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#1 Posted : Monday, February 4, 2013 11:39:17 PM(UTC)

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This is the eighth concatenation summarising Alon Ben's quest VIII on Israel, a journey that started in October 2009.


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Seventh concatenation:

Http://www.hike.co.il/posts/t68122% d7% 94% d7% a9% d7% 91% d7% 99% d7% 9c% d7% 99% d7% a1% d7% 99% d7% 94% d7% 9b% d7% 99% d7% a6% d7% a2% d7% 99% d7% a8% d7% a9% d7% a8% d7% a9% d7% 95% d7% a8% d7% a9% d7% 91% d7% 99% d7% a2% d7% 99

60: a sortie for the Summit warp (19.8-1.9.12)

We are still in the summer, and the last weekend of August, we chose to do this for the the cool thing: Miron Ridge.To avoid loading too much we divided it for years: the top circular orbit it Baja of Friday and Saturday off the top the warp. We stipulate the car on the road, and with easy connect quickly to the western end of the Summit, where we arrived on the flight may 55.

And oak and go quickly, and soon reach the wine Fellowship. Oak receives a lesson in wine production and ordered two bottles of juice.

The Summit is filled with Windows. One of them opens a window to northern Galilee and southern Lebanon; Both the Ramat Dalton and big Lake baibora; Tuesday is utilized to overlooking the sea of Galilee, tzfat and mount kna'an. A light look at spectacular happiness and distress.  Alon from wants to run forward.  But he didn't miss a sign, whether it's a landscape, or just sign information.

When we finished the short route was an early evening and we jump to beat mount Meron and sign where the Israel trail passport.

The night made for room of Kibbutz Baram, emerged as one of the most pleasant and invested we saw. The room is-fortunately-and that group's Chef made sure to fill it out.: eggs, vegetables, cheeses, homemade jams and fruits for ten rabtanim bilists especially, not to mention pasta locker, bean spices that could embarrass the master chef.

The next day left the car in the garage, and Miron taxi. Organizing in hapisga parking lot and we descend towards Horvat ב"ק.

The spectacular West was fascinating and delightful note. That morning a few drops fell on Nahariya area and clouds could be seen well in the panoramic image shot photographs

Something milder and outlets? No problem, Carmi Beit Jann is reused for the cows could produce.

After Salah Memorial Tafesh, found another GAT wine , the area was filled with vineyards also in ancient times. And near the wine waiting Hotta, deep and mysterious karstic hole.

Arbutus tree, embryos and Civets eye completely dry at least he provided a pleasant shade to rest.

After the steep decline almost Spring toward Horvat audio

The shrine to chanceof fraud, reach your hand and touch it, and pass the elyahu hanavi (how he can sit the hell?). A little longer and we at KH, Tsoi audio "tomb of Shammai and his wife. A glance upwards reveals Meron mountain range towering green from which we started today.

Recent decline (What to do, a high point for only down) and an unpaved road along the Creek, would like juicy raspberry fruit , and finally arrive at a parking lot, where he ended the summer.

Sichomis: moderate
Total for this sortie 9 km (including 8.5 on the path)

Total distance moved for questionnaire: 561.5 km

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, February 5, 2013 1:24:22 AM(UTC)

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Emerged: 61 MB. 231 Tel (7.9.12)

We are still in the summer, although in the end, more chill winds begin to sit and less burdensome. The deposits began to blossom and holidays used and come.

On Saturday, after walking on Meron went south in Israeli River area scent (symbolizing border between Northern Judean.
It was hot that day (32 in the shade), though not an easy ntpano sweat too much.

Start by v. c. 226, overlooking route 6, where we finished the 32-th sortie on February 11

Down parallel to the road and in Israeli River Grove that nitaa by the JNF. Sizzling bee hives here , and we're getting away quickly to Israeli River Bridge, from below, he looks completely different.

An easy stop to rest and lived almost sweating, and continue towards the tamarisk trees. Here there is a problem in the path down to the stream. We preferred to go by the adurim army base, knowing it will save you the headaches I bmatiat.

