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#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 14, 2011 12:42:19 AM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,
In August did some stark called Ticino Switzerland's 700 Trek of 9 days (including arrival and departure) in the Italian Canton Tessin it of Switzerland and instead of crossing the border to Italy eventually climbed the Cristallina. Details below:

Trek 700 divided into nine days ( the German Google can help ...) Starting in Moscow on the eastern edge of the Canton and the trail ends in West pormata it already in Italy.

I started from day two of the fifth landrnka including ending in Prato-sornko. It's kind of hard to explain in words (with a map is open it will be much easier and clear) but if I moved the "by the book" was done in Italy in the middle of nowhere, to return from there to Switzerland would take me a full day of travel and a great round I did really brings me back to Switzerland in a very beautiful way (in my opinion a must place to visit).

In a few words, the Alps in this part in my opinion are more pirais, less toiilim, much more demanding and uncongested trails like for Alpa Chadha 1 year ago Via # 1.

The first day.
The annual Selma in this small village in a Valley named self-running cable, reached Landarenca in 1254 m altitude, this is actually an extension of the village in the Valley is active only in summer of about 3.5 hours came the first bar at a height of 2366. The last two kilometers, the bar went degrades and is slippery and elusive. The descent on the other side no less dangerous in the final downhill walk have a line height, and then type a short coming the second bar height 2450 meters. From there a steep decline that almost all or large boulders degrades towards Cap Cava in 2066 m height.

The second day.
Walk towards Biasca. There are two ways to go, I picked the one that costs a bar meter cabin at an altitude of 2250, named the Lake rising sharply. The Lake is relatively moderate decline, until arriving to the country name where campiett graze approximately five miles there is a dirt road (where for some reason stuck full of cars). Then 1400 m altitude to the Group 345 biasch m (200 m line it might air) has a sequence of different sizes, in different forms. Down the stairs takes about two hours – and ending up on your knees!
At the entrance to the town immediately after the track has a pretty Church worth a visit. The name kept the town's intelligence (not far from the Church). The girl was very courteous and efficient and helped me find a ROM accommodation in Bodio and it can start the third day closest to the starting point.

A long day of about 9 hours, and at 7 in the morning I was at the Lake with one of the friendly locals ride in the Lake at the entrance to the Mall. In a conversation with a couple of additional travelers realized that locals tend to jump to the starting point, and that's part of it.
Walking on the right side of the property, and is significant to the rising edge of the Mall, her name in the extension is an extension, then basically closed channel three directions by mountains, then begins the serious 1300 meters altitude towards 2217 m tall stripe that her long and difficult abruptly. From the bar to the Efra Cap says that about half an hour and demands for attention not to miss.
The cabin itself is not manned but a service myself and have to go there with food for dinner and breakfast if you didn't want to carry some groceries in place (including Coke, beer and wine) and you just take and add to your final account, that in the morning you pay by envelope diarrhea cabin slot is located at the intersection of red trail (walk) and a blue (prototype), ensuring that almost always what people

A relatively short day 4 hours up to sonogno/
Beautiful village, and mtweir which requires a reservation.

A long day of about 9.5 hours. Exit and walk approximately 5 miles and then channel begins. that starts strong and only maintains the last mile you went over part of climbing and boulders. 2181 metre tall line himself and it looks very pretty and obviously because Efra cap on the previous day. Rock band is like hanging in the air (kinda scary.) The descent is long and at first she degrades and then moderate then drop into a sort of zigzag a little segment includes metal cable attachment. The descent is very steep and smooth (no stairs) until an encounter with a dirt road that leads to Sornico. Then it started to rain that was expected to continue the next day and then I decided too directed a local guy to take a bus to get to this village of Brontallo recovered it about how living museum village in thousands (and if you're in the area worth a visit).


By day I run buses and went to s. Carlo away can climb or take the cable car (bus sized) to cap Basodino annual there next went all the cristallina mountain until it the main Valley Airolo.

7th day.

Started very early (6:00 a.m. been outside. And I was the last one to leave the hut). A relatively long day but that tussocks in area lakes and Alpine views. The walk up to Cap Cristallina takes about two hours. The cabin is great (like a hotel. More than 100 beds) is situated on a height of 2568 meters.
Away some decrease of 4 hours until it ossasco bytes set to airolo Valley, but with one advantage stands out as a bus station.

This is one of the most beautiful treks, the limitations. (Timeout, close to home, etc.) is recommend. Who wants to know more details, I'd be happy to help. Guyy222 40804.8083796296
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