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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 12, 2011 7:36:51 PM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,

The purpose of this thread is to give an overview of the Walker's Haute Route – high road from Chamonix to Zermatt.
I can't give a full review here, that is long and alternatives – for this you'll need to dig a little more online and/or – to get next to the excellent guide of Kev Reynolds published by cicerone – recommended, recommended, recommended!
I'll give some general information here, as well as a concise description of a specific track.
I invite everyone to visit my blog, published in "the traveler" (the first entry is the following rules describe the experiences during 13 days of walking). The nature of the blog is more experienced – and hence I added this thread would be more informative character/technical/figures.

Introduction to my blog post on travel site

Description the first day the blog

Walker's Haute Route-what is it?

A not technical (as opposed to a Skier's Haute Route and Classic Haute Route requiring appropriate equipment and knowledge) to over 180 km, connecting two of the most famous Alpine towns or two of the Alps – the French town of Chamonix in Chamonix at the foot of the Mont Blanc and the Swiss Zermatt, Mattertal Valley, at the foot of the Matterhorn.

12 – 15 days.
The great majority in Switzerland.

The nature of the track and its area

The track is diverse.

As regards goldies views all-green valleys, forests, grasslands and meadows, glaciers, barren rock deserts, lakes, rivers, towns of various sizes. Ah yes – and much, much.

Accordingly – and the difficulty level of the two sections is very different (and of course also depends on the specific program). I've been really short and easy – and challenging days.

In terms of you going for him – there are very steep trails (top and/or bottom) and moderate, has exposed and wide and comfortable. There are relatively many walk by implementing rocks (sometimes very large boulders)! But also compressed and trails and parts ש"מרוצפים" Cetina.

There are quite a few variations for some kinds of sections – not only are you mrachicot for a few hours from another hoariatia, but also that you or interruptions a day or two off where he is. "


As I mentioned – technical track – no sections that require climbing and/or information equipments.

There's one thing scales (in Pas de Chevres) but you can bypass it by and Col de Riedmatten ariant nearby – (note the split point see the two options and that is a huge advantage, because you must decide in advance).
There are steep sections and I think those who do not feel safe in the narrow path according to the slope. May have difficulty in this Trek (e.g. on Col de Riedmatten who has no good – and in terms of character by watchmaker).

About the physical difficulty – it's very hard for me to determine, it is so personal.
But this is a track where significant cumulative height difference! (Approx. 10000 12000 increase and decrease)
Be prepared for long hours of continuous and. Continuous decline.
Also, if you are going relatively slowly (again – the idea is certainly not conclusive) – be prepared for hours on the trail (I went with friends and sometimes I slow way – we spent up to 10 hours on the trail, including a break!).

Height – the Trek by the height to 3000 m below so that no one is supposed to be a real problem with the height (but you will find yourself breathing a bit challenged beyond the size of the effort — at least in the early days). The highest point of the Trek is Col de Prafleuri-2965 m height (who will oariant of Cabane des Dix reaches a maximum height of 1892 meters in Tete Noir).

Compared to this little trek TMB harder and longer, but in General – who went the TMB and didn't feel threatened, can go that route too.
A long first Alpine Trek – I don't recommend it.

Simon, signage, maps

No specific check is designed for (as opposed to the TMB for example) but it's easy to get your bearings – nodes and branching points of the different control (learn the names, towns, buildings and other landmarks on the way – not by any sign will appear where your final destination for the day).

The trail itself is marked as usual by "color", 4, by implementing a rocks or pillars. This is usually red and white check, diamond or a yellow triangle marking is often encountered in this Trek (with black frame).

In rocky areas, shashbil itself is unclear on the ground – it is very important to follow the road markings in the form of splashes of color and arrows – usually by implementing rocks. It is particularly critical at Grand Desert and when the conditions are not good. Fortunately, a great check work done – when it was difficult to identify the route appears frequently.

