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#181 Posted : Monday, September 9, 2013 6:43:42 PM(UTC)

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I see you're back, amber, at your convenience, fire!

And I'd add to "butterfly butterfly."

#182 Posted : Tuesday, September 10, 2013 1:36:29 AM(UTC)

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Welcome to amber. The madness rafiog picture looks like a fairy tale. There is another.
#183 Posted : Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:38:25 PM(UTC)

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Yes, there's more!

This lodge the cutest Colomina

And this is another one of Josep Maria Blanc

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#184 Posted : Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:39:45 PM(UTC)

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I'll try to write something neater and add more pictures this weekend.
#185 Posted : Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:44:37 PM(UTC)

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Go another one for collection, even Refugio COLOMERS sitting (not) in San Francisco on the water.

It is the most isolated I saw Refugio. The delivery arrives in a helicopter

(See the small landing pad under the eye and sharp cabin to notice even in the red wind

Designed to highlight the helicopter lands and the Greece.

Solar power (all the roof consists of solar panels).

We arrived in Refugio after a cloudy day where the idea flashed in the Sun, even for a moment.

Depending on the water in the showers were frozen 10 just goes dark every Refugio. Who needed to pee at night and bringing forehead lamp was a problem. "

Where it is and where the indulgent ripiog on the Alta via. Two parallel universes.

41527.4115625 iobelsh

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#186 Posted : Thursday, September 12, 2013 10:48:17 PM(UTC)

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Another photo, towards the end of the week, this is Lake Llong

Fasting for everyone: good luck, inscribed! And whoever fasts that will be quiet and calm.

And to all those who are still on the trails somewhere ... be safe 41530.4317361111 io_travel
#187 Posted : Saturday, September 14, 2013 6:17:09 PM(UTC)

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Carros de Foc — "Chariots of fire"

Link to my blog on travel Web site (a more "experienced") who prefers to read:
CDF blog travel site opening.

Before you start reading. Adjust the speakers, put the headphones, the tune:
Vangelis-Chariots of Fire (This is, now you can go ).

CDF – what is it?

In the summer of 1987, several guardians-bungalow in Aiguestortes National Park (mountain, in Northeast Spain), set out on a journey between the three main areas in the Park: Val d ' Aran, Pallars and Ribagorca. The voyage was completed within one day, and its purpose was the guardian's other huts in the Park (nine in total).
And so she began thetradition.

Eventually, someone, somehow, demanded the name:
Carros de Foc-Chariots of fire!

Today, the route in two categories:

One category, Sky Runner, preserving the original tradition – the completion of the journey in one day!
Carros de Foc-Sky Runner info
The participants of this race are limited to a specific date (the year 2013 – that took place between September 6th at 7:00 a.m. through 7 September at 7 p.m.), limited seating (you must sign up in advance!).
Within this time-out time of participants for all nine cabins (and sign where the special stamp is embedded in each participant accepts book – with the exact hour), no matter the order (you can begin and end every chalets), the walk/run (because the orbit is circular-can do it with or against Greece the clock) or exact route chosen (in the Park a lot, and tracks are severai varieties which can be used to navigate between a hut to hut – no one particular check for the CF as a whole!) but : They must complete the journey (to sign the book in all cabins) within 24 hours!

The second category, Open (I went – baby focus here), its name is "open" or flexible. Carros de Foc Open information
Who need to switch between all 9 cabins as they collect stamps in the book – but there is no time to walk! (As well as starting point, the cabin, and the exact route).
You can go the route of the category (as of 2013 season) between June 1 and September 29 (due to know the year, due to unusual amounts of snow late in the season, it was almost impossible in June--but official practice of the season opened on June 1 and the cabins were open and staffed from it!).

A schematic image map and participate

"Number one" must "cabins of the CF are (as stated: the importance of order!) 9:
Ventosa I Calve
Estany Llong
Josep Maria Blanc
Ernest Mallafre

10th cabin – Plan de la Font – not part of the tradition. You can go to supplement/side track.

Official website/online information

This body must Trek organises and official website: http://www.carrosdefoc.com/ca/
The site is not. But it is sufficient. You can order through the cabins, the participants (who goes "by the book" and wants to sign a pad), information (they answer questions – also in English), etc.

In General, the Trek is among the European classics, trekking and popular far less information than the dining room "large" such as the TMB and the WHR, but can handle, easy to get along (and even now – when you have this review too. ).

As soon as the season opens, the CF personnel begin to stream "information and updates on Facebook. So better subscribe to him CF. on FB (year – which is very difficult at the beginning because of unusual snow accumulation – published on bypass tracks, offenses and snow height etc etc – very important things that weren't in the official site).

Along the way, a couple of days.

I slammed I understand better that little difficulty – no such thing – dividing days Trek. Each, and his/her own pace! (Whining I'm short).
I (apparently) actually goes (relatively) fast (and not doing a lot of long breaks during the walk) and yet I always come to the General slow pace ("average" or "classic" is more appropriate). That I (for all kinds of reasons, not detail here, but they're completely clear) for relatively short days.

Moreover, this trek-specific:
As mentioned above, the CF is a marked one. Is connecting cabins – what specific route and ariant, don't choose!
Topographic maps have highlight of the CF (purple) but is a combination of paths, does not appear in the field and is primarily recommendation.
In addition, the entire route is in National Park (igoastorts) – there are lots (lots of) piste side, climbing peaks and viewpoints that surely will deflect you from short/.

