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#1 Posted : Friday, April 15, 2011 1:18:07 PM(UTC)

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Also in my forum

Have to admit that I'm not objective connection with ל'שממית. Adam was a friend of Stevens, who produce the cases, Gecko knows his family, and I don't deserve that criticism without touching. For more details see this thread:

Nevertheless, I'll try to do my best to visit the question straight, virtues and shortcomings.

Nomad and Nomad are brothers-plan man Stevens, produce in Rosh pinna the Gecko "pods" and equipment for hikers, cyclists and soldiers. I personally have two cases that he sewed me and snoozy vest (for everyone, by the way, I paid full price). A man died from cancer in 2010. Before his death he planned, along with a few friends from various companies, which manufactured by others under the brand ' Gecko '. The proceeds go to his case. Ironically, the ה'נווד with the Hebrew name is manufactured in China by fuse-dolphin, and named 2001 Nomad is manufactured in Israel by a well-known company wouldn't have wanted luminance parties anonymously.
[Image: Nomad at the same point just like this].

In principle, the bags are the same-just with a few changes: on internal Pocket also Nomad some modifications and customization option, whereas tramp comes from the factory like any other backpack and sold as is.

I use mainly on Nomad with a few customizations, but that Greece had also use tramp, treat both cases, including specifying the relevant differences.
' Gecko ' Nomad/Nomad "models".
Country of manufacture:
China/Israel, respectively.
Designate the files:
Long day trips, walks with lightweight, prototype, etc.
Price, at the time of writing:
Three hundred shekels (Yes, yes) and ל'נווד twice to Nomad.
Around 50 liters.
Basic structure:
A bag case Another opening-open shell. I mean, there is a zipper that allows peripheral devices to open the bag like the mouth of oyster – access to the file. Waist belt (on Nomad is a bit more).
A hat with two pockets; Helmet pocket in front, hidden pocket inside (on Nomad has been f modifications to most); Two small pockets (pockets the keys) in the abdominal belt. On Nomad Pocket internal mesh network in the future, you may be also. Side pockets (network), to store bottles etc. And also my pocket for hydration bag. There is a special key to tube, but don't need — Greece having peripheral zipper (double), you can open it and remove the tube. On the straps holding the tube, which is very nice, although some major market atinories (root, obviously) to limited cross-tube of kamlevk goes without problems.
[Photo-features: opening an oyster (1), (2) internal pocket at the Nomad, the back (3), helmet and Pocket hidden inside pocket (4), and Cap pockets (5-6).

Nomad – Nomad 1.6 kg — around 2 kg, the exact weight varies according to the specification requested and veneers used (me, for example, has named regentex fabric 12 heavy as 1000 or more flexible and much more nylon fabrics and polyester because lighter it's my everyday, and have a tendency to abuse in that this fabric waterproof durable phenomenal way to beautifully Burnout For sentimental reasons, and that a person who loved this fabric). On the causes of weight differences talk more later.
Rifstop polyester fabrics (600, I believe) and nylon (black), aovey cloth – thick fabric reinforced underground than the sides (i.e. final summary there are three types of cloth). It's pretty standard combination: rifstop for a durable polyester and nylon is resistant to abrasion. Such combinations are accepted in many cases. Olterliit portfolios of large companies generally use 70-210 deniir fabrics, but I don't really like delicate fabric bags. Polyester 600 is enough fabric for the majority of users – but who (like yours truly) that tend to get in a tangle of razor and case backed down several feet and drag it up deteriorating most prone alone anymore. Anyway, there's nothing to say about the ה'נווד fabric – these fabrics are common in pods, and almost every large manufacturer makes use of them.
The Nomad is a bit different: you can buy it in different fabrics and colors, depending on the Israeli manufacturer has in stock at the time of booking. So you can't say something permanent about it, but as far as I know it did manufacturer is also used in olterliit and flexible fabrics, so probably you will find the appropriate fabric for your exact needs.
More materials, upholstery on massive Nomad. It's not like the ' suffering from upholstery, but – unless you ask otherwise – like the Nomad padded cases to medium weight plus. Of course it makes higher weight; Equal weight cushioning.

Back system:
Unique adjustable bag with waist belt ' mobile (i.e., that can move with the body). Aluminum inner pole in the center of the case, nipping and hard plastic to maintain the shape of the bag. In my particular model, as a special request, there are two rods in V for weight bearing capability. It also adds weight 100 g compared to concentric braces canoe havenwood Lane, which I think is unnecessary for most people.

