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Eli TheHiker  
#1 Posted : Monday, July 29, 2013 12:14:47 AM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,

My name is Eli and I use determine the excellent forum for several years and as part of my contribution, trying to detail how
Possible itineraries in the world which I do periodically.
Comments/suggestions are welcome.

July 05-20.07.2013 did I, Sergei and me WHR route. We went a little different from usual because
Time and weather constraints and it took us about 15.5 days moved approximately 240 km with ascents and 15.8 km 16.5 km
Cumulative declines. Ishnano most nights in tents brought and several nights in chalets/hotels.
Because of a severe winter and snow amounts, we used technical crampons safety not intended for walking on snow.
Most days it was great weather, a few days after noon-rain and days was
Serious rain in the night and fog-medium daily. Weather was typically about 10-15 degrees in the morning and stripes
Around 2900 meters high and 15-25 degrees in the afternoon. At night the temperatures ranging from 0-10
Degrees. Calgary went 2 stages in high uriantim we split two different stages.

The plain route description General:
It is a medium difficulty + European concepts (equivalent to hikers with us) is approximately 180 km
NET without deviations with 10000 12000 m ups and downs are incurred by most recognized book CHAMONIX TO ZERMATT
In the friendly. Do the same on average 14 days when the official starting point in CHAMONIX
And the end point is in ZERMATT. The way fetuses in France (approximately 10%) And Switzerland (approx. 90%) When the dominant languages are
French to German GRUBEN and VIEWS from GRUBEN to ZERMATT.
The route travels mostly between 1000 to 3000 feet when crossing every day, high bar passage and around 15 km with
1000 m ups/downs. Accommodation is based on רפיוג'י cottages, hotels, etc. with that can be explored with tents.

Information sources:
1) HIKE Forum has a lot of relevant information in Hebrew — for example here.
2) CICRONE 's book
3) blog info
4) private blog 2

Maps and markers:
* Although the notations and the signs on the ground, the weather in the mountains is not stable and therefore in case it is necessary to change course, paper maps will help greatly.
* The track is marked with white-red-white check but it is important not to confuse with other many routes pass through the area and so on.
1) 1:50000-5027T- paper map 1
2) 1:50000-5028T- paper map 2
Online map 3)
4) online map 2

Weather and terrain conditions:
* Please note that in all 100 meters off the rising temperature in half.
* Please note that mountain air welcome is very unstable and to find new every morning forecast.
1) weather site
2 hours of light )
3) Ministry for Foreign Affairs high
4) has 3 phases overlap and weather updates on around Mont Blanc
5) network cameras:
1st cameras
2 cameras
3 cameras

1) flight – in flight arrival of EASYJET -$ 450
* Order for two and a half months ago, as time approaches the price of the flight costs.
2) shuttle to Chamonix – MOUNTAIN DROPOFFS
Approximately 31 euros per day or about 40 euros a night.
3) train back from ZERMATT to approximately 90 GENEVA Swiss franc SBB .
4) cabins – in French – around 20-25 euros per bed and 40-45 euros per bed and half board.
In the 25-40 Swiss franc b and 75-65 euros per bed and half board.
Hotels-French section – around 40 euros B & B
Swiss section – around 50 Frank B & B
Camping-prices range from 4-17 Frank depending on size and quality.
5) food – grocery purchase basic food 3 meals – about 15 francs.
Buying cabins/hotels – approximately 10 francs per serving
Dinner – cabins around 25 francs.
Average restaurant meal – around 50 francs per person.
6) average ride in a cable car – approximately 20.
7) drive cable car from ZERMATT to the little MATHERHORN approximately 99 francs (80 francs if bought in camping).
8) entering the Ice Cave atop little MATHERHORN-8.

When the weather is reasonable (less than 25 degrees) there is no need for more than one and a half litres of water. There are many sources of
Water is available although in many remote huts were signs that water isn't potable (but still sold
Bottled water). It is recommended to keep water filter to drink many rivers flowing all over.

Store opening hours:
Most of the small-medium towns of super markets and sports shops are open from 8:00 to 12:00 and
From 14:00 until 18:30 when the towns/cities are added about an hour before and after.
In most towns there are also bakeries: BOULANGEIRY in French and German at BACKEREI facts
Usually from 7:30 am.

Difficulty level:
The route runs mostly on the ground not that doesn't require technical skill although there are several boulders fields and transitions
Egypt/tall with using ladders, ladders, chains and ropes. When there is rain, snow, take
Into account that everything becomes smooth and dangerous plan to walk accordingly. In recent years, more snow than usual.
We recommend using at least crampons and whether appropriate skill so the ice axe.
We recommend that you read the following guides before quitting: Guide to weather in the mountains and snow, avalanches, avalanches 2
Because of that every day about 1 km/ups downs and 15 km fitness required
Excellent bases and the weight you intend to marry. Note that all times in number and signs
To measure soft bag European fitness and without interruptions.

Special notes
* All hotel/camping in Switzerland – you will be asked to fill out personal insurance needs including nationality and passport number.
* Although some Swiss accept euros in most major cities, the excess return often and usually treatment francs. ranges from 1 to 1 and 1.16
Which is far worse than CHANGE and therefore you should obtain an available advance francs.
* Some cards require inserting pin (as opposed to) and even writers.
* Accommodation in tents in Switzerland is officially authorized places only – i.e. If the owner allows so that legal.
* Snow brings sunshine also below from all angles and therefore full coverage out there, nothing would have put the sun protection cream
When going over 5 minutes on the snow.
* One of the main problems in walking on snow thawing that euphoria created beneath it because heat and water flow and soil and stones can be seen
Them. Even if people have moved there before us was another compromise and break and enter. It is important to note each step especially
Near rocks, streams and convey the full weight without minimal inspection.
* It is highly recommended to take GATERS. Woods always wet greenery in the morning (and rain day) and GATERS can protect
Shoes, pants and socks from getting wet. Ditto that protects against snow infiltration when deep snow up to his knees.
* Big snow krachi mornings, by noon it becomes hard and wet, smooth and quick afternoon when it's sunny and.
Icy and hard.
* Whoever starts the track early in the season to find tourist offices, are all the network bridges have been destroyed, because every year, bridges in winter;
Places you cannot override.
* After AROLLA disappeared balon flare as we know it and the stores that sold them later were in ZERMATT. The only ones.
They were punching and COLEMAN.
* The only places which was not recorded on day: CABANE DE MOIRY finally step 9, and finally PRAUFLERI CABANE step 6.
* Most of the information offices and shops are concentrated near the Centre which can be easily identified by the Cathedral (a church) projecting the eye from a distance.
* Who supplies travel planner, we recommend to do it in French Chamonix Swiss in some higher prices.

