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Eli TheHiker  
#1 Posted : Friday, May 2, 2014 10:46:42 AM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,

My name is Eli and I use determine the excellent forum for several years and as part of my contribution tries to list as much as possible on routes in the world which I do periodically.

Comments/suggestions are welcome.

April 12-24.04.2014 did I, Sergei and Naama trip in Crete on the part of the Trek E4 and other trails. We began the walk at KNOSSOS at HERAKLION and uplinked track E4 about 12 km south of there in the Centre of the island. A total of 13 days that we passed about 235 km with 11.1 miles declines and rises 11.3 miles accumulate. Ishnano nights in tents, and various other structures in vacation rentals/houses/hotels. In total, we tried to stick as much as possible to the high route of E4, but in practice the three main sections divided and bounces them short because of weather constraints, limited time and check that forced us to change the original plan.

Description of the route in General:
A sketch of the main route:

The central route is going through the island of Crete, ZAKROS VILLAS East town and ended at KASTELLI KISSAMOS town when Western c. 500 km and is part of a relatively new (as of 2005) from E4 long European FS deployed on approximately 10450 km going to date from Spain up to Greece (theE4 path).
Here is an outline of the main track in Crete into sections

From different sources of information which we used:
1) through full story (455 km) of all for E4 in Crete for a single traveler with tent
2) General information site about Crete
3) General information about Crete in Hebrew
4) General information and maps
5) detailed information about walking along the E4 in Crete
6) Directory of CICERONE 1
7) Directory of CICERONE 2
8) General information about Crete
9) hiking/general recommendations for exploring Crete
10) legal camping in Crete
11) places a global trip in Crete-Hebrew
12) General guide with explanations on tours and on Crete-in Hebrew but requires free registration

Paper maps, GPS and highlights:
* Didn't find a topographic map that contains all the route E4 on the island (in decent resolution) and thus took 4 different maps of the problem in the regional mountains.
* In the early days was very bad and only tourist places or in high mountains the better and approaching the European level basis and therefore recommended paper maps.
* The track is marked with signs on E4 but it is important not to confuse with other routes which pass through the area and marked with red circles, Orange and yellow diamonds that sometimes overlap to E4 and sometimes spread to other directions.
* It was clear that markup is in Crete and therefore used in GPS field with various maps.

Paper maps:
Paper topographic maps of Crete of ANAVASI
Maps where used:
1-1:49)-2010 (Mt Idha (Psiloritis-check out 2013
2) 8:1: 25.000.-Frangokastelo Plakias-check out 2013
11/2-3) 1:25.000 Lefka Ori-Sfakia-/Pahnes-check out 2013
4): 1:25.000-Sougia-Samaria-check out 2013
* There are two other useful maps for those who make each track: (eastern part)
5) 11.16-1:25000-Zakros-Vai-finds 2007
6) 11.15 Mt Dikti-supposed to go soon.

Online maps:
1) topographic map of the world in General and Crete in particular
2) topographic map of Crete with information
3) scanned paper maps
4) General site map and information on Crete

Maps for GPS devices:
1 ANAVASI website )
2) topographic maps of Greece for GARMIN (including E4)
3) topographic maps of Greece for TWONAV (E4)

Weather and terrain conditions:
Most days had sunny weather, one day it rained all day and some days it rained a few easy-medium. Temperatures were generally about 15-20 degrees in the afternoon in the mountains and about 5-10 degrees in the mornings, evenings and on average was about 5-10 degrees.
One chilly night around ה0 degrees and were often exposed and high winds.
1) mountain weather forecast site
2) daylight Crete April average: 13 hours- table
* Please note that in all 100 meters off the rising temperature in half.
* Please note that mountain air welcome in General is very unstable and should find new every morning forecast.
* According to the number of mountains of Crete and from other sources, because it is an island in the ocean that is exposed to strong winds, the weather can change really fast and should take this into account and be prepared for rain/snow scenario within a short time especially during the interval.

1) flight – getting to HERAKLION in regular flight via Athens of AEGEAN AIRLINES -321.
* Order for two and a half months before because of Passover. As time gets closer flight price rises especially for the holidays.
2) bus-airport EUR 1.1 (if you buy at 1.5 or if buying a bus).
3) bus from the city to KNOSSOS 2.5 euros.
4) taxi from ZAROS to KAMERES (approximately 10 km drive taking twenty minutes) 25 euros per taxi
5) bus from city KOXARES-SPILI 1.5 euros.
6) taxi to CHORA SFAKION KOHARES town (approximately 50 km drive taking about an hour drive)-60 euros per taxi.
7) ship from SOUGIA to POLIOCHORA (approximately 45-minute speedboat ride) 8.
8) bus from CHANIA POLEOCHORA to 7.5 euros. An hour and a half drive.
9) CHANIA city bus to HERAKLION – about 14 euros. A trip of about three hours.
10) luggage storage at a bus stop 2 euro Groove.
Camping cabins/11)/rpiogis in charge were all closed in April.
12) hotels, apartments, b & BS:
Small towns between 40-50 euros per room 3-4 people, some with and some without breakfast.
In large tourist towns, among 40-50 euros for 2 persons room some with and some without breakfast.
* Please note that this is in April so that at the very beginning of tourism and therefore relatively low rates. In addition it is a cheap medium.
13) food:
Average restaurant meal – around 10-15 euros per person. Restaurants in tourist towns like CHANIA prices twice.
Buying in shops-similar to average prices. Dairy/meat/alcohol cheaper vegetables/fruits/juices are more expensive, the rest in a big way the same thing.
14.) park entry-smaria 5 euros.

* Check out levff because if you have a certificate (and post) then you should get it because her island. Me free Inbox smaria Archaeological Museum and at half price to KNOSSOS.

