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#1 Posted : Saturday, November 30, 2013 3:24:18 PM(UTC)

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Hello friends,

So for those of you who don't know, my name is Arthur. And in the summer of the year walked the E5.

According to tradition, brings reassurance and amusement, coverage of my walk.

I'm very proud to publish the first complete coverage of the Forum.

I continue to update the thread and of course post pictures, then keep track and respond. And of course questions and requests are welcome!


About the trail

About mountain nature trail, about 600 kilometer (without variants) that crosses the Alps in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and steimm in Italy. Without uriantim it on a path that requires special equipment or special abilities technical walk. The Alpine uriantim extend the path I think about 200 miles and make it more challenging and dangerous than Israelis because reaches heights of over 3000 and deal on snow and glaciers.

Synopsis and character for

Guys is a diverse. Perhaps most diverse ever went.

The path stated starts on picturesque city Konstanz, Bodensee Lake Constanze manzlarly vanished without or in German. The city is an interesting history and beautiful architecture. Definitely a good place to get some rest before starting to walk around in the old town and eat delicious food at many restaurants there. Of course you can also make a short trip on the Lake and wash it. I recommend to rent bikes and make the bike tour of the old town and the banks of the Lake.

In the early days of the trail that begins in Germany, Switzerland and Lake Constance ran East, sometimes going right on the banks of the Lake and the hills surrounding the same and come in all sorts of small towns on the way, as you can see is a tourist area. Very, hot and humid.

The shortest part of Germany than the baueris and breaking long range (I'm looking for the name of the ridge) with views from both sides of valleys with small villages. Much less touristy area but relatively gentle. The German section you can sleep the first alpine chalet.

After descending into the Valley and in Obersdorf, Sonthofen and enter into a peaceful little town surrounded by mountains. Another interesting town to a day of rest. There's not much to do except rest and eat well.

After the oversdorf starts to climb the Alps and the border to Austria. In Austria the becomes for real alpine mountains with snow-capped peaks and sometimes snowy, passim, increases fatigue and sometimes help agency.

Italy's part becomes very quickly back to more rustic, are far more villages and the terrain becomes more delicate, there are a lot of hills and mountains, but it's already the end of the Southern Alps, the mountains are no longer so and tzokis heights no longer undergo much the 2000 m.

The Italian section of the path these days can be very long, some days I finished the walk after more than 9 hours with over 1500 m and descent.

Some German and Swiss going in relatively populated areas and in the Austrian part of the most popular meeting quite a few people. There are only some Italian peace and can go an entire day without meeting anyone, but the traveler communities become more and more frequent. I have to say that I think the path is not suitable for people looking for "escape" to be alone with nature.

Who is suitable for

I could adjusted for all kinds of travellers and everybody can find something for himself.

The German and Swiss can easily adapt to families with children who want to go natural and beautiful place with food and accommodation options as well as many people who want to travel a pleasant cultural area with interesting and tasty traditional food.

The Austrian part of Kurtz to people who love challenging Alpine trails with views reward and sleeping in cabins, in amaolot.

The highest uriantim the Austrian part can add to a canvas elements do not like snow or alpine trails.

The Italian can fit everyone. Also quite challenging in terms of physically because of the ups and downs. Also has excellent cultural landscapes also browsed the villages passing and excellent and the weather is more stable.

The Italian also could work for people who prefer to sleep and eat properly because many villages could be on the way.

Recommended season

Like any Bill in the thousands. Of course the recommended season summer and warm and relatively stable weather, of course, still is mountainous and storms, rain and wind is something that definitely will have it even in summer. Neither summer promise go on in high places of Austria. I went in late July and early August and got to go on a lot of snow so that it may not escape it because sometimes the trail goes where there is snow.

The high huts (Austria) posted a late June to late September and part of Italy until oversdorf it is necessary to book in advance because of the popularity of the travellers ' section. .

The shorter cabin and family hostel in the valleys there is no problem of closing out the season (of course, a very dynamic things small businesses and family)

Visas: pramit

No passing lane in any country that requires a visa or you stay and do not require pramit parks.

Bottom line is there's no need to deal with bureaucracy in this trip.