I'm a little divided about myself on the topic maps.
On the one hand, there is no navigation problem-in. On the other hand – 1:50000 maps are not good enough in the eyes of the general orientation.
1:25000 maps are of course much better navigation really-complete coverage by way of maps in scale 1:25000 requires expensive, heavy set of 10 maps! (Compared to 5 maps of 1:50000).


Generalization and disclaimers necessary (this is a high alpine Trek – can snow every day of the season, and it's not a clich?!) – it is recommended to follow the track from early July to mid-September (shaugust is considered peak season).
In June there is a still a lot of snow on the runway, especially in high places, which makes it difficult for the walk and raise the level of risk.
Towards the end of September is getting cold at altitudes and mountain huts are gradually closing (from the middle of the month).

I went from 3 September and the weather was pretty perfect (not too hot, not too cold and only two half-days of no rain too heavy). In addition-not crowded! Not on the track and in the accommodation.
With the exception of one hut (Cabane du Moriy is recommended, which was full of SOF) – wasn't the problem in stark and most places were empty (at least).
All days – called the night before or that morning to reserve or the came and asked if available.

Despite the foregoing, I have a dilemma in choosing the topic. I'm getting my account in peak season – I don't like density and like to pre-order. I also hate high temperatures (and hates — even very difficult to deal with).
Those reasons, I'm always on the edge of the promenade season. Last year I chose to go on early season TMB (June 26 to July 6). I had amazing weather wise!
Because the higher WHR and a little harder – decided to leave at the end of the season – namely in early September, for snow accumulation on the runway. Such choice proved itself a precondition (not even had snow on the runway, the nose section) but for me – the beginning of the summer season more beautiful!
Floral and green. More white = = better (at least for me). In autumn colors may not like in North America, for example, and the track in many parts was pretty buff – still very pretty but a little less.
I've been torn about the Trek.

Food, lodging

You do not need a tent, food and cooking equipment – and eat mountain cabins and motels/hotels.
Need food for the day hike (some days – you can eat in restaurants/huts/mountain way) — and two or three days at most, you can stock up on food.
The cabins can usually purchase a packed picnic meal per day, walking case cetiidatm.

Reservations: self catering cottages they have and not any option of purchasing food meals (but this is not a ה"עיקריות huts") – so make sure to inquire about any specific cabin.

Cost is painful when it comes to Switzerland.
Dormitori accommodation on half board cost me between 55 to 67 Swiss franc (sometimes plus a few francs for a hot shower).

I have no words ...

The track is great – views, great diversity, great atmosphere.
No complicated logistics and the Trek was challenging but not too hard.

The great Trek side!
Meet repeatedly, whether on the track or in the evening – accommodation places. The interaction is very cordial, very rich share.

I had great experience!

I hope I helped a little thereafter.
You can ask specific questions,

Later on. Daily summary concise and some pictures!
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, October 12, 2011 7:38:01 PM(UTC)

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Day 1
From Chamonix to Col de la Forclaz

Landmarks: Argentiere, Le Tour Col de Balme, Refuge, Les Between

Approx. 19 km (not including cable section)
Nature variable with moderate steep sections (particularly the descent from Les Between Refuge)-for a comfortable, some attention required in hoariant parts

Between – Chamonix Le Tour the track is on the rise in almost all the time, but this is a relatively mild – good heating for further I ...

From Le Tour Col de Balme to people of this type are not easy from 1453 m to 2204 m by 4 km I skipped by cable segment ("one ה"דילוג sure all trip!) for two reasons: 1 I already went there! 2 I had a very long day relative to the Sunday oariant of Refuge and Les didn't want to pass Between.

I highly recommend the oariant to Les is Between great Refuge! I recommend to consider also is on very basic but Refuge very charming (Note – self catering and showers (.
In addition, if you are like me to Col de La Forclaz and want to use a cable car or give up the oariant – recommends you split this day or start at Le Tour or Argentiere (IE give up the first section) unless you are experienced and in good shape – it's very, very difficult day for starters.

After a pretty steep decline Between Les and short to the Valley and a significant name for wide and comfortable to Col de la Forclaz, there's hotel (which also has common rooms).

