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#1 Posted : Saturday, October 6, 2012 11:59:08 PM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,
This week returned from a month in the Alps when I was mainly in Switzerland and in Italy.
I made two treks to the surrounding Zermatt and trekking shamonix Monte Rosa to the first two days at europaweg.
Also uploaded a few peaks climbed/in varying degrees.
I'll try to cover here in good shape as far as the two passed on trekking and climbing on the road has some information but to rotate Monte Rosa in Hebrew there is no mention at all.

By the way, I traveled with a tent that served me most nights in review here I hope I make a difference for those who want to explore the area with a tent. Although it is not common due to a developed infrastructure of cabins sleeping wild camping and I try with my attempt to show that it is possible for anyone who desires it.

Some technical information, map of the route:

Altitude profile of the route:

Day 1-arrival + col de balme chamonix:

So, I started from the first day the walkers haute route Trek
Chamonix to zermatt, landed in Jakarta and the country already ordered shuttle through alpybus company because it was cheapest, 25 euros and expected it to come at the expense of quality and service, and all ticking properly. I was eager to start on the first day although I came to Georgetown at noon and 2:30 area shamonix still wanted to make the first step.
Could the first two days brought the country longer to save time and money and all I needed was water and gas.
Gas was not a problem to find and of course water.
I started with a ridiculous amount of 4.5 liters below, after I figured out very quickly how much water there is in the cetmtzmati to about 2 litres.
In the tbrbarti shamonix and couldn't find the right way and just went after signs on the road to les praz, also didn't quite understand where to start and continued in the direction of the road eventually due to impatience I caught a bus to le tour, which cut me an hour or two and then I started to go to col de balme, took me like two hours to go and already from the beginning it seemed like good to finish the first day.
The area is very nice and beautiful, her and S? fine, a bit over my head cable car has kinda sucked, but it was my first day and I was excited and shit too.
When I entered the cabin aisle I was sure Greece closed there was nobody there and tour inside found the owner having dinner, I asked if she cares that I open a tent outside and she responded with a laugh that sent me really doesn't care and outside the cabin, I can do whatever I want, so I settled on the name.
That day I was very hungry after all day of flights and shuttle and all so I ate a hot meal in the modern rafiog in there but I went to sleep in a tent, I did several times.
The weather was overcast and cool but arrived in Israel at the height of the temperature of 35 degrees so I enjoyed every minute of it, in retrospect, I found that came just in time after a week of storms and rain.
The night was very windy, first test for my tent is smaller and located with walking sticks, in addition to the first word in the field so probably didn't sleep much, eventually the tent stood in it and I managed to get some sleep.
Col de balme:

DSCF0809 by mrwise1, on Flickr

The tent:

DSCF0822 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 2-col de balme-relais de arpette

In the morning I woke up and found my first problem with the tent, because this one's tent and was without tent cover and accumulated dew since I'm big about some walls when moving isn't fun in the morning feel moisture in the morning has no choice but to fold the tent when soaked for Greece to wait for him to dry had to wait quite a bit until the sun rises and it shortens the day In short, it's something that goes into the list of upgrades to the next one right from the start.
The weather was sunny and indicate morning and evening some clouds and drizzle, but total throughout the walk was an excellent weather.
I chose a variation of the (friendly, Kevin Reynolds) and started to go arpiog for les in the morning between when I first met a pair of English brothers in their 40s that washed mine and eventually met a lot, they were very experienced in trekking around the world and slept in a tent, I learned a lot from them, especially on equipment.
Two brothers di rabakists, except they carried all the equipment for sleeping and cooking are also carried food for the Trek, which means food of the day, they prepare for USA called john muir trail where they said the towns and therefore must carry all the food for the whole Trek.
The track that day was very impressive, and it isn't easy. Almost every day and the first icebergs roras glacier between the les and then of course the more impressive and the increase to the arpette fenetre de glacier du trient.
Going on the hillside near the Les then descend into the Valley, the river crossing it and then begin the long counts to the arpette fenetre de, it was the first time in serious and had very hard, it took me about five hours to get a shrshum on the signs 3 hours (on the bigger signs below), but it was worth it, snowing, chamoix and glacier and mountains in the great panorama of After already getting late, I started to lose the region 5 toward camping there arpette noticed during the descent began to trickle down. The hotel camping have arpet relais de arpette tent accommodation costs 13.5 frank and cooking room, hot showers and comfortable CE is fine. Of course you can sleep and eat somewhere but is quite expensive.
That evening I was proud of myself, it was raining and I pulled up one side of the tent is too strong as shakmati him and ripped the pin connection there I pulled my shpzzor system (< IMG hairnik jam border = 0 src = "/smileys/smiley2.gif" >) and sewed a hold.
Cooked, ate, wrote and designed the next day that was expected to be easy and rest after a day's hard enough for me, and after some early steps that day actually went by the steps.

On the morning of the move:

DSCF0827 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Near Les way:

DSCF0844 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF0850 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Trient glacier:

DSCF0872 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF0875 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF0876 by mrwise1, on Flickr
In preparation for the transition:

DSCF0884 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF0887 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The transition:

DSCF0900 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF0905 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF0910 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF0920 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The descent from the pass:

DSCF0934 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 3-le chable arpette day.