Although the f ... I can't leave you without an answer!
Carros de Foc full (ie: according to the book, with all the ה"מתחייבות") in the shortest route (according to the data on site) about 55 km.
For me the logical time/AVG/rest/recommended to walk the track is 5-6 days.

I predict here reservations – it's fine and even great!

Read here on the Forum that opinion can do the course in 3-4 days I don't want to start a discussion with the author (whose opinion I respect what he also indicated he was in good shape). Moreover – he's definitely right! Your sky runner Harry complement each track a day.
However, in my opinion: 3 days and missing tear! . I refer of course to CF . without skipping any cabin among the nine (sometimes necessary to get off – rstanka – for instance the variance to add 3 hours for that day). I met a lot of people who have space the CF, according to declared — but in practice did not Park circular route visited each cabin (this of course is fine-this track is just one of countless impossible Siteseeing but other times are obviously in this case).
3 or even 4 days, it is recommended that rate (if any) for me just who is in very good shape, only in good weather, only to experienced and highly motivated us and only for those who like long days and able!

Six days if you go at a rate similar to mine (in adapter d the signs in the area and the times site), leave much free time – side trails to peaks, stop refreshing in a way. And of course: the cabins themselves – for rest, recovery (for tomorrow), long conversations with other travelers, etc.
Personally, this trek is exhausted after a week of hysterical at work (12 to 16 days – Yes, 16-hours crossing). Rate of six days for me (although I didn't get too many "extras" and I was always small for chalets). If not then surely mind body! But not everyone likes to arrive early for the cabins, I know – to your own discretion. Maybe it's five days ה"קלאסי rate.


Well, if I got into trouble with dividing the days, which had another topic that is almost impossible for summary judgment.

The next choice was that stark is "medium" (if that means anything to anyone).
Firstly it is not technical at all! It does not require special knowledge and equipment.
It is also relatively short Trek (in terms of length in miles and several days) and because it is embedded in – you don't need to carry a backpack!

(If possible, I'm a pervert for a moment for a few words. Personal pride:
I went once with a backpack really easy! I don't know exactly how much he weighed but I think – with full water pouch and a picnic – not carried weight about 8 kg, most of the time just felt my bag! A:-f-c. It's a big accomplishment for me – who knows – ש"עוקב credit is largely of this forum, including many who are aware but even advices helped me. Thank you-thank you!)

Availability of cabins allows easy distribution of days – including a fairly short days (unless you really really unusually slow).

Who will rise to some point (recommended!) along the track (track side) – would the 3000 m (bottom). So the real problem of height adjustment – there! Max ttnshpo a little more than the effort of dictate.

However, a few points to consider:
  • This is an all-mountain trek. Weather — even in high season – may change quickly!
  • Long sections are exposed (in terms of vegetation cover) – no shadow and no where to hide from "elements".
  • The route is entirely in space – not in towns.
  • The route includes many ups and downs – some steep!
  • The trail is very rocky with many sections (and sometimes longer). Sometimes these little rocks (stones or even free) and sometimes real boulders. It takes a lot of (very!). (Really!) in a moment of inattention to twist an ankle, or even worse – even in ideal conditions. Wet weather and/or when poor visibility – with the rugged nature of the terrain – the trail becomes difficult and complicated many-many more.

  • I must note, specific warning:
    Day walk between Ventosa cabin and Llong cabin is a rocky walk (except for the last lovely joyful stream). The Collet de Contraix mountains crossing on this day is the hardest for me until today (I admit it isn't much. But still!). It is very, very, very steep and small stones with giant rocks heading there to "crawl" them (scrambling). It comes after two already well on rocks (less demanding sections but the difficulty) and ... First drop followed by a long and not always easy rock itself.
    I'm certainly not trying to motivate anyone going this route – not all the CF and not even the section f – vice versa!!! It's not a track I found, it's a neat — and passed — a fact: (even) I did it! Reach the top of the col that particular joy — the difficulty many contributing to the achievement (and sigh of relief) and the view from it.
    Furthermore I have two reservations I care to specify:
    1. I went trekking in far from ideal physical condition (old back injury suddenly 2 weeks before my departure to strike me and my fitness was relatively poor, too little, damaged – critical in this time). Feel it (in the form of muscles – whatever happened to me almost at previous treks) and I have no doubt that added me.
    2. about one hour after leaving Ventosa cabin began to feel sick (stomach pains that went and revived). It wasn't bad but it wasn't good to me in the day of the Trek.
    Despite the aforementioned reservations – it's important for me to warn about the part:
    -To be prepared;
    Because I haven't been out to the runway in wet weather or when visibility is poor (in my opinion this makes the dangerous thing!);
    Because in my opinion this section for everyone/one (who suffers from Vertigo, for example – to think 10 times does this section).

    To summarize the topic difficulty:
    Except the above-mentioned between Ventosa Llong-I would say the Trek is moderately negative (mostly even easier!) but because the section (especially the Collet de Contraix) ranks of Trek.
    In my opinion the Carros de Foc is not suitable as the first mountain (if skip today, which is not just in my estimation logistics).

    Signage/mark/maps – orientation

    Compulsory compulsory compulsory to trek with a topographic map.
    I had no problems with orientation, special navigation but I used a small number of times a map (or even a compass) Although I just perfect weather every day.

