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#21 Posted : Wednesday, March 14, 2012 9:59:09 PM(UTC)

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Thanks for the encouragement and correction. Indeed drink and whom it lost between Haman.
On second thought, Haman is mentioned in Quran, Pharaoh's כ"וזיר" and perhaps the confusion resulted from here.
Hope that bmoch make up a section of 10 km (maybe half of measurements). It will be a very interesting thing אי"ה.
#22 Posted : Monday, March 19, 2012 7:58:17 PM(UTC)

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53 (17.3.12) sortie: the small crater mfar stream network.

Flash freezing, bone-in other words, perfect weather for desert sortie is not easy.  More precisely – a real test to mpohamot health and small legs. Today we are dealing with one of the tests for the.

We at night, the lovely Angel of the village of Dimona. hope other sex that was left in our way to evening Us join "Baker", Member of the Forum and on top athletes lagardere.

After seeing the car in the way Noam than to pinch the cheeks of his beautiful son, we begin the journey in the mfar crater. Or in Hebrew "asmodeus" passing power pageon יענקל'ה recommend to observe and find remnants of floods. Alon smiles. Would smile even in ?

Walk a half mile and connected to the pumping station not far away.

The cozy crater hike and full of surprises. Said who said that the crater is a beautiful between alveolar and I tend to agree with him. We admire the beautiful colors that accompany us, and rock formations which provide us environmental sculptures like Lamb of stone on which the bird kadishman.

The Baker that has a tochns this plant is ה"מן" that ate my son Israel. Among the female flowers can be found in grains and sweets. Oak taste the plant and agree that taste like honey cakes. From popping up all kinds of areas such as "the grey". Oak rests on "Red couch" while the Baker prepares tea made from planet plantleaves, which taste reminiscent of peach.

Before the Court the River Caves drains the crater, we pass in Red Canyon and illness, which controls erodium blooming glory. Create a rock shaped like a hand waving.

The Baker checks a Boulder while we continue on the line. He knows how to have fun, find-spots around and inspect them, as well as the magnificent Dake and "heart of darkness". I enjoy the inner beauty of the crater.

What kids have to say, good friends. Call Ripley's! mtiki, and secret and I dare not disturb them. They look on the colored sands ov e 126 and admiring the beauty. Presently we are bottom up animals is known as one of the steep sections. Altitude difference approx. 300 m to a mile.

Another Cup of tea, a small sandwich and start climbing. Well, it depends, but you define. The Baker, his son and my oak Open burners went upstairs in hops and poetry of 55 minutes.

Half an hour later.

That's carrying dozens of extra pounds of smoked health.

And here's some pics up of me: the railing on the knife, one of the fossils that are waiting for travellers, the view downhalf way, stairs on the cloudiness section be friendly little "crack crack haunt" (immortal statement of Dudu Topaz l) and us top camera light.

Top view picture didn't turn out, the police took during the climb

An overview of the kid who took up me.

Continue in the direction of the night. Falling off a longer questionnaire fatigue. The plan was to finish the road 227 and he refuses to continue. Charming Baker's son joins him as a noble act of friendship, but far away from here my questionnaire agree to continue.

Sichomis data:

Walking distance: 9 km + 0.3 administrative

Total distance moved for questionnaire: 498 km

Bronze mask of the Arad (9.1.2010)

Silver mask was given shortly before the sixth birthday of oak in ein akev (4.4.2010)

Golden mask was in Auron (4.3.2011)

The thread has been locked, continued to alilotino.

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