Distribution by days

We arrived at 19.30 to 04.07 Chamonix when everything was closed except for super market and therefore ohtzteidno and food
Excellent camping ground called BARRATS
Which has hot showers, electricity, washing machines, dining tables and plenty of space for tents on dasha in the town centre.
The next morning we got up early and went to the Ministry of tourism and Ministry for Foreign Affairs high to see snow?
And the weather. Definitely waited a surprise when we were told that this year a lot more snow than usual and similar conditions
Surface normal year conditions at the end of May. To the specific question, the State combines high MONT FORT
We have an answer to AROLLA still they have not been reported from the scene that apparently no one still hasn't been there. When I asked
The guy, when the conditions are going to improve in this area, I realized that in his opinion this is going to happen in September.
And we have no choice but to get to the problem and place in case it really is dangerous and moving just
And maybe do the TMB in the opposite direction. Decided on the basis of information received for kramponi travellers
(Unlike technical crampons) and went to SNELL SPORTS recommended and bought the model f: GRIBEL to prove himself during the trip comfortable and flexible to use. After coffee.
And we and we.

The participants: to me, Sergei

Step 1-by the book
-Argentiere Chamonix – 9 km
214 m lifts, 2 hours and the highest point
Accommodation/transport by:
Chamonix hotels, youth hostel, camping
Les Praz de Chamonix (35 min)-hotels, camping
-Argentiere, gite
Bus transport-train-Argentiere Chamonix

Step 1 as we did.
Chamonix – Montroc – 13km
1600 m and 1100 m decreases, 8 hours and the highest point 2242 meters. Overnight camping on MOTROC.
We started walking around 10:30 a.m. when the Sun smiles to us from above towards the increase that began after the already
Early immigration notice that quite a few wild strawberry grown anywhere in the 1200-1400 m altitude and it's probably his season.
In the first we found, we tried the water filter of Sergei and me and we came to know that they work without problems,
We decided not to carry more than 1.5 liters of water per person at any given time. Up to an altitude of approximately 1800 m would walk
In the Woods and trails are arranged towards LA FLEGERE hut, where there was an option to continue to LAC BLANC but
Was borderline which is why we chose the shorter way which included her ladder to 2242 and number/stair way matters.
Rising met a large number of different kinds of deer and tell of climbers who climbed one of the rocks.
The largest and most prominent place. We kept walking and eventually arrived at 7 p.m. read to small simple town.
MONTROC that contain hot showers, dining tables and green grass.

The image tag:

Day 1 photos in Picasa
The day 1 in gipiasis
The day 1 in abriterle
The local reindeer video

Step 2.
Col de Balme-Argentiere – Trient – 12 km
953 m 925 and m downs, 5 hours and the highest point 2204 m.
Step 2 textbook alternative
– Col de Balme Argentiere-Les-Col de la Forclaz Between – 15km
953 m ups and downs, 676 yards and seven hours for the highest point 2204 m.
Accommodation/transport by:
Le tour (30 min 1hr) hotels, gite
Col de Balme (3hrs)-refuge
Le peuty (5hrs 15 min)-gite, camping
Trient dortoirs.
Les Grandes (4.5 hrs)-refuge
The hotel Forclaz, Col dortoir, camping
(Trunsport-bus (argentiere Le tour
(Gondola and chairlift (Le tour charamillon-les Grandes Otanes.

Step 2 as we did.
Montroc – Trient – 12.1 km
1300 m ups/downs, 12 hours and the highest point 2218 meters. Overnight camping at LE PEUTY.

We started walking around 7:30 with an increase of about 600 meters and later walking on the Ridge at a height of 2000 meters with stunning views
In all directions. The sun shines again us and we came across many groups of trekkers especially after arrival to COL DE BALME.
There appeared a long piece of snow and although some people crossed the bar slowly and watch out for snow prompted even without crampons,
Us it was a great opportunity to try out new crampons to feel them and instead looks pretty confident walking correctly.
Here it is important to emphasize that no technical bkrampons (intended to) it is important to set the krampon to a shoe with the wire so that it does not
Move/wraps even if the shoe feel pressure on my foot. In addition it is important to be always full grip (in our case 10 sizing)
With the ground before progressing to next plateau walk (closer). When going up steep, "kicking" in the snow with the front
Krampon's order created a hole big enough shoe won't slip. In the case of "steep drop kicking" in the snow with the rear
Krampon's order created a hole big enough then move. Anyway this is a logical "and" angles snow medium/soft.
When it comes to snow/ice strongly recommended using an axe and security ropes. (We weren't such cases that need an axe, ropes). ***
After a few minutes we go forward toward the CHALET DU GLACIER. We met a couple who went the other way from ZERMATT and they told us
They didn't want to risk a snow in the higher segments therefore have taken a bus from AROLLA and CHAMPEX. The talk wasn't very encouraging, and we began to worry about.
The fate of the higher expected us 2650 feet tall tomorrow called D ' ARPETTE. After a short visit at the CHALET DU GLACIER and conversation with
Holding that place and move with almost snow except the inner side. Definitely glad the news and continued towards TRIENT
As soon as possible to jump to the only store there (behind the Church) and need (open until 19:00). We arrived at the end of the day
Camping LA PEUTY town (approx. 500 m from TRIENT and attached to it) around 7:30 pm. Good time for a beer, though apparently.
There's no one set at the camp but a woman came by car at about 7:45 pm and gathered approximately 4 frank about camping without a shower.
It was possible to take a shower for 4 additional franc adjacent to camp rafiog.

The image tag:

Picasa 2 day pictures
The day gipiasis 2.
The day abriterle 2.
A video depicting the day in the best way

Step 3.
Trient – D-Champex Arpette Fenetre – 14km
1386 m ups and downs, 7 metre 1215 hours and 2665 feet the highest point.
Stage 3 textbook alternative
Trient – Col de la Forclaz-Champex – a Bovine valve which is 16km.
929 m 710 m, UPS and downs: 30 hours and the highest point 2040 metres.
Accommodation/transport by:
Arpette (6hrs) hotel/camping dortoir,
Champex-hotels, pensions, camping, dortoirs
Col de la Forclaz (45min) hotel, dortoir, camping
Alp a Bovine valve which is (2.5 hrs)-dortoir emergency only
-Transport (Postbus trient (col de la forclaz martigny.
(Train (Martigny-Orsieres
(Bus (Orsieres-champex

Step 3 as we did.
Champex – Trient – 14km
1200 m and 1400 m decreases, 11 hours and the highest point 2691 m. Camping accommodations Champex logon.