Col de Balme, Les hoariant of Refuge Between

Day 2
From Col de la Forclaz to Champex Fenetre de Arpete way

Approximately 13 km
Very steep and very rocks on both sides of the aisle!
-1526 m altitude
-2665 m height
-1466 m height

I went in high orbit although rained rain night and alerts (hatmmsho) of rain during the day.
The oariant and the low (Alp a Bovine valve which is called) which recommended in uncomfortable weather!!! I went under the TMB anymore and just wasn't able to forgo the Fenetre de Arpete.

Eventually – had her difficult towards the end and it started to rain (which was luckily not too hard) just when I got to the pass, but had just wonderful – full day satisfaction enjoyed like crazy and it was one of the highlights of the Trek for me. I went really carefully, paying attention to each step and not too delayed (in case the weather deteriorates) – each track took me just a little more than 6 hours – so not a lot for "literature" and reports.

(And yet I can't warn you going this route today is wet not easy rocks)

Glacier du Trient a Fenetre de Arpete-rise

Day 3
From Champex to Le Chable

Landmarks: Sembrancher

Day light and short (trivial ups and downs, 13 km of moderate walking on trails very favorable). Walk between towns, villages and farmland – is, after two days pretty hard. Less dramatic views from high alpine routes but still – beautiful and interesting (and green!).

Green Day

Day 4
From Le Chable Cabane du Mont-Fort

Coordinates: Clambin, above Verbier ski resort

Length: 9 km
-821 m height
-2457 m height
All of her character, and market space-good path

This day had much easier than I expected – by the book descriptions and technical data.
True--begin to climb, and the increase is significant in the first half and lasts all day, but it's really short.
1636 m height difference somehow (as stated-all) deployed me by 9 km – especially when so varied and so.

Until the Clambin is in the forest. There are several tiny, isolated farm villages and the forest provides very good insight into the Valley where walked yesterday (Sembrancher).
On the Clambin just great views! Especially the Combin massif.

Continue to climb through the forest until you get to the heart of the ski resort Verbier. Despite its proximity to the ski lifts, the injury and the relative growth of persons (in summer, or in day and bike riders)-great views, too.

From here the trail leveled off, and he's out of the Woods and alpine meadows of the shrcasi Mont Blanc and Combin-decor used to be a great cabin (which controls the same fantastic view).

This is definitely a great Alpine walk day!

The views of Verbier

Day 5
From Cabane du Mont Fort Cabane de Prafleuri-

14 km from diverse challenges,
Sometimes not easy to move and navigate (many rocky passages, sometimes steep, too)

It's not easy nor simple rule which undergo three mountain passes from Termin station, Col Col de Louvie and Prafleuri Col de.
And it's largely ups and downs.

It is also a day when moving from the world of green (or yellow-going, like me-September)-gray/Brown world of rocks and glaciers are receding. Definitely a very unique views, but also fascinating Islands and forgiving.

From Termin station to Col-Coronation of hillside road and is fairly light (also for transition itself is relatively steep), views over Val de Bagnes. There are a lot of opportunities to watch running downhill Ibex. The narrow path sometimes but not complicated.

The descent from Col from Termin station for quite similar in nature, merely a long way above Lac de Louvie-beautiful but below the trail varies greatly.
It becomes very rocky and difficult to pass and very arid.
The following two passages--both in the middle of the desert-rough Rocky than the first move.
That day I went with four people I met in some difficult and progress was slow. I must admit that I (just not quite having trouble) I was very happy to go through the 3rd Col.

On this day-very important to pay attention to the marking (provided by implementing rocks) because there isn't much space character "" easy to be wrong here.

We arrived tired after a cabin very special day just long legs these tracks can (I think).

World islands of receding glaciers

Day 6
Cabane de Prafleuri from to Arolla

Again a long day and not easy-and very rewarding.
Its 16 miles of diverse terrain, it is not always easy to navigate and sometimes very steep--and Rocky and exposed.

Immediately in the morning, crossing the mountains to this day-Col des Roux (a significant slant but she really short).
What wonderful views of Col Lac des Dix-long glacial and Milky gray.
The descent to the Lake is not hard and then just walking along the breezy morning and wonderful by all accounts!