The time fields harvested, but not nachron, and said the chickens "everything gold."

Easy walk as stated. Once the Sun hides behind the cloud, then we do not need the shadow.

Maybe the view from Sky something but down on the ground filled with nature. Ants commissions on collecting food, nest the ore begins to blossom.

Despite the heat pretty fast pace, and within two hours from the beginning we see Tel Rainbow away. The bridge on Highway 40 – a great opportunity to push some more onions. A little after being photographed by a trail sign Israeland soon arrive at the foot of the mound. Alon won't miss the opportunity to climb to the top.

Sichomis: moderate
Total for this sortie 5 km

Total distance moved for questionnaire: 566.5 km

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#3 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 4:49:42 PM(UTC)

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Yiftahel junction 62: sortie to the monks mill (17-18.9.12)

Http://Davis.huji.AC.il/en/?cmd=research head out to report daily sortie in the lower Galilee. Excellent weather and Apple Honey extract bones and enjoying every minute of it.

Early traffic-junction yiftachel

A mountain climber yiftachel and after A short ascent reach snow-capped it is Winery shop yiftachel.
The lodge was founded in 1840 in the Appalachian mountains that United and chestnut oak and uninhabitable.
A farmer from Virginia named Allen Bradley the hut in 2004, the entire offense and moved to Israel, where she was rebuilt in its entirety.

Thewalk amidst the pine trees planting of forest oak block provided entertaining experiences that day.
Bilists group who went with us claims that should turn left here, and I know my way around here. Some markings are continuing. After 150 m oak realizes that something's not right here. He opens a map and says that they were wrong and had to go straight.
Back and continue for the pointing and NA-boy is right!
The camping site-who wondered – came back to kaabiya.

Down .233. MB Aileen village. TheCouncil places dominates three villages of Bedouin clans: jam, tbash and holiday, they were part of the Bedouin of the lower Galilee including several known villages is Starling.
The locals are welcoming to travelers and very polite. One of the grocery stores said that worked for decades in the North and son converted to Judaism and even today one member.
Tbash live on two Jewish families, one runs the garage " In Samson in the yard. "It won overnight.
Around the village can be seen hanging on the ropes every IDF. They enlist percentages higher combat here from Tel Aviv.
Many tourists visit the area and they have already become part of the landscape.

New route for kaabiya is not marked correctly but the chance to mess around a little here. Down because the restaurant, through the soccer field and not give up horses in the spring (' Ain in Arabic "ו"עין "official name.)

Continue in the direction towards the monks mill birds along the river birds.

Stream birds is the stream flows from the countryside to the Kishon River Reyna. The River, 32 km long, starts in the mountains, near the Arab town reineh, Oak Forest Hills near sfar'am and the Kishon River drains into the drains below into Haifa Bay and the Mediterranean Sea. It is fed by springs, spring birds and probed, yiftachel's numerous Springs fail like Marni, eye eye eye Avinoam Mahal, hepher, eye eye eye but really, lapidot toreen eye.

The trail runs North of the Creek, we chose to go south, adjacent to pomegranate orchards (owned by the Druze of Carmel, so I'm told)

Mill the monks arrived at last light

#4 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 5:33:08 PM(UTC)

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63 sortie: the twisting route 85 (1.10.12)

Succoth arrived. The holiday for us. The journey started on Sukkot (oshana much more precisely) and we point out that in unusual and sorties to Nahal Amud top.

The mission was unusual. This time we (I got to be exact) to danger, retrospect-I left her. For very cheap.

Rookie mistake. I came for a week of upsets that included vomiting and diarrhea. Water planning, 10 liters to three. But what I didn't consider was that balance came with him on a trip, probably on the red line.

It was hot that day, 34 degrees in the sky was overcast though so that was walking within ה"טמפרטורות limits, sun shade. Even dripping a little.

I took part in the trip, the wife and family of our "Baker

The beginning of the movement-the warp

Meron stream was mostly dry until ein checks here and there a touch of water.