    The signs and he isn't all bad, but he does not appear frequently. I personally need (again and again) for ratification of the map.
    You are actually less according to signs and more by Simon (color rocks and/or pages by implementing) and furthermore: according to waves of stones. Please note that because of the very nature of the rocks, often unable to tell for In addition, the stones are not always very noticeable (sometimes you have to do to find them).
    Also – no Carros de Foc-unique surface check ("solid color") – used sometimes on sometimes GR11 side oariant and sometimes other routes (those marked in yellow). You just have to know what map to use.

    Another reason for her to have a go with map topografit (and any other time location) is full of side trails. You probably want to climb any peak or around some Lake – these routes are marked on the ground (often only by waves of rocks) but they do not always control (e.g. the type – recommended-Pic de Peguera – to tell him later).

    I purchased (on the Internet) the maps:
    These maps at 1:25, 000 covering all the track and then some, with excellent in-CF (though as noted: this has nothing to do in the field).
    In total I Ethan (אע"פ with small inaccuracies – missing of some lakes, which sounds ridiculous but a little confused me in the field next to kolomers hut).
    You can get them in shops in Espot and Barcelona (but I don't have any details on where exactly).

    Getting there & away

    Q: plenty of direct flights (low-cost, charter and scheduled flights) to Barcelona in a very wide range (varies) price (and I don't think I need to elaborate beyond that ...).

    Getting to the Park by bus
    The most convenient access by public transport from Barcelona to Parc Nacional de Aiguestortes i Estany d ' Sant Maurici (that's the full name of which is route) is the town of Espot which on the East side of the Park.

    At the end of August 2013, every morning at 7:30 from Barcelona Nord bus station to its destination is La Guinguetatown.
    The bus company ALSAALSA bus .
    A one-way ticket costs about 37 euros.
    I purchased the ticket at the box office at the bus station in the morning. The station, there was no line (arrived 7) was cheap and very good bakery inside the station (though the coffee was pretty bad).
    The trip takes approximately 5 hours (with a stop in town about two hours from Tarrega – there's services – bring toilet paper available in your pocket — the shells are locked in the trunk of a bus during a stop).
    The bus stops in cities and towns on the way – up and downloads.
    Get off the bus at t-junction (near Lake and gas station) very little before the target (La Guingueta) – ask the driver to stop you at the intersection of Espot- this node is approximately 8 km from town (winding mountain road).
    You can book a taxi to pick you up from the station (the station cashier has a number and will be happy to call you, the wait is about 10 minutes, which is basically a jeep of the reserve – at least in the opposite direction – espot – great single junction 10 euros).
    You can also wait for a ride. We arrived at this junction eight Israelis (...) on the same bus and all we have to hitchhike.

    From Espot to the track.
    From Espot you can go (on the GR11) to Lake Sant Maurici national park entrance approximately 4 miles in moderate (in the opposite direction it took me about an hour and a half – an hour and three-quarters).
    The Lake is minutes from Ernest Mallafre cabin and 2 hours from Amitgesshack.
    You can reach Lake with a jeep of the Park (about 5 euros one way).

    Another option is for her to Josep Maria Blanc for GR 11.13 comes also a espot (walking takes, I think, about 3 hours).

    In any event, in the Centre of town (which is small) and information center can help there.

    Other options
    When the track is circular and thus allow to join him at any point.

    The most convenient public transportation to get from espot, as mentioned above which is the only option which has full information.
    But there are other points of accessible buses and taxis + some walk or perhaps a taxi car + + some walk. In fact all the relatively close orbit (a few hours of walking) where there is a car park (for those who arrive by car) and/or a cab/Jeep close to town (from which it is possible to continue using public transport). However, the frequency of public transport in these regions is not so high – check and plan.


    Officially prohibited to camp in the Park (and timed ה"אוהל" review. ).

    You are most welcome to stay at any of the nine cabins along the route.

    Accommodations are in shared rooms, sometimes a little crowded bunk beds, (bring earplugs!).

    You get a pillow and a blanket – bring liner/pulp! Bag is not needed if you ask – still cold or take another blanket (on the low room Amitges and traveled at the end of the season was full and it was freezing in the night I slept with three Wool blankets) – spierim has each cabin.

    In General, the average basic cabins are slightly more of those I met in the Alps (France-Italy-Switzerland) – but all eyes were on offer.

    Saboredo cabin is currently under construction (as of the summer of 2013), and the conditions in which they are basic (not just natti, moved). I guess next summer – conditions improve it (it's really a small construction site).

    All cabins (except Saboredo) showers, however – not always have hot water! When there is hot water – hot water is usually of 2-3 euros (and sometimes limited in time). When hot water – so don't expect also to cold water. But the water was frozen!

    Do not enter cabins with shoes! You can bring your own slippers cabin (for my taste – recommended, I use the my keen Sandals to enter rivers and Lakes on the way), or you can borrow a pair (d. Crookes) cabin (there are plenty in all the cabins so whoever wants to reduce weight – can certainly pass on that Trek sandals).

    Do not enter cabins with sticks!

    Except for Josep Maria Blanc Lodge (where you can walk into a room with Backpack) – do not enter cabins with backpacks. There are plastic boxes in which you put the equipment that take to the sleeping area.

    The shoes, walking sticks and rucksacks (almost empty) – left instead for entrance (room, Hall, etc-each cabin and its arrangement – it works fine).


    Dormitory accommodation provided half- pension (dinner, a hearty, meat and a good breakfast too basic 4 low especially in the case of Colomers cabin) (as of the summer of 2013) 42 euro per cabin

    If you're vegetarian-inform in advance (don't worry – take care!).