We were in April after winter, with average temperatures medium around 20 degrees and often used in filters, boiling for water filling. There was no need to carry more than 2 liters per person assuming that rely on water purification.
There is a serious problem where water and warm seasons should carry much more and plan your walk in more careful not to get stuck without water. Most populated places wasn't a problem but most high ridges were not running water even in April.
There were a large number of reservoirs, some of which looked cleaner than others and some medium of water sources (SOURCE).
Unlike towns in Europe, there were no fountains with drinking water.

Store opening hours:
Most of the small-medium sized towns in the super markets are open from 8:00-13:00 and 20:00 when in towns/cities are added as past or who work without a break.
In most towns there are also bakeries opening around 7 am.

Difficulty level:
The route runs mostly on the ground not that doesn't require technical skill although there are several boulders fields and narrow passageways, and higher are not suitable for those with fear of heights. When there is rain, snow, take
Into account that everything becomes smooth and dangerous plan to walk accordingly. In recent years, more snow than usual or earlier periods there is a lot of snow in high mountains above 2000 m and for it is recommended to use crampons and have basic skills in walking on snow.
That's why every day nearly 1 km/ups downs and 15-20 km basic fitness required and the weight you intend to marry. Note that every time school/different sites to measure soft bag European, excellent gym and recess.

Special notes:
* To E4 and track has many different variations are deployed throughout the island and therefore better plan your walk.
* Most places accept euros and most small towns there are no banks, using credit cards, so be sure to keep enough cash.
* Accommodation in tents in Crete officially allowed only in camping is allowed, but as all the sites and as experienced, not if it's a problem for anyone provided you move away from a private/public areas.
* Snow brings sunshine also below from all angles and therefore full coverage out there, nothing would have put sunscreen against the Sun when going over 5 minutes on the snow.
* One of the main problems in walking on snow thawing that euphoria created beneath it because heat and water flow stones and Earth and you can see them. Even if people have moved there before us was another compromise and break and enter. It is important to note that each step, especially around rocks, streams and convey the full weight without minimal inspection.
* It is highly recommended to take GATERS. In the forests and fields of wet greenery in the morning (and rain day) and GATERS can protect your shoes, pants and socks from getting wet. Ditto that protects against snow infiltration when deep snow up to his knees.
* Big snow krachi mornings, by noon it becomes hard and wet, smooth and quick afternoon when Sun and icy and hard.
* As we learned, the people of Crete are very warm and hospitable and almost everywhere we encountered excellent even after we told about being Israeli.
* Was kind of hard to find Ballons flare used even at HERAKLION. Eventually we found the balloons flare of 230 g and 500 g of balloon. Most balloons sold punch and COLEMAN were particularly ACE style stores in major cities.
In some small towns disappear balon flare but as we went further West this large cutting balloon back in Super markets.
* The only places where they had not been recorded at altitudes above 1500 m in PSILORITIS (IDA mountain) ridges and the white mountain range.
* Surprisingly, most restaurants and hotels even in small towns had access to free WIFI.
* On the main INTERCITY public transport were multiple schedules and lines but times turned out to be inaccurate and not updated tables and bus drivers, ticket stalls were different schedules. We may just transition.

Dividing by:

I ordered and Naama pretty card and so we came together after a night flight through Athens and Heraklion there morning flight at 10:55 am when Sergei ticket available last minute came the day before nightfall. I and me we were supposed to finish your vacation at 26.4 and Sergei and Naama in 22.4, and so practicing the planned route. Full design was to go about 250 km on E4 in the higher uriantim depending on the weather and snow amounts in winter and spend the last two days when towns alone.
While in the evening 7.1, Sergei bought gas canisters and found out about buying maps and it turns out you can buy topographic maps are updated in Heraklion in one shop named ROAD in the town centre near the four Lions square.

The participants: I, Sergei, and Naama

Step 1 as we did.
Giouchta – Oros KNOSSOS – 9 km
750 meters and 50 meters ups downs, 4 hours and the highest point 802 meters. Accommodation in tents in Mt. approximately 100 meters Giouchta Oros from the Church on the road access.
Water first at KNOSSOS, in a small village on the SUAMOS road, at the end of the walk near the cistern.
GREAT food-in only.
There was no indication any check until the mountain and mount itself was a local check that leads to the Summit.

We met around 11 a.m. on departure from the airport and caught a bus to the city centre to obtain map and hit the road. We found the shop ROAD and went away with 4 maps. Shops in the neighborhood of cetiideno in food and caught the bus number 1 in adjacent streets toward KNOSSOS is one of the major archaeological sites of interest in the area. Personally don't particularly impressed and after the tour, we water and we were off. The hike initially was on upper trails/rough asphalt between many orchards and green everywhere.
In one of the orchards met young farmer who invited us to his pluck and eat some and showed us how picking and Peel an artichoke. After a while we started to ascend mount Oros Giouchta to 800 high (approximately 500 meters above the Plains around him) and creates amazing observations on all sides. When we approached high point Church doll, found a water cistern and a comfortable place in relation to the construction of tents and decided to stay. The beer bucket and therefore had no need for creative handus tying a bottle to fall and water. There were few visitors instead of arriving vehicles and mainly came to drink beer and enjoy.

Pictures of the day:

Day 1 photos in Picasa
The day 1 in gipiasis
The day 1 in abriterle

Step 2 as we did.
26km Giouchta – Oros-50 km after VILA DASKALOGIANNI
800 m and 1100 m downs, 12 hours and the highest point 772 m. Accommodation in tents about 30 km after VILA DASKALOGIANNI grape plantation.
Water first at the Church, cistern of water descending from the mountain (25.133540, 35.209079) in the town of KIPARRISOS town, TRADITIONALLY ALIAS, VENETARON town, town in VILA DASKALOGIANNI KERASSIA, close to accommodation.
Towns-listed above.
There was no indication any check on the first 12 km until the connection to the town TRADITIONALLY ALIAS, then Simon was unclear, missing and lost it many times until finally it was decided to follow the GPS and the ready-made route.