Because I knew that it's a short walk in without too much difficulty, I treated myself, I got up later and let everything dry out properly is a little breakfast roll and coffee and went out in the area.
Exactly when the road met the Englishmen, they lingered more than me and opened the tent before the forest decline, half a day went with them and met in various locations.
That day come to shmpacs first had to buy maps until then used the photo of maps courtesy of namp "sent me by email from his trip, ffrp Mont Blanc.
I bought 2 Frank rl65 maps, 1:50000 are covered and the entire Trek rotate Monte Rosa < IMG border = 0 src = "/smileys/smiley2.gif" >, I highly recommend these maps are the most advanced, they also have the Red routes as opposed to them just cheaper maps without the red, which requires navigation capabilities I think worth topographic 15 francs for those, the number is 5027T yellow 5028T These same green without trails.
A very beautiful town and mpecs, birth and have a comprehensive view and it was nice to go there.
The weather that day was perfect, very blue sky, sunshine and warm temperatures, not stoviot, not cold, pleasure!
Today is a short walk and a very mild loss, it took me 5 hours.
Whoever wants to shorten the route or shorten any time this phase that many short bus, ultimately there is nothing there.
Don't plan in advance where I sleep and eventually made it to urban locale name right (relative to other tiny towns), would open there in nowhere without invading anyone or to deviate from the track so I searched for cheap and fairly odd 2 hostels were closed and finally slept at la poste for 45 Frank got only room, light breakfast and I want total , Damaging two days later in a tent to indulge a little.
By the way for those who want to connect this to another level is a little tricky because the next step is very difficult and all the previous stage and also long and hard so long day production connection 10-11 hours < IMG border = 0 src = "/smileys/smiley5.gif" >

The beautiful de arpet camping:

DSCF0938 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 4-le-mont cabine chable four. Friday is all about.

When you're asleep in a cabin/hotel is very easy to start as soon as Greece no organizing and folding equipment, so accordingly I started at 8 in the morning after breakfast and pretty soon I started to sweat.
It gained him 1700 m and like every other day, in the morning the hardest, in addition still didn't completely physically peaking and still wasn't accustomed to this effort with such weight (18th 19th area, I detail the equipment below), therefore it was felt.
On the other hand at the end of each of her compensation and have a view on Mont por cabin and see Mont Blanc and Grand for combines, although the area is half a ski area.
It was the first day I met other travelers (outside of the brothers) who make the Trek, suddenly there were a lot of people in a cabin, some just haven't met and some started from that day.
From that day became some groups that met intermittently throughout the Trek,
A British couple, kid British, Finnish guy, two local girls and four American society. Each story I don't dig too.
But I saw something interesting British guy and the couple used a company called alpine ordered their expleratory per night b & b has them noiilan page with detailed instructions for the Trek, so they didn't take too many manual and make sure to plan what gave their trek different tweaks for better or for worse.
About sleep, I asked the guy at rafiog if possible to sleep outdoors with a tent and he answered like a brake alone, no problem at all, where I realized that probably most of the shacks that belong to the Association. I ate dinner in the rafiog for the 26 was a good meal and a good friend of many people many stories and was happy.
The clouds rose and fell and 10 minutes the scenery changed until finally created already married and on the prominent Alpine peaks over in short, awesome!! I began to realize how the whole breathtaking area.
Ah! Another thing, the next day's stage has two variants all reached the cabin the first thing everyone did it the next day, a guard at the rafiog recommended not to go on the sentier de chaMOIX Greece as they had an avalanche of stones while talking and wondering is it worth all this to go (see the trailhead from the cabin), saw and heard live landslides, so everyone laughed and the matter is closed, all decided unanimously to go through the variation of col de choux I'm a little bummed that it should be a little less "but in hindsight views it was in vain.

View from the road:

DSCF0984 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Near the cottage:

DSCF1033 by mrwise1, on Flickr
One moment the fog:

DSCF1034 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1035 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Then he fell:

DSCF1043 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1046 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1051 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1052 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1056 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1057 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 5 – four cab.mt des ecualious ref. Wow!

It's a long day and not easy but also very rewarding, it includes (in a variation made) lots of ups and downs and lots of boulders, 3 mountain passes, glaciers and agmonim. In short, wild nature.
Started by climbing up to the col de choux passage which was some receives, then down a bit and start field boulders to climb to the col de louie bottom has a hidden Lake, then move into the grand desert and receding glacier that once covered the whole area, while all walk the constant view and feeling good, he's very wild area and there is no sign of anything other than manmade notations. There is another pass then col de praflouri and parflouri hut (private) conceivably serves as a stopping point that day, did hold a beer and some rest and continued forward.
Before told me below after another mountain pass col de roux there are two רפיוג'ים that are usually not staffed col des ecoaulious and barma told myself it was worth a try because I didn't think that I would love to open a private cabin tent beside and regardless it sounds like a great experience.
So I continued after the break and crossed col de roux that is pretty amazing, finally my day included four mountain passes! The transition also saw ibex\chamoix\bocautan group I don't know really. For the first time also saw away the lac des dix in short a great transition and added to an eventful day.
After about an hour of drop and then come to rafiog first des ecoulious "turns out he really wasn't staffed but hard to keep small fee of 15 francs per person, return there warm roof and running water and toilets, plus lots and lots of thank you letters from different people who were there in bad weather. Kind of a iooach, I slept in Italy in biooach so neglected at night dreaming about the cabin.
Also met the English and decided there is a great place to spend the night.
It was really special, it extends to the fact that I sit and just stare at the scenery and what goes on around me, for a moment to rest and simply to hypnotize from the environment, in short day not to Miss!!!
About weather that day the weather was really perfect and ideal clouds, but difficult to absorb that burn as hot and definitely started to burn on the same day.