    You can purchase a dinner picnic cabins – there is no need to pre-order but you should announce your wish (usually ask you) when you arrive. Picnic dinner costs about 9 euros and includes (with minor changes here and there): sandwich (offer a variety of options and take on specific desires, preferences – if it is possible), fruit, confectionery (e.g. snack sneakers) and a little motkat (cardboard).
    Breakfast in your private picnic will wait for you in the morning at the cabin crew – don't forget to take it with you!

    On days when you pass some cabin during the walk – you can eat. If you've reached the cabin and hot food still won't prepare you a sandwich (again – eating out very much consider your preferences, but of course options are limited in total –-arcaffe Basel). You can also buy drinks (warm easy and/or non-alcoholic) and snacks – all have huts.

    Is there a discount for Alpine clubs members.
    You can buy a bed only.

    Details about all of the components and options – site of the Carros de Foc, in the reservations (booking cabins) and the page (shelters).

    Begins to emerge a clear trend of my "love of the ...
    Probably should be mountain very pleasant so I don't like it – love it.
    I don't know if it's the fact that I'm going – and the huts are also a place for me to share and membership; Or maybe it's the fact that I still tend to lose sometimes the security myself trekking – and the mark for me someplace safe and shield as a sign "ש"עשיתי; Or the fact that in the kitchen (say) my modern – I can't make more than an omelet – so that dinner at these cabins in blue are a wonder of nature to me.
    And maybe it's just the fact that far from civilisation lies the modern world ו"פלאי I basically simple girl evaluates (very) basic stuff, not have adversely affected anything.

    Anyway – I control cabins (apparently) no! Since this is love: I don't really have any ability to judge them.
    And it happened again in igoastorts: loved all her cabin and those where just natti moved (to sign my ה"פנקס).


    When I got back from Nepal almost a year ago, after a 10-year-old dream come true: to go to the foot of Everest – a dream come true in a big way and took me to record that these 10 years I never imagined them – asked me some family and friends: so what's next? Where do we go from here really?
    The truth is that even then – I wasn't worried. In General.
    First of all – I was still full of happiness that you left me Nepal. And besides – my head and my heart are filled with so many dreams.

    The year after that, didn't allow me to trek longer – and I had to abandon all those options included the highest in my wish list.
    6 days net – that's what I had. And the season was very limited — around new year's.

    So I whipped out the Carros de Foc — not disappointed!

    Not travelled in the Pyrenees – and I was glad for the opportunity to sample a new region. This tradition represents the Trek (Trek has "a target" – a tradition that I am now proud to be a part of it) – magic. Turk of national park – nature – as opposed to trekking through towns, like I did in the past.
    Also the possibility to spend two days in Barcelona charm me (man I divided: half wild and half urban).

    In practice I found a course provided by sometimes views at the highest level and facing challenges that managed to surprise me (and since I was going where: filled me with a sense of accomplishment).
    The (very) lucky and won also the weather was from and that to!

    In contrast to TMB and WHR – they are trekking long European others. "— which is far less stark. The great majority of the population is Spanish — and usually those Catalan. Their going the route (in full – targeted) quite a few French and many, many, many behind – of all other Nations. Asked repeatedly whether really came all the way from Israel except for this particular Trek? Just to go the CF? (Usually ו"היקשו and continued trying to figure out if that's part of the big" trip ").
    I found myself often, especially in the second half (the South) of the track, — "single" stranger – table with another 9-12 – hour local, and usually dinner into the night her — only one or two here them speak English at all and all the other כ"מתורגמנים – and I'm surrounded by human warmth.

    Maybe it would have been better to finish the sentence, but I write this review for you – future travellers, those ש"צריכים" choose a trek. So if I insist and (again) the trek to TMB and WHR, so I say its main Blazer ... compared it with diversity. The views are stunning enough in single gooneim , ver – beautiful sometimes (Josep Maria Blanc – the mirror of the cabin revealed to me, both up for – it made my jaw drop in amazement to ground!) – but much less versatile than the other two. Therefore, the advantage is being ... Short!
    A trek to five-six days – for me it's great. If a longer period: I'd choose another Trek.

    And finally-the extension. You can't talk about the igoastorts (not really matter what course are you doing) without talking about Lakes!.
    Love the Lakes? Go there! And fast!
    Don't like Lakes? (Bulk) This is not the place for you!

    The book full of stamps my CdF:


    Daily summary.


    Day 0

    Arrival at the beginning of the Trek from my blog ב'למטייל "

    I arrived in the town of Espot – my gateway to the natural park of Aiguestortes – when hot, sunny day in late August 2013.
    Before a few short town networks: recent shopping, lunch, visit info center. Since I planned to start their trek, only meant for me just walk up, not rushed.

    At 14 I finally uploaded, together with another two-day travel on a jeep of the reserve that comes from the Centre of Espot and jerking off visitors to Lake Sant Maurici (for 5 euros per person per one-way trip for 15-20 minutes).

    Deviation (about 10 minutes each as Greece) from the Lake to little Ernest Mallafre (in the South-Eastern side of the Lake), where I collect first signature in the CdF, and I repeat the GR11 and begins to climb, Northwest of Lake – West.
    She walks through a forest of coniferous jeeps.