Who eye checks flowing into the Emma, which could operate flour mills and softening fabrics (btshot), as we saw a few along the way.

Plone is wet before you connect the Miron stand

After a refreshing dip in the eye will start the hard part.

This "Amud called Wadi altouajin", Mills River, and Baker exploited the opportunity to tell the kids how the mills operated in the old days.

Goodbye for the plain of the river and cross the same bridge.

The ramp washed discourse (Al elshekh Vice-associate the Arabic). Oak a little tired and we stop for 20 minutes.

The balustrades My stomach screams out in pain, SIPs troughs is not enough for me and I started akeia my soul along the way.

Down the ladder into ein seter, kids love these pieces. The spring course.

For the next terrace My legs could barely walk there were sections that needed very careful even on four (not know trouble). Alon skipped that part and stakes in lightness, great it took some more.

Only with zoom take the children break ahead. I and led behind. At this point I'm still and we continue cautiously.

Reduction of boulders and the stunning scenery around. The view dulls physical sensation.
I am less stressed out because my sweat ahatiibshot continues to decline.

The Plains can go faster. (Snail pace of rhythm).  Pick up the camera no longer have power and light.

The others arrived to the finish point, and we're 2-3 miles behind, do a d if the book or extraction. I stopped sweating. Drinking water from a syringe of children's Tylenol? (10 ml every five minutes, that's what kept me out) than that I threw up.

Look back and see Mount mitzpe hayamim. Panoramic look eye-catching.

In connection with that mouse stream sources place camping valve.

End of route 85, Elon is waiting for us there.

Traveling light with the car and gave me Lemon Popsicle and chilled bottle Coke with sugar. Sugar and calmed my stomach and went back to work.

This mistake of flight fell walks begin and if anything came out of this story could lessons from:
1. put a finger on the pulse regarding the balance of fluids in the body before embarking on a trip and to prepare accordingly.
2. heat for trips of more than 30 degrees has to worry about cold water (frozen bottle).
3. If you arrive for dehydration – drink cold water and sweetened to regain the lost minerals paint dry.
4. in case of dehydration call the rescue squad or at least (as I did) to consult with a lawyer while the body sweats less severe danger, only downfall could occur at any moment.
5. There is nothing better than a popsicles to dehydration. Madhhab emphasized that need sweet liquid that morning iilgem slowly.  

#5 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 7:50:26 PM(UTC)

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64 sortie: 31 road mount Kina (8.10.12)

Day, Simchat Torah is a joy. Celebrating 3 years (and more) and open the season. We had a small hole to close at Arad region between Highway 31 near Antelope agorth, we name the 55 sortie and mount quina started the 54-th flight. The night did Cinderella House "Angels for Arad.

But, joined Alon also Baker and his family (previous emerged) who continued to stream from mitzpe Zohar oboe, one of the most beautiful routes of rotate Arad.

We pretty much cover the difference in height 300 m kids breaking rapidly. Until the removable opening photo camera they kick forward.

We climb towards luminous range (zooira in Arabic). Whose name is called?

Two versions to this story.
The first-named after a historical figure named zooira, a Bedouin Queen/heroine and force their feats which choice the Romans at the time.
II. Ponyo, said Dov Urim and Thummim of the Judean desert, the word zooira means the edge of the desert were the traveling and finish line settlement permanent settlements.

We continue to climb the Ridge cut towards the first glamorous רוג'ום , (zooira רוג'ם).

Here was a Roman Watchtower and fortress Instead dug a well for the soldiers.

The kids keep automobiles. They are thirsty for the desert as thirsty desert.

Soon come shining head (RA zooira).

Top glamour is one of the pleasures of the Zohar, 4 km southeast of Arad. A high place Greece (550 meters above the sea times) he served as Lookout and passed through the ancient dead sea salts to Hebron and Gaza. Along the way a number of lateral balconies reserved for built in places of control to ensure the safety of the passers-by to charge admission.

The British also saw the advantages, and built him a police station that remains still. Top glamour was the exit point to the Palmach's mythological journeys to the desert, to the craters and the Negev.