Euros only. Although for marching in Switzerland but this area so close to the border with Germany and Austria all shops accept euro as well.

How to reach

No problem of transportation for, even if you divide it into small delicate parts you can find public transport also pass through villages then, arrival method depends on how much of the course you want to do.

Most people I've seen (mostly Germans and Austrians) begin the path oversdorf area, where the Alpine section begins and end up kept.

Who wants to walk from easiest to Constanze manzlarly vanished without via Munich (most cheap flights) and from there take a train or bus to Constanze manzlarly vanished without. (Cheaper than bus mincht cost me 25 euro area)

There are also people who want to walk only the Italian section at Bolzano or Renault, I believe these to be comfortable and cheaper to get the Italian side through Milan or Verona and from there by bus or train to saved or Bolzano. Large cities with bus and train station.


Sompass company offers a special enclosure or the E 5, the chassis features strip maps only along the route. The set includes 12 sterifim grouped into 2 maps. And descriptions of the track although only in German

A great idea that saves a lot of weight and money, the disadvantage is that you can't make significant deviations from the path (and variants) or all kinds of side trips for those who want because it doesn't cover maps.

Of course, you can obtain the relevant map for the region when passing through villages on the road or in the Alpine huts but this is obviously a long shot (don't always have them in stock) high financial expense and extra weight.

Detailed maps that can be found (in my opinion) belong to the German Alpine Union DAB, summer maps (with the red flower).

Or you can buy the standard maps (not only of the E5) of COMPASS.

I recommend buying the whole map in a big city before.

Guide books

I used the guide of friendly English big school doing the work well but there are some inherent problems in my view: the author chose not to include any of the higher horiants of the trail (and of course much more beautiful and interesting) and several sections of the book written in mprosh to take a bus from a to b in order to save a boring thing or a long walk on a road. Or cable car to save her hard.

Of course, that doesn't fit well with the pioristit that I really believe in.

German publishing ROTER takes several good guide to which all Alpine uriantim but unfortunately is only in German.


There are several options:


Mountain cabins

Private room

Hostel or hotel

The trail passes through populated areas that are classified as nature reserves and had to sleep in a tent. Sometimes in private areas simply lack of choice. I went to bed late at night, I got up early this morning and noticed that I wasn't left behind.

I'm not sure what's going on regarding the high mountains in Austria legally (not sure if this counts as a nature reserve or not) do, remember that even in summer the temperature dropped significantly on the mountains and if you change ...... Also, the trail is built in such a way that each daily segment ends at the cabin. And so I think it's worth investing in the event in the Austrian section. Good food and good rest for the next day.

Note: I've seen some people who sought permission to sleep in tents near one of the huts and received.

About the significant, being low which means warmer at night so I don't see a problem sleeping in a tent. There are also many open spaces or wooded that allow it.

Cabins-once entering the Rhone-Alpes region, are starting to see Alpine huts.  The price variable cabins and discount for Alpine Club card holders — also on the Israeli. The food and drink still pay full price.

Who never slept in a hut-Alpine describe this experience:

Arrive tired after a long walk, get a bed in a shared room with random number of people you don't know and know of their world. Settled in and sometimes even shower (there's a cabins have no sewage system and water and no showers) and go to the dining room to eat a nutritious dinner and drink wine or beer. When the fabric going mountain trails, cabins for me are more than a place to sleep and wash your clothes are first and foremost a social meeting place where you can talk for hours with a variety of people from all over the world and share stories.  On the eve of going to bed on a full stomach with food and beer, water, a flashlight and looking for the bed of caution not to wake up all the people who went to bed early.

I can definitely say that experience in itself places everyone should try once or twice and some of my best memories happened in the cabin or with people I've ever met.

About private rooms or people's House. All returns that trail runs where there are mshchirot rooms with families or some kind of problem is to find those families and to communicate with them in small villages where no English is spoken and of course at places like this raises the price per day.

As I said before the E5 is a diverse — and I got to sleep in a tent in the middle of Alpine huts, according to tradition, a home of an elderly woman in a small village, and even ways Hostel Hotel akodim Christians.

If you are planning on going for correctly (and I'd like to help by of course) do not need to travel with a tent and a bag for sleeping.