    After splitting up from Lake and passes under another Maurici Lake (Estany de Ratera chartarum) reach the tiny Green Lake – there is the road forks.
    To get the shortest way to the destination, you must continue to the right – the Joker (this is the path marked in purple of the CF on the map).
    I turned left, the GR11. Finally – the "real"! Winding. The signs are good – this is one of the mtoiilim areas in the Park – thanks to the easy access from public areas.

    Small digression – very, very recommended! -Mileage: viewpoint Mirador de l ' Estany (approx. 5-minute walk to Greece's trail) – and I "cut" North-GR11 discrete towards the Refugi Amitges.

    In total all stroller lesson (not including the Jeep of course).

    Lake Sant Maurici is the observation point Mirador de l ' Estany

    The Refugi Amitges

    Day 1

    From Amitges lodge Saboredo Lodge Road, Sendrosa mountains and Lakes Cabidornats and Mort, to Colomers.

    The first day walking travel site blog "

    As I wrote in the introduction, my route will be dictated for each nine cabins as well as deviations and side trails selected in area (after talking with cabins and others) sometimes right at the split point. This day demonstrates a pretty format.

    The direct route between Amitges Colomers-is (mostly) about the GR11 and takes about 3 hours (according to received opinion).
    I said goodbye to GR11. Turning first to the Northeast and then continued north to Saboredohut. This path is and ariant called GR 211.4 (the controls).
    The big advantage of this oariant the side of minority – I actually met only one runner (until I went back to the main trail – this island hours later) that practice to Sky Runner and stopped for a few minutes of rest (and conversation) near the cabin.

    The road from split to Saboredo was beautiful – through several lakes – and (orientation and a walk; to the cabin arrived within two hours since I went from Amitges), but shortly after the cabin began climbing a rocky hillside. Signage – just wave-shaped stones was minimal and a bit difficult to identify for me (also pretty perfect visibility conditions). I used the map can get his mind until after a short time of leveling the ground rocks again appeared on the trail – andthe Sendrosa mountains (not tall and not complicated at all) is in front of me.

    The part until here (to Col Amitges shack) took me about 3.5 hours (including stops, not including not long).

    After the Ascension (and not rest long on Col there can climb to the top of Sendrosa – but for me the scenery around here is one and gave up) – the decline was complicated, but would rise hard and breaking knees (due to the length and steeply).
    A cute ariant, chithr left the main trail among trees (I sought shade!). At one point it was clear not going in this almost-oariant vegetation hiding here and there – but the path was very clear direction mainly because the organization see the target (including the path back to climb – after a long decline, the other side).

    Eventually my friend back to the main trail and started to climb again. Walking in this section (towards the end of the descent and then when you were climbing) very enjoyable – and especially the beautiful green Lake, and isolating the end oariant.

    From here you can continue West through the GR11 short to Colomers (this split is about an hour from the cabin), but because it was so early, I turned South (toward the "flipped") a little way – until the beautiful and Long Lake. I drove there, right (West) on oariant that passes through several lakes (and extremely busy or day – it was the weekend and the weather was clear and warm).

    Reachedin Colomers cabin eventually South – via Lake Mort – 3:00 (after about 7 hours on the net for).
    I rushed to shower (hot water) and hide in the shade (I'm very sensitive to the Sun and the day was hot) – and despite the early hour, I haven't been to the track another side – it felt good and I preferred to rest.

    After a rocky stretch for Sendrosa passage is clear and uncomplicated

    Green Lake, through to Colomers

    Flowers and insects near Colomers cabin

    Day 2
    Of Colomers Shack through Port de Rius perversion (back and forth) to Restanca – toVentosa cabin.

    The other day walking from my blog ב'למטייל "

    I went in on the GR 11.18 in the ways of the West.
    The scenery is very rugged mountains, with ground and inlaid Lakes lactiflora. There is no wood.

    The first pass – Port de Caldes o de Colomers (her stubborn and tiring, but not complicated by any stage) was occupied and I continued the March to the next –Port de Rius (which rise over there is definitely light).

    A little before boarding to the Col, Blue Lake and stunning (Estany de Monges) sitting on the edge of a cliff (and it looks like he doesn't have the background – just put!) the path forks to the left (South) and shortest way to Joan i Ventosa Calvell shack.
    But I keep on my CdF up to Port de Rius – and so on – down to very steep – Northwest way: to Restanca hut. This simple way at the top – down what my knees Col some complaining but I go really fast.
    The tone is very big and beautiful Lake that stands out more on top and then he goes into the Woods and suddenly appears below Restanca Lake- despite the proliferation in Lakes – some succeed overhang. Restanca Lake, with its green setting and a waterfall that wraps him – is that, especially in this way, the trail goes down to it from the Southeast.

    To Restanca hut sitting by the Lake arrived (at the rate peak of 3 hours and 20 minutes, not sure why) at about 11:20.
    My plan was to outflank Monges Summit West – oariant of the CF through Coll de Tumenela. But since I've had a lot of details about the track (besides it is considered quite difficult), I was going to go to the cabin and consult. And so I did.
    Found inside retains a welcoming cabin and thankfully a lot – speak English good. According to this difficult and rarely used. Especially after I found out I was going alone, she counseled me to repeat after me – up Port de Rius – use for splits. GR 11.18 South near Estany des Monges.