When reaching the southern end of the Lake, go again. Steep trajectory but sometimes more enjoyable for you to the world of rocks and glaciers.
We went a little oariant to Cabane des Dix and I think he's great, and ariant but is harder than direct way and depending on the nature of the Group (again I went with charming people I've ever known) returned to the main road "after some time.

View all any Variant in this area is impressive: a very arid, Rocky again, threatening something – but I want to see a man who can remain indifferent in the face of Mont Blanc de Cheilon's beauty-stunning to me!

. Depending on the nature of the group, chose to avoid the ladders segment (which looked too scary for some of us) and the Col de Riedmatten us to absolutely across steep mountains and treacherous Trek (and no good sometimes, but overall the complicated pretty short).
There is no doubt that one of the highlights of the trip! I was thrilled when I got up.

The descent to Arolla was long and quite exhausting – mainly because we proceeded slowly, we were tired and we had a long day on your feet. " But the wonderful view and all the beauty and strength of the heart-shaped rocks right into the see finally green.
The forest that lined the Arolla (two ה"צדדים) is the most beautiful forest in my journey and he finished a long, hard, tiring especially awesome and diverse.

Mont Blanc de Cheilon Oh Friday all-Lake dairy, Rocky thing.

Day 7
From Arolla La Sage

Coordinates: Lac Bleu, Les Hauderes

10 km
Comfortable and clear path almost all the time (some attention in the first in the forest)
Pretty steep decline from Lac Bleu to La Gouille (for rest)

After long and difficult days again comes short and easy day.
I went to Lac Bleu in higher road-a beautiful forest (often opens vistas, especially back-to the mountains to the South, above Arolla). A fun and highly recommended!
Also during the day was fun through several towns.
Maybe not exciting as previous days but diversity is happy and Nice.

A path in the Woods above Arolla

Day 8
From La Sage Barrage de Moiry-the oariant of Col de Torrent

Distance: 10 km
First part owner-1252 m over 6 km
Part II not steep descent (approx. 670 m by 4 km)
For the rest all day.

I was going to go, like the majority, via Col du Tsate to Cabane du Moiry hut located she views right across to the Moiry Glacier du (also recommended bungalow in General).
But to phone the evening before she's straight away! (Weekend).

I decided to choose a different oariant-Northern-and despite the disappointment of missing the easiest hut. Not sorry!
Col du Torrent (2919 m height, approx. 3 hours in continuous increase in views) turned out to be the mountain pass with the most beautiful view in May.
I enjoyed rise again very excited in him--a little Col (beautiful party route)-total spent on Col and above it for over an hour! And nodded as the decline-not hard, not in the spectacular views of lakes, mountains and glaciers to Barrage du Moiry.

The Lake is fed by the waters of the glacier by area-hypnotize.
Also – Chalet du Barrage-proved to be a successful place and overall it was a great day-one every successful Trek and not difficult at all, except for her to Col (that I have to keep another one and I could also easily but ... I could find no reason to hurry).

Lac du stunning Moiry

Day 9
From Moiry to Zinal Barrage du Village

Coordinates: Col de Sorebois, Gondola station at Sorebois

Distance: 8 km
A great time-a little steep and not allowed in the forest, rising to Zinal

Since yesterday I came north Lac de Moiry ש"סידרתי mountains myself and really short day (of course I could keep going, but at that point I didn't want to short days)

The morning began with her not difficult from a height of 2249 m height of 2847 m (about 2 miles).
After her start to descend, first pass ski slopes, then ground and finally (last part steep).

Zinal interesting ancient town with very beautiful and me came early can hang a bit.

In the Woods above Zinal

Day 10
From Gruben-Zinal

Length: 14 km
The track is pretty diverse, but not hard and good for
Height: 1675 m
Maximum height: 1874 m
Final height: 1822 m

Coordinates: Barneuza, Tsahalet, Forcletta, Nava Alpe

Excellent day walk starts landscapes steeped in for rest in the Woods, continues for a balcony "encompasses a mountainside in autumn colors beautiful, reddish outside high meadow and zigazog (the Bank voucher) to the mountain pass Forcalleta. The descent to long Gruben (e-Pass is right in the middle in terms of miles) but very enjoyable comfortable trails through paddocks and some woods.
Tiny town Gruben and sweet.

