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#1 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 12:07:37 AM(UTC)

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GR54-Tour of the Oisans

The GR54 is a son of 190 kilometres surrounding the acrn National Park (Ecrins) in ear (Oisans) in Southeast France (South of Park and venoaz).

Acrn Park (Parc National Des Ecrins)

Acrn Park is the largest park in France and is Southeast of the city of Grenoble, the park covers 918 thousand hectares and the area of impact (the ring surrounding the park but did not get to her level of conservation) has doubled to $ 1 million and 800,000 acres. It has a large amount of glaciers (113 thousand acres) and is one of the southern areas in the Alps where they can find. It has 700 km of maintained trails.

Acrn range contains some of the highest point in France, including the Barre des Ecran (4102m)-the highest peak in France that is not in the Mont Blanc and La Meije (3984m) impressive (and more between the two).

What is the GR54?

The route was first marked on maps in 1963, and in 1966, is considered one of the toughest routes in Europe – at least by Kev Reynolds from Cicerone that indicates that in one breath (or rather one paragraph) with the GR20 in Corsica and in HRP. Indeed, with ascents and descents 12,220 m over 192 km (according to my GPS measurements) this is not a simple route, with sharp gradients, long days and unstable quality ranging from signage and clear way to "that רוג'ום?" and goats on rocks and deterioration.

However, the relatively good track conditions, unlike the GR20 and HRP. The track is a track villages (not track TMB as cabins or AV1) which means a lot of ups and downs-1200 m on average per day. No need to carry a tent (it was my first track without tent). 7 out of 9 nights we track our villages. There's 2 additional nights in cabins.

The course can be completed on 9-13 days-depending on the chosen variants increasingly. We went down the runway, with Greece, without uriantim. We have it in 10 days as a reference Kev Reynolds. In my opinion, with true of days 9 days can be completed.

Map of the route according to my GPS samples:

ה"מפנק height profile" of the track:

The route divides into two parts.

The Northeast part (days 1-4) and more accessible, in many villages, arresting larger villages, accommodations and large procurement and accommodation points (Besse en Oisans-but at the end of the first day) can be reached by public transport in a frequency of a few a day.

The South West (5-10) entering and isolated area, where steep mountain passes and less accessible villages (with 2 cabins where we are in orbit). Not all the villagers can obtain (at the end of the sixth day comes at last – by the end of the track).

Navigation markup and difficulty level

As already mentioned this is a route-route both because of his height profile, both because of the quality of the trails and highlights and also because several sections that require caution and experience. The track requires no technical equipment (at least not available snow shashbilim) but is not recommended as first Alpine route, and I think it is very important that at least one experienced traveler.

About uneven quality-check along the way. Near the villages and valleys of relatively good markup. There see relatively frequently highlights, but there has to be alert to. High interest areas a bit tangled, although relatively clear for fabric (I guess at the beginning of the season it) and with the exception of two or three of anomalies (few minutes walk) even in these areas, we found that for relatively easily. Big recommendation – be alert, to look forward and try to identify its route (sometimes easier than to recognize it in the near term).

The track is marked in several types of marking.

Both red and white lineson which are marked all the GR in France (more important to pay attention to marking X red and white marking where not to go than usual check that marks the way),Pink arrows sprayed color books (on roads and nearby villages), signs (standard yellow with time variant reliability level) and Roger (usually in the higher segments and near mountain passes).

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#2 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 12:51:58 AM(UTC)

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Getting there & away

Closest airports to which flies from Israel are Venice, Milan (Milan and easy-Jet flights there, we flew from Israel to Milan with Meridiana airline back from Jamaica with easy Jet).

Track access gates are Grenoble (North West from Jenin toward screw-ד'אוזן/onteia), rianso (Briancon-East from Milan, Turin towards onteia/Burg ד'אוזן) and gap (Gap-southwest-from Nice, Marseille towards La Chapelle).

The route is circular and can start him many points, almost every day the trail reaches the village and about half of them are connected in one way or another by public transport to one of the cities mentioned. The villages can be reached by public transport (according to the order of the route we did-the first three can be reached with bus line connects Grenoble to brianeso):

Le Bourg d ' Oisans (La ד'אוזן bolt)-Grenoble or rianso

La Grave (La sock)-Grenoble or rianso

Le Monetier les Bans (La onteia Le ban)-brianeso or Grenoble

Vallouise (oluase)-brianeso

La Chapelle en Valgaudemar (La Chapelle)-gap

The routes we did to get out of the track:

From Milan:

The airport in Milan (Malpensa) ? Milan railway station (50 mins by train-12.5 euro) ? lawless (oulx-3:20 hours by train via Torino 16 euro) ? rianso (Briancon-10 euros an hour) ? ד'אוזן screw (1 hour-15 euro)

We missed the bus in brianeso in fifteen minutes and we had to wait 3 hours to stock up on food, those are saved for the first two days of the track.


Burgess ד'אוזן ? Grenoble (1 hour by bus) ? Geneva (3 hours by train + bus) ? Airport (10 min by train)

In Grenoble took five hours waiting to get to the airport as of late (we're on easy Jet flight from 7:00 a.m. and was to arrive overnight in Grenoble).

1968-rianso bus (line 35 LER company), Schedule

Wallace-rianso bus

Accommodation and food

As I already wrote, most nights we stayed in the villages, where usually one or another variety of accommodation. Most people are sleeping at the Gite Etap-Inns that offer accommodation in half board (accommodation + meals, lodging in shared rooms (in some places there are also private rooms) large village has a wide and accommodation can be found including accommodations at a higher level.

Some casual kitchen for travellers and almost all have wifi. Think luxurious meals and generally high quality (though French ...).