Early boarding to col de chaux:

DSCF1087 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1088 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1090 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1091 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1095 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1098 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1105 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1107 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1108 by mrwise1, on Flickr
At the following crossing de Shaw:

DSCF1111 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Further regular views:

DSCF1123 by mrwise1, on Flickr
In retrospect, I found that what I'm writing for passage de Shaw marked Alpine route, something I discovered that is not necessarily always Alpine (see below):

DSCF1127 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Col de louie:

DSCF1131 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1144 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The glacier retreats:

DSCF1169 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1170 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Large desert region:

DSCF1175 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1176 by mrwise1, on Flickr
And later:

DSCF1197 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1198 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1200 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1201 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1204 by mrwise1, on Flickr
For the first time on the final day, Lake des Dix in transition col de roux:

DSCF1218 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1222 by mrwise1, on Flickr
In rafiog:

DSCF1227 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 6-ecoulious-ref.des arrola

After a great night at the rafiog, I got up very early and inspired after a quick drink org (English),
I went with them, ultimately the rate was different and separated but seeing all the time while ...
It's not just the previous day's falls and holds many surprises in it,
Recommend the Chalet des dix road variation, there is a small glacier crossing away view of a snow and ice can also make some coffee stop in the hut sitting just location.
Regarding the choice between the scales and I chose the transitional scales and recommend him too because it is a very diverse Trek, eventually doing a lot of "regular" mountain passes. But, and it's variation, the cabin doesn't have, you can see the ridmatn ("normal") and pass de chevre (ladders) at the same time and at the end, so I recommend to asolamot afraid of walking through the cabin on the variation. By the way, crossing the glacier it like this its edge and there is something close to cravvase (cracks) and takes two minutes, it's not something considered technical.
It's not total scales as it sounds and it takes about 5 minutes to go, but I can understand people with a fear of heights don't want.
Like weather before continuing to shine and provided an excellent backdrop for awesome day (start to end my descriptions. Problematic to describe < IMG border treks = 0 src = "/smileys/smiley1.gif" >).
After pass de chevre with ladders kept rising toward areola, it was just Saturday and Sunday so I rushed a bit because I had to make the store where to buy food for the next three days because I ran out, luckily many arrived about 10 minutes before closing and got everything, even passing external card picture that ends with the camera and then all that I want with a smile from ear to ear at the camping ground.
The total was fine but was missing something that I found that is very critical in campsites and is cooking/room.
But there were hot showers (fee), laundry and maintenance good so I'm really not a bad word, except it's the only one in the area so there is no choice, the price to 14 francs, the average price in Switzerland.
So some pictures ...

The early increase in variation to the cabin:

DSCF1258 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1264 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1272 by mrwise1, on Flickr

The little Mont Blanc if I'm not mistaken, and glacier Yalon:

DSCF1292 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The British couple I mentioned earlier about the iceberg:

DSCF1296 by mrwise1, on Flickr
And I:

DSCF1297 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1299 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1302 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1304 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1306 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1307 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Going towards pass de chevre:

DSCF1314 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Before boarding the transition:

DSCF1317 by mrwise1, on Flickr
: Scales

DSCF1318 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1327 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The pass:

DSCF1321 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1330 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1334 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The other side of the Valley towards areola:

DSCF1335 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 7-les hauderes arrola. Very short day

I forgot to mention that shmiti ago towards areola sprained my ankle, I just kept the same day and ignored but shatkrerti night and sat so much so I couldn't go, luckily today was anticipated by the short guide should finish at the le sage, I found a map of camp town is les hauderes. and there was my destination. It was a short, cheerful Valley walk that took about two hours for me is great because of the ankle. There is camping at a very high level with washer dryer, free hot showers and cooking a nice pool, and free wi fi, free camping is great and only 14.5 francs, highly recommend.

Day 8-les hauderes valley de moiry

The stay at the camping I shortened the first day I got some extended today because much ofa lower town and thus total I climbed that day at 1800 m, the target area is the col de tsate mountains that descend to the Valley of val de moiry regular final destination the day cab cabin de moiry is located directly above the glacier but I never went with the tent to the cabin. I don't think the rest area where you can camp and stopped just before somewhere near a running stream and set up a tent set up for the first time in the Internet but to establish it, and to fold and leave clean after.
Although I expected I would sleep all the time free in the end hardly did that simply because there were always other alternatives like camping and sleep next to.
Total I believe if you do it discreet and respect nature, no problems.

