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אסף בשן  
#1 Posted : Thursday, May 5, 2011 6:02:12 PM(UTC)

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Hello to everyone! I'm after a month in Andalusia (...) have time and a computer company in SEVILLIA's apartment and a few days only until the Pyrenees so

I decided to share impressions from the oven. Just for the record: I pull now.

In my head I hope there won't be no inaccuracies here means to deepen too
Andalusia is a large region which includes basically all South Spain-Beach

Atlantic West winds there is sunny from CADIZ sailing

Columbus to America via the RONDA mountains GRAZALEMA and duration

And the SIERRA NEVADA to the desert of ALMERIA and the southern Mediterranean coast.

Semi tropical, Oriental
The southern location in latitude 36-8, close to the sea and the ocean.

Atlantic and the successive twitches the geologists have created a varied and beautiful landscape with the human and cultural scenery creates a familiar and comfortable environment for the traveler ... Some commercial?

The large blocks (asivim in this case) more or less areas from three directions and in the valleys of the rivers North-fact-generated due to the importance of

Of this region during the history surrounding mountains--sitting close

Many fancy and interesting cities-without specification: sbeia, Jerez, C?diz, Cordoba,

Malaga, Granada and Almeria
-Travel on foot about hostels, camping network and widespread ways around.

And in the mountains.
I'm going to focus here on two areas after last month's rotation has to mind.

Are the most interesting:
The Sierra Nevada: highest separate in Europe after its fifth Grand.

Higher than 3000-created as part of the Alpine akimot while the African conflict

With the separate central organs-relatively young mountain chain (300 million) who still

Is on the move.
The peaks are made of rocks and metamorphic rocks, mountain base is built of limestone and dolomite valleys are filled

The colored clays
Far geology. The meaning of the story is this:
Weather: temperature is concerned there is no problem to travel between April and October,

July August precipitation tend to be dry and generally from May to September there is too

You should be aware that within minutes from major system from the sea or ocean and stretching

Peaks should prepare like any mountain trip.
The southern slope exposed to direct sunlight a large part of the year so it is hot and dry.

April may most snow below 3000 already melted because it most villages and also with

The walks are on the south slope-the slope of the North are mainly ski resorts

Due to its southern location, July and August are not fabulous trip and May-June-September-October are recommended
Water: water in abundance on either side of the mountain especially where melting snow South.

Very ruminant herds and drinkable water, a quart and a half per day is sufficient
Food: because of low accessibility of the villages and their high occupancy there is a grocery store.

Most favor with half the villages in the country, eating in restaurants etc. happens,

Balon saw only camping TREVELEZ
Maps: despite the marks and the topography is also a simple map

1 or the 1:40 ' ups and downs including the markup isn't always accurate and pay

A high price for a Swan.
Trails: GR7, Spain Gibraltar out for Andorra 2 comprehensive South variations

And North ridge
Benefits: moving throughout the villages, good controls, plenty of water, flexible sections, can reduce the equipment to small case here.
Cons-go for the many ups and downs with little topographical interest.

Sometimes walking on roads and dirt roads
GR 142 from LANJARON to ALMERIA runs through the villages of

The RANGE is not very scenic speaking poor, Noah walking and bicycles given to go even in March.

Passing in villages less things to think
Local path SULAYR surrounding the ridge should be 20 days very parts

Interesting halkachm resembles the GR7 walking on relatively high altitude with a lot

To access points require more weight.
PR many beautiful circular trails that depart from and return to them with

Excellent signage

In my opinion: none of the trails doesn't justify a long walk-if only going

In the summer you should sew a wandering route between REFUGIOS peaks and spring preferred

Go for the GR7 with options to psgotelina: all the villages have to sleep.

Season cheap
There are camping in ORGIVA, LAROLES, TREVELEZ and PITRES showdown

Only in camping TREVELEZ intended to go on two weather forecasts

Lifting equipment, maps and information
Refugios POQUEIRA-open all year round should be level.

Couldn't get him access to the peaks and lakes, rpoachoius.

Open only in season and couldn't pick them reliable information
Free camping can be done in many places by water provided

This is not a private area in July and August I don't think there's a problem up in the mountains, too.

With good equipment.
Public transportation: the most comfortable way to reach it is Granada.
Five or six daily buses from GRANADA to ORGIVA
2-3 from ORGIVA to VALOR through the villages.
2 from GRANADA to the high villages BERCHULES

We assumed we could go two or three days on the GR7 and getting a little wet before

We need to so we decided to make some circular routes

The high villages
Some noted the options 5-7 days I think pretty

Maximize the Sierra Nevada, I don't want to write it that way on foot.

One map in the country, perhaps if someone comes and wants specific information

So gladly.

Note: there are quite a few books for walking in Sierra Nevada-from what I've seen

In the map and all eyes are most effective. In certain sections

Great times just disappeared.
The second area we trekked the SIERRA DA GRAZALEMA is very area.

Beautiful and very available for travellers-reached him but without planning can be found

Great maps in RONDA and in GRAZALEMA is beautiful area I

I don't think he takes more than four in order to prosecute him on the trails

Comfortable and pretty signs easy to navigate free topography except

Karst peaks (let raise their impressive beauty)

There are multiple Campings and even 1-2 bunk I know them.

Less high mountain aseira Nevada-rainy until later.

Arrival by public transportation more difficult tzkich to arrive earlier to Rhonda and grzlma

By bus-less water available and should carry a bit more food but definitely views

Worth the investment! [

Asafbash23 40971.895
אסף בשן  
#2 Posted : Thursday, May 5, 2011 6:19:45 PM(UTC)

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Sierra nevada

Sierra de grazalema Asafbash23 40668.9251851852
#3 Posted : Friday, May 6, 2011 2:36:29 AM(UTC)

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Thanks for reporting. Some airspace less familiar.
How about some pictures?
אסף בשן  
#4 Posted : Friday, May 6, 2011 3:46:29 AM(UTC)

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Push on the link por favore
אסף בשן  
#5 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 12:28:09 AM(UTC)

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Threading old life due to multiple questions about trekking in Europe in April.
#6 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 1:09:03 AM(UTC)

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Great-good to know that there are options.

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