After clearly yesterday that the higher the ARPETTE started the day at around 7 am when the sky is blue and cloudless weather
Excellent air. We walked through the forest that leads directly to the CHALET DU GLACIER and several other inquiries started to cost about 1200 meters.
On the way we met 2 people that apparently engaged in some old house renovation on the trail. They warned us that we should be full of water for further
And there is more to the town of CHAMPEX. It turned out to be a partial information and because many Blizzard this year, there were several rivers that flowed through
(If that name thaw snow much less spring quality arising from the ground). The lot was expected and still very packed
On and after approximately 5 hours we reached the bar high. During the Ascension met French guy who was walking alone towards ZERMATT and of
Old equipments in a tent in the Woods (since we locked tracks). Several tourists were sitting on and it was a great opportunity to try to find out.
How the path below.
3 company that just head towards the opposite from ZERMATT again made us think twice about the track that they came in their 5-6 pieces
To walk in the snow so deep depth meter in bad weather and were among the first (because they were not following). Discrimination was
Request, whether after MONT FORT CHAMPEX continue to find out what the situation there and at worst return/bypass or directly go to the way TMB
The clock. Fortunately, what happened next has helped us to decide. We met a couple who were walking the TMB and asking them how
In the northern part (French-Italian), I received the following reply was simply horrible, deep snow everywhere, not seeing.
Markings, burn the Sun and bad weather. The answer made me realize that the situation pretty much anywhere in the Alps;
Reason to go to TMB (especially after I did it four years ago). On the other side of the bar and was therefore without unnecessary we opted
Hecker's pins and began the descent. After the 200 m downhill snow ends and we continued walking normally. It was a long drop to CHAMPEX
Approximately 1000 meters in a row but definitely recommend views the pressures in the knees.
We arrived in town around 6 pm and jumped to stock grocery and sports shop where Sergei boldly replaced (because of extra arrows
And itching). He checked the option to send in the old country but the price 40 Swiss franc demanded (the way) not justified
Herself and therefore shoes "donated" to the store. Then we went to camp at the entrance to the city (warm showers, washing machines, electrical)
Which was probably a camp for local kids and they ran all night. After washing food and good beer ends today.

The image tag:

Today in photos in Picasa
3 day recording in gipiasis
3 day recording in abriterle
High broadband video views

Step 4.
Champex – Le Chable Sembrancher – 13km
104 feet and 749 feet decreases, 4 hours and lowest point 717 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
Sembrancher (2hrs 45 min)-hotels, camping
Le chable-hotels, pension, b & b
(Transport-bus (Orsieres champex.
(Train (Obsieres-Le chable sembrancher

Step 4 as we did.
Champex – Le Chable – 14km
350 m ascents and descents 1000 metres, 6 hours walking and 1527 meter the highest point. Hotel accommodation near cable car
The train station.

The fourth stage is a day of rest and thus started relatively late in that 9:30 with a walk by the Lake,
Breakfast with black coffee and observing the local fishermen who try to fish trout (see them in the distance.
Because water is transparent). We started walking through the green fields and views to the Valley and eat wild strawberry collected along the way. We found
Several cherry trees and of course they became part of the daily menu. SEMBRANCHER village through which we found
Ancient vehicles and new horse farm next to industrial buildings continued heading towards LA CHABLE and before arrival
Light rain began. We waited a few minutes near a local church while we tried to figure out where to put tents
Instead (no camping). After not finding a place, we started looking at hotels, b & BS and local we encountered
A strange phenomenon on the one hand some were open (HOSTEL LA POSTE for example was open but full) and even room keys
Waiting for the people but on the other hand, there were no people at the front desk. We went to find the local information station (located at the train station)
And we know that there is an interesting phenomenon in Switzerland on Monday of serving others. Information station
Met 2 Americans Beanie below went with us. They said that the cheapest hotel after inquiries is
The hotel and cable car costs about 50 francs per night with breakfast. Information station clerk helped us, call
To machzikat the place to come and get us and Americans (later it turned out that we were the only ones in each
Hotel). Drizzling rain continued and even strengthened, and I've decided to stop looking and staying at the ITM and Sergei
Decided not to go to sleep in tents in the Woods, but what happened next changed their minds. . We went to the bakery.
Local to their local ice cream and then went to the supermarket to stock up and met the girl.
That took me and the Americans to stay. When she saw rains have not stopped, good heart said to Sergei
And me to be able to stay in the same room with me at symbolic price It was a joyful message and we could relax and rest.
For the forces meeting days to come.

The image tag:

The four-day photos in Picasa
The gipiasis 4.
The four-day recording in abriterle

Step 5.
Le Chable-Clambin-Cabane du Mont Fort – 9 km
1636 m lifts, 6 hours walking and 2457 meters the highest point.
Accommodation/transport by:
Cabane du mont fort-SAC refuge
(Le chable-postbus (verbier
(Le Chable-Cableway Stands Out From (Vebier-Les Ruinnette

Step 5 as we did.
Le Chable-Cabane du Mont Fort – 7.8 km
1750 m ups and downs, 7 100 hours and the highest point 2462 meters. Overnight in tents near Cabane du Mont Fort.

After a good night's sleep and a shower in the evening/morning, ate breakfast (left by evening host) left the place relatively early
Around 7 am when except us and Americans was throughout soul.
Those Americans launched a half-hour ahead after a pleasant conversation over breakfast. We go by the book to the split within the town.
When we continue all the time by the markup. After several minutes out of the city and began to climb the steep forest rise when a third of the increase
I noticed that other changes than expected. I opened my GPS and found a pretty serious veered West and after further testing
On the map, we continue until the city VERBIER (so as not to get out and get back and see a new city) and cut sharply to the East.
CLAMBIN with the town described in the book. When we got to the center of VERBIER, met the Americans turns, also walked the same path
Not knowing how to proceed (later saw another couple who also got him mixed up with and sought to return to a destination). It was a modern city for everything.
And while we rested, Sergei came Sports store to replace also the unsuccessful pants.
Using GPS and map all together went looking for the trail and walk a mile we added CLAMBIN and clicked again to
In the book. From easy forest road was a rise Billy converted ski pedestrians and some cycling. After her.
2200 feet and we left to go about 200 yards until the last cabin was on the horizon when it started to rain very quickly became easy to medium.
We reached the hut belonging to the Alpine days SAC soon and when we tried to find in English is there a place or where to put the tent, cabin
(Who by the way served all by itself amazingly) not really excited about the English until with me (I speak French fluently) started to talk to him.
And the atmosphere changed wonders for guidance and where to put up tents near the cabin without charge. When the rain ended, we put
The tents and went to sit with the Americans inside and drink beer (which invited Americans following the successful transport to destination).
During late checking about the situation in two steps and we are absolutely open and already many people moved there so because
Going to be pretty obvious traces of reflux. For me, the most important thing we knew it was going to be a great weather till noon/night
And there is a chance of rain in the evening/night light on both days so the decision to move on. One of the surprises was when one of the Americans.
Named BOB started suddenly to talk with a group of Japanese in Japanese fluently and even translate them. All around were surprised and his son HANS when
He served about four years in Japan.

The image tag:

5th day photos Picasa
The gipiasis 5.
The 5th day abriterle

Step 6.
Cabane du Col de Louvie Mont Fort Col de Prafleuri Cab. De Prafleuri-14km
885 meters and 740 m decreases, 6 hours walking and 2965 meters the highest point.
Step 6 textbook alternative
Cabane du Col de Mont Fort la Chaux-Col de Prafleuri Cab. De Prafleuri-10km
885 meters and 740 m downs, 5 hours and the highest point 2965 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
Cabane de Prafleuri Mountain refuge

Step 6 as we did
Cabane du Mont Fort – Cab. De Prafleuri – 9.0 km
950 m ups and downs mile, 11 hours and the highest point 2997 m. Overnight camping in the Cab. De Prafleuri.