Ascent to col du tsate:

DSCF1370 by mrwise1, on Flickr

On the transition towards val de moiry:

DSCF1371 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The glacier at the edge of the Valley, you can see if you look up the cabin on the left in the Middle:

DSCF1382 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1383 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1384 by mrwise1, on Flickr
The middle of the Valley, small lakes and a lot of water flowing towards lake moiry dam de also there similar to lac des dix:

DSCF1386 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Lac de moiry:

DSCF1389 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 9-val de zinal-moiry

I got up early and I went in through the lower on the road by the Lake until the dam restaurant, where coffee, freshen up and away I went to the col de sorebois passage.
Her normal, rest, by then quite got used to the weight and effort and everything began to look to.
Every time I did a short rest and turned around I discovered a beautiful view of the valley behind the Lake in the middle and the Sun peeped between the clouds that were used as an introduction to the day followed.
After quite a long descent down to zinal where intend to sleep again at camp I saw on the map but I found that it is closed and finally slept on the edge of town in a hotel like this in a common room for 36 francs and breakfast included, nice place and enjoyed.
But a problem that day, I knew it, my camera charger, charger is unique in Switzerland broke down and the other day I ran out 2 batteries (held not bad), I was hoping to find some shop in towns but didn't even mention of anything like this so the next day I decided to take a day and go to a big city that search shop where I can buy a new charger or repair/charging anything ...

Fortunately the next day was really impossible weather, at least not one that allows fun so I was very pleased with < IMG border = 0 src = "/smileys/smiley1.gif" >

The Valley and the dam:

DSCF1425 by mrwise1, on Flickr

DSCF1440 by mrwise1, on Flickr
Seen from col de sorebis to the other side, below:

DSCF1448 by mrwise1, on Flickr

Day 10-day walk.

On that day, I went to two different cities and trying to find a charger for the camera, I couldn't find anything, no mention of Fuji company each from Switzerland, as well as ball all day and at the same time the snow peaks and passes.
I came back to the Valley to some northern town where as I was hoping to sleep in vissoie, where it wasn't closed but neglected and that night I slept again at a cheap hotel.
Mood after that day was wasted, spent more money on public transportation, which is really going to happen there. < IMG border = 0 src = "/smileys/smiley5.gif" >
Eventually I went to photograph the best choice and hoped to get back on track right the next day, which turned out jail just because of the snow.

Day 11-vissoie-gruben. Snowy day morning.

Basically by back on the previous day to vissoies and not changed the zinal and actually chose the variation that goes through Bella Tola hut and beyond and porkelta, idpas sorry.
I went away and although there were lots of rain clouds and quite cold, I began to get into the cabin.
Before the cabin when I went I saw that much snow in form before and after when I got to the cabin started to snow and it was a total height of 2300-2400 m, low clouds and fog that covered the entire midefs area and this seems dangerous and impassable.
After a little warming, adding layers of Bella Tola hut and consulting team who said that snowy and freezing I went because I thought the need to see a little more closely and decide whether I go or not.
It took me a long time to decide, I was pretty close to the see sucked me snow and cold, it was my first experience with weather and snow at all and quite afraid to get stuck in aiiithi weather. After a long time I decided not to go and started walking back on public transportation and redesign.
Suddenly I turned around and the fog and visibility improved amazingly and it looks like I have a window suddenly changed my decision and started walking toward the rate, the more I am becoming increasingly snowy but slowly saw that taken care of.
Ultimately true, snow and snow-covered and icy paths, but there really is no real danger, not climbing. Still saw some had notations רוג'ומים and walked carefully so as not to slip,
In return for all that I have received a new landscape of snow and ice.
Rising towards the transition also met other local 2 go, promise me I'm not alone in this story, they're not even considered such tricky weather and cool completely.
The transition itself was a strong and just froze there, I had to take the gloves off to shoot and took about an hour after this until I felt them again. But it was worth all the snowy scenery was fresh snowfall, on both sides. The decline was a bit harder as the Greece slipped a lot of ice and water but soon descend into a altitude of a course.
I slept in the Valley, where Groban instead recommend some restaurant waldesruh name below 45 Frank for dorm bed (which was empty), dinner and breakfast, great.
It was my first day of many a trip where I went for snow, slowly getting used to the point of walking on snow, ice, etc., as described below.

Bella Tola area:

Towards, doesn't look good:

Funny video where dropping snow and leaves me thinking out loud and deciding whether to continue or not (click on the video):

Towards the transition:

Rising as travellers together before:

I'm frozen aisle:

From the other side:

For the descent:

The decline provided views of and iyshorn and others:

Day 12-grachen gruben. Snow, Sun and first peak.