The trail is marked in a very good shape with red and white symbol in Europe and in many parts also yellow iltim with the names of the targets and how much time remains until the next deadline.

The only places I can make are-Earl-settlements, building the markings are sometimes lost. There are some sections which are earthworks such as construction of huts or even ski resorts towns that can easily be lost due to the change in the route field.

Cellular and Internet availability

Cellular reception problem in some Austrian magic because they are very isolated because of their location in the topogafri area. Every other track no problem of cellular. Generally consider that to be a problem to talk on a cell phone in Austria's highest mountain.

Internet availability and only moved in Faye, towns and villages.  As a person who does not have a cell phone with the opportunities which saw PC to use the visitors were.


But little snake died I suspected him as unexpected pet Viper, the Agency for height and reach, not enough to cause altitude sickness.

I think the most concrete is constantly changing weather in conjunction with not just walking can be lethal. It is advisable to exercise caution when walking in the mountain and one to catch in the morning what the weather's, indicates what are the sections which are not recommended in wet weather.

And there are always slight variants and less dangerous if you do not want to do.

In some sections of Austrian agents.

The rise of http://www.braunschweiger-huette.at/ lodge

The Hotta ravenshoiger includes walking on a snowy Ridge and descending on a mountainside receives. Danger of falling concrete and snow skating. You must go slowly and carefully and use the walking sticks as support and stop if you start to slip.

If you take the highest variation after great orpaill Zams and the next day the fool takes you to La Paz at an altitude of 3050 m who I feel can feel symptoms of altitude sickness, the road to pass through the ribs and snow-capped mountain glacier. The decline of apas comprises perilous descents on iron pegs very slippery due to snow and ice.

The walk to the http://huetten.alpenverein.at/huettenHome/DE/Home/index.php?huetteNr=1206 fool similown

(High variant) passes through a large glacier that is very easy to lose the trail and lost (happened to me) which can be caught on.

Tips & miscellaneous

* Sections which follow the snow it is highly recommended to go with sleeves and long pants, snow slope slope skin off if you will not be covered with cloth.

* I'm very careful of crossing the glaciers on the mountain, crossing a glacier only when connected to each other with rope and therefore had very strange to see glaciers on the path, but if you take the high uriantim in E5 car deal with iceberg. Walk only on the paved path "by other travelers don't discriminate on krwas on ice.

* Updated the weather expected Austrian immigrants, high and weather can be unpredictable, there is a risk of storms even in summer.


ש:   How long it takes to finish the demands for

A: it took me 27 days without rest days. Although my walking pace was very high. I would say between 5-6 weeks including days of rest.



The trail starts officially Konstanz, mid-sized tourist town on the banks of the River (German Bodensee) Constanze manzlarly vanished without

There's plenty to do, where to travel and accommodation are available at all levels. From youth hostel to luxury hotels. There are also several camping sites.

The first day out of the city and get straight to Switzerland (without being noticed) going in inhabited area through parks, several small villages adjacent to the banks of the Lake, usually entering the little town called Romanshorn and end up in a town called Arbon, arbonne you can also find ATMs, shops and places to stay and eat.


Day 2

Also on this day going only in the occupied territories. Leaving arbonne and encircle the Lake East of passing through several small villages.

On this day, a few low hills on the first time and to see how big Lake Constance

View from the hill villages and Lake Constance

View from the hills to Lake Constance

Day 3

On the third day and leave from Rheineck to Austria (first time), walking through villages populated areas and cities but also going in one big flat nature reserve of the Delta

On the third day are starting to see the beginning of the baueris.

The day ends in a town called Bregenz, a modern city with all the amenities that can be expected in the city. Friendly's book recommend taking bus from brganz to village Lingenau. And while true path that connects those two points, I guess because there are too many towns along the way.


Begin to see the Alps.

Day 4

Lingenau village where again I slept in a tent in a field of a private person. While careful not to leave behind dirt-got out and started walking on the trail leads through a peak to another village named Hittisau

Hitiso is where I ate lunch at a small Cafe began to advance on the path towards a pretty extended range and went for the first time above the tree line. The landscape we find away. On one hand, and green valleys and see another Valley and even Germany. Front view of Alps Austria waiting for us.