Instead of Memorial of Pinchas SELA, a man with a fascinating life story is murdered by Bedouins from the area of Mount Hebron looking for uranium nuclear programme here.

Some of whom can be read here.


Drink a lot (Baghban Oak to drink enough) and cost a little more.

Here, strong spud overlooking views of the Judean desert.

A: the potato eaters met already in Arad, in the camels and the fin.
The potato eaters field near mount Zin is the largest concentration of mysterious rocks.

How the potato eaters was created? There are several theories.

And the complementary bucolic caravan camels (tweet).

We swerve to the Observatory, the lookout of 628 meters above sea level at a distance of half a kilometer from the scenic trail from there worth the variance.
The place that was used in ancient times for observation and signaling on the route through the Valley towards the dead sea Arad

Here we separate from family aiiker and descend to the stream.

We continue after a cup of coffee. Through an unknown settlement of Bedouins.

Watching the extended camels in one of the courtyards.

End the lamentation.

One of the guys who live as bouncing us up to the gas station.

#6 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 8:28:03 PM(UTC)

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Stream 2258 65: Acorn from Tamar (27.10.12)

Elon returned to fit after the imposition of the summer, and hundreds of kilometers left us on Israel require us to step up.

After a night in a real camel, went to one of those odd sections on South-Judean desert.

Synagogues called her the "watershed" that tells you, among other things the story of Abraham and lot. A good reason to get to the River, where we finished the 50th flight in January.

Alon studied the Torah classes in repeating the story of Abraham and his nephew, and we're off.

The first-up places.  Can be seen on the right side of the image.

A short uphill climb is a deal. At the top of the top, we leverage tbshmim.

The trail descends quickly places the banana-shaped crosses amiase Creek and climbs again, "Southern spaces ב"מעלה Looking down the road.
Incidentally, these qualities-not daring.

Amiase channel overlook mountain in the lshmalano.

Elon is storming up the southern venues. The boy loves the desert, just let it rise.

Soon moderate way and flat, vast spaces open.

Look for "Viper" of h. The facility is near the intersection were watching but can be seen clearly from the trail in Ashalim child's play knucklebones.

And here we celebrate 600 miles on the trail. The event commemorated in Bamba.

Walk a bit tedious but Deer Valley the spaces we gomas quickly.

Deer Mountain ., although the beautiful views. It was a little hot and hurried into the shade.

The first serious shadow found not far beneath the conveyor potash.

Conveyor leading potash minerals of Sodom to fix it Viper seen earlier.
Resting under the shade and wanted to go away. A refreshing cup of tea and we continue.

Trawlers threaten of barking dogs because the channel Prize quarry near Palm hand

Had reports of aggressive dogs.
We're getting out of the area quickly, fortunately without resulting contact with these dogs.

Graduate from Phoenix aboutwhere there are the remains of a castle that was part of the Byzantine defence line against nomadic raids, "Palestine" Lim
Another point on which limes visited that month was Roger glow near Arad.

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#7 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 9:46:51 PM(UTC)

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66 sortie: Kibbutz Tel Arad amsha (1.12.12)

Operation "pillar" puts us into our home during November.

In early December the South was quiet and we returned to the hotel.

The original plan was to do the small crater section, but after our day trip canceled, we of course teasing him away if that little difficulty, planned for spring: descent from the Southern Hebron Hills Valley Arad, hoping that maybe the mount amsha's famous daffodils.

Sprigs of daffodils, saw only a week will probably rise brother. But unexpected meetings with interesting people, who together with the spectacular and unusual path given interesting and enjoyable experience.

The trail passes through the area Mediterranean climate to the desert climate, the aisles here were quite sharp and intensely provided for anyone who travels.

The early Kibbutz movement gate amsha

The group itself is found in the Southern Hebron hills, South of the green line, and is 14 km.
The entrance to the kibbutz is all green Mediterranean vegetation dominates here.

This is one of the smaller groupings, and settlement information twist pieces.