Got up early this morning with incredible Sunrise and after a fast network began to descend down the mountain ash, asphalt road. One bill that references 4 on 4 in the right direction and decided to try it. The road eventually led to an impasse and insurmountable Cliff but it gave us to watchGiant Eagle sitting on a rock and enjoy the view and the fresh air.
Later we source water decrease rest stop. At some point we track E4 and tried to follow him but he quickly disappeared in the crossing of a river. After we found trails improvisation reservoir is available for bathing and for 13 at noon we reached the town of ELIAS ohtzteidno which TRADITIONALLY vegetables, fresh fruit and sat down at a local caf?. Quickly became the talk of the day at the locals and after they discovered that we call Israel, the issues are different for football and drinking. After a while, we continued on our way and one of the crossings of small farmers and 2 adults invited to Greek coffee and joined in. For some reason they thought we were English and said that the local guy went to England where he met his future wife named Maria (foreign immigrant) and later married, returned to live in Crete and work. Mr. coffee was a bit but very typical for coffee in Crete as we discovered during our trip. We received instructions on how to walk and, of course, that the GPS showed otherwise and eventually went something halfway to the next town. KIPARISSOS then crossed rapidly arrived to VENERATON looking for a place to sleep and then when this proved no hotels in this town and in nearby KERASSIA and found several stores, ohtzteidno food and continued towards VILA DASKALOGIANNI it the only place in the area that rents rooms. When we got there, we discovered that the hotel under renovation and cannot be booked rooms there so we moved about half water miles on until we found a comfortable place to sleep and grape groves there.

Pictures of the day:

Picasa 2 day pictures
The day gipiasis 2.
The day abriterle 2.

Step 3 as we did.
1350 m and 550 m decreases, 11 hours and 1712 meters the highest point. In an abandoned building that appears on the map as AG IOANNIS.
ANO ASITES-town, iera moni gorgoleni convent near PRINOS, REFURE to point b AG IOANNIS (after the buildings off the water trough have require purification)
ANO ASITES-food in town.
-In the first day was a medium that check to lose once in a while but most big foot was on 4 trails on 4 or upper airway so that was easy to follow. When was space reduction towards the PRINOS rafiog so check locally appeared red on stones every 10 meters. Then there was space walk pages with control but not far from E4. רוג'ומים also started to appear.

At night it started to rain and we in our flesh out what we already knew and tatzlano to implement and that Eve didn't lanyard soft-landing agricultural tents when we fear. Of course everything became muddy morning and made the Organization a lot more cumbersome. The rain continued to accompany us intermittently during the day but stopped for lunch. When we got to town, saw us ASITES ANI a local guy with raincoats and bags and invited us to his home Winery to drink some wine and brought us home a bottle on the way. Thanked him and after a short while ohtzteidno food and water in nearby camps and continued on our way. Is that a lot of ups and we keep it as interesting next. We arrived for breakfast GORGOLENI monastery where we sat eating and drinking tea under a tree in the area. We saw a group of tourist guides who know the place for the next tour and met a young monk who brought us candy and offered to open a museum there. Of course I agreed and made a short but interesting tour. The Museum had a lot of various memorabilia, tools, coins and weapons from Crete. Met an older monk was either two years in Jerusalem but he talk and engagements. After the long break, continued to rise when fog accompanied us all the way and an intermittent drizzle continues in the background. We reached the PRINOS rafiog belonging to the Alpine Association of Greece and it was closed completely. After a short rest and lunch, we continued to climb and then of course in the most unexpected and problematic, rain becomes very cold and all covered in fog. Highlights of E4, but occasionally appeared in was hard to see them and therefore rely on GPS and kill that were scattered in the area. Luckily, the rains don't ease up two or three and the sealing of the GATERS shoes + didn't everyone and two of the four jackets buckled under the rain between moderate to strong. We kept walking until the first protected place we found LESS THAN 3 name AG-4 km before the scheduled stop. Large and complex set of protected animals and several stone buildings and a central concrete and found refuge. See clearly that the construction was stopped several years ago and neglected and were missing a number of Windows and doors in place, but there was a fireplace and plenty of space. Of course, lit a fire to dry his clothes and warm and we kept the doors/Windows in original ways. This is the first and only trip (luckily) I was using a 30 meter's emergency brought for stretching and hanging him out to dry clothes. After a good dinner and hot drinks we went to sleep in sleeping bags and all the issues of the day are forgotten.

Pictures of the day:

Today in photos in Picasa
3 day recording in gipiasis
3 day recording in abriterle

Step 4 as we did.
50 m fifty meters highs and lows, 6 hours walking and 1354 meters the highest point. B & b accommodation in ZAROS village
Water-trough after somewhere to stay, ROUVAS, ROUVAS Gorge points at Lake VOTOMOS, ZAROS village.
Food in ZAROS village.
Check-check was pretty clear, especially when we reached an area of ROUVAS Gorge. VOTOMOS Lake the E4 trail continues westward, but we went for ZAROS town side.

After a rainy day and a long night with the fire, most of the clothes were able to dry out, but the shoes insisted to stay moist. The morning and went through when the weather improved amazingly and became servants. Not a long walk, we reached the original destination at ROUVAS Park emerged as a great place to picnic and rest in the wild near a running stream. It was also appropriate to each cabin travelling on cribs and basic products for cooking and bathing. We instead of breakfast while the clothes and shoes dry completely. Then we continued on our way to ROUVAS Gorge which stream at the top only and then disappeared. Because of the uncertain forecast, the forecast for rain this afternoon and the danger could be in deep narrow gorge, so rushed to move forward and the afternoon we reached Lake VOTOMOS. In the ravine were pretty much day travelers mostly at the bottom.
After a short rest we continued toward Lake Village ZAROS and there remained until the morning. We had lunch in the local restaurant and the first time a local osaka surprised. We did a walk around town and an ancient Church baby we got a tour and explanation of interest quoted a man who works restoring paintings and antiques and turns out he also restores antiques at Chania synagogue burning in 2010 which we visited on the last day of the trip. When we went back to bed and breakfast, hotel, nice landlady named Catherine insisted on bringing us coffee with biscuits. After the production of food, showers and rest at around 9:00, we went to dinner in town and already closed all restaurants except for one restaurant set on enter VEGAN. Their vegan concepts differ from ours, and certainly went to a home where there is no menu restaurant serving home-cooked meal you cooked that day and in that case it was pea soup, tsiziki, little pastries and chicken with potato Although we had a surprise dinner and left happy and satisfied to the hotel/bed and breakfast.