The day I finished third in the cabin called taufner-Staufnerhaus rape. A small cabin and with delicious food and a great beer and wine.

The Hill a little way to the hill called Rotenberg, Hittisau and 995 m high.


The scenery on the way to the hut taopnerhavens

Day 5

On the fourth day I woke up and had breakfast in staopnerhaons. Then we went--guy Raz, an Israeli who met in (what?) and a nice girl from Germany named Miriam.

The section leads us on an elongated Ridge, and went about enforcing caps and enjoying both sides. Wherever we looked, we saw the distance because that is above the tree line.

After several hours, began a long descent off the Ridge into the Valley of oversdorf and entered the small village named Gunzesried. On this day, there is a private room all nice older woman rents to travelers. If it weren't for Mary would never manage to communicate with and even find a place to stay and would certainly builds my tent somewhere. This is what it's like to hang out with.

Go for extended Ridge above the tree line

And see far.

Down to the Valley.

Top view on the Valley of oversdorf and already you can see the mountain within Austria

Day 6

On the sixth day, I went from Gunzesried and started to advance towards a wooded Ridge. Walking in the Woods and crosses small streams along the way. Along the way I kept teasing me helicopters helped in the construction of a ski resort on one of the mountains in the area. On the way I saw some highlights building a ski resort, I think this will become one big site.  Kind of disappointed from this matter.

After dinner coffee and intermediate apple strudel at the cabin, I began a long descent to the bottom of the Valley, moved in a town called Sonthofen, which you can find shops, restaurants and an ATM if you need.

The town goes parallel to the river Iller mansk large all over the Valley. Finally after about 4 hours comes to Obersdorf. Small town and every tourist that it offers. You can also find places to eat and some equipment shops.

Obersdorf is the last countries a few days of being in high mountains and if you find you need something, this is the place to complete it.

In oversdorf slept again at the home of a family who rents rooms to travelers. And ate breakfast in one of the restaurants in the city.

Walking in dense forests and cross small streams

View oversdorf Valley from the mountains around him.

Day 7

This morning I got up, up, had breakfast and prepared for the first to propose "real".

The trail took me out of the city through green fields with stunning views to the mountains and then quiet road which begins the long rise to Kemptnerhutte. The first alpine chalet. Already in Austria. Do note again crossing the border.

The increase was long and tiring. In deep Creek with stream and waterfalls which flow on the walls of surrounding rock and for himself. The Canyon itself sometimes had "strangled" the snow of winter. Pretty and funny.

The day ends after the longest Kemptnerhautte in Austrian hut hut is very good with an excellent cuisine and amazing views. If there is time left a short trip to one of the peaks in the area (a few hours depending on which top pick) and enjoy the scenery even more beautiful.

Goodbye Obersdorf

Almost in the mountains.

How is it possible without mountain rain

In deep Creek

Kemptnerhutte cabin

Views from the peaks around the cabin.

Day 8

After breakfast, I went and started to go towards another saddle overlooking the Valley

From here on I started off at Wadi with a flooded stream in the middle. When the shtkrbati moved in small bridge and saw a large waterfall.

In the Valley itself entering the small Tyrolean village named Holzgau-a good place to eat lunch and buy groceries.

From Holzgau went through fields of farmers to another village called Bach and then go into a narrow valley and begin to rise slowly back into the high mountains, at first through shady forests and the increase becomes much harder when we start to get towards the mountain-Hutte Memminger hut. Superior Bungalow with a perfect location in the middle of a planar surface on the mountain peaks.

Rising to high saddle

Looking down into the Valley next.

The way fetuses tunnels, bridges and waterfalls.


On the way going turquoise River. Sharp eye will notice the name Germany Mary walking takes wild raspberry (yes she gave me later also)

Rise views towards Memmingerhutte cabin, the Sun had dropped behind the mountains and heavy shadow mountain friends

Approaching the cabin, in a stunning position in the saddle between peaks and frozen lakes

Day 9 from Memmingerhutte to Zams

I got up as usual early morning breakfast at the lodge. I went with a cup of coffee to get a view of the Sunrise mountains.