After a good night's sleep in Groban went in (finally) towards augosbordpass, ate breakfast and was full of energy and went pretty fast until the snow line and switch itself there was a very strong and after a few quick pictures moved sideways gyrating cover behind the ridge on the left. The guide is recommended if good weather to climb the mountain to the left (North) to 3200 metres, height schwarzhorn type not marked and even technical with a Bill. Although everything was frozen and snowy little decided to rise to the top, I left the bag in the aisle, grabbed sticks and hot clothes and went outside.
The road to the mountain compared to the transition was different because he asked the people gone and traces and parts of the trail, rising to the top, the snow was completely clear, I was the first one that came to him since it was the snow, despite the relatively simple type I felt like I'm getting something much higher, and also because of all the snow gone and the trail markings and therefore really quite climbed rocks and walked most of the way on the snow carefully so as not to stumble into some space between rocks. Eventually I brought the clubs that interest became a half climbing and had no where to put them.
I reached the Summit about an hour and a half to pass and it was definitely a pleasure, from landscapes and weather is excellent, I didn't want to lose, I was there for quite a while about half an hour and then returned.
I recommend this add-on to trek, usually doesn't have snow and climbing is easy, especially if you leave your bag.
Then I started falling toward St. niklaus, at first was very tripped due to ice and snow that melts a little, but then the descending drier area. Later wasn't normal path but a path on a mountainside and onto boulders, no fun League. The scenery's gone downhill. Next comes a turn is like a balcony and there is also a section of Earth and grass that just requires rest for at least two hours in the afternoon, and the best part ... where you see one of the best views. ל"מרפסת" call it book TWARA mentioned it in heat. There were 2 groups of lay and admire the view.
I didn't stay there too long, I went down to the Valley on his way through the tiny town of ג'ונגו very recommended to sit there for a beer overlooking the Valley then continue fresh till the end, I did so.
In principle according to the number of step over in St. Niklaus but there's recommendation to extend the day and sleep at gsnride or grach to start properly the next stage is the europaweg I wanted to sleep regardless so I went camping there gerch.
Today is already very long day for me because the Summit is extended in hours and hours of כ11, arrived right but want to camp ate and fell to sleep.

Back view of the rise to actually augostbordpass the passage of yesterday:

It must pass:

The transition:

Relocation videos (click):

The Summit up the schwarzhorn:

And panning:


The beginning of the Summit:

The rise of landscape:

Finished! :

Top videos (click):

There they cross all sorts of scores, some monuments to the men who died there for part of someone who dies irrespective of:

Look down:

The transition from the top:

The beginning of the descent from the pass:

Nice balcony TWARA equal to leave early to rest there:

Beer and a snack:

Days 13 + 14 grachen zermatt (europaweg)

Some of the europaweg trail is built and officially opened in 1997, meaning it is relatively new to the trails going most of the Trek they were hundreds of years old. It is built on a mountainside, mostly exposed and thus disrupt many landslides that every year there is a chance to walk on the path and caution but it worth panoramas he gives, in addition it is also much more interesting alternative that is a day walk the bottom of the Valley.
For moving parts, with a rope attached to the wall, tunnels and bridges. There is one bridge on the second day at first that destroy due to landslides and had to do a detour of serious almost to Randa and back up that adds in two hours and makes the day longer, some eight to nine hours less.

I started and after a short walk down to gsnride start up and gain altitude toward the plain of pretty steep trail, it took me 3 hours, obvious pass a large statue of St. Bernard that he at the time was keeping travellers and vagabonds and is also in place, on kind of a cliff overlooking the Valley.
Away for the keeping or less of a certain height and watching all the peaks on the other side of the Valley, the other day slowly discover the Matterhorn.
The path is not easy, many parts of it are covered with small ups and downs, no more walking and requires careful, sometimes looked up towards all kinds of rocks that could topple chamoix.
I moved two bridges, one overall longer than a small one, of three rivers and beneath the waterfall, sometimes dry and sometimes wet can
In the middle of some sleep before europahutte cabin, piece of land with nice views, and when I got there I said thanks for the luck and opened.
The second day than the first because it includes the override of the destroyed bridge, signs pointing to him, who think he's had enough of the path can get just to the Valley and Valley to Zermatt.
Discover the snow and slowly towards the end we see the whole and under the Sunnegga Alpine peaks around of course.
The car is later found quickly built camping him for others is pretty bad, only hot water and no bathroom anywhere to sit and stepping in the next few days, but it's also cheap bummed, 11.
I think most of the people who make the trek with tent decide to indulge in another accommodation in Zermatt, the great name too so no problem.
I was in the car for three days and four nights, then continued to turn Monte Rosa treks and some additional types in the saas I detail in another thread that I think of it I dug enough.

A little trail in chronological order:

The statue of Saint Bernard:

Part of the trail:

You can see the Matterhorn peeps:

The longest bridge for (installing):

At the beginning of the second day, the destroyed bridge:

The end:

This car, from the trees:

In the car on the first day did me, rest day in Zermatt, the planned consulted Alpine Center about people who plan and also skipped the breithorn that is the cheapest of all the peaks and easy but still too expensive for me at a total cost of 310 francs. I decided to do all I can to push the border allowing solo climbing.
In general around Zermatt has a lot to do, infinite excursions, peaks to climbers (of course you can hire a guide) and cycling. In addition there is also a summer ski resort which also moved in.
I decided to climb the mountain named mettlehorn 3400 m, rotthotnhutt 3200m lodge and climb a little each day's destination about rise and fall.