As expected, the weather in the morning was excellent but a bit chilly and we started at around 6:30 with the Americans. At first we step in, but as far
The path forward and snow breaks, stones and gap types increased. We were able to go until the first transition FROM TERMIN STATION at an altitude of 2600 m COL without
Crampons with caution and a lot but after it was clear overrides cannot continue at this rate. We rest, we notified the Americans that we must
To move forward or we can make it and they should consider a shorter walk or back to the cabin. As far as we could without snow and then
To wear crampons and went a long way in snow white and the glow lasted several kilometers until the final drop to Cab. De Prafleuri. On the way they were
Numerous streams and frozen lakes and the area looks as if frozen in time. In one of the aisles at 2800 feet was very problematic that reduction included
About 4 feet of snow 90 degrees below vertical stones. Using crampons and went slowly crossed the barrier (the first time only
On this track which I thought ice axe could help). Another thought was using rope that had (about 30 feet) but in the end phase.
. After we moved about 2/3 of the way, we saw before us a group of six Japanese immigrants shaped rough crawled the last bar (5 adults/s and 1 young
– Probably the Guide). Us saw in the first American society eventually progressed. We kept walking and then entered the clouds quickly.
And it started to rain (fortunately not evolved for more than that and no wind). We proceeded as quickly and after about 11 hours we arrived at for under the cabin.
We saw an old abandoned house instead and steel door entrance to the cave. We decided to see what's in the cave and to our surprise we found an old mine entrance with car.
ATV and many additional equipment which included supplying food and clothes (belongs to the cabin above). When we left, we checked the tents but haven't found the right place
And because of the altitude, the cold, wet shoes from snow and rain have decided for diversification to sleep in the cabin. We have a cabin we dormitori room
And after that, we went to sit down with everyone and have a beer. We saw several groups who at the same time and everyone asked whether saw HANS and BOB (2
The Americans who went with us) and we had a clear answer. About an hour and a half after we arrived around 7:30 p.m., someone shouted, "well, there's still
People in the snow "and then saw the two Americans. They looked tired and exhausted and two people came to help BOB the older case. Vanity
Don't let him help and extra effort he came into the cabin on its own and could drink beer once again all together.

The image tag:

Day 6 photos in Picasa
The 6th day in gipiasis
The 6th day in abriterle
Snow vertical wall clip

Step 7.
Cabane de Prafleuri Col des Roux-Col de Riedmatten Arolla – 16km
735 m ups and downs in southern Milwaukee County m, 6 hours and the highest point 2919 meters.
Step 7 replacement.
Cabane de Prafleuri Col des Roux-Cabane de Dix-Arolla – 17 km
837 m ups and downs, 1289 m 6 hours and the highest point 2981 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
Refuge des Ecoulaies (50 min)-mountain refuge
Refuge de la Gentiane la Barma (1hr)-mountain refuge
(Cabane des Dix-SAC refuge (4-4.5 hrs
Arolla-hotels, camping, dortoirs
(Transport-bus (Le Chargeur-Vex
(Vex-postbus (Arolla

Step 7 as we did.
Cabane de Prafleuri – Arolla – 17.5 km
800 m and 1400 m decreases, 9 hours and 2850 meters highest point. Overnight camping near AROLLA.

We got up in the morning with everyone around 6 am and then after a short conversation with Americans who stayed with us in the same room figured they decided to dry their clothes and rest.
Today and therefore will not be able to continue our forward rate. Broke up and began the ascent with crampons Mont in the snow is hard and smooth. After the first broadband
The decline and slowly the snow cleared the track and moving quickly toward the beautiful Lake LAC DES DIX. We went down to the cinder road surrounding the Lake and started
To advance South along the Lake as a woman flowers bloom, streams flowing everywhere into the local Lake and dormice utilize sunlight to
To warm up. When we got close to the end of the Lake and the point at which was supposed to begin, we discovered that the route marked slightly different and if passed?
The stream now is with the track that leads to approximately 1 km CAB DES DIX then splits off to the left and connect again with the track.
When approaching the wall, there are two options to get the last 50 meters to the left way bar that rises steeply but without special things or
On the way up the left 50 m giant scale directly. Of course we went to the ladder that option at the same time it looks more attractive. Just for her.
Herself found out that a little wobbly ladder and not for those with Vertigo. We did lunch bar and watched several groups of mountaineers
The Ministers who arrived at the scene, especially from the other side to climb the peaks. After a break, we went the long way down towards AROLLA and after several hours we arrived
Small town. We found 2 small supermarkets to stock up and then went to a camping ground is about 100 meters below the town (opposite).
The quality turned out to be. Contain hot showers, washing machines, electricity and a small shop where the products were cheap and significant writers in General.
The full track.

The image tag:

7th day photos in Picasa
The seventh day in gipiasis
The seventh day in abriterle

Step 8.
Arolla – Lac Bleu-Les Hauderes La Sage-10km
215 yards and 554 feet decreases, 4 hours and lowest point 1452 yards.
Accommodation/transport by:
La Gouille (45 min 1hr) pension, dortoir
Les Hauderes (3hrs)-hotels, camping
La Sage-dortoir, hotel
Villa (+ 15) simple rooms self catering only
(Transport-Arolla Les Hauderes postbus (La Sage-Villa

Step 8 as we did.
LA FORCLAZ Arolla – – 10.5 km
350 m ascents and descents, yards: 30 hours and the highest point 1910 m. Accommodation in tents in the fields near LA FORCLAZ.

The 8th was supposed to be a day of rest and so we started relatively late, around 9:30. It's mostly walk trails and relatively low
With many towns and river crossings. In the beginning, near the small town of LA BAR, then at PRAMOUSSE and then at LA GOUILLE on little
Lake with clear water and maintaining peace. We continued along the trail to a pretty big town named LES HAUDERES which ohtzteidno Super. And found
Near one of the huge weight and thus some snappy discovered the case and weighed approximately 40 pounds of Sergey and me around 23 k's case when the three cases this too
Such a route. Then we looked at the map and found that in LA SAGE no camping so we decided advance in her nearby town LA FORCLAZ to save
The inclines. We arrived at her destination after a short but steep ascent and has too little too רפיוג'ים camping, so I asked the farmers
Locals can sleep in their fields (the season in which they gather the harvest). The statistics were in our favor and 2 out of 3 have agreed to
(And that me speak German). In the end we chose a place that seems quieter and more distant from and put up the tents. Stayed a few hours light.
And beautiful weather so we went into town, buy groceries and water. We found an interesting store syrup made of local wildflowers and drank it happily.

The image tag:

8th day photos in Picasa
The 8th day at gipiasis
The 8th day at abriterle

Step 9.
La Sage-Col du-Cabane de Moiry Tsate –-10km
1617 m ups and 459 yards, 5 hours declines, and the highest point 2868 m.
Replacement step 9.
La Sage-Col du Barrage de Moiry, Torrent-Grimentz-10km
1252 ft/1347 670 m and drops 5/7 hours and the highest point 2919 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
Cabane de Moiry-SAC refuge
Villa (15 min) self catering rooms
Chalet du dortoir Barrage.
Grimentz hotels
(Transport-postbus Grimentz-Moiry (Barrage de

Step 9 as we did.
LA Cabane de Moiry-FORCLAZ-11km
1800 m and 650 m ups downs, nine hours and the highest point 2896 m. Accommodation in Cabane de Moiry.