Started this morning that I was lost in an act of carelessness or arrogance I took the wrong turn right as you exit the cabin and walked for about an hour in the opposite direction. When I noticed that some people who went with me, we should return to the cabin and start all over again.

The path leads us to the area with frozen lakes surrounded by mountains and then upward to the jagged mountain range that really go to the knife and divide all of Greece. On this Ridge we exceed 2 snowy Alpine peaks with views to Greece. Then begin to lose for not particularly steep towards the Valley. But there's a long way to go. On the way I passed while a bungalow; In Austria there is a program of combining fires from Nepal and ongoing management of Alpine chalets-snow training fires in the mountains there are no mountains in work in Nepal-monsoon they work usually in the kitchen or in the dining room and learn how to Cook, how to speak English and work in order to be able to open your own business once they return to Nepal. Great program.

So I'm sitting in a cabin in the mountains and drink wheat beer with a stunning climb to Everest several times. The name of the cabin if I'm not mistaken he Wurttemberger Haus

After the cabin continue to fall for, between ridges. After a while getting into the tree line and continue to fall in the forest. The descent is long and exhausting but ultimately hear and then see a pretty big ZAMS, in the Valley of the river INN.

Zams is another great spot to buy food or hygiene products if necessary. In the evening we went I Raz and eat at the restaurant.

On the same day again I found myself sleeping in a great room for private family behind. Unless I meet someone, I guess I was sleeping in a tent somewhere in the city, like what normally happens when traveling alone in Europe.

So come on today's pictures.

Frozen lakes near mingrhota

I'm in the middle of the day, the trail takes us on a jagged Ridge for several summits before the decrease

Miriam on the way to the pass, the jagged peaks in the background.

The descent towards Zams

A look at Zams, the descent from the Ridge towards the Valley was very long and tiring and in the middle of the rain began.

Day 10

In the morning we should deal with the question of how to get out of the Inn Valley and the ridge. Directory of Cicerone recommend taking a cable car that saves approximately 1500 m rise back. But I don't use mechanical assistance when I travel so I started picking up on the Ridge near the foot caught.  The ridge was very exhausting because it was very hot, for past times in shadow but also often exposed to winter grounds become the ski slopes. And so we saw a lot of ski infrastructure and earthworks.

After we finally met Ridge Raz who surprise us with delicious pastry bag you bought while waiting for a chairlift. Both excellent wheat beer and thought what to do next. After a short break we started to ascend another peak height of the ridge and wind began to gain strength. Should really be careful because I went right on Ridge's knife with underground water on each side. After we got to the top we pause, some pictures and started the long descent to the Valley.

The trail takes us through bare slopes and forests are quiet little Valley where we found a guide (German exploited local directory of ROTTER) small host farm people, when we got there for the evening wasn't already but the owner asked us to sleep in the barn on hay. So after dinner were sleeping bags on the Hay (mine I got so I could see the stars when sleeping), and went to sleep.

Total not particularly exciting and the feeling of sex-day must pass through a inhabited this valley of zams, so let's do it-the Ridge after a very disappointing zams in terms of scenery and walking in an area which is also skiing in winter. But I think that's part of it; This path is not a path that traverses the national park or nature reserve. It's a path that cuts through several countries and every day will be an exciting day of stunning Alpine views and detachment from the world.

Ascent to the ridge was accompanied by a strong wind

Start down next Valley

The trail of attacks on the following days

Day 11

In the morning we all woke up in the barn and we had breakfast. I knew that awaited us a 10-hour day. I foolishly left my cell phone at night and sleeping bag he fell and he caved into the Hay in the barn. I spent about an hour in lgroff and hay and otoshsh. After the tragedy we went through. We decided we do high variant of the E5. We started to go through a maze of green forest trails to the shmshkiff range of small villages in the Valley. The weather began to deteriorate as we grow deeper in my stomach already knew what awaits us later in the day. At noon it started to rain hard as was accompanied by very low visibility and strong wind. It was very hard to keep going and concentrate on taking care of myself. The rain wets everything although the clothing and froze my hands and face, but luckily it wasn't something new. The mountains have taught me a thing or two I knew all the rain ends but careless or rush of stress enabling pay serious injury or worse.

