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#1 Posted : Tuesday, December 13, 2011 1:29:10 AM(UTC)

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A while ago I traveled in hevel lakhish area in achsm oacha, several changes were made in the path.
The map mentioned above, is ס"ש map No. 12 South and lowlands Baten, which renewed Edition was printed at Tabernacles, purple.

Below are the pictures of the relevant area on the map that there is:

The zone 1 ahuzam:

Photo 2-Tel-HAVA Nagila, South of ahuzam:

Fig. 3-the relevant part of the scan of the newmap:

As you can see, 6 does not appear on the map.
The new map, West מ"טריג" 224 (green circle) for blocked by Highway 6 and turns south until it reaches Israeli River.

In Israeli, the stream aipgsho for heading west along the River, passing under route 6 and below the railroad and continues along the River in the North-West to meet Highway 40 near beer-was founded.

From here on, the path continues on the same route as the old map to Tel-HAVA Nagila (fig. 2).

Far changes in map and now: changes

From 224 to Highway 6 marks.
From crossing the road to well-established, marking the path is unclear and in fact completely absent except for random scraps of old check which went south to Be'er-ahuzam.

I don't know what the markings along the quality path-Tel-Nagila and Sycamore don't know whether changes in Tel-Nagila marked properly. But Simon probably ineffective where modifications, not limited to a single place.

Below is the change in the route for the protection of nature:

As can be seen in Fig. 3, the Red drops 12160 North to South to rendezvous with SJ, 229, point West point 224.
I mean SJ area where route when he was left with the distinct marks therefore readable explanation of law.
Also the explanation in section III regarding changing the route near the Israeli Creek, far from accurate.

On the society for protection of nature appear miles and the Committee's phone to Israel.
Does anyone have advice or experience as a reference to? Arik 40889.9453472222
יענקל'ה סער  
#2 Posted : Tuesday, December 13, 2011 12:02:34 PM(UTC)

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The first statement doesn't belong to changes for Israel.

The markings along the stream Israeli fine (first winter). I didn't understand how to markup is South not ahuzam goes there for four years.

Your assumption about the markup Tel Tel: HAVA Nagila spectrum fine highlights (winter 2010)

The third statement refers to walking direction from South to North and is fine. If you are very particular one could write ". Continues towards the Southeast along Israeli River. "

Contact them and receive replies.

Yankale17 40893.389375
#3 Posted : Friday, December 16, 2011 3:32:07 AM(UTC)

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As of October, I could find no marks visible along the Creek between Israeli Highway 6 to Highway 40.
We weren't looking for might be good enough, but if it happened, it could happen to other people.
Anyway, who now looks for information on map 12, coming in here and thus fill the thread the first goal.

About via route 6 to colonize ahuzam mean when himself walking along Israeli and North Creek, parallel to Highway 40-noticeable in eroded simonio of the old route which effectively directed towards the opposite. That meant when referring to how arranged before South ahuzam (fig. 1).
Why is it important for when going along the route which is not marked correctly, can be confused in the direction to walk when the same markup.

About the first sentence in the nature preservation society:
Right, I didn't notice.

Regarding the statement:
Is not accurate. This gets change effect when supposed to walk along a shallow stream that passes through a relatively flat area in recent years, excavation, construction and car wheels and orbit is not so clear.

Which brings us to the second purpose of the thread-the topographic Committee to improve the existing situation on the website and in the field.
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