After completing hours sleep in open fields, opened this morning in the breeze and great weather. Clipped the tents and we
Around 7:00 right toward the long and exhausting to COL DU STATE. On the way we passed a few small villages so seems forgotten.
Over time. Continuing the climb was a large number of rivers and various types of flowers until we reached the bar itself. Beyond the other normally expected
Us snow but crossing Lake MOIRY views circulate on the remote. After the descent, took time to come and then continued
Toward a small pond water stored before flowing into Lake MOIRY. After the transition was "bungalow" pastries and coffee and
Car/bus access so there were lots of visitors in a day. Us South-East to the Cabane de Moiry to final
When discovered, complicated and tiring. In the beginning everything was normal but at some point the snow crossings started to appear until we got one
The narrow passages. Probably because it is a popular place, unrolled cabin network of ropes to help immigrants, thus dropping
We managed to get through without crampons. When we got to the cabin (or rather an upgraded cabin) we discovered that all the land around covered
In the snow and our custom tents and therefore decided to split up. After dinner instead, I stayed at the cabin and fell back.
About 200 metres towards the Lake. Near the old cabin built a huge rectangular structure and black that can accommodate approximately 100 people and includes a dining room with
Transparent Windows at the MOIRY glacier GLACIER DE was a itself to sit with a glass of beer in the evening and watch the glacier
And the clouds that come and go.

The image tag:

9th day photos in Picasa
The 9th day in gipiasis
The 9th day in abriterle
Video-what to do, you have to keep moving.

Step 10.
Cabane de Moiry-Col de Zinal-Sorebois-14km
462 m 1612 meters and drops 5 hours walking and 2847 m the highest point.
Replacement step 10.
Barrage de Moiry-Col de Zinal-Sorebois-8 km
598 m ups and downs, 4 meter 1172 hours and 2847 m the highest point.
Accommodation/transport by:
Cabane de Sorebois (3.5 hrs)-dortoir
Zinal-hotels, camping, dortoirs
(Transport-Postbus Grimentz-Moiry (Barrage de Zinal.
(Cable-car Zinal-Sorebois (

Step 10 as we did.
Cabane de Moiry-Zinal – 17 km
– 600 m and 1600 m ups downs, 8 hours and the highest point 2859 m. Overnight camping near ZINAL.

I got up early in the morning and after lunch I went to meet the company left to sleep near the Lake. The decline has not been easy
Because even the snow froze at night and very even krachi using ropes spread was necessary to settle several times to not
Skate. Met and began the most interesting hike along Lake MOIRY and the first bar we built trough of 3 pools.
Rectangular with clear water. Sergei and me slept in and did not have a chance to take a shower, and what better than a pool.
With waters in the Sun with lake view and beautiful people.
Although the water was frozen, though it certainly didn't hurt. He later became a walking and hopping streams over the big pond
With stunning views. In the distance we saw the BARRAGE DE MOIRY hut indicated.
After the Platinum, started it, the bar is steep. One of the surprises in the place was a large number of villages
Huge black loose instead. I moved between them without interruption but me (red shirt) began to move.
Nervously and disheartened of bulls to one, which was forced to take off my shirt and bag and withdraw slightly down until
The bulls lost interest. All future visitors on notice that the cows/bulls here accustomed to humans and are scared of them.
Unlike land and should annoy them.
After the band started a long decline and debilitating (especially knees) towards ZINAL. This side of the mountain become one ski resort
Grow in recent years and thus the course through green hills and ski trails and access roads. At a height of 2400 ft
There is a large central structure of the cable network that has a restaurant overlooking the Valley. After a rest and continued a long decline
According to the recommendation through the easier the knees called to LA LATTA to camping. Just before crossing the River, we saw a sign for
The farm where it says FROMAGERY and went to see what's there. Apparently the owners sell fresh milk and cheese cellar.
Huge. After purchase, we continued on our way to the campsite discovered this time as green grass around the beautiful Lake services
No chemical showers and maintained by the owners of the restaurant next door. After a short network went to the city and because weight with me.
To retire tomorrow and spend a day in town (before returning home at 17) decided to celebrate the successful completion of his route consumption
FONDUE and wine social. To find a suitable restaurant wasn't a problem and after arterial embolization with cheese I amounts
Food is usually six months, returned to the camp. Meanwhile, people from the nearby spread out and go to sleep in peace.

The image tag:

Day 10 photos in Picasa
The 10 day in gipiasis
The 10 day in abriterle
Video-Sergei checks the device

Step 11.
Zinal-Forcletta.-14km Gruben
1199 m ups and downs 1003 m, 6 hours and the highest point 2874 m.
Alternate step 11.
Zinal, Cabane-Hotel Weisshorn at Bella While-10km
725/892 m ' 63 without ups/221 m downs, 4 hours and 2400 meters highest point.
Step 11 replacement 2.
Hotel Weisshorn/Cabane Bella While –-Gruben Meidpass 9/10km
589/443 m/968 and 1104 m downs, 4 hours and the highest point 2790 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
(Hotel Gruben (dortoir & beds) and inn (matratzenlager
Hotel Weisshorn (4hrs)-dortoir & beds
Cabane Bella While mountain refuge
Postbus-transportation (to St-Luc Zinal) then fanicular to Trignousa
(Hotel Gruben (dortoir & beds) and inn (matratzenlager

Step 11 as we did -we divided the stage similar to alternate with phases.
Day 1-St-Luc Zinal 16km
750 m ups/downs, 7 hours and the highest point 2423 m. Overnight camping in Saint Luc.

Sunday summary:
When we woke up in the morning and talked about the plan, said he prefers to travel another day in nature than to change.
The original plan to go directly GRUBEN (because there is no public transportation from there) and we split the step by offering the book with extras.
We started at 7:30 with sunny weather and local Mafia in cetiideno town in ZINAL breads and pastries. Then we started
The ascent through the forest up to 2100 metres and there for me to view along the Ridge up to 2400 when in split (the right to take to the track
Plain) take a left towards the hotel WEISSHORN. On the way we passed a matter that contains a Meteor and as we've seen more and more hotel
People Apparently a very popular hotel. It was built in the late 19th century and has been renovated several times again. Entered
And in the many photographs and artifacts from ancient history. After we got off the trail and hotel for me one great forest.
Major towns in the area called St. Luc to me could catch a bus. Right at the end of the decline of quality camping by the river.
Where there were hot showers, electricity, tables and chairs and even a tennis court. We put up the tents for drying and exploring the city itself.
The Centre was about 1 km from acamping. We went to the local tourism office and unfortunately found out that rain should start from tomorrow night and 2 days after
It's only going to get stronger. In the city we found quite a few shops to stock up and continued to celebrate with good wine route's graduation.

The image tag:

Day 11 photos in Picasa
The 11 day in gipiasis
The 11 day in abriterle

Day 2-St. Luc-13km Gruben
1450 m and 950 m ups downs, 6 hours and the highest point 2787 m. To stay 300 meters above GRUBEN.

