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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 1, 2011 6:59:10 PM(UTC)

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Hi friends,

Last week I finished the Israel and wanted to tell you a little about how you act.
The path went 5 members, from North to South, in 42 days from September to October.
As you know, we went at a good rate even very well, on paper.


Backpack over in Throop אית'ר 70-did a great job in terms of comfort and support. In terms of storage and is relatively ipzurim the possibility to connect the ease of walking to the shoulder belt under the arm is useful (I haven't seen it in other cases) has an external fan cell washable, and large cell sides that can get them easily 2 liter bottles. However I wouldn't mind a few more suitable for enterprise-like a double cap closed cells on the sides. This backpack has passed along a few orbits just about 1400 miles, and now the top of the shoulder straps a bit dried out and lost some elasticity. You have to remember that the shoulder straps of the bag is padded enough minutes nor too like other bags, but surprisingly it didn't bother to make. Our group was a model for women over in Throop on Ariel and she enjoyed it.

I went with shoes Authentic-few things Alderman Salomon GTX:
A. I took half the largest shoe size from my foot, and I realized that I was wrong for not listening to the salesman who recommended me to take a degree and a half more-influenced me in terms of pain, but after the first leg to swell and then have to try to get her shoe-it would have saved me some blisters.
B. in terms of comfort and durability-dry soil conditions she has excellent gripping but almost no shamstach wet grip. Very good water resistance thanks to the GORTEX-I used it maybe twice for the Golan Heights and times in the Israel National Trail (INT) (hatzbani and Nahal Hadera)-in retrospect, but be better ventilated and GORETEX or skin. In terms of abrasion, she stood very well what she did to her intact and erosion of the sole applies only after the crest. At the end of the sole was quite worn but no damage to the seams or any rifts in the shoe, but it can be used for daily routes (she served me about 1500 km).
Surprisingly, it took quite a long time shoe "broken" only after about 600-700 km the shoe adapts to the foot and stopped producing me blisters.
Some comparison to other folks shoes-me and another girl were shoes made Salomon-compared to other shoes they showed the most resistance, are hardly worn away but they were the shoes that caused most blisters.
Other friends were iindel and the old Oslo/HIGHLAND GTX and 535-they tell a very comfortable shoes and not cause blisters and thigh gouging them, although some came with shoes completely, however, pair shoe soles were pretty hammered after for some seams midway opened for some ridges began saying goodbye to lock in various stages of the trip. In short, or comfort or survival of the shoe. I think that comfort is more important and therefore my next Kenya be old Oslo.

Socks-with-blisters so did an excellent job and Hardegg hardly suffered from blisters. The work done and the lkoplest made easy walking without blisters. I went with the Comfort and endurance trekker hopes trekker hopes, plus liner of Hardegg. At first I was afraid some endurance model because the wool, but in retrospect is more comfortable and durable than the COMFORT all pain attracts him. Don't make the mistake I did-no way to wash the socks in the wash, it affects first Maytag already tchbso only by hand! (Even if your socks look really messy). It is important to replace inner and outer sock every day every other day. Who tends to develop blisters – he must settle for stockings, it saved one of the girls in our group-she bought socks in the middle of the track and other life.

Walking sticks-mandatory 2!! There is no compromise, beyond help increases and weight back that very critical downs and keep your knees. I have sticks of Masters sck135-they did a great job, very comfortable thanks to the hilt with shaped and very comfort allowing to go with the stick without catching the handle. In addition they have a fine point and they grab any surface also irrational angles. Their point is very resistant to rarely play along the trail-worth every penny.
Compared to sticks of other members who had bought cheap sticks of CP with cork grip-sticks I saw the handle is broken at the top. Instead of a simple Strip has a sort of a glove-it really uncomfortable and people just gave and stick the whole time (less comfortable you never "sticks" Spitz and handles them quite restricted to straight surfaces.
Also cheap "sticks" I suffered from fractures and warps in a compound shape.
Medium priced sticks were comfortable but suffered from abrasion of the point, and with sponge-handle began to leave black hands towards the end of the path.
In short, though I've read here and there that can save sticks-I do not recommend not to give and save.

