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#1 Posted : Friday, September 27, 2013 1:49:18 AM(UTC)

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Tatras are Slovakia Poland border height 2500 meter peaks as the difference of the Alps you can walk until late September, and prices are generally cheaper.

Relatively easy to reach by the Polish side trip to Krakow and to skaponh or Slovak side Bratislava, Budapest and Tetra area.

Beyond the border.
There are three points which you can cross most accepted is 2500 meters altitude the rysy mountain trail is steep and includes stakes and cable grip.
Sedio, second when the Polish side there is a cable car descending to skaponh area.
Lysa polana this third route through which vehicles pass through the border.
Who runs the Slovak side Polish side should bring money in Poland (zloty) to pay rafiog after crossing the border.
The track
A network of dozens of area trails and lengths different difficulty degrees marked routes including nature walk there no. kilometers built wooden shelter that can sit inside if it rains.

The track I did:
Getting to strbske pleso is a good place to stock up on maps and n-popradskom chata pri plese an hour and a half matches Sunday after flight arrival by train.
There is also rafiog hostel (hostel room costs 20 arrow).

Since there was no place in rafiog near morskie oko was forced to relinquish her to rysy and crossed the line via sedio, long day total it increases approximately 2000 meters, but worth the effort and accommodation on room accommodation kondratowa schronisko with 6 beds costs 50 zloty (zloty equal approx. weight)

Descent towards the Polish side skaponh there are many more people on the trails and the day before I haven't met anyone.
Amble around on that day dozens.
It is designed to be a day of rest so that the backpack remains at skaponh I took the cable car to an altitude of about 1900 m and I went back to town took me half a day.
Skaponh town is the largest settlement in the area.

Slovakia-old border to Poland
This day didn't plan in advance because I needed information only I knew I had to for skaponh (Poland) and javorina in Slovakia the start point of the trajectory in the Tatras bricks waiting me on the sixth day.
It became clear there was a minibus service for skaponh PT start trails around which saves me no. kilometers of walking along a road.
On this day I morskie oko Lake clear lake and that explains why I couldn't find a place to stay in rafiog.
And I went back to the border with Slovakia.

The border crossing on polana lyasa and walked a mile alongside a road to reach javorina PT starting Friday, a tiny village and hotel (expensive) or two can have them.
Crossing the white Tatras is a track which opened recently after long was there I didn't see many bears and maybe so. In the first day I went alone and encountered several people who did the track in the opposite direction.
This is also in my opinion a must for those who want to travel in the Tatras.

The day finished in tatransa lomnica.
The Slovak side has on your teeth through every old tiny settlement points are also to begin/end "chnk tracks so you can easily find/enter.
#2 Posted : Friday, September 27, 2013 10:46:33 PM(UTC)

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Can you please elaborate on the costs to get a broader picture.
It seems an interesting trip in the Alps costs
#3 Posted : Friday, September 27, 2013 11:13:47 PM(UTC)

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Thanks for reporting less covered region.

You can add map (or a link to one)?
#4 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 12:58:18 AM(UTC)

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Still cheaper to travel in Slovakia and Poland compared to thousands.
A flight
Who wants to start from there fly to Krakow to 140 km in skaponh's bus or train.
From there fly to Budapest or Bratislava and from there by train several hours I don't know.
The train that runs between the towns of Tetra (departing from Poprad) and drove the price paid by the funny just had to pay 2 euros.
Map cost me 6 euros.

B. b
In rpiogis the cost 30 to 50 zloty (zloty equal approx. weight) depends on how people in Poland.
Beer cost me 10 zloty.
Hotels/motels received at 20 euros, with all breakfast costs 4-6 euros and dinner about 10 euros.
At skaponh I took 150-zloty with breakfast, but it's a relatively large town and places much cheaper.

C. travel and
900 meters height difference to cable cost me 40 zloty who want a round-trip cost him 50 zloty.
Bus trip like 10 km 10 zloty.

Chata Motel dining room dinner raised about pri 10 euros and, of course, has the atmosphere of these places.

Your room at chata pri stated on Harrow including shower and WC just a hotel room.

Cheese market stall prices skaponh zloty.
Dinner at skaponh restaurant had 50 zloty.

On request I map a schematic image of the hiking trails of the instructor's colin saunders by friendly.

The Slovak side agreed.

The leaders agreed on the pole.
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#5 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 11:39:24 AM(UTC)

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Definitely an interesting area that's a lot of information. Prices are very cheap and looks hot
Thank you for reporting!
#6 Posted : Saturday, September 28, 2013 2:42:53 PM(UTC)

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