A balcony above the Val de Zinal

Day 11
From Gruben to St. Niklaus

Coordinates: Augsbordpass, Jungen
Length: 16 km
Height: 1822 m
Maximum height: 2894 m
Final altitude: 1127 m

Long day, with wonderful views, not light and variable surface conditions

The day starts with an increase of approximately 1072 m from beautiful mountains to Gruben last Augsbordpass Trek.
The climb begins in the forest and in open field – not very hard due to the nature of the rest of the path.
Since this is the last pass Trek and since great views is your one stop car thief.

After the initial drop. pass, for a year. It becomes narrow and exposed Rocky sections and sometimes outside. I went again today with a picnic and seized some difficulty, particularly in a scene or two that were exposed. I think it's a very fun.

After the exposed comes form a breathtaking compensation-the Valley-the Mattertal. Definitely an exciting milestone for someone who follows the Trek.

The track is greatly improved when heading south over the Valley, on the way to the tiny Alpine village Jungen (to shorten the way to St. Niklaus by cable). The descent to St. Niklaus is pretty steep, but nice took us an hour and a half (slow down cable bunch).

Day walk fine and challenging (especially in the second half)!

Finally the Mattertal Valley.

Day 12
From St. Niklaus to Taschalp

Coordinates: Randa, Europaweg

Because offenses problems (winter damage) in the first part of the Europaweg, chose to skip the section and I joined the course part II
-Information on this blog.

Length of track: approximately 18 km
Altitude: 1127 m
Maximum height: approx. 2400-2300 m, somewhere along the way, the Europaweg
Final height: 2214 m

Two and a half hours of light and pleasant hiking trails are wide (along the road, railway, River-over several towns) in her very mild to Randa (Valley Road).

From there on, pretty taxing, sometimes steep but for good, to override to Europaweg.

The Europaweg itself is the wonderful celebration and the track is really a playground: at times, sometimes narrow, some good, some, some trees, usually in open view, tunnels, bridge or two?-Bill "reverse" but for me-joy!

A long day, not easy but fun!

On Taschalp (also called Ottavan) (except peace and great views) and cabin called Erupaweghutte.


13 last day!!!
From Taschalp to Zermatt

All that remains today is a little more Europaweg, next to the ski slopes (dry) above Zermatt, and then decline (sometimes steep, forest) to Zermatt.
Light day-Robo for "balcony" in wonderful views of the Valley and the Matterhorn.

Height: 2214 m
Final height: 1606 m

Big fun!

The Matterhorn!
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#3 Posted : Thursday, October 13, 2011 2:48:59 PM(UTC)

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Exports and prices

1 night
Hotel du Col de la Forclaz
Okay, good conditions
Half-board CHF 59.

Night 2
Pension En Plein Air in Champex
Very good-recommended!
Half-board CHF 67

3 night
Dormitori gondola station building in Le Chable
Functional and very comfortable, and a little distant.
I had their "private" room (designed for 4) with shower/WC en suite (inside)
CHF 55-bed and breakfast

4 night
Had the room tiny and sweet in their attic-myself (designed for two)
Wonderful cabin! Good food, great views, great atmosphere
There were a few people there was also very comfortable.

Halfboard CHF 65
+ 4 CHF hot shower (2 minutes)

5 night
Cabane de Prafleuri
Secluded location, large cabin ו"פונקציונלית"
There's a lot of WC/showers and separate men/women in the bathroom.
I was comfortable because there were so many people, may be crowded and busy
I slept in Durham (again fully booked in my opinion can be crowded)
But Barcelona-location and atmosphere!

Halfboard CHF 65
+ 6 CHF hot shower (3 minutes)

6 night
Hotel Kurhaus, above Arolla
An ancient stone structure, beautiful and impressive.
I slept alone in a room with their four bathrooms.
The food was amazing!