The e-Outdoor-km great Microlight, he did a very good job he (weighs approx. 1 kg) is compressed to a very small size, and is sufficient enough for the fall (and I feel the cold)-except for 3 nights (Yaron, and parking on the farm) where I slept with brass enough bag without thermal clothing. The synthetic bag completely and absorbs odours. We had 2 nights with heavy dew, wet, but the water penetrated into the bag and could remain only on the outside (just screw it in the afternoon sun). And another important thing is that it suits to 190 cm tall I camped.

Tent/night-we gave up tent for weight-and never looked back for a moment, really. Contained is easy and does the job. Also contains useful lunch breaks against flies (mostly in the South).

Book/maps-we went with maps and parts of the Red Book-after for I can tell you for certain that there is no need at all-go maps only with the great red-better weight and speaking too.

Flashlight flashlight head. it is mandatory and useful, you don't have to invest in expensive but these reservations are recommended to buy a PETZL flashlight, I bought 2 tkina of PETZL and he has 2-economical conditions and strong, economical enough for most purposes and for cooking. Hold mode used only in times of darkness and it's sticky. BTW his batteries enough to all for not.

The locker/bottles-duty locker!!, enough for 2-3 liters and fill it with bottles. I think the locker is required, but also conveniences than the test safely especially hot days – it helps you to always drink when you want and prevent dehydration or excessive drinking and water shortages.

Mattress-platib 1.2 cm space two-a great mattress. The smooth-they survive better than the spikes and flagstone.

-Gas burner is less critical, so if you buy something that will warm faster, especially if you are a large group, you don't want to wait that long to eat. I have a Alpine amgazit gas burner-she did a very good job, and quickly warmed water nor fire the rice (after learning to use her).
What is important is to know gas is unusual, especially in selling it mostly in do-it-yourself stores Dan-when you pass you buy as stocking up for next time.
In the South, you can't get gas after Arad (unless you work out with the Angels).

Compass – better to know the general direction when Simone disappeared or thinning, check enable one to watch strap-it is very cheap and I didn't.

Dinnerware-simple aluminum saucepan (the market)-one with plastic handles, as have military-friendly only weighs 300 g-does an excellent job.
סכו"ם-plastic and that's the breaks, my friends ' broken plastics (also sold as well as the pay-although the powerful folding men held longer stand)-stayed with a fork and spoon, something thin but very comfortable.
Plate-small plastic bowl and a plastic cup (you can get it at ACE/Home Center)-weighs in at almost very useful as for soup and rice/flakes.

A takedown-I took 2 one of the north face and columbia's one-both very comfortable, thin and airy than Colombia.
It is important that you buy one with a belt or buy a belt break. It is very convenient that there are two especially.

Funkier head band-Israel-shirt here had two of Nike and The dry one of north face. It's really a funkier head band-Israel quality of life and I wouldn't give them up. Except they didn't anidoff synthetic and become something white and salt sweat, they maintain the elasticity without attached and relatively odor. Eventually the the north face was doing a better job, she was more and more resistant, Nike back pretty worn, and was less comfortable with the equipment. BTW I bought them both in operation costs pretty much the same as 120 per shirt.
The strictest standards and can go with madrio buttoned shirts long-it's convenient but more expensive.

Thermal clothing-I was just with a coat and a hat that was enough brass.

Lederman-handy, but enough to be one group.

First aid and ipzurim-koplast, pads (Pad only in Galilee), gauze, cotton, alcohol, iodine ointment, sbiaor ointment, Tylenol, tylenol cold, and thread (sewing blisters), elastic bandage, ointment for muscle pains (:), crushed, cut nails, electrical tape, glue 3 seconds and, of course, sunscreen. -That's enough for almost everything, and at worst make perfection in close-which begins to the North.

Finally some tips:
The mshkianim can make "ndolerot"-a kind of gear bags are made of very thin fabric and strong-made of parachute fabric like that-considering anything which is very convenient to organize like this.

When you buy the same bag and body shop to teach coordinate all systems back and shoulders fit-sometimes you have to play with it and it really affects the ease of walking and the pain-the trick is to keep your bag so that you stand upright, your upper back touches and good weight distribution between your shoulders.