We walked a few hours in the rain and I remember looking at Raz (select) the path that the first mountain and Miriam (German I met) is the first, and I was so proud of the strength and courage. I looked at them and know they will be fine. Everything will be fine.

After a few hours of walking in rough conditions we Alm type of farm, host we had tea and ate a little something and kept up the dirt road named Verpeilhutte cabin at an altitude of 2025 metres. Amazing little Bungalow with a family atmosphere and friendly staff. And the stunning view!

Garth pictures!

The trail takes us from the Valley to high ridge overlooking the valley below and mountains of tomorrow.

Most of the day could not shoot that went into a storm but for that afternoon we mucked out next view

Day 12

You remember the previous day, 12 also is a variant of the path. And today's most challenging in terms of walking in space.

Today the trail takes us to a very high mountain hut, start up on a trail with what awaits us later in the day and after already entering the stage zmanma walk on Mount Snow and boulders fields. The trail takes us part of a glacier covered with a layer of snow that parts of it are exposed and control their chachlkl range.

At noon I stood on the peak height of the saddle, called Apres Madatsjoch that group 3050 metres above sea level.

The decline of the lily-livered Gringo is dangerous, and iron spikes which covered with wet snow in the ice or mud helps us right off the walls.

After several perilous declines like that come to the surface yet snowy plateau and begin to descend toward the cabin already looking below. To arrive after half an hour.

After you have found a place in the cabin I wanted another week of this so I took the camera and climbed a short rock arete route of Summit close to the cabin sat there and just looked at the scenery for a while until it was time to go to dinner.

From the cabin toward the mountains in the background

Go to walk on snow mountain on the way up.

After the saddle off high stakes and wet and frozen cable (photographed by Midway)

Stunning views throughout the day, pointed peaks and snow all around.

You can identify the path by the footprints in the snow.

Finally after a long hard day but never see the cabin beneath a cabin called Kraunergrathutte.

I'm in a situation where I feel the best on top

Day 13

Today I woke up to a great day, the weather was very cold because of the altitude, but it was very bright and Nice.

What I didn't know was how beautiful will be the day! I think the days are amdaimim I have ever seen.

The trail leaves the cabin and goes through Valley and snow-capped mountain peaks after a few hours going through the right side of the Valley and the ridge and continue to go on quite a wide and panoramic views. When very deep down see small villages and think whether there are people watching you from underneath?

The path starts to descend gradually toward the ski resort with an amazing Lake green turquoise, busier place, after the Lake continue to fall on a path between, gotta say that alone saw some ponies mini gherkins really modeled for the camera.

Continue on a dirt road way fetuses and a small restaurant and a zone of 3 small hotels and an asphalt road.  From there the trail takes us into a narrow valley between towards impressive waterfall which pass right next to it and a lot of splashes.

After the waterfall begins a long and exhausting ascent toward the cabin. Unfortunately, many Russians view because the construction of a ski area.

After a few hours come to Austria's largest giant hutte Braunschweiger. Large Bungalow with some places more reminiscent of a small hotel, showers, restaurant, company. In it you can find everything.

From the cabin, the trail takes us into a narrow valley between ridges

Panoramic trail with small villages deep down, you can see the path later in the day, corresponds to winding Creek, brings us to high mountains.

Come to Lake turquoise with a view "not bad."

Pygmy pony

The path brings us to the mountains parallel to the river and strong and impressive.

After a long and exhausting ascent reaches the cabin.