Halfboard CHF 65

7 night
Cafe-Restaurant l'ecureuil, in La Sage
Somewhere between "neglected" some atmospheric. The time trying to decide.
But I got a room with a bed-spaces for myself and I was real comfortable.
The food was good!

Halfboard CHF 55

8 night
Chalet du Barrage, a few dozen meters above the restaurant.
Excellent-comfortable and cosy.
Meals downstairs in the restaurant at the dam, so you need to get up, but the food was excellent!
There is also an option to self-cataring has a fully equipped kitchen.
Again we were was 3 for 8 in their cute.

Recommended! (Although Cabane du Moiry than recommended!)

Half-board CHF 60.-

9 night
Auberge Alpina in Zinal
The bathroom and shower were very comfortable, the bed on mattresses in the attic was very comfortable because we were only five in a room designed for 15 or so.
The food was mediocre but the excellent atmosphere.
Far from the Center.

Half-board CHF 60.-

Night 2010
Hotel Schwarzhorn in Gruben
A friendly atmosphere but overall very comfortable (again, we were only five in a room with 10 pallets) and the food was amazing!

Halfboard CHF 58
(Additionally there is still Gruben got hostel on her recommendation and is much cheaper, it seems to me that halfboard 45 to I slept at the company needs)

11 night
Pension Walliserkeller
Durham, got no room single room with shower (inside the curtain. There are no walls in the shower) and a sink in a bathroom in the hallway.
There are no half-board only B&B.
The place is cute, clean and pleasant and is located right in the Center (pretty big town) in old street

55 CHF-accommodation in single room with breakfast (nice)

12 night
Europaweghutte on Taschalp
Excellent location, very good meal, friendly place with beautiful scenery.
I got a room all to myself so that their generation had very comfortable (I think it's thick at capacity)
The shower was cold (that means frozen!)

55 CHF, halfboard
(Note that Taschalphutte hut-about an hour and a half over-wonderful views seem more likely than recommended but ... A deviation from the track-back and forth-and expensive, don't remember exactly but it was over 70 CHF half board in dormitory)

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#4 Posted : Thursday, October 13, 2011 7:04:13 PM(UTC)

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Happy holiday, amber

Read the entire blog (not missed any day)

Read everything you wrote the technical side

I wanted to say that you write beautiful and interesting and it looks like

The second journey. Keep going all the time.

Thanks for sharing the experience


#5 Posted : Thursday, October 13, 2011 7:28:47 PM(UTC)

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Thank you cheer! Nice to hear.
Happy holiday
#6 Posted : Friday, October 14, 2011 4:01:30 AM(UTC)

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Enjoy reading! And like a picture postcard.
Noted and hope to go there soon, I guess the season begins in June?
#7 Posted : Friday, October 14, 2011 2:18:31 PM(UTC)

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First of all thanks for the encouraging what popped.

It is recommended to trek between July and mid-September.
In June still expected much snow on the runway — it may be too difficult and dangerous in some of/sections.

Everything in theory (based on averages from previous years). God only knows space.

This year for example I know snowstorm in mid-July that stopped a lot of everyday holchim to least.
#8 Posted : Friday, October 14, 2011 8:51:43 PM(UTC)

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Wow! Great description and pictures!

Balanced information integration for personal experiences.
#9 Posted : Saturday, October 15, 2011 1:45:17 AM(UTC)

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HarmonicWave, glad to hear it! Thank you

Get it fast, her photographer, even the same camera. Just another season.

Amnonl 41487.655474537
#10 Posted : Saturday, October 15, 2011 1:12:05 PM(UTC)

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Amber is an excellent description. I really enjoyed reading.

Also here and personal tech blog.

Two things that are missing in my opinion so it will be a perfect guide (like that of Tilapia to AV1) that describe best practices for ways of getting the track begins and ends and list necessary equipment.

#11 Posted : Saturday, October 15, 2011 1:29:07 PM(UTC)

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Hi Yuval
Thanks for the first look what popped.
This review is definitely not "complete guide"

But regarding your questions.

