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אסף בשן  
#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 24, 2011 7:36:59 PM(UTC)

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I get a lot of inquiries about a trip to Montenegro which is why I find the information center.
Update information for summer 2010 then traveled with a backpack on her back a month most of the time in Germany.

As far as I know, there are still no direct flights to podgoritzb and is itself is not "mandatory" destination so I was considering flying to Dubrovnik and back from Belgrade allowing across all places of interest without unnecessary repetition. (Or vice versa, of course)

First of all, compared to most countries in Eastern Europe, Montenegro is a country that has set itself as a national goal the subject of tourism and therefore if the infrastructure is not always comfortable for most people are friendly and helping.
Our trip we arrived without any information almost got along beautifully in amounts of 5-10 per day – but we often lack experience in hitkot in bad weather without gear and hiking.

So of course in terms of equipment necessary to prepare like any trip in Europe with an emphasis on rain gear as listed in the forum often enough
Specific points in terms of equipment:
Compass in mist are not uncommon.
In nzinia, a hotplate with balloon adapter not found or anything at the time because tbergim gas balloons
Maps should be equipped with Russian military maps 1:50 000 that I try to upload here ...
I think-tent, cooking equipment f

For those looking for structured trips with ease the styling infrastructure GR s forget. If you want to explore more than two or three days on foot to build an independent course based on the not-so-good maps and carry the weight of 15 pounds +
However-like map to go to the mountains to find a great destination Montenegro due to the small size, the relative proximity of "attractions", the mountains aren't too high, the water (except for certain parts of them detail) and the people are friendly and welcoming.
So then a little detail to divide Montenegro 4 3 main attractions around them better and to make the walks and the Greece trip
1. Durmitor National Park
2. situated National Park Gora
3. Lake Qader
4-Bay of Kotor
Durmitor-the only place its really three days trekking
The starting point is ז'בליאק that can be reached by bus from Belgrade or Podgorica, where you can stay in one of the camping at the park entrance. There you can also get a simple and good maps of National Park (1:22000). From there you can sew 3 days on mtbastt cottages (low quality) or tents (risk a fine of EUR 6) in the Durmitor is challenging and dangerous episodes especially if you plan to arrive to the glacial lakes area Kercher and get ready for hatast to leave Geneva equipment to climb the Rocky trails with oversized bag while I was there killed Slovak tourist who fell in one of the storm.
In terms of water no problem you can go with one and a half liter, I should take three days and to build on the cabins anyway you want to rebuild all the tracks in a circular manner – as you move away from the Center and get bad marks.

In cub-igradska part of the ialsch mountain range-it was hard to find in order to settle in the normal map and map Norway from 90 ... it wasn't so bad because the area quite simple to navigate but rather to check times and matches the map, and little Swan far wasted energy. Anyway there nice walk can be made 3 days in moikovatz ' entrance, or colashin to entrance, so that all the high and beautiful lakes-vs-Durmitor walking will be here for me, and encounter a lot of people who do "slammed" across the entrance to the walk through the big lake to the high Lakes takes one day to Greece.
The problem is getting to the entrance/exit, so should be based entirely on rides we spent on it all day.
Another option you can do but has not done is to cross the ridge and down to the Comune in biillo to return a long ride buses.
At the time there were few cabins I guess no problem clearly in advance to arrange accommodation and food-so we slept in a tent and carried food for three days, was not a problem of water only needs to be alert to and infection in certain lakes.

Bay of Kotor-stunning commercial area. Most people satisfied with visit to Kotor and Budva, but if there really is between walks and coastal villages.
The North-Western region of Herzeg Novi ontangrot above is a beautiful area called mount orian "area is karesti and despite the rain there's multiple water sources which makes for challenging walks.
Map of the area was not available but a very good check in most places, although maintaining the trails themselves in some places.
The best thing to do in this area is to go for the new mountain Beach-assuming you put your hands on the book out on the trail and includes maps and detailed Russian enlarged, water sources and check lists. Combined with this trail requires tmidat navigation and planning of food and water, and in July and August heat, too kind.
The day should be marked in the South to Herceg Novi-Herceg Novi w time until 6 days Stepan on-site walk through Kotor and Lobachevsky, wrote in a detailed way story someday I also get it. The best thing is to travel with the same digit got on the main square in the old town of Herceg Novi at the bookstore.
With this trail can get to.
Lake-a beautiful Lake and cadre that is located on the border with Albania, where you can explore a number of cute little park forest along the Lake and take the train/bus to Podgorica.
Another area that looks nice for a walk and got too far out and he trails marks the komovi Ridge towards the border with Albania-strolls it should be relatively challenging and access by public transport as far as I know doesn't exist is in my sights, but haven't gotten around to.