Day 16-to 3400 m mettlehorn

Before I consulted with Alpine Centre and the old part of Greece crampoons of ice to reach the Summit, not really almost no climbing the slope.
The trail itself is not technical at all and can be reached without any equipment to an altitude of 3100 and plattohorn without a peak across ice, just determination.
Because I took a very easy case when only the equipment locker and food flew "up" after two weeks of heavy suddenly slammed with light felt like I could fly.
For two weeks I was barely in time written on the signs and usually a little late, that day was six hours from Zermatt to the top and came in four and a half hours! I was really happy.
The ice was slow and cautious, but he was a rarity in the so-called "dry" means snow and not had any crack visible seemed completely and therefore didn't worry, also met the group fell last year only with shoes so I felt no danger at all.
After the ice has a little longer and reach the top, really beautiful, wild, distant peaks ice on one hand and on the other hand, the Matterhorn is also a participant,
In short, a real pleasure.

The way up:

The top and middle of the iceberg:

From the top:

Invest in the ice left and slip and fall into it:.

Plattohorn left for those who do not want to go into the ice:

Important note:
Before each activity here is defined as/Alpine technical consult professionals and instructors, to hire the necessary equipment and if a guide is required.
Do not take anything from this reference work to do or not to do a particular track, I'm not related to anyone in it and I'm just an amateur, attention!

The day after was very bad weather and although I tried to go anyway as planned just given, there is a point where just not fun so it was currently empty.

This conclusion is in fact about half the 17-day trip.
In the next post I'll tell about a Trek twist Monte Rosa and several more serious types I did.

End notes:
1. hope this review will help someone, especially for those who like to travel with.
2. questions about anything are welcome.
3. tiilatti with gear, I traveled with a case that ultimately weight 18-19 KB including all have lots of lessons and conclusions about equipment and I think for that I write in the Forum.
4. about the thread, any comment is welcome, it is quite long so if you need to just say the word.
5. a combination trip that he slammed with camping and tour including technical routes is very difficult due to the weight of a backpack if I need to add to my pod weight area as it is 18-19 pounds even ice axe harness rope etc. was coming easily it just 25 k area. In addition there is a problem because if you rent equipment must return to the same place to return. So all the things I've done, including prototype made with lightweight backpack when I left most of my equipment somewhere such as camping/cabin
In the future I plan to continue to explore technically and used I have to figure out how to do it properly, or aglev they just don't come together.
6. on the trail, each Bill is amazing every day, overcoming challenges and some sense of survival, certainly fell in love, I traveled a lot in the country but I think you can't compare (unfortunately), my head is already thinking about next year on a long one, as much as possible.

It is, thanks to all who helped me before I left, those who replied to the questions in the Forum or in private and especially namp who sent me scans of maps that helped me in the beginning.

** Beginning and 4.2.13 update **
So long after I promised I will complete my review,
The truth? A little upset about the system and myself after I once sat down wrote almost everything for quite a while with images and all and then accidentally closed the browser and everything went ...
In short, now I will start to write each time a day or two because you hurt me too much if it is deleted then or while I get.

Second-half tour of monte rosa + more

Trek rotate Monte Rosa is an Alpine trek around the Monte Rosa range and crosses borders between Switzerland to Italy, slammed quite hidden from view and posted, I pretty much to the length therefore.
The Trek takes about 10 days, give or take depending on the rhythm like most treks include a lot of ups and downs based on hut to hut.
I used the manual sharp home friendly Hilary, Hilary unforgiving and sends us to long days, but she writes well and overall I enjoyed her for Kevin Reynolds is a bit hpipnicit to cheap Camping accommodation but still meets the standards.

Something important I want to emphasize is the subject of planning and uriantim Trek, many variants that I chose and I were wrong and were unsightly areas of ski lifts, who really want to explore this trek to note my references are written in blood:)

In terms of accommodation, I started the Trek as much as shngmara the season so even if I wanted to or not all the huts were closed, luckily I made it and had a tent which slept all Trek, wasn't me. On paper Italy allowed over 2500 open tent but I wasn't always in height and no one saw me didn't care as long as I don't make a mess.
For those planning to travel no season, there are plenty of chalets cabins scattered along the Terek River and the issue and even change because the multiplicity of options.

In terms of costs, the cabins have nothing to say because I slept in the tent so nor spent, in containers in towns and cooking for myself. Who knows the region knows most in Switzerland, in Italy, because I cooked for myself and the cabins were closed were not spent a single euro I think the Trek total amounted to me about 150 euros. (First night at Guido Al krvin).

Map of the route (from a friendly guide):

18-day zermatt ref guido el carvin

On the morning of the 18th day of my trip I went to my second Trek,
Rotate Monte Rosa.
After 3 days of settlement in Zermatt and some excursions with light weight no doubt my body's signals that he has openly and today, this day acclimation of Zermatt, at a height of 1600 to 3300 height taudolo passage and then some to Guido to altitude 3500 krvin exactly on the border is affiliated with.
The weather as I watched and checked, I went and got me when I slowly rises above the Valley and see the car farther and more lifts.
Although supposedly great heights, most nothing view day, meaning it was enough for the construction of the ski lifts and the global mechanism, I can understand people who give up on stage by taking a cable car or other way, totally understandable considering only cost 100 cable!
That day I realized at the end of the season, before taudolo glacier cottage, I don't remember her name, which was already closed, closed the first seen, as it turns out all that time were closed.
The glacier a bit afraid of turned out to be a net and switching ski course with no problems and no equipment besides there usual physical difficulty of her in the snow if you stick to a cautious route and no skiers to fall to cravsse.
I taudolo cabin which was closed specifically, is open all year, and continued to Guido to open way too krvin YOY and seems more than ski lodge,
Two more and I were the only guests, but the man in charge was very nice, the prices were very good and enjoyed total disapprove and pause there.
That was the best part of this long day im, the cabin is right in high altitude on the Swiss border have Italian great views of all the Italian Aosta Valley, the Matterhorn and the less photogenic Alpine peaks of Switzerland and the other side, as it turned out the other two who ate dinner were Swiss couple who made the journey from Italy to Switzerland following one's ancestors lived in Italy for years, and made such a journey through sex him over to Switzerland and they imitated their tracks.