In summary:
In the morning we parted with me taking the bus to SIERRE and LAUSANNE and GENEVA to train there. Finished getting ready and we went in around 7 am to do.
Reach the target until the expected rain. The first mile was rising near the stream power and beauty in the Woods, then the path is opened and continued
The high bar with around 2800 meters. In was quite a ride day and noticed that the dominant language has changed from French to German, Swiss
On the other side were waiting for us several frozen lakes, flocks of basses and a narrow and easy to walk. During the descent moved in too, and from there went STAFEL name to GRUBEN
(Or another name MEIDEN). This drab little town that only operates school during the summer and then abandoned altogether and there's public transportation.
(Which is not typical for Swiss). We found a shop in town but we have explained a small shop at SHWARTZHORN and then there was. Although its activity watch
Very limited but the place holder has done us a favor and opened it so that we can obtain. After lunch I noticed that there are many more free time and because
Was camping nearby, we decided advance almost to the next level and get to the quo which ends. After her sister found a perfect place to set up the tents.
On fresh grass and with water nearby, and a stunning view over the whole valley. After a few hours for 20 in rain didn't come and was strengthened gradually, when
At night it was the most serious rain until morning.

The image tag:

12th day photos Picasa
The gipiasis 12th day
The abriterle 12th day
Video-we should have some of these streams

Step 12.
St. Niklaus Gruben-Augstbordpass-16km
1072 m ups and 1767 m hours declines, and the highest point 2894 meters.
Step 12 plus.
St. Niklaus-Gasenried-4km
532 m lifts, 2 hours and the highest point 1659 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
Jungen (5.5 hrs)-matratzenlager
St. Niklaus-hotels, pensions
(Transportation-Cable-car (Jungen St. Niklaus
Gasenried-hotel with matratzenlager
(Transport-Bus (St. Niklaus-Gasenried

Step 12 as we did.
We divided into two phases that bypass the high broadband weather.

Ergisch Gruben – – 9.6 km
550 m and 1800 m decreases, 9 hours and 2300 m the highest point. Accommodation in bed and breakfast in Ergisch town.

Sunday summary:
We wanted to get up early in the morning, but the rain continued overnight and decided to wait a bit. After an hour of rain almost stopped and saved the opportunity for quick Assembly and
Situation. There were low clouds and gray/black clouds over the mountains and thus the decision was made to bypass forest trail road band moves at a height of around 2000
Meters on the map. We started walking in the beautiful winding forest path and although the check for getting narrower and much more vegetation than usual. Because it's
No major Bill that is much more neglected than Tawil and therefore some of the trees that still haven't been cleared and collapsed in several places we passed old bridges too.
The volume of water collapsed, but still stable enough. In a small farm road and the owner told us that she and her husband come to work on a farm only
In the summer and very much wondered after he told her where we were going. In retrospect, it appears that there was a good reason that the track was discovered before us was no less
A surprising and challenging than any other stage in orbit. The trail gets very narrow and very steep and perform various type sections at different angles and fortunately
Besides the rain didn't trickle was strengthened during the day because the track was becoming even more dangerous than it was. Besides the videos also appeared in a number of
Places, small bridges and surprising regular iron ladders (not at 90 degrees) in the middle of nowhere. After several hours of walking in the Woods,
Rain drip felt exhausted both physically and mentally, and so at the first opportunity when we left we decided to split the road cut into the community and looking for a place to sleep.
The nearest town was Obermatte, but it proved to be a very small shops or free accommodation and thus continued a little longer until Ergisch town. Town
It wasn't much larger than the last, but to our surprise we discovered in the middle of the town information centre and a mini but no hotels and rafiog. Because of fatigue.
Cumulative decided to ask the Office whether there are b & BS, apartments for rent, and surprisingly, she speaks fluent English that first very surprised.
See travellers go to ZERMATT and without thinking twice poured cold water (probably in eye fatigue). Then started to contact homeowners
And if there is availability. After about 5 minutes she explained us that just a few weeks ago opened a new b-town whose owners will take care of all our needs.
And even went with us about 10 minutes just to show us where it is located (just kindness without borders). When we waited for us woman (who only spoke
In French or German) with two beers, a bottle of water. She led us up the stairs to the lower floor of the House and showed us the place
Looks new and shiny and contains everything you would only ask – living room with full furnishings, full kitchen with tools of all kinds and various spices, equipped shower
All good, huge bedroom with two beds, and a huge terrace with lawn and table/chairs. In addition to all this, she brought us a coffee maker with capsules, modem
WIFI and laundry basket to bring her all the dirty clothes to wash. This service doesn't remember me 5 star hotels and still she
Surprise us with the cost of the whole thing was a total 70 frank about everything (for comparison, in MOIRY hut dormitori cost me 37 features.
Shower/beer//normal/Web Privacy).
After the shower we jumped into cetiideno and well when I took the opportunity and I took a good steak in frying pan.
After that long day we needed a rest and the Zimmer came just in time. After dinner I felt refreshed enough to go out and explore the town a little while
Enough free time.

The image tag:

13th day photos in Picasa
The 13th day in gipiasis
The 13th day in abriterle

Ergisch-Grachen-17.7 km
– 1500 m and 1100 m decreases, 11 hours and the highest point 1536 m. Overnight camping in GRACHEN.

In summary:
In the morning we have many thanks for everything and she continued with her kind and brought us 2 fresh apples. We went around 8 am and moved
Local Mafia (opening time) and collected fresh bread we ordered last night (was not available in the evening bread). Then we started walking along local trails
And access roads to the town were planning to arrive on Eischoll yesterday. In the sleepy town was a big container with fresh pastries and lots of different flowers
And people planted gardens and that public and private very Ballet. Later it started to rain hard and we went to a nearby town.
UNTERBACH and BURCHEN name that look more drab despite the beautiful clock tower. After a few more miles for me, ash Woods.
We started off and went through the town of STALDEN ZENEGGEN and built on the edge of a deep gorge with powerful stream. STALDEN town is in two parts
(Most popular towns) of the old town and the new construction. We crossed the bridge over the ravine and the marked ends across the highway.
We asked one of the locals where the trail continues and is fluent in German and quickly tried to explain that there are two possible ways, one long and steep Woods.
In the second and shorter but near the road. We chose the low road and shorter than the lack of time, but what he forgot to mention that after about 2 km you went over
For forest road it ends abruptly on the road which was risking landslides and closed it for renovations.
We looked at the map and return not tasted, so we evaluated the situation, and the road seems certain to pass so we kept walking along the deserted road about 2 km
And then starting a steep increase in me by our target forests GRACHEN town.
Must not underestimate the amount of water needed to point for when no nearby rivers and our water. Fortunately in split
A table was surprising ways and clean and cold water to fill. After a short rest we continued to rise and finally long awaited GRACHEN town camping
Located above St. Niklaus.
Must admit that it was the first day in orbit where the cumulative fatigue caused that even after a shower not a walk in the town itself. The campsite was
Excellent and contained hot showers, washing machines, electricity and a small shop (although was closed). Got to talk with some travellers who did
The TOUR OF MONTE ROSA for 10 days and is very similar in nature to WHR.