Anyway, as I wrote at the beginning: the link between ז'אבליאק to the coast there is no public transportation so it is very difficult to travel in Montenegro in a circular fashion without repeating the same places so me right-maximum extraction-fly to Dubrovnik-Herceg Novi-take bus from Kotor on foot or by bus through Sveti Stepan, Budva, the cadre. To Podgorica and towards colashin-biogrdskat and in the genre (I'm not sure if the bus passes through there) in the Durmitor and bus Belgrade or back to Podgorica.

Another possibility--challenging, she did walk from Podgorica to the morach between colashin 5 days up to the dormiturz Ridge walk as it really throws you into the mountains to places not toierim people welcoming you manifest in food and drink, but it requires considerable physical effort, considerable weight and navigation with the Russian maps not updated as the story her way one day. ...

Last year opened a new youth hostels network in Montenegro that allows cheap accommodation in Podgorica, the best option is, and most cities-sleep in people's homes.

In terms of food restaurants give price in my opinion as in Romania and Bulgaria and should come from cooking with flanges to buy discount groceries
The only food people can build at most walks (no name Durmitor) is cheese and bread (racia ...)

This is, as usual, I give here a summary of mess could add a lot of other things I'd like to answer specific questions.

It is important to remember that borders are not Holy, given a bus for olatini for shkader in Albania to leave three days in the mountains and Beaver.
You can cross the border to Sarajevo-Bosnia out of Zabljak and return to Dubrovnik through Mostar-cities nmaniinot overhaul
Many options for short and flexible and should come prepared for adventures.
I'll try to get some pictures from the trip.
#2 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2011 2:15:49 PM(UTC)

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My own little addition:
1. irtbica Mall is really beautiful apartment to which Morte area, not very far from Gora ה"ביגראדסקה". A little tricky to find the entrance to the Mall, we were a lot of locals directed us when we were close.
2. procltea-Prokletije Mountains area
Come to town-Gusinje gosin
This Albania border town South of Podgorica.
This is a beautiful place with few tourists, marked. We've found camping in the area but before the mmocanot huts route instead. Maps you can buy in the city of PLAV (like that pass through) and you can easily connect a course of several days.

I agree with every word that was written a little interest.
Cheap and very good and large portions, so not in the field definitely indulge in a meal.
#3 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2011 2:28:37 PM(UTC)

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Well done on the message.
אסף בשן  
#4 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2011 3:26:35 PM(UTC)

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My pleasure
About the mrtbica-bus stops in the village right on the bridge that crosses the river where it empties to the morach began a seven-day trek to the end of the Platform two was at the heart of Durmitor fog. But like you said just to stop and go inside to the amazing content pool and even move to the beautiful path carved in the rock and then back.
Thanks for the info on the procltea at the time tried to obtain information that we thought about moving from Albania to Montenegro by foot but there have been rumors that there are many mines.
Not really eaten there more than twice the restaurants so take my words back.
#5 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2011 9:53:17 PM(UTC)

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Not sure I understand you about 4 km after the pool the contents begins the fun part of the Mall, after passing through the forest of MOSS, MEP to the Mall itself for really cool of miles and there are places with pegs and some climbing, it's really a nice walk.

And procltea, I also heard the rumors about the mines, but decided anyway to go there and to stick to marked trails, we saw some local shepherds right where I should be, and there were traces of goats everywhere, and after we talked with the shepherds we realized that there is around. I mean, I don't guarantee it, but locals.
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