The rise from the Valley towards tiaodolo passage:

The Matterhorn on the less familiar:

The view from the cabin:

Day 19-REF. guido-steffal

After a good night's sleep in the cabin up this view:

When "the cloud" as a name in one big cloud,
After a good breakfast, I went on my way.
The first two days, passing within of the junk and not the prettiest but after going through the first pass changes and realize that this is Italy, a day of tremendous Valley,
The most beautiful day of my Trek.
Most today is characterized by loss of height and the recommendation is to finish it in a tiny town called resy has 2 cabins, that day the weather was on my side and the pace was so high to the resy early afternoon sharaton continue burning me up kept anyway, the cabins were already closed.

(Note: at this point I kept by the "normal" variation, as I detail below, I don't recommend it because it goes on site, I highly recommend taking the alternate variation that is much more "wild", is a directory of Hilary sharp.)

I went to the next betafurco transition and planned to maybe spend the night as seen rising and there was the ski resort did not feel like just sleep there, continued to descend and steffal town,
Camping site I built him there already closed to answers, like almost, and luckily I found a site that I slept in the camper vans there free on the lawn, in the end it all worked out for the best.

Some pictures:

Day 20-lanti bivouac steffal

On this day, starting a sequence of weather now that lasts until the end of the trip < IMG border = 0 src = "/smileys/smiley5.gif" >
Anyway, I left a wet morning staple air and fog in the air,
Bought gas canisters and walked towards the aisle de olen pass itself is not recommended, even beyond the ski area safety and recommend variant passes Lake looks like this: Mbps

On the way past all kinds of closed cabins, has 2 cabins, one famous apparently burned: refugio guigliumina

The pass went down towards alagna was already exhausted and it was feeling weak and I opened a tent near some bungalow that was closed for the season. (Yes another one, Italy got a feeling like there is a hut all 2 meters).

Near the cabin that opened closed tent, it should be noted that asking people around and nobody even cared that I will get there.

Day 21-pianunga-lanti bivouc

Also on this day the weather continued, worse.
The first went down on myself with alagna and then began to rise in nearly all day to move beyond turlo.
I don't see anything for all of Greece was rising fog but basically this day should be one of the most beautiful days, crossing himself and is across the road from all ancient paved by large stones.
The only thing special about this day I slept in biooak named Valen, and found something to remember.

The passage itself, which saw mostly nothing.

Day 22-lanti bivouc-macgunga

A day of rain, there's not much to write, was of low morale due to walking on a paved trail following the rain part frenzy and fell.
I went walking to take 2-3 hours like 4-5 hours and finished the day at mcognga.

Day 23-macgunga saas grung.
Passing from italy back to from

The weather was misty but at least not raining,
It was a day of up to Veneto Moreau sits on the border between France, Italy to close the golden statue of the Madonna.
Also on this day, visibility was bad and all the way up there was heavy fog, barely saw the statue and crossed into Switzerland at the transition area was very passionate and strong wind hit me while I was trying to get there on the rock when the anchor cable holder.
Across Switzerland and saw on the horizon, my little Italian experience was something to say the least, well.
After crossing continue to walk on the Lake, which marks the beginning of tmark Valley FF Tal, my goal today was to finish the town FF where I saw the map Grund 3 different campgrounds, paradise to choose with a tent.
Anyway for Monte Rosa left just one point then because the final stage, europaweg done during his first Trek, so I planned to build grond and climb some Alpine peaks, not missing.

It is, I got less Grund.
After a brief survey to the conclusion that a particular campsite is the most profitable and indeed, as I expected, all possible services to traveling with tent and at reasonable prices with great service.
Away really finished the Trek eventually kinda addicted to Greece which I detail below.

Total Trek rotate Monte Rosa

Ultimately finished the Trek and gave up one day out of 10 or so.
Maybe it was a mistake to trek that once I've started what WHR because there is no comparison at all, but the luck wasn't on my side, and almost all the weather was to hike down and selecting uriantim sucked, I enjoyed the Trek I must say, also, that was really the end of the season everything was closed and didn't see the mental pathways.
If someone really loves you and quietly for many other trekking so filled but I wouldn't just recommend this trek specifically, I think there are many better than him. Anyway if anyone is interested I am willing to help and provide information about the Trek. (Excuse my negativity subjective.)

Although what remains is mainly/climbing excursions, there's no reason to open a new thread.
The word hesitation Valley:
The Valley is simply a paradise for every alpinist/infinity, excursions and Alpine peaks surround the area.