The image tag:

14th day photos in Picasa
The 14th day in the gipiasis
The 14th day in the abriterle

Step 13.
Gasenried – Europa Hut – 14km
1131 m 570 m, UPS and downs 6 hours and the highest point 2690 m.
Combine 13 alternate.
St. Niklaus-Zermatt-18km-Tasch
479 feet lifts, 4:30 hours and the highest point 1606 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
Europe Hut mountain refuge
Mattsand (40 min)-hotel
Herbriggen (10 min 1hr)-hotel
Randa (2.5 hrs)-hotel, pension, camping
Tasch (3.5 hrs)-hotels, camping
Zermatt hotels, youth hostel, camping
(Transport-Train (St. Niklaus-Zermatt

Step 13 as we have done
Grachen-Tasch – 18km
450 m ups/downs, 7 hours and 1552 meters the highest point. Overnight camping in Tasch.

We woke up around 6 am and after breakfast we discussed hard whether to go for a seller named EUROPEWEG adventure or go shorter way to
ZERMATT. Consideration was to make the request that requires at least two days are full and then give up the visit in TASCH and ZERMATT or LAUSANNE despite
The Middle weather or a shorter path. Finally after abnano that we've seen enough highlights and high interest in this trip, we decided
To give up the option and return to Earth after a rest for at least a day or two in the big cities. It also left (at least mine) desire to return to the area.
And the MONTE ROSA trail also includes the EUROPWEG two phases. After the decision began to advance towards ZERMATT cost?
GASENRIED moved to beneath and connected to that was undergoing renovations and yet was one of the most beautiful track. It was a narrow lane that goes
About 2 km along a small stream in a forest in blue when going nearly level stream and occasionally skipping from side to side. Abundant wild strawberries and cherry trees.
Escorted us to a MATTSAND settlement. There a bakery but it was close and continued on a path near the River to central town Herbriggen.
The name of the local grocery cetiideno and continued to go up the River to the next town named RANDA and WILDI. After another hour's walk we arrived at Golf Center
Seems pretty prestigious local and active. The extra half hour walk led us to camp of Tasch.
What stood out right from the beginning that the multiplicity of caravans of instead. It turns out that this closest town Tasch to Zermatt which can be reached with a car
And from there you can go to Zermatt only by train or helicopter and Tasch's tourism is based on a reference to Zermatt. After a shower and organizing,
We went into town to celebrate the end of (almost) the track in one of the small restaurants in the area. Then we did a walk around town and back to camp to rest when started
The rain is light. Offered us discounted tickets to the attraction of the ZERMATT (80 francs instead of 99) and happily took the offer because we wanted anyway.
To get up there.

The image tag:

15th day photos in Picasa
The 15th day in gipiasis
The 15th day in abriterle

Step 14.
Europa Hut – 18km Tashalp – Zermatt
962 m 348 feet up and downs, 7 hours and the highest point 2288 meters.
Accommodation/transport by:
Tashhalp (Ottavan) 3hrs-matratzenlager
Zermatt hotels, youth hostel, camping
(Sunnegga Express funicular transport (Sunnegga-Zermatt
(Bus (Winkelmatten-Zermatt

Step 14 as we did.
Tasch – Zermatt – 5.5 km
350 m ascents and descents 200 yards, 2 hours and the highest point 1652 m. Camping accommodation in Zermatt.

We got up in the morning and seventy happy yesterday and we went around 8 to conquer Zermatt. The road itself went along the tracks for me and regular ash when
Around saw glaciers and waterfalls everywhere and closer to Zermatt, the Matterhorn's what tooth began to emerge. After two hours.
Light reached the city directly to the rather surprising and here was pretty scruffy (albeit with hot showers and electricity). After we went to the travel arrangements.
The city and jump to the eye that had electric service throughout the city and drove to the train station, tourist hotels and of travellers, climbers, cyclists
Spinning bikes everywhere. After a short visit at the main street we went to big cable's attraction to the Summit named Klein Matterhorn at altitude
3850 m and see all the wonderful scenery around. The rise lasted for half an hour when needed to change the way gondola initially (for 4 people) to gondola
Larger (about 30 people) for the final.
The upper structure has several balconies panoramic views out to the ski resort operates year-round and an elevator that takes visitors 3 floors down into the glacier where
Carved ice cave (additional fee of approximately 8 Frank Road near the shop).
It was certainly one of the most interesting caves and is worth a visit for those who are already at the top.
The ski resort was an American couple that grabbed everyone's attention when the husband tried to take off with a parachute from the top and after 3 unsuccessful attempts and
The wind finally abdicated. At the time, the woman told those who asked them for a few weeks every travelers known peaks in the area and her husband jumped up
Now every summit and Summit. After visiting the lower terraces, we took the cable car back and continued to explore the city. We went to several sports shops (and there
Pretty much any type) and relatively expensive rates (as in country or less) and much higher than that. Towards evening we went
The local information Office to find out the times of trains to LAUSANNE and used on the IPAD name for installed network information (there are 2 appliances also outside.
And also active outside the opening hours of the branch). After a good dinner and went to sleep.

The image tag:

16th day photos in Picasa
The 16th day of gipiasis
The 16th day of abriterle
Video clip what little MATHERHORN views

Day 17 – a bonus.
A short visit in VISP and in LAUSANNE

To get to GENEVA by train it is necessary two replacements, in the VISP unites all small and slow trains from valleys and in LAUSANNE.
We went through the m train and left the city of VISP to see if there's something interesting. Went for the center of the city but fortunately,
Fell on Sunday, and thus the city seemed entirely empty and the majority was closed. After jumping to the local bakery returned and continued
To LAUSANNE. Total net trip took about three hours. In LAUSANNE we left the bags in lockers at the train station (9 cell large franc)
And went out to explore the city when first chance and jumped to take a map of the city. At first we walked to Lake Geneva,
Further along the coast and filled with bathers, then through an interesting Green Park also did a long siesta.
Then we went to the old town and the Cathedral and the city. The Cathedral has an option for four to go to the clock tower.
And observation on it through the Office. I went up there (about 70 feet) to see and photograph the landscape with wonderful city and away on the Lake.
Each round out no less than 15 km and after we felt that that was enough, we went back and caught the train to the airport.
Of GENEVA. Stayed a few hours to CHECK IN and transferred them in a room and a half replacing stories with Israeli climber named
Hanan who waited for her.
The flight originated in the planned time and went home happy and healthy.

The image tag:

17th day photos in Picasa
View video from Cathedrale de Lausanne

In summary words:
I want to thank Sergei and me who made the trip to WHR much more interesting for me and say that I really enjoyed every moment of the trip we had excellent
And hope me and Sergei left feeling like.
Anyone who is still deciding whether to make the route or not, and how, I hope that the comprehensive description that tried to do to help prove that every thing and even
Smallest track most worth a visit without thinking sometimes.
In a little more personally, for me this is kind of the whole trip as a result of an unsuccessful attempt of that year's tour (albeit a slightly different route)
On the same dates, and serious injury on the second day that dragged in to stop the track and fly back to Israel. After quandary decided not elaborate too much.
On the subject as did post STARRY of TMB want details and feel free to contact me for info or email, but I can say, is that
Hope and love to travel should not concede that physical difficulties are much less significant mental difficulty and ultimately who overcomes it can for
Each track. It is important to learn from past mistakes (and other's) and implement. The most important thing I learned is that like ski injuries statistics
Most trips also injuries and accidents in the last 20% of the time when tired and stop being in full concentration. For this reason always act in
And imply that the famous proverb "wise entered for supervising can get out."