The case is very important-it affects the ease and pace of walking, I saw a few pictures forums explaining how to fix the big trick, is overweight and tight as possible back-I mean if you have water bottles or cans put them as high as the case and arranged so that they are attached to the back.

Blisters-do not neglect, it doesn't go away on its own without a break, grab a quick treatment koplast and keep putting him in places "breakfast dog holidays until your feet get used. In the evening the blisters and sewn the thread until this morning, dry and will be much easier to go.

Try to organize your tracks so that water will be evening-by weight loss in the garage or gas station, it is very convenient and it is possible to take a shower. In the South the atmanot were organized so that sleep next to huge. I couldn't take a shower every day before bed-awesome, improves my mood wonders.

Take the sweet stuff, especially dried fruit and Nutella is good for morale and gives energy and routes.

Plan your walking day, and during the day you'll see that you stand in front of the design.

Get up, get going at first light-more pleasant and the landscape looks different – it's really nice to see dawn every me.

Hot days will find shade and f.

Atmanot tips:
If you can plant. Even if you have 4WD big part of atmanot could do with a car. The advantage is that you can find easily and caching can easily select what to plant but water.

So what shovel:
Water course, but don't forget we also need water for cooking and vis in the morning. And you can also set how many litres once the shower-fun.
But water-food plant is very important, first of all, it will save you, and secondly in the South is not so easy to aicetid-not all communities have containers, almost no gas stations with Milo, mint, even those who already have had waiting for this anomaly opens in the morning (which is really due.) So you can't just plant plant almost everything – tuna, crackers, conjunctiva, Petit beurre, chocolate, Hilwa, tahini, almonds and dried fruit, nuts, melted soup, noodles, pasta, rice, flakes, toilet paper, gas!!!
Plus tip treats-tetmino computing all kinds of delicious things that you have, it's really fun to follow a route through the desert and find something that is not part of the menu.

How do you choose where to plant?
Build plan a trip down South and it Axl you need where and where not.

So you won't find the atmanot you must maintain 3 rules:
1. choose a place not spinning it, nobody gets to it in case it says abandoning some "nachalon" or fall by the side of the road or mountain hills. And if you kind of place, recognize where the main road and away from her a little bit.
It can also be a banal place as near the utility pole or attached to drain off-but the important thing is to pick a place that anyone would not be party to go to and search for atmanot.
2. don't leave out the landfills or in the bushes always bury them.
3. don't be lazy--comparison and get the blue sheet you remove from the sheet and put a hole in the Earth, then cover and throw sand in balance. Who really strives to bring even a broom and tracks where.
And finally, don't forget to apply the caching, because over time it sinks.

How to find the huge?
1. choose to plant where you can identify the same distance as simply select large and conspicuous, large wood environment, utility pole, big rock, and to plant around him.
If you are really professionals, so tetmino even the route.
To be Sherlock Holmes, and those who count steps from me-it's a recipe sure don't find huge, especially if your cover is good.
2. take the spot in the video (it's just a phone or camera or) and explain how to look and how to get it.
3. mark the place on a map or a map of the area where you can sketch it is the huge.

Invest in your atmanot as well, in camouflage and the documentation for the location of the caching, it ensures you the lack of worries-nice after a day in the desert and discover that the burial.

It's friends, who has questions or wants to consult is invited to contact me at fun to ELTALC@013.net.

Enjoy for


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#2 Posted : Tuesday, November 1, 2011 7:07:40 PM(UTC)

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Recommendation. Thank you for your investment.

Feel they were written from the heart and for others.

יענקל'ה סער  
#3 Posted : Tuesday, November 1, 2011 8:07:57 PM(UTC)

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Indeed excellence recommendations (thank you!) and invest.

Extra: If you shovel in food need to keep animals unable to smell him. Cans are no problem, as 95% of the packaging store closed.

But if you're packed food bought in bulk, such as dried fruits, peanuts, etc, need to pack and seal the package. If you have a dog.

Home to let him smell If your dog is lethargic or pack a dog don't like dried fruit.

Thanks again.