    It doesn't sound so tempting – to repeat part — particularly as a likely alternative. But I was elated after a very successful morning and enjoyed a very descent to the hut (especially the last section). In such conditions – all options sound. Besides, especially as that alone, I avoided the risks and if advised me to avoid a particular track – I tend to listen.
    So after a long lunch at the cabin, I began to climb back to Port de Rius (this way about her long but for some reason I had it easier than the decrease).

    The path between Port de Rius Ventosa Shack turned out to be particularly successful and fun (and easy!). Lake after Lake and beautiful, all green or blue or a combination of the two, surrounded by rocks, cliffs, there are still a few cows graze or about him a tree and water reflections. And all this in an isolated environment.
    No hurry, I made several breaks, including baptism (to the knees) on a frozen lake.
    Definitely not disappointed from the track!

    In total I spent today on the runway – including many interruptions for 8 hours and it is in my best days and day hiking Trek is great in General.
    The Ventosa tglati cabin too successful. There are hot showers resting (no separation between men and women) and a dining room available. The Estany Negre crazy location over the largest and most beautiful and friendly atmosphere. The cabin is a young Manager, fluent in English and good grub.

    Restanca Lake

    One of the Lakes on the way to Ventosa

    The lodge dormitori Ventosa

    Estany Negre

    Day 3
    A Ventosa hut through Contraix Collet de lEstany Llong cabin.

    The third day for walking out of my blog ב'למטייל "

    I knew that Rocky and difficult day for breakfast but I thought maybe something not so fine. My stomach felt a little strange. Drank tea (coffee), tried to swallow a piece of bread with a little honey and I went at 7:50 – joy and caring and really not worried.

    Was cool and good progress – fast becoming the Rocky (walking sticks were hung on the cartridge for about an hour after setting out – don't have much use this morning and your hands must be free to climb on the rocks) but clear way (marked by waves of rocks) and moderate. Prancing by implementing the rocks and had a great time.

    Slowly, slowly the trail became more complicated to move and navigate, but worse – your stomach started to bother me a lot. I looked around, the unforgiving, Rocky-I felt myself suddenly small and vulnerable, surrounded by a sea of threatening.
    About this feeling qualified understanding (I confirmed repeatedly by testing the map and approved by a pair of Spaniards who followed parallel to me) – narrow crack, between the cliffs of the steep wall and threatening so above. It is the mountains of mine today – Collet de Contraix. Dear me!
    I go in a little worried when I noticed every step. Very strict duty rock I clung to it as I step – strong and stable and has no intention to roll under the foot. I stopped every few minutes to rest, meeting, for a minute or two when I'm sitting folded and breathing deeply (shady place to stop longer wouldn't hurt — I wasn't exactly there).

    So I moved to Haiti – when strives to maintain spacing from the Spanish pair behind (lucky me headed even slower than me) just in case. I think Bayern past treks experience help me out here, because although the situation isn't ideal — was very patient and I panicked. I just told myself that another step further and I find myself up at the end.

    I have no idea what time I got to the top of the aisle – not really paying attention to this day schedule – but I remember the chill that gripped me! Abdominal pain and difficulty concentrating my forgotten – in the sense of accomplishment and the beauty that surrounded me. Without a doubt – this mountain crossing is one of the highlights of the Trek (non ב"מצבי).
    This happiness lasts a few minutes but then I realized I have to decline.
    And – not surprisingly – is steep and rocky.

    Least one hour passed me pretty hard in the same style of very focused walk with stops but dangerously short, this time falling before the changed her.
    I got to the top of the Valley, the rocks (this point I was no longer so Favorites) cleared the way for smooth ground on winding trail. On the left for a clear stream flows and the wood River – are very dark and lovely-and forward-downward (the slope is also very tone here) – shady Woods and behind another.

    Found a shady corner, with some grass beside the river. I took my bag, took off his shoes and socks, pants folded, I soaked my feet wet the top of the frozen water. And assumed.
    When I walk along the River was magical, aushshth, and even some stomach pain.
    Just eat energy bars that were with me I couldn't and so towards the end of the walk in the Woods, up to Estany Llong, ran out of energy. Reached in the end pretty early but crawl.

    This hard day spent on for approx. 7 hours (including breaks). Fortunately recovered after long rest and took hours before dinner, take a walk along the charming Llong Lake to the far end and back (the cabin is a short walk from the Lake and pass him the day tomorrow so that should really leave what time day of arrival to stroll around it).

    In total it is not easy but very rewarding. I crown him as a great success

    The view from the mountains to the West.

    The view from the mountain pass East face

    The maxim that accompanied me in the second part of the day.

    The Estany Llong beautiful.

    Day 4
    The Estany Llong hut through Colladeta de Colomina cabinDellui.

    The fourth day to walk from my blog ב'למטייל "

    The distribution is easy walking day (especially if it's already the fourth day and completely broken trail or what I, as someone who grew up on the tv series ' "dollar" June ").

    The trail climbs through the forest sharply immediately upon exiting the cabin general direction Southeast. On the way to the mountain pass Colladeta de Dellui passes by several lakes, skip these island Rocky sections and hoop – arrive lightly up (after 2 hours and 15 minutes).

    Because I have a lot of time today stopped many (he is very wide and beautiful views) — when I climb a ridge to Pic de Dellui. The view from the top is very beautiful (this area is dominated by very large lakes) but need to know it in a scrambling-course Rocky Ridge (I left all the equipment on and I really enjoyed the Col to climb without a backpack).
    In total held up at the border for an hour and a quarter (half the time was alone – not all prototypes).