3200 jagihorn
The day after arrival and settlement less Grund I went traveling with a tent when Greece with some equipment left in the campsite (similar to Zermatt), the weather was overcast but not raining.
When you're asleep in the Valley are given for every night a day of free travel on buses and cable cars all over the Valley.
I took advantage of the fact and take a cable car directly to a height of 2000 meters,
There I saw a marked as sand/jagihorn, I went to Alpine for it,
It's not really an Alpine climb, won't require any technical equipment, no snow and ice (at least not when I was) and only requires caution and a lot of rock slabbing, the end was really windy and snow but nothing dangerous, it just made it more fun.
Nice short "Summit" and a day trip is recommended.

Weismiess type-4020.

The area began to close on the same days so I checked with a cabin called almagellerhut that is a starting point for Alpine peaks/technical number and it was still open, it took a day to get to the bottom of the Valley and the next day to go to one of the peaks at the same time still wasn't close to any Summit.
The trip itself to the cabin he himself and ' I recommend it warmly as day-trippers, one side is pretty hard when this increase of Greece, like 1500 m + but come one of the most beautiful passages I've seen between the snowy Switzerland to Italy for most of the year. Zwischbergenpass.

I arrived at the cabin after a day isn't easy but rewarding took and connected with some other groups, were all designed day after climbing to weissmiess after consultation with the instructors there, I decided that I'd get there, without technical equipment, but there were no glaciers and told myself that if I get to the problematic section.
Anyway I found a book in Hebrew name left a Motti in that month, if he sees this here so thank you Moti saved my evening there in Greece as everyone went to bed early and I was finished with me.
For our business, everyone said get up at 5 a.m. to eat and so I listened to I experienced them once I walked in darkness,
Lights out, snow and minus 3 degrees going, at first I went mostly by markup that somehow found space but then rigged and ultimately, it isn't easy to go in the dark, the sun began to rise and the play was breathtaking, definitely the prettiest sight in my trip.
From there I started up on giant rocks towards the top, it's quite a character, and in some places require climbing skills.
The Sun rose slowly and there's just no words to describe, look at the pictures, I ran out the superlatives.
Because I was alone and not on internal security equipment was the fastest and I pretty quickly the 3 other delegations and reached the Summit at 9:00 a.m., area that feels awesome, I didn't want to go down there, I was there for a long time just enjoyed every minute of it and after some time I came downstairs back to the cabin, by the way is no less dangerous.

Company note this Summit demands sent and guide, you should not rely on the review information professional.

And then the last couple of days I tried 2 but every time people stopped on the way due to dangerous weather.

Finally finished writing this summer in Nepal until then.


Mrwise 41321.8847916667
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Looks great, you picked a great hiking trail! Thanks for the share. Forward to Mont Rosa. For several years I have fantasy to it. Saas-fee and SaaS-almagl this is as close as I came.
#3 Posted : Sunday, October 7, 2012 3:26:12 AM(UTC)

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Good reporting and pictures!

Wait for the other half.
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Great story and pictures to go with 18 kg on the back of the gains have a great gym. Respect

#5 Posted : Sunday, October 7, 2012 3:17:21 PM(UTC)

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Great post, great pictures, fun to read.

Waiting for further
#6 Posted : Sunday, October 7, 2012 7:52:53 PM(UTC)

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Description and images of beauty.
#7 Posted : Monday, October 8, 2012 2:16:24 PM(UTC)

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Amazing photos! Tickle toes anymore.
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Pomp and beauty! Waiting to turn Monte Rosa overview
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Very nice!!!

After 100,000 treatment start to do an orderly plan for everything that must go.

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Thanks everyone, glad you liked

Before the second half I got more to add information and technical details on the Trek, so anyone who's interested follow.

#11 Posted : Tuesday, February 5, 2013 1:17:48 AM(UTC)

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I started to update and added one day, no additional photos for now because I'm not at home and I don't have any photos with me, and every time I add a day or two.
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Only hurts my welcome image.
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Some friendly guide?

This trail is actually the Walkers Haute Route- Arthur 41310.5802199074
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Mrwise-delight! Thank you very much.

BTW, handsome guy who took on the top of the mettlehorn this is Tom Cruise, right?

Hope the concatenating assignment dori is very relevant for its use in a tent (dori)
#15 Posted : Tuesday, February 5, 2013 7:03:28 PM(UTC)

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Arthur, none other.
I used the guide of Kevin Reynolds, just as current version I found, if you're interested in, I can lend it to you.

Amber thanks for the compliments, your blog has been an inspiration for many Trek. About mtelhorn peak 41310.6711805556 mrwise
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Well this year at the end of August, I'm going to be there inshallah
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Have tickets to tail in 200 EUR (September).

I really got myself not to buy.

Rotate Monte Rosa sounds not bad candidate!
#18 Posted : Wednesday, February 6, 2013 3:26:05 AM(UTC)

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UM not sure looks amazing, but those prices. Maybe in the next life. Arthur 41311.024212963
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Thats it, my work here is done.
#20 Posted : Saturday, February 16, 2013 2:21:55 AM(UTC)

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Thank you for your continued reporting.
It seems that it is better to go for the routes described in the beginning of the season (July)-in terms of visibility, and stability.

Now only remains to find July. ...
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