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#4 Posted : Tuesday, November 1, 2011 9:21:42 PM(UTC)

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Joins, excellent report only reinforces what every experienced wrote here over the years.
#5 Posted : Tuesday, November 1, 2011 11:41:15 PM(UTC)

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Excellent references, clear and focused.
Thank you
#6 Posted : Wednesday, November 2, 2011 1:51:16 PM(UTC)

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[QUOTE = yankale17]

If shovel food should make live to smell him. Cans are no problem, as 95% of the packaging store closed.

In my experience, there is also an element of luck, although wrapping everything in 3 and in addition has the bag of the product, we two ants into the huge, it was primarily for bags of peanuts, almonds and other things. And I don't know what we could do better to avoid it. Maybe just wrapped in foil (but it was a lot of rubbish then maker).

In our huge about the farm, because the terrain was set in stone, so that the wave was aatmana wasn't completely opaque – this type of caching incoming rodent eating our pasta, Hilwah and conjunctivitis. Which is why I recommend to plant in the ground and in a wave of stones.
#7 Posted : Wednesday, November 2, 2011 4:32:35 PM(UTC)

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Clove powder anti-ants.

Maybe rodent nail too. I heard about farmers who suffered from Galilee rabbit chrsmo Agronomy, someone told them to spread feces of Lions in Yes, tell, it worked perfect but stinking up the whole area, heard firsthand.

About foil against "-not even considering what's wrong with wrap

#8 Posted : Friday, November 4, 2011 2:32:19 AM(UTC)

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The list is certainly. Here is my shnkl:

Old Oslo shoes (the HIGHLAND GTX and 535)-I noticed that recently have multiple reports that although it is shoes, and durability, when deficiencies they sever the stitches and separation soles.

Socks-each choose what suits him, but I don't see why wear two pairs.
The rationale is to keep it simple and one pair should be quality. If it is not enough, probably not good enough.

Walking sticks-I use simple sticks made in CP and expensive professional clubs which broke or fucked them, they screw holding (wood).
I'm not saying that these are more resistant, but acane is America gentle nature piece of equipment. Dear stick can be fucked as much as just stick.
These spring absorber can either lock it and have a distributor that does the job. The difference is that the simple corner with sticks made of steel rather than as graphite clubs.
After 3 years and hundreds of miles, they continue to bring investment (70-100 per stick).

The Microlight too k Outdoor uses this model.
But contrary to what says he weighs 880 g and is suitable for people sensitive to cold.
In addition, it is made entirely of plastic and therefore changed it without clothing and/or liner (even a piece of cloth for the feeling and for heating) can be inconvenient ו"מזיעה".

-Agree with the above about the importance and need for purchasing expensive brand. But yes, PETZL lamps belong to the Group and expensive.

-Mattress thickness of a two-layer platib is 1.5 cm.

Clothing-don't see a need for clothing, especially when trying to save weight in areas where more critical as water carrying.
Set day for walking (sometimes called customary wet/dirty) West to (dry clean) to sleep enough.
The shirt is almost getting funkier head band-Israel and smell, even after several days and f pants of any kind.

Hot clothing normally varies from person to person and that everyone does what suits him.
But if above eltel only enough for you-you feel cold and it came down to what also impressed on the bag.
In general there is no reason to travel the country with what is called "thermal clothing. It is only intended to be the first layer and mandpt of warm layers and not relevant to the conditions in the country.
What is relevant is really warm clothes (as opposed to mandf-warming) such micro-fleece set and/or standard brass jacket that weigh little and heat a lot.

Blisters-and dangerous "sew" and may cause infections.
Susceptible to blisters can Pierce them with a PIN or nail clippers and let them heal alone.
From my experience and some people-there's no point in using a variety of materials from sin ו"מסייעים. It just prolongs the duration of recovery.
In the evening you can puncture, drain and dry and before walking out with band-AIDS, shpcerim to oikoplast, or both.

Gas burner-all facts. The difference is only in price, weight and comfort.

About atmanot tips are excellent and so is the lack of information on gas tanks. Thank you very much.

Questions to the Council and eltel Smartphones:

1. is this a lack of gas tanks punching, threading or both?

2. regarding contains South tent front is a vague enough to prevent serious things than mosquitoes such as sand fly which distributes anastatica and venomous scorpions and snakes like Dan?