    Continuing the day light – through with very large lakes.

    Made another long pit stop (with bird), above a huge Lake (Embassada de Sallente). To the Lake Road and at a parking lot. There is a cable car from the Lake to a point not far off (so it can be part of the southern access point of the reserve, the Trek).

    At 2:30 pm arrived to Colomina.
    This cabin is located near a lake and with maddening blue surrounded by boulders and parts (such as small hills rock) – kind of desolate landscape quite odd – and it is certainly successful (many thanks to Martha hut Manager who is happy with a big smile, especially that gives a very good feeling to every guest).

    In total I spent about 6 hours on the trail today. But if you get constipation and a track-side Pic de Dellui in my estimation between the took me a little less than 4 hours.
    Anyone looking to shorten the number of days the Trek can definitely join this day to the next – that he (no side walks) short. The main problem with this program ... Today's target: a j. m. Blanc with the Lakes surrounding it – is the most beautiful spot on the track. It's not a place I'd like to get him late in the evening and early the next day.

    The view from Dellui

    Rest with a bird

    First glance to Colomina cabin

    Estany de Colomina

    Day 5
    Colomina fault through the Pic de Saburo to Josep Maria Blanc.

    On the fifth day to journey out of my blog ב'למטייל "

    New year's Eve , I left me alone in 7:50., Colomina Shack toward a j. m. Blanc. The reflection of her Lake Colomina cabin in the morning – it shows the magical serenity.

    I bypassed the Lake Estany de Colomina and Mar for their adjacent Northeast and started to climb the rock wall towards Pas de l ' Os.
    Because I had enough time, after I arrived tobeyond Saburo, chose to say goodbye-short period GR 11.13. I turned North – oariant which climbs sharply to Pic de Saburo. Mountainside is (unsurprisingly) very steep and rocky marks are only using piles of stones. Once or twice I wasn't sure I was the right way to the top (opened and then map wasn't sure at 100%) But eventually I came!
    I don't think you can get lost in this oariant – very prominent Lakes and they are impossible to accidentally chase them – I just wasn't sure I emerged exactly right – that will allow me to get from the Summit to the Lake on the other side (so I can join the main track without having to repeat after me).
    The decline was very steep rocks and varying sizes but ... At this time already used.

    I continued to walk, passing by a few beautiful lakes (...) till light way to narrow passage with trees. And down I noticed (the trees) in the deep blue color of the Lake (which was clearly larger) – Estany Negre de Peguera. I told you already know many beautiful lakes of Aiguestortes some still manage to stand out. Estany Negre de Peguera is easily one of them.
    While I correct positions, the Woods, the better to see the Lake, while turning left, seems to play the only way I can describe it. Spectacular! Two stunning blue lakes surrounded by mountains dark green and Brown of ... I felt my jaw falls to the floor.
    Of course I saw before the Trek images (very nice!) of Josep Maria Blanc cottage and the surrounding lakes. I'm not sure how I managed to be surprised like that but ... I managed!

    Since I (as usual) very early to the cabin (except for photo stops, I didn't took way stops — including the bypass route to the Pic de Saburo approximately 4 hours from Colomina to j. m. Blanc) chose me rock, on the north side of Tort Estany de Peguera. I took my bag, took off his shoes and socks off. I sat down to a long and leisurely picnic on the great rock mine – ballet into the Lake. Ate, I soaked feet, tried to shoot the small fish (plural) and wore sandals and went into the water (there were shallow) – I went to a small island close to the coast and wandered on the surrounding rocks.
    For a couple of hours went into the cabin – and then, after a brief org – rushed out again to another track and sandbagging-brother.

    And I read it. Happy new year!

    Colomina cabin is reflected in its Lake.

    J.M. Blanc-location bungalow

    Picnic on a rock

    Tort Estany de Peguera in the evening

    Day 6
    From J.M. Blanc hut via Col de Monestero and Ernest Mallafre cabin to the town of espot.

    The sixth day journey from my blog ב'למטייל "

    In the last day of the Trek, I'm climbing the way I arrived yesterday on the GR 11.13 -Estany Negre de peguera on top, leaving behind the cabin view where I spent the night – and both. After a little way I separate from the trail and headed Northwest towards the Coll de Monestero.
    The road is clear and uncomplicated and the mountains (my last Trek!) I wear lightly. I have no idea how to rate it in comparison to previous passages in days – everything seems easy for me now. I can only say that trail rest (scrambling).
    I think that 9 was up value (I went at 8).

    What this Col are two-party routes are recommended. One climbs North Monestero peak and the second – Southwest, Pinnacle, Peguera.
    I chose the Southwest peak Pic Peguera. following a recommendation of the cabin, j. m. Blanc.
    The gear left down, near the Col, and started climbing when watching the waves. There are many places in which you can climb up and therefore it is very important to follow the markup (not always found them notable enough). At first I was mistaken and I climbed the peak point was North ridge (close to Col) when I realized the mistake I decided to go to the Bank's end – כ"חימום" (because the type has become increasingly complicated as I've gone). Then to "route" and continued climbing when clutching rocks until I got (after a steep climb!) to the top. I stood there with one-right at the edge of a slope on one side and the other on the edge of the slope on the other side. I didn't dare leave the rock where I and excited!
    What do I say? The scenery – really, really, really amazing!
    This side track it took me about an hour and a half, I went back to the Col, loaded up and started off the move to the West side.