And now the description – the user experience.
Time and distance:
Three months ago, virtually every day, hiking, hiking and especially bicycles. I ride almost every day to work 16 miles and carrying a book bag, a laptop and a change of clothes. I mean, I rode with the case somewhere between 1000 to 1500 miles, and went with him about 100 miles.
Maximum weight carried in the bag:
22.8 kg, including a case in itself, but only to the km and 10 km. Why I had to move something to a certain place and picked up in a car just a few miles from home. And after that we went was walking miles anyway, not recommended – it plenty 22.8 kg more than the case, or rather most of the bags on the market, designed to. In my estimation, (basic configuration of one rod back system) is designed for up to 10-12 kg-extended day trips.

General impressions:
The bag is not a shame. I think he looks good (see picture) the finishing quality is very good on both models, and especially things like the drain at the bottom of the helmet pocket and DrawString contraction internal helps ensure you'll Pocket just clamped. Cyclist or a Pocket dimensions important forms to be generous – and he gets no special problem my bike helmet, size large.
. Multiple pockets on Nomad fits him very much to carry several books and a computer, plus stationery – everyday mode. Although I guess most students prefer simple and student portfolios, but the ability to carry and ten numbers and some stationery without the hands are busy and get backache seems very useful capability. Shell access is very convenient, and lets you get everything from every corner of the bag – only better if you cram your bag to bursting, it sharochsen not open all the way, otherwise it's kinda hard to pull him up.
In terms of carrying weight, in my estimation is designed for 10-12 kg weight it places him in the category of ' plus ' day bags, able to cope with a trip of three days without too much (as another example in the category – the old 45 Lowe's Walkabout). Adjusting backpack for the first time he has some decent – a mechanism with strap and velcro closure, less complicated than it sounds, but if you don't practice requires specialists. I saw bags easier to fit (I've seen worse, too). After that my backpack, he remains a matches. As far as I can see, the President clearly overstated and continuous riding don't move back system and changed direction.
Contrary to a common trend, in case there are serious with touchpad. The downside, of course, is that more sweaty – even though the network fabric in contact with the back. The advantage – the case just snaps back, which is not so noticeable in some cases with the network, especially when great weight.
Good weight distribution (unfortunately, the system auto-adjustable ש'שממית straps ' specialized, that allow to modify the distance back without affecting the weight distribution is the province of large bags; but although since tracks is standard, i.e. as Backpack weight closer back-shoulder tight, transfer the weight to the hips is quite effective).
Average weight comfortable backpack is also located adjacent to the back/shoulders. Tighten the side straps work great – especially when that Greece's febrile atachtonot V, leading to higher pressure and tightness better than the regular structure of side tracks. However, it must be said that in most cases standard tracks are also great facts; The ב'נווד structure is improving compared to the regular, but not a revolution, and the usual wasn't bad either.
Shoulder straps in neuro
A clear point of difference between the ' tramp ' to Nomad is the amount of cushioning and a belly belt. ב'נווד has an average amount of padding, and a waist belt. On Nomad has massive padding and very rigid waist belt. It is an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that if you're carrying more weight than the average, the Nomad in a manner appropriate to that task. The downside is that if you don't do this, the Nomad can be serious overkill: his belt a bit too rigid for cycling (though not rubbing and other disasters), and no significant weight can be tough. An ideal combination for bicycles would be, in my opinion, the Hobo's belt on the back of the Nomad (and walking with weight I'd put back the original belt), but even though it's technically possible right now cannot buy belly belts separately, and I guess most people do not buy two bags just for cannibalization.
It should be noted that the first of her Nomad fell a few bumps, one strange and stupid (and one that is not a fault but I really prefer to be different). The first step is to stupid to use 25 mm belt buckle. The Nomad uses two mtlkadut tracks to buckle, another drifter uses the normal structure of single-buckle strap-40 mm. The solution of fuze. ב'נווד Dolphin "works properly. The solution on Nomad causes the belt buckle and bullied in my stomach until I got tired and I traded him to buckle 50 mm (that's what I did, basically preference over 40 – such cases don't have the biggest buckle) and it solved the problem.
Two other incidents related to the connection Cap. Because, in my case the connection strips sewn on the inside of the shoulder straps, and connect to the mid cap (ב'נווד are attached to the outer edge of the case, and are connected to the edge of the hat). The significance of these incidents is that the tracks connect straight up hat, connecting diagonally — and because of that and because they connect to the Middle height of the hat, you can't really tighten the cap on the case in a way that completely covers the top. ב'נווד does not have this problem.
The thing actually-fault-he tie the shrink bag is too small for my taste.
When the Nomad Greece only custom-made, so these acute problems; ב'נווד, produced in China, none exist. This means, whoever buys the Nomad have to insist, at the time of booking to do tracks like ' tramp ' exactly, rather than one PIP. However, the annoying faults – especially when Greece Israeli company known for its normal small details carefully and pedant. Okay, these childhood diseases corrected and it happened many companies, but even that shouldn't have happened.