Arik 40851.1247453704
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#9 Posted : Friday, November 4, 2011 9:44:24 PM(UTC)

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The landfills are food: not playing the role. If the outer packaging "infected" smell of martyrs of cedar, ants and rodents to celebrate.

My solution to the problem was to pack the carton containing bottles and plastic garbage cans into large and each course.

Warts: I don't know what it's like to sew, but if it's got warts warts so right before bedtime can puncture, drainages, can also download some dead skin with numbers

It's been little fire before disinfection, and defend the place overnight. Just make sure that sensitive skin breathes. The place almost healthy. From sin and shields with a band-aid.

#10 Posted : Monday, November 7, 2011 9:43:00 PM(UTC)

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First I went to clear the road in September and October.
The days were warm to very hot, the only significant source seen in a limited number of nights. So amicroliit and coat were brass. Of course, this recommendation would not be good for someone who goes for the February-March or whoever starts it in October-November. -Need something hotter.

The Lantern-PETZL's are considered to have the most expensive just that costs about $ 140-150 and it was really essential. Because when you really need a flashlight as Papagayo darkness while hiking, you want something to light and you can see the markup and not something just to give light to 2 meters. In addition, he never turned on by mistake and has an amazing battery time-all without changing much for anyone who intends to continue to explore, I highly recommend.

-Mattress also has two platib 1.2 cm.

Double clothing is a matter of quality of life-it adds something like 500-600 g of total weight, but it's really comfortable. Most laundry "" we had dinner and it didn't dry up until the morning (sometimes also because dew)-and the last thing you want is to put something wet. The days we did laundry at lunch, then hung it on an occupation-to go with one set to be him-but of course it's a function of litter, and sensitivity. For example we went from Arad to the Observatory in six days, some did it — I think that's a bit much to go it without change.

About the weight if you plan properly, carry water only for a day. We went during the hot season. There were days we had to make a break for lunch in the shade because it was impossible to go. And still the best water that carried seven litres and it was only on the day of the harchno Crest and went from iorkeam to the garage.

Sewing blisters-sterile way to drain them — just from sin and thread in the alcohol, and pass the thread through the shlpoachot and leave the wire inside the fluid drains through the wire and the bladder remains sterile. It solves the problem of the bladder and risht tmlauta in fluid.
The solutions you're talking about are suitable primarily for small blisters that form thin layers of skin. But sometimes created deep blisters under thick layer of skin and even very thick-in this case the bladder not drying out in one day, and no skin heals overnight in case of pricking the bladder so it can cause terrible pain – and proved very effective, even me and other members that travel with me.
Blisters generally varies from person to person, one goes with old army socks and suffer from bladder and will go with the best technology and relatively much suffer blisters-depends how lucky you. From what I understand, you don't go and so blessed sufferers. I those who do, credentials ... mainly people who assumed an blisters immunity.

Gas burner-although everyone working on the same idea, but some ampikot flame is focused more on a turbo engine which warms more and more resistant than other spirit stove fuel.

BTW I saw a number of gas burner car, hardly weighs a good solution to protect and improve speed.

Gas tanks-the problem with this gas regulations require anyone who sells gas to keep it in certain conditions (separate and locked cabinet and fire extinguishing equipment in particular) that many places that sell gas in the past no longer hold. The bottom line is you can get gas primarily in do-it-yourself stores – and that goes for all the problem of the ice, almost the only sourcing is in Arad. And to answer your question, there is no difference in incidence between containers with cutting and punching.

Mosquito/mosquito-tent enough to protect everything you specified. The tent provides extra protection and it's spirit. But when I traveled the benefit of wind protection was less important than the weight of the tent so we gave.
The trick is to know how to fix this-it's generally includes a combination of walking sticks and hawks, a small aluminum buckle can help (usually there are no trees to hang the contains).
And to all concerned, my dad's Army stories when people woke up in the desert with a snake in a sack, Scorpions in my shoes and mice who ate people-it seems more a myth than reality-all this, and haven't for many travelers we met, some even without a Word, did not encounter it.
The real threat is mainly cutaneous leishmaniasis, and annoying mosquitoes — and contains doing the work.
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