Some users here will hear venerable friends group "Maintain"

The transition is happening right here, in the mount amsha

Check out the fascinating passage between the Mediterranean maquis. On the right looks like a bunch of Mediterranean flora and fauna, run on the left. Not far from us the desert anymore.
Oak is very enthusiastic about the sharp move. "I've always wanted to know where the desert begins," he says.

Think area code of Judas begins on April 1? So wrong.

Disciple of Christ who sold Moreau and fought for a handful of dollars actually appeared at the time in the phone book in the region 2008. Judas is East of mound grouping amsha and below.
And here's a look at Tel coincidence.

After mount Meron and mount camel at makhtesh Ramon, Mount amsha (859) is the third point in height for
Geographically, it belongs to the Hebron although some place him in the top sphere where the Judaean Desert.

Amsha falling fast onup 2,000 year old Roman "up stairs", in moderation and wisdom to Arad Valley
Elon was very impressed by the excellent condition of the road and its route, and the Romans were engineers.

This is a wellat the bottom of the stairs, dating by yankele Saar, the Byzantine period according to the Stone Rose II on the left on the bottom row.

Not far away we also found a water cistern. It seems that the area has been cultivated for a long time, which explains the water collection systems, the many dams and cisterns are usually around

The village of דוריג'את at a glance captures him and wheat fields fame.

Note the arm and plow the next booth, already facing a field that produce buds
Welcome rainy years all Arad Valley cover grain fields.

From a distance you can tell already that this is not a Bedouin settlement. Indeed, the dimensions of the village populated by permanent residents who have been here from samou.
The village itself is clean, well-kept and bishovi and quality of data on the percentage of educated, zero crime level and the level prevailing is embarrassing because Jewish settlement.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to go into a village, whose inhabitants lived in the caves until they moved into permanent homes. You could see the cleanliness in the two streams near the river and stream drig coincidence (barely saw plastic bag), as opposed to the Nahal Beersheva filth near Bedouin settlement.

And here's an article on the channel 2 news
Http://www.mako.co.il/news-Friday Newscast-channel2//Article-27fceb4f6da0131004.htm

Over stairs discovered graffiti that the oak shiasha

Elon asks how growing wheat here. An excellent question.
The fields here, for the most part, i.e. rely on rainfall rather than irrigation (composer). In the fields processed, the eastern side of Highway 80, you can see that relies on irrigation water.

To illustrate, from scattering fertilizer and also sampling its performance.

The mosque's muezzin with the forger ever heard. Born and raised in the city involved (Ramle) and never heard a muezzin with the voices up and down in the middle of reading mstink prayer and more live, probably from smoking cigarettes.
The mosque (in a caravan with loudspeakers) relatively new settlement near Tel Arad whose inhabitants accustomed long ago to the presence of hikers and the camping site to the right (the markup there's nothing)
And that is the question. Music lovers-Ange feet away during the call to prayer, or experience a harmonious experience convulsions.

Not to worry, the villagers do not surrender. White flag indicates the row House joy (wedding, birth of a baby, etc).

Presently we are in the middle.  They said visits to the village of Jewish children age are extremely rare and were happy to talk with, and asked us if we need water for our way (kind of disappointed to hear that we have plenty).
I translated the call of the Hebrew.
The children are very excited about digital cameras, again not to steal them to see their picture in the camera seconds after photo.

ה"להתראות calls" accompanied us in a few minutes.

That's not shihodi he security forces insisted to speak Arabic.

Passing near Tel Aradrather counterproductive. The twisted opportunity.

There's lots of stuff on the net about the place and the temple was uncovered there.

End up on Route 80, where 47 sortie started some months ago. Ranunculus comes and we go home tired and happy.

#8 Posted : Sunday, September 29, 2013 2:31:01 PM(UTC)

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67 sortie: Tiger stream candy bar (14.12.12-15)

On the weekend of December 14-15 went to the big upcoming Hanukkah for Israel, the farthest place from the area of Eilat mountains.

