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#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 29, 2014 11:28:26 AM(UTC)

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Hello Forum members!

I am a veteran and plan to go to Israel from North to South, around September-October, and wanted to ask a few questions.

1 the weather at the beginning of Aug and even the last week of August, allows convenient trip and no maximum temperature these days (like today )?

2. mode and do the trip alone (at least among of Arad and believe I know traveling with guys on the trail).

Nevertheless, I would like to hear from folks who were walking alone in the area. There is any danger, what to consider before you decide to go?

3. friendly and helpful stuff on the trail and its route should be problematic or easy to understand? As regards vague notations on the trail, controversial sections concerned and helpful stuff.

4. get on the road despite the security situation (in particular sections of the Arab villages, and Bedouin are sections)? I'd love to hear about חו"ד if I should go for these days.

Meanwhile, these are the questions I have raised, I would appreciate greatly help! Good day

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, July 29, 2014 1:23:21 PM(UTC)

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Smiley, welcome to the Forum.

Climate — you can siege kago data average maximum temperature and absolute, several days of temperatures above 30, and many other data on Meteorological Service website:


Other questions-you can learn more in the Forum search (according to words such as the Israel trail out, security, safety, marking, etc.)

Another forum from which you can learn a lot from managed by yankele and yagil, a member of the Red Guide. Also the introduction to the guide will help you think collecting material on the following link:


After reading tiootherna, talina certainly questions. I'm sure Forum members will be happy to help.

Current security situation-I think perhaps you should open a separate thread that deals with the current situation and its implications, for gathering information and ihazoro (to get more information and opinions, which will be accessible also are expecting to get soon).
#3 Posted : Wednesday, July 30, 2014 12:09:29 AM(UTC)

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Very thanks for your response and help.

Just to point out that I don't have experience in such magnitude trip and would love any information, recommendation and note relevant and use experience (if new information regarding route hiker on the trail, information about the questions asked here or anything relevant). Of course, if I have checked various forums or go here questions, but still ...

I tried to glean as much information regarding security and saw that there were cases that travellers have experienced harassment from strangers, as I understand can happen here and here.

About to start my own path, follow security and by this Act.

Use the this thread instead of opening a new one (lest I not be active title), regarding updates about the security situation and, if anyone would be relevant information and helps travellers (if necessary open.)

About the climate, according to the site, saw that in Sep can high temperatures 30 degrees in some areas.

Whether such temperature allows trip? In General, the climate in those months (Aug-Oct) allow for port- And what is the recommended temperature range for this kind of trip?

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#4 Posted : Wednesday, July 30, 2014 7:35:02 PM(UTC)

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General advice-it took me too many years to adopt her myself-not a task.
The fruits are of the essence, rather than actually walking on the route until the final meters.
Therefore, in my opinion at least, don't have to pounce on any mountain in heavy load, not have to cross the village if you don't feel comfortable.

Personally, I don't like to travel at a temperature of 30 degrees. Obviously, each brink suffered his enjoyment added, suppose your gain in preparation.

In addition to testing and data collection to make them write, you should adopt a number of safety rules:

Alertness against suspicious transactions, in particular regions and States. I'm not ashamed to lose the trail and make a detour to avoid an encounter with the following. Also, I tend to report immediately to the police about any suspicious movement.

It is recommended that each area to avoid, in particular, population alone, in some areas.

Where reported on iidavii, should I move during which students, school days are Friday, and should learn the route so as not to hang in.
#5 Posted : Monday, August 11, 2014 8:48:12 PM(UTC)

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I think it's better to go at least a couple and not just security concerns you specified but also if people get in and can keep moving (dislocation/fracture, dehydration, snakebite, Scorpion)
Not all reception areas and cellular single traveler can get immediate help.

Apart from this forum there are search partners forums and you should post there.

In terms of time I think it's better to push towards 15-20 September.
If you are still underway in early September (or even in the last week of August as you say)
Just be very attentive to predictions and listen to the wise counsels of went and try to conquer any mountain in heavy load.

For some reason people associate with "cool" but the trail goes North in places they're not less from hot, maybe even more.
Problematic sections.
One thing going in the Valley that is the hottest places in the country.
Part 2: going along ramim Ridge but off the Ridge, but about half the height, 13 miles long, most of the exposed to the Sun.
The stretch of river bottom page, ginnosar, the Arbel cliff, level fertile Jordan Valley, Fort Worth and the assault on very hot and exposed.

Those sections that really shouldn't go in heavy load
And "regular" days of September (he fledged summer)
You should start walking from first light until 10 or so. Relaxing in the shade the warm hours and go again 4:00 to sunset.

Good luck.
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