Day 14
From the cabin of the previous day-really the biggest cabin I've ever seen-I went out and started the day for walking away from the cabin and raised me up to 2990 to test height called Pitztaller named Joch Valley we are in pitattel.
The way to eat through snow surfaces, walked slowly careful not to slip and find myself flying down.
After I've seen what saddle warned me before him-apas drop through a steep hillside and receives. Have to go carefully and when taking her gentle slide. Definitely an interesting thing. The lack of professionalism is something I went with short sleeve and one of the hardest snow falls still cold at night scraped and removed a small piece of skin.
Like this goes on, slowly and carefully using walking sticks and walking while doing stairs. Until you get downstairs.
And below is a small tourist resort has a restaurant and a shuttle that takes the underground tunnel beneath the glaciers there is no way to cross safely.
After a short private trip, moving the day to the village VENT. I must say that walking on this day is "alone" thing popular. But in the same breath I can get one I saw views of the Alps.
The trail passes through 2/3 height of a consistent length without a lot of ups and downs, when you look down seeing deep green valley and on the other side of his snow-covered mountains and waterfalls glistening in the sunlight.
After several hours of incredible walk down to the village of VENT. Medium cozy village on all sides in the village there are several restaurants and shops.
After an excellent lunch, we decided to continue the next day to the cabin, although the cabin itself told us they are full. But the cabin was ranked category 1-cabin that isolates a problematic space they must refuse to entertain people and they must accommodate them even if it's on the floor. Plus we hoped might spare a small relaxed group.
The road to the Similaun hut Hutte, passes through a narrow valley with mountains vineyards on each side and river and looking outline something. Rise gradually without feeling very nearly in the Valley eventually splits, take the right turn and begin to see the cabin, the cabin before crossing the border into Italy.
Pitztaler Joch road to
The lily-livered Gringo views
I look back on the saddle just went through from the peak.
The stunning way to VENT

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Congratulations to Arthur on new forum post
Looks like I need to troubleshoot display pictures in Forum
I had to register again because nothing else worked.
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Thanks Amnon, welcome to the Forum.

The decision to go for really fast and without much thought. Does anyone remember the thread "I opened in Munich and have nothing to do with Europe a month help!!!"

Anyway I hope someone fall in love with this idea and help thread.

I currently have a problem with Picasa so I can't upload photos.

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Arthur-I wonder how many people are going on for ever find yourself going alone? Days?
What population rates?
Eli TheHiker  
#5 Posted : Tuesday, December 3, 2013 12:35:52 PM(UTC)

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Sounds like a description of a very interesting path that combines various cultures, landscapes, variety and challenges.

Thanks for the details and hope to see photos.

What difficulty you would place it in total in relation to other more familiar trails in Europe

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Ma-apart from crossing the Alps from oversdorf until the preserved in Italy for himself is not particularly popular. But don't feel the separation from azzoilizatia not because of me but because travelers going a lot of populated areas.

As I wrote above, anyone seeking isolation and gain experience with food, a sleeping bag and tent lots only. It was not for him.

I will update the prices at the moment to find my notebook.

Ali-the first few days just moving into the mountains is very soft.
The part of the Alps in baoaria begins to be harder, but still not too dangerous. The mountains that are more moderate and gentle good trails.
The Austrian part already. Mentions other Alpine trails, get up early on and go to passim. I'd place it in the same rank as the other ahrarym trails.
If you take the higher uriantim (which makes for prettier) are dealing with much more snow and glaciers. I haven't seen that in other trails.

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#7 Posted : Wednesday, December 18, 2013 9:09:42 AM(UTC)

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Join thanks for investment and cooperation, what fun to read:)

And thanks also for your help on.

#8 Posted : Wednesday, December 18, 2013 2:35:39 PM(UTC)

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Welcome age,
I like also to write and remember what it was. All the blows, scoring hits and heavy bag forgotten and everything became a pure experience. So why not remember?

It seemed to me that people don't come in here. Anyway I added a story and photos from a day in the mountains.

#9 Posted : Wednesday, December 18, 2013 8:08:31 PM(UTC)

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[Quote = arthur; 577806]

Welcome age,
I like also to write and remember what it was. All the blows, scoring hits and heavy bag forgotten and everything became a pure experience. So why not remember?

It seemed to me that people don't come in here. Anyway I added a story and photos from a day in the mountains.

Arthur-and readers eagerly.

Thanks, and hope to get more of these days tips

#10 Posted : Thursday, January 9, 2014 2:14:51 PM(UTC)

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I have added some more and also part of tips and.
If you give me more questions I'd like to add to the FAQ.
#11 Posted : Thursday, January 9, 2014 4:45:29 PM(UTC)

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I, as usual, pleasure-thank you again. Beautiful pictures and lots of fancy!