Pictures of the day:

The four-day photos in Picasa
The four-day recording in gipiasis
The four-day recording in abriterle

Step 5 as we did.
1400 m and 500 m ups downs: 30 hours, and the highest point 1882 m.
Accommodation near REFUGE PRINOS TOUBOTOS belongs. Alpine society of Greece and was closed.
Water-ZAROS village, in the town of KAMARES, M3 water sources at 2 km of the great and the map, another source about 3 km that appears in that blank, reservoir that requires filtering behind the REFUGE where PRINOS.
Food-ZAROS village, KAMARES.
-The first half of the day was on the ground and in the check and there was quite clear and easy to follow, then cut off the trail and went 4 for 4 and until the REFUGE without markup.

After sleep and rapid network down to the lobby with a surprise waiting in the form of breakfast by Katrina. About 10 types of homemade pastries with cheese and sweet tea/coffee and juices that covered the table. We tried to eat everything so as not to offend his landlady who took this project with me to feed us. Of course not finished and it is collected and given to us in the bag for the rest of the day. We talked at the same time with a bunch of day travelers from different countries with travelers at various points on the island and decided to catch a taxi to the nearby town and save approximately 15-10 km road walk. After a relatively short trip but very curvy 20-30 minutes we arrived at the village KAMARES and began to raise up. Start check close to town and old signage on the wall of a building pointed to KAMARES CAVES. The steepest and longest but not technically and had three water sources are located on the road and another one upstairs so that should carry plenty of water. Slowly the stunning begin to unfold and were top Belgian and childbirth. The afternoon got into heavy fog and after testing discovered rain again forecast for tonight and tomorrow and so decided to change the original plan not to raise to the top of Mt IDA or nearby so as not to be stuck there at the end. According to the map we cut one 4 on 4 trails there to the West and after walking for several hours, cut away directly to REFUGE PRINOS (approx. 1.5 km walk). Although the REFUGE was closed but it was possible to sleep under it without getting wet from rain and I used the opportunity (not at all) while Fresno near tents. We also jump to nearby buildings to see if there is room more comfortable, but they discovered a huge water reserves and was necessary because behind the rafiog was a small reservoir. The view from this place was awesome and at some point was discovered also the peak of the White Mountains . Night actually started to rain and continued the next day.

Pictures of the day:

5th day photos Picasa
The 5th day gipiasis
The 5th day abriterle
Video-the fog

Step 6 as we did
600 meters and 1450 m decreases, 11 hours and the highest point feet 1507
-Accommodation in GERAKARI-town b & b
Water at the end of the stream and connecting to 4 on 4, FOURFORAS town, LAMPIOTES town, OBSIGIAS town, CENTRAL, town, town in GERAKARI AMARI
Food-most towns listed above. In addition to the grocery truck too-small towns play-music that sold ice cream, fruit fresh vegetables and other things.
-Check the descent from the mountain area was highlighted most clearly and Simon towns trails again disappeared but was easy to follow the map.

The rain calmed down and can settle comfortably and so we continued on our way towards the steep descent into the Valley. Several observations were amazing on the road but rain threatens to return and did so rushed to move towards towns. Strong wind and clouds and it entered the game created some interesting sights and fields of dark/light/rain/sun. One essays the road discovered a E4 who described the feeling of marking and quality. We continued on our way and when we crossed the FOURFERAS town, we stopped at the local bakery and restaurant for lunch. Then we got instructions on how to cut through a local path directly to the next town instead of a walk, and we did. MANASTIRAKI been looking for a coffee shop in town because of the rain and found a small caf? that holds an elderly lady only spoke English at all but got along easily and warm, with coffee and olives. The road passed through the town of AMARI which was an observation tower above the old high Church is worth a visit. The rest of the day was pretty routine and went between asphalt paths for me 4 4 until we got to the town of GERAKARI which planned to sleep. In town we found bed and breakfast and dinner, and even though we got a bad meal in mm the first and the only one on the island, don't let anything ruin your mood and continued drinking beer and eating sweets in rooms by tonight.

Pictures of the day:

Day 6 photos in Picasa
The 6th day in gipiasis
The 6th day in abriterle
Video observation the tall tower town AMARI

Step 7 as we did.
500 m ups and downs mile, nine hours and 1010 meters the highest point.
-Accommodation in apartment in town HORA SFAKION
GERAKARI-town, KENTRIHORI town, in the town of SPILI.
GERAKARI-towns and SPILI. -Grocery truck shelf area.
-Check the minimum and check was confused than helped and so at some point we stopped. For the descent from KENTRIHORI us North to parallel paths to the main road.