    If I've used ups, this had some birida! Was very steep and mountainside here very worn out and it just ... Crumbles. The needs attention and fun. Followed a rocky thing a bit boring and descent to the Valley — where she walks along a beautiful stream and improved again.
    I think this part – in the Valley, near the river – down to the Woods where is Ernest Mallafre cabin — particularly early in the season. I passed by, my flower fields that were mostly dry anymore. I could only imagine what they were a month ago.
    The last thing in the Woods, probably because he was still shaded full bloom – particularly rich in butterflies and other insects.

    And that's it. I found myself in a little Shack Ernest Mallafre — closes the circle.

    Another small sortie to say hello to Lake Sant Maurici and turned, the GR11, significant that lasted about an hour and three-quarters (about 4 miles) to the town of Espot.

    Rosh Hashana morning by Josep Maria Blanc Chalet

    The view towards East to where I arrived-rise to Peguera Pic

    The view from the ridge rising to Peguera Pic North East to Pic Monestero

    The GR11 down Espot town-view-back mountain

    ** I'm here (where else?) to answer questions (and add things I forgot). Io_travel 41545.7370138889
    #188 Posted : Saturday, September 14, 2013 10:38:18 PM(UTC)

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    [QUOTE = shaharellert] we went this year in order to sample apirans (haziitam). There is no doubt that long track, but wouldn't name.

    I didn't understand if the bus to Ordesa Torla runs after 13/9.
    How to get there otherwise?)
    Thank you
    #189 Posted : Friday, September 20, 2013 7:29:00 PM(UTC)

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    Amber, cool pictures
    Indeed an amazing Park I think (did it in 2003)

    Happy holiday
    #190 Posted : Friday, September 20, 2013 9:17:10 PM(UTC)

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    Nice summary, good pictures!

    Although I haven't read every word, but there is no doubt that this summary will serve me sometime in the future because I'm planning a priority in this track, and thanks!

    Starry night 41537.7781018519
    #191 Posted : Friday, September 20, 2013 11:35:18 PM(UTC)

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    Amber, as usual, was worth the wait, you get a detailed and effective aabirsichum with a strong sense of the journey and experience instead! Your bird, as are all images. (You need to be friendly. )
    #192 Posted : Saturday, September 21, 2013 12:18:04 AM(UTC)

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    Thanks friends.
    Io_travel 41537.8911921296
    #193 Posted : Saturday, September 21, 2013 2:52:13 PM(UTC)

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    Excellent summary (contains relevant information, detailed, and written in the style of "amber"), as usual.

    #194 Posted : Sunday, September 22, 2013 1:33:17 AM(UTC)

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    INBAR-an excellent summary of the published standards (!).
    Jerking off this thread up in quality.

    Certainly it is interesting to see how the views indeed look different depending on the time of year.

    Loved wandering in the areas following the early arrival every day.
    #195 Posted : Sunday, September 22, 2013 11:01:31 AM(UTC)

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    Thanks waterboy and HarmonicWave,
    I write now blog. I'm taking my time there so he woven ""
    I will link here when I'm done.

    Shavua Tov!
    אמנון לנגי  
    #196 Posted : Sunday, September 22, 2013 2:32:23 PM(UTC)

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    To Kiev and to hire amber Reynolds
    This recommendation needs to send a friendly
    Excellent summary
    As usual.
    #197 Posted : Sunday, September 22, 2013 2:43:42 PM(UTC)

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    Thanks Amnon!
    About Kev Reynolds, after submitting letters of admiration. His workplace is guaranteed.
    אמנון לנגי  
    #198 Posted : Sunday, September 22, 2013 5:36:18 PM(UTC)

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    We do not share the same impressions.
    The man writing boring and his information is not focused.
    The whole--with him.
    He's scared to recommend hotels or cabins and when he describes
    Alternative recommended route is not making about personal preference
    His attitude is not. In music, for instance, a very British
    Emphasis and determine a specific execution decisively better than another.
    I won't buy any more friendly trail guides.
    In the current age are totally unnecessary and just not interesting.
    #199 Posted : Sunday, September 22, 2013 6:08:01 PM(UTC)

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    I kind of like description does not necessarily very conclusive recommendations to choose between options. I feel that sometimes has a bit more information. It's important for me to stay to find out.
    I like being told: on the first day you take and ariant and sleep in the cabin the other day y go out overnight and ariant z in u. Reviews are good but sometimes it's a little over.

    I like to describe my options but leave me alone. Anyway, I noticed long ago that little experiences and completely uncontrollable to view in advance are those who make a lot of the times.
    Therefore, I tend to be a little access for "all options." Maybe I do sometimes for (maybe, by some, on a particular point.) but less recommended. You know what unexpected experience for me in that very place.

    I (probably) write a very personal angle but perhaps, at least sometimes, prefers to read rather "dry" description

    Anyway-have to agree to disagree here I burnt fan of Kev!
    I went "with" the TMB, the WHR and Everest my trip was based very much on the extent of his book.

    I agree that you're right in general-no need today to purchase any book (no track). But I love it!

    The CdF-I found very little substance (relative) nor. It really didn't bother me in ... And it inspires these thoughts Island: perhaps in this age we are already flooded.
    daphna BL  
    #200 Posted : Sunday, July 27, 2014 7:21:16 PM(UTC)
    daphna bl

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    Do you have any information about the walk in one day from the cabin back to LIONG espot-

    What is the time? The route is difficult?

    Thank you

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