The original plan to have that stuff was supposed to last three days, but one tip with everyone involved in the matter, we decided to do the pretentious way 21 kilometers from the ilachn mountains overlooking the Timna Valley to Tiger Creek (near Be'er ORA) in two days, the oak peak on the trail (the previous record was 20 km in the Negev). Quercus calliprinos in great shape and it is the first since challenges Amud stream.

On the first day of giachanazarno in the civil services of guides, nature photographer Mr. space man find avrieux funny priced ($ 200) took us from Eilat to the ilachn bar, dozens of kilometers on the road. By comparison, far less (up to the eye or eye-zik) taking the combination of SDE Boker 400 shekels.

Murray can be found in the list of service providers of Israel.

Start at the bar of music. From the blog of Gilad Ben Zvi: the well was dug and dopena concrete in the 30s of the last century by the British.  During this period the British dug and placed in wells in the Negev and in the South. Their purpose was to control and monitor the Bedouin tribes, who lived in the area until then as the packer without the watchful eye of the rule of law. To ensure order, instead was responsible for distribution and Doug regular water supply, drawn away in Kadim. For many years the place was used by Bedouin herders, in recent years, stopped the practice of watering livestock.

Individual teachers are starting to go.

The first Jeep plateau road approximately 2 km,some disgruntled kid.
Explains that early plateau walk track is very good for heating your feet towards future efforts (and for the same reason the walk good plateau at the end of each long and challenging path).

And suddenly, without warning, from Timna cliffs revealed to us. Alon forms here the wild beauty of primeval landscape of the desert revealed.

We only track. Not encountered a soul, but a cache of fossils (decreases and goes over the years), and the Ammonite Habib on one of the rocks.

The scenery here ioolle look all that Perry: look back and see Mount congratulate stalls over the cliffs. Purple Mountain, Prairie and red for away. And married-Timna Valley full of beauty.

Coming soon to head up the music. Raises the ancient Timna Valley to liberty and Valley level was a landmark first up is "the camel", smiles like this called in times)

The decline up less hard than I thought. Trail terrace drops us into the cliffs.

Don't miss the boy's smile tribute obvious opinion on the beauty of the trail.

Going through the Rocky part (face). A small passage between rocks, more technical section on the brink that requires no knees work, balance and experience.

Dessert happy questionnaire reacha "Melody". Intoxicating scenery, already mentioned? My shaky hands managed to get a picture of the view from the knife.

From the bottom of the sasgon Valley continue. Valley spectacular, rare coin values-embracing: sand dunes, hills from other units in the land of Nubian sandstone, Tiger trap, ostrich eggs and fascinating landscape.  Everything is in danger due to the initiatives to build a tourist complex will destroy what remains of the area prevent the accelerated after mining and their subsequent views.

Move to protest against the destruction of sasgon Valley

The most famous place in sasgon Valley is "Rambo" Dune, because during the movie Rambo 3 (with Gabi Amrani and Sasson Gabai who forgets) taken here unforgettable scene in which Rambo emerges from blasters and shoot for calatz helicopters.

There's Sylvester Stallone, and mining

If the plans work out, the sand is clean and beautiful we only see in pictures, not to mention we can't latglgel it again.

Cross Creek play and mining. Here, too, visited Rimbaud.


The Sun begins to sink behind the cut.

A walk in the evening twilight Gorge will keep to the end point.

Come in to light the entrance to prevent. Alon exhausted after 12 km is not easy.

Jump led us into the parking lot, yotvata The sheet was ripped from the snoring.

The second day opens in Timna Park Gate. Free Park admission and camping all pedestrians are estimated at tachimim the Israel trail passport and we are inside, check out our position on the path behind the front position and continue.

View towards Mount and dune mining Rambo, this time in full light.

The trail passes geological route of Timna Park. Scattered along the section informational signs illuminating and Sabri ears that provide information about the geological phenomena that many.

Come to a river called "diagonal" rather than to:
The River through geological fracture so it is straight and has no twists, hence the name. The mountains painted in spectacular red, looking and eagerly devouring the landscape.

Rest easy on the diagonal and continue forward. Here and there a climbing rock, and how? There are also some boulders. We, Oak mushroom examines it closely.