However, despite these faults the bag very comfortable and normal use the fact hat not completely covering the top tease. Moreover, it's my understanding that these faults are corrected, if someone is going to buy Nomad bag which, as noted, no shelf product but manufactured to order – it could easily verify that no errors are in his bag.

Overall, this is a very convenient backpack (my back, of course; but meanwhile received positive opinion from others too, so I guess my back aachoiia is not unique, always a good idea to measure if there is a possibility that each MS is different), suitable for use as an excursions + most details which are built well and almost annoying faults on Nomad (since the replacement buckles, have almost) excellent finishing level and quality of work is very good.
A brief recap:
-High quality
-Design useful
-Noah (to me),
-Customizable (the Nomad)
-Very cheap (ב'נווד).
-Made in Israel (on Nomad)
-A respectable weight carrier definitely relative to volume.

-Childhood diseases (probably irrelevant) on Nomad
The relatively heavy, Nomad can be overkill for some hikers
-Comes in several colors limited (currently ה'נווד ' comes in red, gray or blue-gray, yellow-black, too; the Nomad – depending on fabrics manufacturer holding his stock at the moment, there are no rules).
-Special model (it is common to most files in this volume might be too much to ask ...).

So who, in case final summary
First, people who are carrying a lot of equipment for day trips – for example tours with eight gallons of water, rappelling with ropes and equipment, etc. Also climbing climbing trip to find him; The design and the possibility to attach the back and reduce the volume is suitable for climbers like a glove.
The bag can fit also minimalist traveller in the Israel National Trail (INT) – I've seen people walking around with a bag this size — but most visitors want Israel trail backpack 60 +. Olterliit travellers might for a weight of 1.6 kg Nomad is too heavy, but since the case seems more durable than the cases of 45-50 l olterliit of large commercial companies in the market, plus a few hundred grams seems justified (it also suits the design philosophy of man, who believed that a backpack is the last place to save weight – that if it the case easier at the expense of comfort , Earned nothing). Anyway, for a 45 litre backpack he could deal with the passages that need to carry more water with good amenities
I appreciate that most buyers will choose the ב'נווד, because of his extraordinary price – $ 300 a case in every way she is leagues beyond double files him (the great ב'למטייל Walkabout ' 45 at the time of writing, 630-bin/lametayel/91432.html; http://shop.lametayel.co.il/cgi $ marmot Eiger in one hundred and thirty of the great http://shop.lametayel.co...n/lametayel/MT25000.html $ 800, and so on). The Nomad cost six shekels, as two veterans ' tramp ' – that's the price you pay extra for custom and production order.
Cyclist and save weight precedence again over the ' ל'נווד: Nomad it weighs less and its underbelly is more convenient while riding a massive. In contrast to Nomad priority in bearing significant weights – if you think to carry 15 kg case, maybe we should start early to save weight and again in case the rigid belt and massive padding on his leverage to buy Nomad
Finally, as mentioned previously – although students stated target audience of the case, the bearing capacity and with an easy access make it perfect to carry many books.

Where buy?
At Stevens, 0544545222 wave
Or through the website: http://www.smamit.com
]40650.0063425926 Yagil
#2 Posted : Friday, April 15, 2011 8:54:44 PM(UTC)

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A great review!
I really liked the case, achieved by other larger manufacturers (arkterix for example) with the concept of a bag with zipper large peripheral.
One of the most successful ideas.

I didn't know that one. Very sad:(
#3 Posted : Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:12:11 AM(UTC)

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Excellent review
Thank you.
#4 Posted : Sunday, April 17, 2011 7:28:34 PM(UTC)

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Excellent review yagil.
Well done on the.
Fingers crossed for this to sell pod (I already have one in that category, otherwise I was considering buying the Wanderer).
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