In the morning, after coffee and fast network went through and continued on Apr/asphalt roads further from narrow Ridge with stunning views to the Valley and the sea. At some point we lost mark and started to descend directly into the Creek. After a long and debilitating drop tiishrano and KENTROHORI town. During rest and water, suddenly a busy shop-truck. especially fruits/vegetables. At it while we sat and ate strawberries and apples, a retired British couple met wanted what we did there. They tell us a little about the region in particular and Crete in General and among other things they have a summer house in the town and come here occasionally uneasy because it originates in Crete and familiarity with the place. For some reason, the E4 trail down to the main road and went over and so we decided to go for a parallel universe going on one of the ridges to the town of SPILI. The weather improved wonders despite the forecast isn't reassuring when we got into town we sat down to eat SPILI, in one of the restaurants instead. Because of rain delays over the last few days, the missing of Mt. IDA and time constraints of Naamah and Sergei who needed to return a few days ahead at 22.4, a strategic decision to move 30 miles west on public transport to do another ravine on the way and we can visit the White Mountains. While making the coffee suddenly opened sockets and it started to rain and hail very serious for half an hour, and we all agreed without second thought how the decision to move the transport was correct. We caught the bus to KOHARES direction from where we were to catch the bus to HORA SFAKION beach town but apparently will proceed only for bus next morning and after visiting the corner grocer and the interest we have decided to call a cab (reasonable cost must be converted to 4 persons 60 euros) and advance. During the rain calmed down but when we he went on even though we were looking for a place to put tents outside eventually, after an unpleasant incident with a Rottweiler is released, we found a comfortable place in town. Ohtzteidno local groceries and writer even left us a wonderful meal . The town has a nice promenade and plenty of fish of all types.

Pictures of the day:

7th day photos in Picasa
The seventh day in gipiasis
The seventh day in abriterle
Video-rain and hail that fell during a half hour without intermission.

Step 8 as we did.
HORA SFAKION-SKAFIDAKIA-15km reservoir appears on the map.
1300 meters and 200 meters, 9 hours declines, and the highest point 1404 m.
Accommodation near SKAFIDAKIA reservoir on a map or 2 shelters.
HORA SFAKION-town, in a ravine in SFAKION f: (24.143602, 35.246989), which requires purification in KALI LAKKOI, at emanations.
-Check from a local check out don't appear on the map but disappeared after a small stream and returned a good check (blue square) SFAKION Gorge. Then wasn't even until the check bytes of LAKKOI KALI. The map showed Simon away and tried to find him, but he only discovered after a 30-minute walk in the right direction by GPS.

In the morning, checking the weather forecast, and we came to know that he's improving significantly went through. The town is located approximately 1.5 km west of the Gorge and SFAKION so we started walking in the morning on a local path that appears in the field but not on the map and quickly reached a ravine. This is a deep gorge with river disappoint at this time of year can be dangerous in rainy days. We at fine gully and dozens of sheep/goats surprised fled away. Apparently they didn't see a lot of people at this time of year instead, because the escape rate was impressive and even caused a small landslide of rocks rolling down. One of the twists of the Creek we found with a pipe and it was time for spring feeding to coffee break and rest.
The road became narrower and the Canyon began in boulders and bypass surgery. At the confluence of 3 rivers found an ancient Church called AGHIOS PAVLOS and continued up the river. When we went out and we turned west towards Bill 4 4 first, one of the peaks of the white mountain range and then we all have to watch the next day. After the old abandoned village and under the map on didn't exist, we reached a small oasis in the forest in terms of camping. It was an area with a water source available, green grass and not a fence that protects against live wood, who slept without a tent or even a shelter with a mattress. Despite the desire to move more hours left, we decided to stay put and relax for the next day. In retrospect, it was an important and correct decision.

Pictures of the day:

8th day photos in Picasa
The 8th day at gipiasis
The 8th day at abriterle

Step 9 as we did.
1150 m and 500 m ups downs, 11 hours and the highest point 2190 meters.
Accommodation near the REFUGE KASTIVELI, tents and travellers was open when the REFUGE was closed.
Water – a spring feeding reservoir, near the frozen ROUVAS purification, water trough which required purging by the accommodations.
-Check the accommodation place to connect with E4, there was no getting relatively good to check the area which was covered in snow and the marking disappears again.

The morning after a good night's sleep and birds chirping, organized and began the long road to the top. At first we walked on four for four and then integrated with the way mark on mules and slowly began to unfold before the White Mountains. Morning fog but still chased us as us higher so the fog dissipated and today has become a pleasant and sunny. For the height of 1800 started appearing and shlgity gently hinted about what's going to be. The entire area was completely abandoned and only local shepherds schools that there in the summer people and herds of goats/sheep. When we reached a height of 2000, snow became much more significant and block various transitions and 2200 when we approached the cabin there was ROUVAS. We arrived at the cabin water reservoir and it froze. Using stones and a bucket, we were able to pull away the water to boil. Even the House didn't last and almost entirely filled with ice so that it was possible to open the front door. We had more time to move to the top, but adirot the amounts left room for doubt as to the road and chose the lower option not through the top to reach the destination. There, too, the transition was not easy at all and one of the most dangerous and difficult passages had a significant East bypass as recommended in the book. The road took us twice as long than usual but succeeded trail will eventually bypass the dangerous places and move on. When we got to the compound below KASTELI REFUGE (which was closed) we saw a single hiker coming towards us. In the meantime check the enclosure and we found a great place for tents and small open cabin with 8 places to me. The English guy came and then we realized that he left his wife and went hiking in the mountains for a two-day trip and that he comes back tomorrow and out of us is not a soul in sight throughout the region. After dinner, conversation, and the rest went to sleep.

Pictures of the day:

9th day photos in Picasa
The 9th day in gipiasis
The 9th day in abriterle
Video-walk towards the White Mountains

Step 10 as we did.
550 m and 1400 m ups downs, 10 hours and the highest point 2085 meters.
-Accommodation in a hotel in the town of OMALOS FEATURES
Water-trough at the accommodation requires purification, water purification require argie 5 km, rising to OMALOS FEATURES town has a large water reservoir that requires in OMALOS FEATURES purification.
-Check the accommodation up to the point of splitting before the town was taken there, check the local trail was well marked and led to OMALOS FEATURES.

