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#1 Posted : Sunday, September 8, 2013 3:35:04 AM(UTC)

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Hello everyone a little bit about the cooking system, food, water, etc.
Cooking system how to save weight,
What's in the Kit!
67 grams lighter than titanium gas burner or 20 grams to oalia 70 g
Need a windscreen can make only of Rocky or thin aluminum or brass or copper
Even just Tin titanium best. (Also buy ready).
Need to be careful how to make right to vent windscreen and gas balloon and reflector must be true oororer may not block the balloon.
95% ethanol needs according to the nature of the trip not everywhere is a place you can get gas should be considered easier to achieve.
I take a slight oalia + alcohol and no gas gas burner + filter adapter or anything just in case if there is no alcohol in shops. (A light easy + matches in WATERPROOF box
And some small fire stick you feel BEAR GRYELS)
Lightweight titanium or aluminium pot is advisable if folding handles,
If not dismantle the lever and take aluminum or plastic GRIPER.
If you must remove the Pan cover to those who want to make an omelet or fries
The Pan can be used as a plate. (If pot lid if not to make out of paper
Anyway take some aluminum foil in the kit).
Lightweight titanium or aluminum're letting her in plastic or wooden mixing spoon, + relief or titanium.
Small dish for those who do not like to eat or remove plates have titanium aluminium
(Can also be used as Pan) lemon juice bottle, a bottle if the cream to olive oil, canola oil or Sesame, spices in small boxes of elephants (some ketchup and mustard packets not Mayo-McDonald's) little salt bags small bottle Tabasco sauce,
This opener of the annoying ldrman, MAG or titanium or aluminum Cup is a cup or Finjan take cover or a foil,
Sugar and coffee in small bags rather small packages like sugar in a coffee shop or SPLENDA for weight watchers, some tea bags + herbal tea + powdered milk or sweetened milk tube on the British or India who love Chai garam veterans. (Chai prepared in need some powdered milk drink night motivator).
(Don't forget hoviag or cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are advised against headaches
(And also keeps nail if animals sense of smell like cats and bears and jackals and foxes the tent if you sprinkle around). These spices stimulate precaution not to drink at night! And only a small packaging and fresh (fruit and vegetables, where the only way some new invention UL watermelon seen at).
Rice, pasta, beans, okra, bulgur, chickpeas, beans,
Quinoa, everything you need is there for the pot (or sealed bag or sealed box each and the rest) in sealed bags.
Heavy cans
How can 2 cans tuna, or hatched or sardine
Or shiprut or mackerel. (There's even a box it should respect gpiltfish
But if you two or one team take the horseradish and gefilte allow heat and add carrots)
Canned fish is great and satisfying and also some liver jerky or sausage dry bag, cheese-provide same day only requests (where report
There is fish in the River, sea, River and fishing should take some
Fishing Kit compact and easy delicious fish maybe dinner.)
Grind (but there's no need to reinvent the mill UL.
Canned humus tahini, but who will give up little
If lemon and olive oil), can take small snacks or energy bars, Hilwa
Sliced Loaf bread, can take some oatmeal and mix with water.
But you have to drink a lot of water if it if it's dry and become constipated if drinking water is healthy and nutritious to add raisins,
Group a mixture of almonds, raisins, walnuts, dried fruits MNM and can take more if you book cooking, recipes
You must evaluate the food production not to carry too much around 1,000 pounds a day (to be thinking this food!)
Food and water give a lot of weight and catch water volume will always be enough and some rzarooh,
Recommend easy SAWYER water filter, 100 g compact
And also purification tablets are recommended if there is water sources and saves weight (learn to water and water sources).
Can connect directly to shlocr if adapter.   Amazing comes if 3 different size bags you buy shlocr adapter separately.

The most important and most take garbage bags, and take him with you and if
Don't take your trash as possible through unbelievable how inconsiderate.
Nearby there is a beautiful country. (Who smokes to stop yet again to take the differences rather than throwing the fire nor leave Dora marks if it is forbidden to light not light and so little campfire)
Keep a clean camp as if you were there not be Masons.

Picture of the SAWYER filter
Just a piece of cake is amazing enough for 1 million liter of water weighs 103 g
Far more happy to suggestions in the field of water and cooking of food only in application, there's no flavor. 41525.5974537037 easyman
#2 Posted : Sunday, September 8, 2013 10:36:44 AM(UTC)

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I refer to it.

1. nice and easy this gas burner fire maple-300t or fms fms-116t
2. good adjustable oalia UL (2 models) http://packafeather.com/

3. it's not Mag/UL glass titanium, polypropylene ones, i.e. a hot dish. Thermal insulation is also better than titanium and much easier. Is more durable, and weighs 10 grams. As some users cover foil.
4. Remove mind better than aluminum with heat exchanger, because it saves fuel replacement 2-reasons and heat transfer in aluminum is better.

5. I think the windscreen of foil so it iathof gas burner's head, but not the balloon. Like in the picture. It also improves the ialot of several dozen percent good heating.

Wrong way

Correctly, much higher.

Sereje4ka 41525.3198148148
#3 Posted : Sunday, September 8, 2013 10:54:24 AM(UTC)

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You're right 100% wind shield about windscreen to the blowtorch
To choalia it differently but also need to blowing holes from underneath.
For ventilation, and that wouldn't be very balloon reflector should watch if the balloon
Not hot.
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