More rest, and we rock crevasse. A short cantilevered climbing to the top of Mount prevents

Here the camera as her daughter (pictures from cell phones and the Internet).

Timna ("mountainstage" to prevent) , something like a soccer field, and turn signs and an explanation. Settlers watch and oak Leafs in the Red Book.

The South iridamabma is one of the hardest pieces we took walks, slippery and steep drdertit 300 m first took us more than half an hour to get down
All the experience and technique recruited here, working with the knees and stick, and even "proactive" under the direction of rock steady, so we get one piece pages.

Go to the channel. Never happy to go into boulders like a refreshing break after plunging the maniac.

Led waiting on the other side of the channel. Mix a whole pages

Continue to avoid Lake. An artificial lake that is designed primarily to attract travellers to sail on ships, pedalo or just relax in front of him (and of course the restaurant is also there.)

Stopping for coffee and a full bottle of oak colored sand .

Individual led in the nehushtan. And continue South. Passing a modern mining shaft. Such in South Park, which was used in the first decades of State copper mining.

In the saddle when Khalil saw a play. On the left, more or less natural and more modern land moat, traces the mining era and contemporary uses for potholes, particularly for extending them into the huge household landfills. Israel bicycle trail goes here.

Finish entering the mtmant Tiger, where when we emerged 48 a year earlier.

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Stream 2258:68 from Bavaria Dvir (5.1.13)

This flight was special. First time we consciously and deliberately into a rainy system assumes you didn't get her dry.

It was our first experiment for walking on wet, nor were the only crazy; Joined jankel and granddaughter heart and joy they discovered favorite surprising willingness to walk in inclement weather. Some of the pictures filmed yankele.

Don't just go for a walk, even with kids, therefore we have taken a series of measures to minimize damage on one side but keeping the other hand winter experience:

1. If it rains on a certain segment of Israel better happen mountains in Bavaria; Throughout the plant and the Keck can always find shelter or another.

2. If there's something חו"ח, from trail to Highway and/or a place of settlement 2 km from any point. You can of course use the emergency travel in the region.

3. ohtzteidno storm coats, umbrellas and plastic bags. יענקל'ה bulk vintage space wagon that you can manipulate it in deep mud.

4. חמ"ל back-formed him was ttzpatha, which is responsible for as the rain and informed in real time about the enticing clouds of sending screenshots are too few to Elon was the cell phone is connected to the Internet, it kept in case war decides to go to push the land.

In other words, risk-warn-out did so out of a desire to make the walk (monotonous and plain) interesting. We did, and

We begin in the stream bridge, Behind the gas station established there a year and a half ago. Libby ends the neighboring culinary highlights.
At this point . The sortie 51 In February last year.


After 50 meters, we are based in heavy mud, as well as traditional halls of the Northern Negev.

Also Libby's cart is easily prevented, though strong man pushes her over all.

Clouds surround Tel Malcha.

On the mound did not dare climb this time, fearing a ditching in the mud. Wake up drychannel. In the meantime. Can some on the road.

Heart extract bones out of the cart.

A large waterspout emerges from the command light is reporting clouds block the rain radar.

Which means: to find cover!

Sealing coats and tatemim. Yankele Diegem his cart so that it will dry. Also happy takes refuge to us from the rain.

The Creek begins to flow beneath.

Rain ends, and yankele perform damage assessment. Radar reports that light in our area and can be amdich.

Apparently went quite dry, except for my dirt box of cigarettes.

And here's my pace demonstrates

The team on the path toward pesticide wet

Remotely see the Negev, the grain elevator.

Oak a little tired. Yankele and his family move forward. The Sun begins to form.

We enjoy the vast wheat fields of the northern sky. Pass Kibbutz Abadi, now and then skipping over a puddle, and discover יענקל'ה & company.

Finish natural in "Bereshit" Grove ".

Aware that the pharmaceutical company initiated planted as part of dvira forests
My heart is glad, and we await this name forward.

Nthei 41548.3247569444
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