We started the day early because Sergei and Naama had to catch a bus to Chania at the end of the day and knew exactly when and if he goes. The snow was waning and the route became more and more comfortable. Tapestry of flowers have been discovered in the area and one frozen reservoir where we made breakfast and tea. Along the way we also saw a large number of mountain goats and we got to go to one of the ridges, snow returned unexpectedly and accompany us until the descent from there. The area was a stunning view across the Gorge of the famous samria and hoped he'd opened officially, although he usually opens on 1 may, but the English guy we met at the hotel told us that checked and this year opened at 21.4. During the descent began to see other travellers from different countries who were walking toward the White Mountains and realized that indeed hiking season opened. At the end of the day, and a relatively difficult descent reached the outskirts of the town of OMALOS FEATURES. We see through water and Naama, Sergei and me never gave up the opportunity and went into cold water before coming to town. In the end it turned out that this tourist town of OMALOS FEATURES no net doll houses, hotels and restaurants waiting for guests. After a short inquiry said that the buses usually begins just a week after the Gorge opened to smaria Lil choice Sergei and Naama compare taking a taxi. While we sat down to eat a decent dose of 2 pounds lamb roast, beer, wine and raki and to celebrate the end of their trip, we discovered that one of the restaurant agreed to drive them to Chania for 25 euros when a taxi wanted 60 euros. We celebrate without pressure and eventually broke up for peace when we go to work and find out about tomorrow and they drive to Chania and Heraklion to the next flight back home. On the way to the hotel we discovered that farm of dairy goats in place and got some cheese. Unfortunately we discovered that the Gorge was not opened at 21.4 samria because water level and it should open up for sure on 23.4. We decided it was worth it and plan the next day trip round trip in the area using topographic map so we still visit and smaria.

Pictures of the day:

Day 10 photos in Picasa
The 10 day in gipiasis
The 10 day in abriterle
Video views of the White Mountains and the Gorge smaria

Step 11 as we did.
1150 1150 meters and meter drops 10:30 hours and the highest point 1816 meters.
-Accommodation in a hotel in the town of OMALOS FEATURES
OMALOS FEATURES town-at the entrance to a ravine in spring LINOSELI smaria indicated on the map, a small spring in f: (23.897009, 35.290618), several reservoirs that require further purification and before the road back to OMALOS FEATURES.
Mark-up to the hotel entrance to a ravine on the road away smaria marking well to moderate until the back exit.

We had breakfast in the hotel, ohtzteidno day trip picnic food at the hotel itself (because there are no shops in the area, all hotels also sell food to travellers), left most of the equipment at the hotel and went with veterans day hiking in nearby mountains to smaria the area and pass the day. At first we walked about 5 miles on the road to smaria to determine with certainty the Gorge opens tomorrow and let us know it. Away went the route towards GIGILOS Ridge overlooking smaria Gorge. The track was a lot of tourists (mainly English and German Spanish) that came with car and climbed to the peak of GIGILOS. Not hurried and therefore stopped the LINOSELI spring feeding named to prepare tea. After a while we continued climbing to the ridge and began to climb towards the opposite from ACHLADA GIGILOS towards gully. While the type discovered nesting area large Eagles and amazing and sat to vultures and the nature around. Looks like vultures were quite surprised to see us there and watch us on all sides. Then continued on and came across a steep and difficult d not well maintained but moving and fortunately there was no large files so much easier to get through the barrier. We continued our way through a beautiful gorge until the end and then ACHLADA us North to closure and we went through an interesting and short hair. Away was walking on asphalt road up to the main road. After Church and PLATEAU OMALOS FEATURES space area caught a ride with a local truck farmers in the last 3 km to the hotel. Before returning we ohtzteidno goat farm fresh milk, cheese and ricotta cheese for white. We had a great dinner at the hotel and went to the room to rest and get ready for tomorrow.

Pictures of the day:

Day 11 photos in Picasa
The 11 day in gipiasis
The 11 day in abriterle
Video-observing local Eagles
Video-a ride in the van and sheep along the way.

Step 12 as we did.
600 m and 1800 m decreases, 11 hours and the highest point 1232 meters.
DAMATA beach accommodations.
Water-dispersed smaria Gorge 8 water sources over 13 km, AGIA ROUMELI town
The town of ROUMELI.
The check of smaria Gorge is pretty straightforward and is selected. Starting from ROUMELI has relatively good check of E4.

After breakfast at the same hotel and purchase food, we see the good attitude of the locals. The owner offered us a free ride from the hotel to the entrance of the Gorge smaria without asking. Agreed happily to not go back the 5 km on asphalt as yesterday and after a quick network drove with her husband in private small vehicles. Although it was the first day of the opening of the Canyon in the morning already arrived a few of tourists to the village of OMALOS FEATURES and early walking saw large groups begin the serious decline in parallel with us. According to what is said in the book, there are approximately samria Gorge 3000 visitors per day and therefore better to arrive early. Surprisingly, after the login and payment of 5 euro, we didn't get any safety instructions/Greece/map/schedule and such as is common in the country and probably not really necessary because the tourists were pretty. In the Park are water stations and eight with Rangers. The first serious and continuous reduction of loss as relatively easy 700 meter walking because the organized and the many twists. After the significant reporting area and walk pretty flat in decline for the rest of the Park when shaded areas have mostly nice everywhere. There was water at the beginning and then disappeared and then reappeared for the 3 km in a narrow place in the track. The ravine revealed a deep and beautiful and definitely justifies the interest in him by the tourists. After we left ancic was administrative to walk a mile ROUMELI town which can only ship. Internal road town was coming also to the exit of the Gorge and several cars kicking which seems to range from the town of larger towns. We were told that the ferry will be just great day heading east to HORA SFAKION and saw even remotely later in the day. The West ships much smaller and because of the winds and the waves, the ferries were cancelled all week and it is unclear if it will be tomorrow. Offered us to take 100 euros to TAXIBOAT for 5 people, but planned to go the next section on foot anyway, and so we ate in the restaurant ohtzteidno eat and continued on our way. The intention was to go about 5 km to the beach and DOMATA specified in sleep there but that little thing turned out to be difficult because of the terrain. Only a small section about 600 yards out DNA increases/decreases in space is maintained and dangerous, but the sights of natural beaches, forests and ravines were worth it. Eventually we reached the beach, preferably 30 minutes towards the darkness. A great book by the way that the full segment from ROUMELI to SOUGIA which is approximately 18 km takes about 10:30 hours without breaks and therefore we were when we did the first 5 km today to not be anxious the next day.

