know and make the most of everything.

Big interface is divided into two modes the clock (clock, timer, stopwatch, etc.) and use (altimeter, barometer, odometer, odometer, pace adjusted). The transition between the two modes in one button and two button themselves. When you enter the screen, two other buttons handle options. There is not much too special for two or three buttons together, like garmin and sonto, making things much easier.

With all the screen has let his options, including at least one out of three exhibits where you can customize and even demands it. The bottom line is there is a great proliferation of screens and options, and to achieve good results should make a very large amount of attunements prior to full use. These include, for example: entering info age weight and height, adjust stride length (should measure), adjust sensitivity step (problematic), set time and date, adjust lighting levels, compass calibration, set the display level, pairing, select the log variables, set alerts, and learn more ... In short – compared to other watches it not the worst but not the best.

The only condition: works not bad but missing a few steps. The sensitivity must be set accurately and rhythm on a flat surface, so is best. The test 4 times within a mile of shifting between 5 to 113 meters.

The barometer mode: these watches almost all fall on the barometer, largely due to altitude differences. This watch is best noticed in this field but also in conditions of traveling to a new place will get unrelated results until you reset the barometer and the data in the field are not always at hand. Reset altimeter helps, but not completely: there were cases of straying, sometimes ridiculous (see rain shshmsh, and vice versa). On the other hand, when I stayed in the same area after calibration, and special-parking were very good results. There is the influence of changing the height, but compared to the much more efficient sonto is away.
In summary, the barometer is very high precision when parked in the morning to see Leila established what would be today, but about 65% efficient movement, depending on the altitude difference, and after traveling with altitude differences must have calibrated. The sample time is two hours and it's a little uncomfortable, but similar to many other watches.

Temperature gauge as these watches, there is considerable difference degree when the clock on the wrist due to body heat. It takes about 15 minutes to reset and display temperature accurately when a rebel from the hand and he's very accurate.

Altimeter: not bad, precise and measurable, especially after time of a few minutes at the point. Shows nice and gives good blog. On the other hand, run the tsipoff sample blog and time consume much battery.

The run-rate: excellent point. The band is divided from the body like some other manufacturers, the clock is fast and reliable disconnection and connection too, and maintain data and track and download them easily to your computer. The wireless connection between the Gaza Strip and very comfortable computer and computer time. A clock to analysis of exercise or walk is a superior product, the best of its kind, very affordable.

The walk rate — measuring steps: not bad either, just limit measuring steps. The field average rate per hour is pretty useful.

Compass: a certain disappointment. Initially worked well, but get stuck at some point and so far I haven't been able to get him out. Probably less sonto models and others.

The bottom line, not bad. Disadvantage energy-another well-known vulnerability in my area. Replacing the battery every month and a half to three months, depending on the level of use and lighting. On the other hand, the clock has a few days before emptying, and again this is a very common watch battery costs 10 shekels in Kravitz and self replaceable easily. Also 5 in long overseas trip pod not sensed in terms of volume and weight. The clock keeps all your data when, apart from the time and date. In addition, the barometer is reset, which actually helps.

Overall score: 8/10, a relatively high score-sonto models would have given 6, and garmin models 7. Still, there is no substitute for compass and mechanical pdomter and. ..

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