I would be happy to answer questions that come up here or by email

Those who do not give up the bonus and read everything till the end

Recording each track with gipiasis images
A video summarizing the experiences we've been through as a team.
A video summarising the nature and stunning landscapes we've seen.
Pictures of all days together in Picasa

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Not waited and looked at other pictures too.

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[QUOTE = iobelsh]


Not waited and looked at other pictures too.

Besides pictures there are also videos and recordings not see yet, hope to complete shortly.
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Through detailed story. I hope you end up before I go to WHR
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New Zealand

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Join the list of them. Less than a month. Waiting for further report
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What beauty! Great summary, waiting for the rest!
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[QUOTE = warham]


Beautiful you spend quite a bit to plants and butterflies.

I get the impression that most people focus on landscape photography (which is amazing in itself) and ignore aplora and fauna below.

The plant took is Pulsatilla is probably the exact type is Pulsatilla halleri although difficult to determine with certainty the bud stage.

It is a relative of the anemone and the image illustrates the typical hairy many plants that grow in cold areas.

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Very beautiful.

According to the description it seems that summer hasn't arrived to pick up sounds technically complicated way in General, the documentation using URI Traill fantastic.

Refer to beautiful weather I quote
Weather and terrain conditions:
* Please note that in all 100 meters off the rising temperature in half.
* Please note that mountain air welcome is very unstable and to find new every morning forecast.
1) weather site
2) daylight
3) to high
4) has 3 phases overlap and weather updates on around Mont Blanc
5) network cameras:
1st cameras
2 cameras

You write that the mountains of every 100 meters off the half tmpertotra up:

This is a very important point that teaches about the weather situation actually should cool air up all 100 hundred innocent changing height,

This change of temperature falls below up to 100 meters is called dry temperature falls, adiabati falls, professional adiabati means an isolated process do not mean heat energy penetration into the air from the outside of the ground contact area and heating of the air is ashiaia.

All terminology and this explanation on his face is very important to understand the State of stability or instability, a mountain that cold air in half up to 100 meters, I mean right here half of tea up to 100 meters from somewhere and this is indeed contribution the contribution of trade rules of the water vapor in the air, Mecha should understand that were in the area between the cloud base and top, the wet adiabati I mean relative humidity was around 100%, condensation exist only in this area, waterfall wet only exists in this area, and if you are in this area so that the sudden change in the weather can occur without any prior warning that the condition required for rain he set up moisture.

If the waterfall was up to 100 meters the area dry and then have to see what happens, if high pressure level sink area have beautiful weather and easy to walk for several days.

If approaching weather system i.e., we have
To make sure we're not hung low area not snowy and dangerous is about to storm the area near hatacholm.

Beautiful dog, illustrate that it is right on the boundary between mountaineering and trekking even speaks almost perfect type.
Climbing vertical wall into the 7 illustrates this very beautiful, classic character to use two ice grzini and thanks for sharing the wonderful documentation.    .
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Nice appetizer. Directory in more

Waiting for the second dose.

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Thank you for sharing. Looks amazing. Posts lately only reinforce that view at the beginning of the season, upgraded several levels than that which ...
אמנון לנגי  
#13 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 11:53:11 AM(UTC)

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I must say you screwed up big time with the weight of the backpacks.
Carry 23 kg in difficult mountain route that torture has no justification.
When you young people already learn something of the art of olterliit????
Eli TheHiker  
#14 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:10:11 PM(UTC)

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[QUOTE = Amnonl] I must say you screwed up big time with the weight of the backpacks.
Carry 23 kg in difficult mountain route that torture has no justification.
When you young people already learn something of the art of olterliit????

At least on my case (40 pounds with food for a day and a half + water 2 liters + crampons lbs + tent//mattress + cooking system and others)
You are wrong here and, if it can, will join a list of things that I took and then you will see that most of the equipment is necessary olterliit and uncompromising safety and comfort.
אמנון לנגי  
#15 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:21:51 PM(UTC)

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18 kg is unlikely due to the necessity for krampons, rope and equipment for cooking and full.
I meant it's not 23 kg. It has no justification.
#16 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:59:14 PM(UTC)

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To me, you can add a list? It does sound a lot.
We (really not olterliit!) last year in the Pyrenees for four days, were carrying food tent, sleeping gear, cooking and heavy bags per se (and Diva ltoro) passed the 13th (without crampons, but still).

And maybe other people will carry weight perspective-that it's the WHR in itself. Shaharellert 41485.416724537
#17 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 1:26:23 PM(UTC)

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New Zealand

At least about the crampons so you could choose other options more easily if it was necessary for the route. There is ikrspiks considering half and do their job by her description of the area.
If taking equipment list published so you can edit it accordingly and reach that final list recommended equipment to track you.
I must say you write excellent post
Eli TheHiker  
#18 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 1:33:08 PM(UTC)

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[QUOTE = Amnonl] 18 kg is unlikely due to the necessity for krampons, rope and equipment for cooking and full.
I meant it's not 23 kg. It has no justification.

It's true, and it tiinano many times to me (which by the way is no less experienced traveler and still love to carry weights)

[QUOTE = shaharellert] to me, you can add a list?
And maybe other people will carry weight perspective-that it's the WHR in itself.

It is important to note that case weighed 40 pounds after my purchase with food and water so he usually weight around 16 pounds including book/maps/rope/climate.
Anyway I have enclosed Kashima of what was in the bag.


The only doubts I had about the equipment is taking smaller portfolio of 44 liters (even weighing 1175) but far less durable in rough terrain and a lot less space and the rain cover to the camera (the end really don't use it that there were no serious rain days)

[QUOTE = imtl] at least about the crampons so you could choose other options more easily if it was necessary for the route. There is ikrspiks considering half and do their job by her description of the area.

In retrospect, I agree. But notice that we bought the crampons after consulting the Office high and sell instead.
The image received from the descriptions was very different than it was. Warham 41485.4429050926
#19 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 1:55:21 PM(UTC)

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I can only say that if I was carrying so many things (my personally seem unnecessary)-there was no way I was enjoying this trip.

Picture of the day (9)-amazing.

Shaharellert 41485.4559606481
#20 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2013 2:09:50 PM(UTC)

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All this weight issue really bothers me. Even if we assume that I can improve this very (...) if the weight of 18 kg to Trek (with full accommodation + food and water ל"כמה" + cooking equipment accessories and another bear canister) is "likely" really have a chance to lose 18 lbs.? If not-do the shmshcl body is 52 kg (for example)? As part of the body weight according to "rules of thumb" it seemed excessive.

However, our business.   Ellie stunning picture is great! 41485.5619097222 io_travel
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