Pictures of the day:

12th day photos Picasa
The gipiasis 12th day
The abriterle 12th day

Step 13 as we have done
SOUGIA BEACH – 15km – DOMATA and then sailing to PALEOCHORA
700 m ups and downs mile, 10:30 hours and the highest point 292 meters.
-Accommodation in the town of PALEOCHORA
SEDONI-Beach (water from water tank), small VOUKILASI indicated on the map.
-Check along the sea was relatively good check to the town of SOUGIA.

We got up in the morning after a good sleep in sleeping bags on soft sand in front of the stars, and after a short lunch we continued on our way. Soon we arrived at SEDONI Beach specified in map and found a great place to stop tea, sea water and water tanks in black by the (seemingly abandoned, but were active probably until summer). After relatively orderly Beach discovered wild section of the beach with lots of rocks, cliffs and small islands in a sea that was probably scared to approach boats. Was listed in the book that in case of emergency you can call to CAPTAIN JACK and he comes with the ship and one of the pages in place was another number to TAXIBOAT. Instead we met travel English do day walks in the opposite direction and wanted to catch a ferry back that day. After that particular beach ended with a passage through a cave, discovered a single byte and maintained with the truck. It seemed kind of odd because there are no roads in the area and the only one in sight was a bill that resembles 4 4 comes to pastures above the beach. He later was her last trip to a height of 300 meters and with an ancient castle Ridge and devastated. After the first descent on the other side and after about 10 minutes in a shady little spring called VOUKILASI that is marked on the map and made a good stop. After a while we continued to make progress towards SOUGIA and began to see more and more day visitors roamed the forests and observations and were shocked that we did the hard part with large files. We continued on our way and we arrived in town we are in SOUGIA which today ship to PALEOCHORA and sat down to eat at the restaurant, relaxed drinking beer and waiting to ferry was supposed to be at 6 pm and eventually was delayed slightly because of the strong winds arrived around 6:40 pm. When we saw a small ship , the US why and waves can disturb her. We saw several people completely wet while descending from the ship but have not wanted to miss the experience and therefore leave the bags in the cabin and went to the front bow together with two Swiss girls (one of them was discovered in Israel at Kibbutz young 40 years ago) when all the rest hid in the cabin or in the back. It was definitely an interesting experience to see a small ship and drops on waves of several meters that crashing on the sides (unfortunately I was not able to record too much for fear of destroying the camera). After about 45 minutes we arrived to PALEOCHORA and discovered that this tourist town by the multiple proposals for hotel, restaurant and attractions. After a short walk from the tourist and port, we found the hotel and after leaving things where we could do a short round town before returning to the hotel.

Pictures of the day:

13th day photos in Picasa
The 13th day in gipiasis
The 13th day in abriterle
Video-wild beach walk
Video-boat trips between towns

14 day as we did.
We got up early in the morning, targnano and went to the bus stop to catch the first bus to Chania. Although the bus arrived about 20 minutes late, but surprisingly their method is quite different from ours. The Organizer, who sold the tickets at export and set the bags in the trunk along with the driver. Everyone went into the bus and settled (for seat numbers like a trip to Eilat but nobody addressed it) then got another girl all her role was to check the tickets during the ride and sell tickets to people who are intermediate stations (mention sociaolism:)?) The ride lasted about an hour and a half and so far tested on EXPEDIA price range hotels in Chania. After that came and went from the bus we found name Archontiki hotel which is located between the old town to the bus station and we sat there after lunch and short round the city. Later we took a local map Tourism Office was located behind the hotel and explore the city. In the beginning we encountered in AGORA this large structure plus geometry that is used as a market. Then we went to old town Antique Doll synagogue (and only one in Crete) according to the explanation of English Jewish volunteer instead of holidays, burning in 2010 and has been restored by volunteers local Kern survived the second world war and returned to live in the city decades ago and took the temple under his wing as a personal project. Then we went to the old port, a lighthouse and small streets and with shops, restaurants and many tourists especially from Europe because of the differences in prices.
In the evening (it was Friday) we split up and I jumped into a full-fledged synagogue and then surprised the amount of people who came there. According to the English guy told us, a synagogue in the Eastern style but only by available non-Jews to participate especially in Jewish holidays and his statistics of people who come at least 20-30%. Later we met at the hotel and went to the Central promenade of restaurants in the area and continued to celebrate the end of the trip and the me's birthday fell on the same day until the wee hours.

Pictures of the day:

14th day photos in Picasa

15 as we did.
In the morning we were able to set up relatively early and catch a bus at 8:30 after breakfast at the hotel. We go towards Heraklion in approximately 3 hours drive and surprisingly there was a break in the Middle, as is common in the country. We reached Heraklion and the bus left the bags in the luggage and went to the local tourist center, which included several major streets and they concentrate all the shops and restaurants. After a while we went to the famous Archaeology Museum instead emerged as particularly interesting despite its small size. Went away after about an hour and a half to the big city and beaches while dissect me stayed almost till the end of time in a most interesting finding presented there. At 16:00 we met at the bus station to pick up the bags and drove to the airport on line 1. In the home by 6:30 we planned and vacation is over and just left to see final amazing sunset in the sea off the plane and watch the following tours.

Pictures of the day:

15th day photos in Picasa

A little bonus for those who never gave up on this story:
The recording is made in abriterle
Images of nature and the team successively in one folder
Video summary of the trip from the point of view of the people.
Video summary of the trip from the point of view of nature

I want to thank the wonderful friend who joined the trip rather than "clicked" original design spooky looks on paper, the lack of information available on the network and finite time for exploring this area.
Among other things, you had your trip and hope is rising all around in relation to planning and implementation in running out even more interesting and varied than planned.
To spend time with me and learn Greek at a reasonable level before the trip and it helped us a lot, not Chuck quit despite the difficulties and joined at the last minute and Ali hatchonana and arrived in good shape and mood on the trip to record encouraging us all smile .