Added post today was particularly interesting to read about the Nepalese project wonderful idea

The little clarification on the subject crossing glaciers (refer twice in the introduction): glaciers are only about are severai varieties? There is no crossing of the glacier somewhere on the track? Thank you

Just curious: How do you remember small details (names of cabins etc) months long course? You write journal while walking? (That's what I do)

Waiting patiently for the rest. (Including a release from the top ")

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#12 Posted : Friday, January 10, 2014 1:19:23 PM(UTC)

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Yes, anyone who chooses to follow the higher uriantim will have to deal with. I uploaded the map signal up the dashed line uriantim.
The details I remember because either I run trail journal. I started writing journal after I sat drinking coffee at bastia after termination of GR and realized I don't remember days of trail.
In a few days I was already about to start the GR10 and shuttle to take me from Corsica to France went up with a book bag.

Oh, and I added yet another day.

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#13 Posted : Saturday, March 1, 2014 6:09:26 PM(UTC)

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Day 15

After a night in the cabin. Go back to the trail and begins to rise toward a natural saddle no Austria to Italy. An interesting sight. The Austrian side of the snowy mountains and the Italian side (sometimes called the sunny side of the Alps) see green pastoral Valley with beautiful Blue Lake. In my heart I knew it was the last time I watch in the mountains for.

The decline is steep and debilitating lily-livered Gringo sometimes need to use iron AIDS the mobergim cliff. When I stood at the foot of the cliff and looked back I thought without iron AIDS this way maybe was an offense.

I continued down-in a much more comfortable on the lead down and down, slowly pieces together from the Valley and the Lake underlying amazing blue. The path through the ground bare wall and large boulders were scattered. After a while I went to the line and went in coniferous forest thinning. Here's another bit of finish fall-I thought.

When we got to the Lake, I looked back and saw the saddle from which we descended, almost didn't believe it. I need to raise my head. Miriam repeated "we really crossed the Alps. It was my first time so I couldn't attend her true joy and seduces her. But suddenly I realized-really crossed the Alps.

It certainly was a short time, but a decline lasting painful sometimes made him to manage.

An overview on Austria


Start the long descent to Italy

See more from losing altitude and approaching the tree line. Accompanying us quiet river side.

Entering the trees and coniferous forest.

A closer look at Vernago Lake Lago di

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#14 Posted : Sunday, March 2, 2014 5:36:06 PM(UTC)

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Of course, reading and enjoying. Both of the pictures and descriptions.
The information is certainly a quality.

Thank you all!
#15 Posted : Sunday, March 2, 2014 10:15:08 PM(UTC)

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To Arthur,

Excellent reporting, great pictures.

Thank you!

#16 Posted : Monday, March 3, 2014 12:33:51 AM(UTC)

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#17 Posted : Saturday, April 26, 2014 1:52:01 PM(UTC)

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A great trip.
Could you please put a link where can I buy maps.

Another question: what do you think the difference between E5 and Via Alpina yellow route (I'm just talking about a section between Merano-Oberstdof)?
Thanks in advance.

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#18 Posted : Saturday, April 26, 2014 10:33:35 PM(UTC)

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Everything you need can be purchased. That's a good point to complete equipment and travel to obrsorf or Constanze manzlarly vanished without. Whatever you decide. The bus cost me 20 euro area.
As per your second question I understand that you have already done this kind of research. Indeed the island route 5 via Alpina yellow and is very similar. In fact you can see the difference yourself if you open via Alpina's page on the official website of yellow via Alpina and compare the map of the island for 5 years can be found on Google. I was happy to do it for you but I can't right now. If you mess with it let me know and I will help you as soon as I get back to Earth.
#19 Posted : Saturday, April 26, 2014 10:55:09 PM(UTC)

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Danke schon or merci beaucoup (it depends on which part of Switzerland you are currently).
In the meantime I'm doing, planning is Lark to early September.
I don't CONTROL FREAK, but I always prefer to be, namely a guide and maps must purchase before leaving for.

You have free time, I would be very happy if you list how and where purchased.
#20 Posted : Sunday, April 27, 2014 11:52:02 AM(UTC)

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I purchased the maps on the equipment shop globetroter has 7 floors. Professionally. You can purchase the set of strip maps with only the route of the trail or any map where passes.
Of course that may not be in stock.
The maps are published by compass sure can be requested from the site of the Publisher.
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