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#1 Posted : Saturday, July 21, 2012 4:40:14 PM(UTC)

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#2 Posted : Saturday, July 21, 2012 7:54:02 PM(UTC)

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Depending on the temperature, whether hot-sweat, Shen. Open zipper.

If the-bag tops tights top and bottom.

If bad replace bag.

Always-always-wash before, even for the body with a wet cloth, alcohol.

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#3 Posted : Sunday, July 22, 2012 1:35:05 AM(UTC)

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The idea of the truck is certainly likable (:
But Ma's line was worth it!
MA: "if bad replace bag.

#4 Posted : Thursday, July 26, 2012 6:04:04 PM(UTC)

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I always go crazy when the subject is this-stupid story of ("weird 'cause it's funny farting everywhere else.")
I am not that fun for me to be angry or right but I really believe that these people are endangering human life with a variance patterns based on bad data and poor understanding of the material.
At the end of another poor stuck in night of minus 10 degrees Celsius and enter into a survival blanket (MYLAR) naked and die rather than put everything he's got. If I could do something about it and kept so feel embarrassed.

Beyond what I wrote here already.

1) experiment was performed under conditions not relevant-10 + c is probably a lot more than shkshim's RATING ENGINE TEMP and it is likely that people wouldn't need so much isolation and we sweat issues etc. It seems the problem was OVERHEATING caused the sweat
1.5) in addition it is not clear what the value of bidodi clothes they were wearing. I guess it's normal and sweatpants fleece jacket. For understanding: about isolation of typical shcsh 35F is approximately 8 TOG whereas trainers something equivalent to 0.3 and 0.7-200 "brass" i.e. their negligible relative isolation
1.1) wide clothes don't sit well together body with sweat because it's too hot isolation can produce a problem.
1.1) unclear if wearing the clothes and waited for immigrants (as you stated in CAMP before carrying the coat) or Israeli summer came sweating cold truck, wearing sweatpants and brass and went to shcsh.
2) $ COMFORT nothing interesting to sleep 10 + c with CAT's MEOW I can stack/Bush/on your head/dog/with a watermelon-never happens to me nothing because it is not so cold anyway. So you can sleep with FLEECE and open shcsh or naked and what does it matter?
3) the interesting thing is about survival-what to do when it's cold and I'm afraid that not enough ashcsh or borderline/lie to me because over the food or sick or injured etc.
4) if women just dampness and moisture (don't worry soon return them) unclear if I need more cold (again no tricks of external sources of heat such as a hot water bottle or a fire stone)
5) clearly more dry clothing does not click Enable of shcsh from the inside so that the isolation will shcsh the total isolation of a larger garment + shcsh
6) body has a mechanism regulating heat from CORE to EXTREMITIES. It is called circulation. This mechanism is regulated by very sophisticated machine called "the human mind" while not betting on him too much (e.g. by air that moves from one place to another or moisture or sweat has no place to go) is probably smarter than most survival-party engineers we have external control mechanisms like spreading shcsh Brown
7) lie to me so I sweat a lot less!!! Therefore the production and transportation of sweat are less of a problem in this case
8) about the need to make the adghe warmth to swell (GRRRRR @ #% # @%) Think about regular body temperature 36C shcsh 10F and a 12-and probably the grdeint of the shcsh temperature is uniform and is 6.5 degrees per inch (3אינץ LOFT), then a large part of the volume is at a much lower temperature than the body

From it's logical to assume that if you have dry clothes and can drive reasonably sweat (like most of equipment) and not so tight that circulation is restricted (like a very tight socks etc) and borderline in terms of source and press should wear the clothes inside the shcsh.

Do not wear clothes in shcsh if:
-Wet rain or sweat.
They absorb perspiration and driving (especially true for the body level construction layer)
They restrict blood circulation

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