Conclusions in retrospect and future:
1) with all the grief that, despite being beautiful and unique island, Crete still not suitable for inexperienced travellers in terms of markup and lack logistics and travel infrastructure suitable as used to see other European countries especially during the finite time for trips and therefore those who want to explore the island, recommend to plan your routes well before departure.
2) as it began to do in recent years and continued on that trip, too, are strongly encouraged to learn at least the most basic level, the local language, especially field trips based on less. This helps greatly in people skills against good, feels and opens a lot of possibilities.
3) rain and weather in the mountains – as proven repeatedly, there is no sure formula can predict weather expected in 100% true from today to tomorrow, let alone for a few days and it is important to check weather conditions whenever possible and be prepared for extreme change in a short time. This means
That equipment and swap clothes should always be wrapped in a bag against rain when there is fear of rain/snow and if possible also the rest of the gear in the case in addition to rain.
Regardless of the need to be flexible and not fixed and change the programs walk depending on the area in practice rather than as designed and think it should be.
4) a storm/GATERS, a coat-not to save and buy quality gear from GORTEX or similar technologies from other companies. In drizzle-medium budget equipment works but the differences are beginning to unfold in the rain for several hours. Of course, a significant case cover and full cover better than half.
5-here) has a problem that normal hiking boots WATERPROOF and therefore after a while also to move water. WATERPROOF shoes are too warm to snow-free environment and therefore I think the only option is to take serious hiking trips with newer shoes Max opacity (I try hard sealing by different materials doesn't pay because it hits the shoe evaporation).
6) travel as friends proved to ourselves even physically, good preparation, selecting optimal equipment and learning from others ' experience can tell the difference between a good trip everyone which enjoy between an unsuccessful trip which people trailers after others. It is very important especially these HGH to understand who, traveling together in Israel before tours and coordinate expectations in advance.

Nice to see you all and next smile trip

Happy to answer any relevant questions on the runway here in a cluster or e-mail information: warham565@gmail.com

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To me, the usual story, detailed and interesting way and beautiful pictures

You have "the a-team"


#3 Posted : Saturday, May 3, 2014 10:53:46 AM(UTC)

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Wonderful! You guys are awesome, thank you

#4 Posted : Saturday, May 3, 2014 11:59:11 AM(UTC)

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Amazing pleasure to follow the thread of this moving, surprisingly experienced guys like some equipment "hook" rain, probably the end of the thread get summaries and such.


Eli TheHiker  
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[Quote = ItaiG; 579362]

Amazing pleasure to follow the thread of this moving, surprisingly experienced guys like some equipment "hook" rain, probably the end of the thread get summaries and such.


Indeed, I intend to post summary and conclusions, but sooner that the goal was to lose weight and to reuse part of the equipment as pontio coat or the bottom of the tent. Based on the data that were known before the trip and which is statistically in April has 6 days it rains and relatively little prior experience, we took the necessary minimum winter gear and at the end there was just one day in trouble.

Anyway not got wet at all files and electronic equipment.

Was it worth carrying Gore-Tex/storm pants for one addition/instead or partially wet, question the following tours

אמנון לנגי  
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I have no words. Allie.
I added the index tracks
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Very high standard as usual to me.

Looks like you guys had a combined experienced tour beautiful landscapes and interesting human interactions (adds to the experience of my trip ...)

Thank you for reporting!

יענקל'ה סער  
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Thank you, Ellie.
Lovely pictures!
Yankale clapping along.

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Really great. Hope to visit Crete. I have a ' fantasy ' to cross from North to South in the production area. Thanks for the informative report!

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In one word, WHOO.

In two words a pleasure to read, I never thought of Crete as a destination, now you changed my reference.

Two comments:

Temperature change with height in the mountains change of 1.5 degrees per thousand feet wet i.e. waterfall above cloud base.

Otherwise the change is 3 degrees to 1000 feet dry waterfall, the difference between wet dry condensing humidity contributes the heat trade to less cooling air with it.

The practical meaning of track temperature change is an island of stability, the so-called cascade stable temperature and humidity condition, if cooling is by approximately half up to 100 meters set up humidity condition i.e. the change in the weather with the barometric pressures will be declining very fast and need to plan a getaway spots cover depending on whether the strong cooling by dry waterfall humidity doesn't build and more space to manoeuvre while planning your trip.

Note that the tours are improving from time to time a pleasure to read.


Thanks for sharing and happy holiday.

Eli TheHiker  
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Thanks salaams.

I tried to write the comprehensive summary that is missing in Hebrew and in English except for hiking in Crete and that it is convenient and close to us, and definitely unique and nature which is unique because it is a long, narrow island with high snow-covered mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Because there are no direct flights to less than two hours and holidays are very low rates, this can be a very attractive destination for short and long trips.
Eli TheHiker  
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[Quote = brand ofer; 579374]

Really great. Hope to visit Crete. I have a ' fantasy ' to cross from North to South in the production area. Thanks for the informative report!

It is certainly possible and don't even have too much time for that, but I also added dessert walking along the South Western beaches from ROUMELI to POLEOCHORA because it is itself.

[Quote = naty_h; 579375]

In one word, WHOO.

In two words a pleasure to read, I never thought of Crete as a destination, now you changed my reference.

By the way, I didn't think the planning stage there's so much to see, because of the lack of information on the network of Crete as a destination for travelers and first I ordered CICRONE's book-high (digital version) then after reading it, and the first blog I put a link to an English traveller (whom by the way a talking email and received from him the recording of GPS and planning tips) fell the final decision. In addition to Passover early to drive to the Alps (to the other side of the world do not have enough time for my taste) and the choice was between Cyprus, southern Italy, southern Spain (was bshloshtam) and southern Greece or Crete.

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