To get to Chamonix easiest from Geneva Airport (low-cost flights with easyJet and a variety of flights).
The airport has 3 options-(not direct), bus (number of companies) or shuttle.
I recommend the third is for me the best (door to door), a very frequent and competitive price (like, sometimes even cheaper than the other options – compare prices).
I can recommend two companies that have already tried, complete details:

Zermatt is a car-free town. This means that the port is by train. Return to Geneva Airport takes approximately 4.5 hours (with one, in visp) and about 60 Swiss franc (full price without the discount cards of all kinds-Greece).

2. equipment list didn't let that Turk does not require special equipment, namely: this is the same list of equipment you will take each Trek.
The important thing is, as I wrote, I didn't have a tent, cooking equipment and Leiner of km is enough. Also-rain gear is essential.
Beyond-use also have general here on the site.

Small item that people sometimes forget: heat balance!

I would be happy to answer specific questions.
Amber. Io_travel 40831.4380671296
#12 Posted : Saturday, October 15, 2011 9:01:58 PM(UTC)

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Great amber!

Fun to watch at the same place in a different season, a different experience.

BTW, my earplugs that the weight ratio equipment/highest benefit:-)
אמנון לנגי  
#13 Posted : Sunday, October 23, 2011 12:17:03 AM(UTC)

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Location: ירקונה

Thanks for the post, amber. A pleasure to read.
#14 Posted : Sunday, October 23, 2011 4:38:49 PM(UTC)

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Hi amber

I also relish reading your blog on the runway and the older brother of TMB (where I traveled with my partner in 2000).

Thanks for this completion.

I'd be happy if you add pictures of different dots along the way that you think may be a problem (as regards offences). I think this is information that can help people who want to travel on track but concerned about the point.

Thank you
#15 Posted : Monday, October 24, 2011 4:49:10 PM(UTC)

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Amnon-thanks for your feedback!

Jonathan, thank you. Your idea is great (because I won't let any description is very MAI) but ... Most places with the offenses harder, I focused on walking and took a lot. In addition, foreigners are very hard to "get" in the photograph. Therefore, I have good pictures that describe the difficulty track. I'll try to pay attention to this point next year.

I can turn my request to youtube, short search yields a lot of the Trek movies and some of them also show the difficulty.

For example,
The rocky nature of the Trek which is reflected here.
Boulder Field on the 3-cols day (from Cabane du Mont Fort to Prafleuri)
And here.
Boulder fields at Val d ' Arpette
(When you have an hour of uninterrupted space rocks that may not be just)

The Col de Riedmatten peakedness of troublemakers, to some extent, in this video:
Col de Riedmatten

I take another look at the photos and get here as those who give to sections with offences but I really think I have a lot of them.

Thank you!
Amber. Io_travel 40840.5779976852
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And very strong DEJA VU oaua

I already feel welcome.

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Thank you for your cooperation and investment. Completely agree with you that early summer is the most beautiful in the Alps: a long white and bloom. On the other hand (as you noted) has a snowstorm isn't easy but most importantly, this is a period of avalanches and thus require caution. And another point, Blizzard may make the markup, then it is easy to lose your way, in particular. And after all, early summer. Brand ofer 41182.3829166667
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Amber, this charming and fascinating!
What light do these routes which, again I enjoyed every minute of it:)
When I close my eyes I have been traveling there in July.
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Thanks amybrown20,
Glad you enjoyed reading the total route really isn't complicated. In General, Switzerland.
I highly recommend to finish at Europaweg if possible. If you have not yet iitim in Zermatt. But, the Matterhorn-mount (been there even in winter-skiing).
Good luck! Io_travel 41306.5410300926
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Amber wrote very beautiful!!! Thanks a lot!
Small question I still see posts about the place, I like to travel with a tent and cook myself and still couldn't figure out if I can manage that. The rafiog give the option to camp next to them? Or camping in a certain time and to fold early in the morning? If anyone has a definite answer I'd love to hear. Thank you very much!!
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