You can do the course with, although I do not recommend. Weight savings enables you to cope better with the track (not lacking in sharp sharp ups and downs), and in shape-freedom, benefit from the opportunity of good conditions and use the gym to go high and challenging and variants to carry you tent and sleeping equipment (as was the first Alpine track I'm going without tent).

About ordering places-travel dates 16.6-5.5 (no doubt peak season) except one (Bella sock) I came across a place was packed (and is filled only after we got there). However we invite the two places where we slept and oalsensntra hostel (it-there's a weekend). However it is advisable to book evening or morning arrival-especially to prepare the home for arrival and reserve dinner. (Some places begin to cook lunch in two places we arrived without a reservation we haven't won for dinner, although one of them arrived more than three hours before dinner).

List of accommodation where there is (according to the order, the prices as of August 2014):

Burg-Hotel des Alpes-double room-50-60 euros, has wifi and you can add dinner at the restaurant of the hotel is 33 East 1 euro (for 2 people) or menu (there are other restaurants in the town centre)

- Bass-gite le sarret-halfboard-€ 42, has wifi, kitchen for visitors, you can also eat in the hostel's restaurant by menu.

On her stocking-Gite au vieux guide-half board-€ 38 (private rooms), no wifi and no kitchen for visitors, you can eat even more restaurants have menus in town, I think the less that there is good in him.

- Wheeler d'Aran-Gite la Breche-half board-€ 41 (private rooms), wifi. The homeowner Patrick and his wife are friendly, the hostel is in an ancient country house (even the wooden refrigerator), in a slightly different style, the owners sit with guests and guests help in editing the table and leaves (optional) A very homey atmosphere-highly recommended

- From onteia-gite le flourou-half board-€ 47, 29 euros for accommodation only, has wifi, but no kitchen stove for cooking (restaurants in town, I was the only one in town)

- And oluase-gite l ' aigliere-half board-€ 34, 16 euros for accommodation only, has wifi, a fully equipped kitchen. Need to reserve dinner (we arrived two hours before dinner and already it was too late to order)

- Drop hut- Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette-half board-€ 43, 17.6 euros for accommodation only, no wifi, kitchen, showers, WC-bulls cabin's food wasn't in the French local standards were.

-La Chapelle-gite jamivoi-BB-14 euros, 5 euros for breakfast, dinner (there may be booked in advance, there's a village). The owner works in the tourist information desk. Has wifi, kitchen – find out if you can use it.

On her right-Gite des-arias (was still under construction when we were there)-40 euro for half board, 18 euros for accommodation only, there's no wifi, kitchen

- And sanstra-gite le beranger-half board-€ 43, 18 euros for accommodation only, no wifi, kitchen (use for a fee). The only place in the country – reservations, although it has plenty of room and when we were there (fell on a weekend) was pretty empty.

- Reduced her cabin-Refuge de la Muzelle halfboard € 44, 19.5. accommodations only, no wifi, have a kitchen, there is winter, there are toilets in the bathroom and showers.

The villages have shops and you can obtain:

Burg (writer), sock, Vilar d'Aran, onteia, and a oluase (the last point where you can stock up until the screw).

And company

The first part of the track is very accessible and therefore mtweir is very beautiful days (high season) probably not alone on the path. In part this is to most large villages offer great accommodation.

The second part of the track is tougher and less — which means that most people you meet here will have a different nature. Here also are starting to notice people who do the GR54.

Story and maps

Start it I think is way more story and goes into orbit like this route works out where fine only with map.

To have friendly number describing the itinerary (we hiked with him):

The book is published in 2008 (there are some updates to the Publisher's site), I think it's good to have some idea on the track before, it contains information (mostly gentle) accommodation in the villages, General information about the track and the story through and accompanied by map (not as friendly numbers-3444).

In addition also check out French FFRP Guidebook for catwalk:

I read it when I saw him on some French travelers and he is better than a friendly guide, although it is in French (as I wrote, I think the story through more than) it contains updated information and useful, including topographic maps and lists of all variants of the track (not in the friendly manual).

We went with a map of IGN 1: A6

This map covers the entire track and also maps of 1:25.

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#3 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 12:55:45 AM(UTC)

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And weather

Best season, in contrast to other routes in the Alps is mid-July (due to thawing of snow in some of the highest) until mid-September so some casual and cabins are starting to close and the weather becomes less stable. However some of has winter cabins open year-round and most of the villages (at least the big ones) can find accommodation even in low season.

Early in the summer (mid-July) have chances of snow's inventions in high points and northern slopes. In the second part of the track it might be dangerous and sure all passageways are moving. From mid-July to mid-August and the routes are likely to be busy because of the French summer break. In September the weather reporting but getting less green landscape.

We stated we end July-early August, the rash was still at its peak, there were plenty of berries and the fear of the masses fades very quickly. In my opinion there is no fear to get back on track this season.

Seen in the story of American way BackpackingLight who did the track in late September with tents, so it really depends on the weather that year.

The weather even in summer can be fickle and you should always follow the famous weather every morning all the information stations.


The track requires no special technical equipment and a list of standard equipment out here in the Forum fit course with emphasis on minimum weight.

Sample gear list (all rights reserved to Amnon)

Physical preparation

We strongly recommend that you prepare the body for the port for this track. We tried to get Tabor once a week for two months prior to the track (a task that started to be difficult with the humidity and temperature of the summer) and although the first two hours of the track to increase cost but equally unfazed by the long atavor 3 times, I think it was good preparation.

Here is a suggested practice for Alpine Trek (all rights reserved to Amnon)

Division into days.

Kev Reynolds offers 2 days of manual outlines friendly (10 and 13 days), its Division into days a bit tricky (2 short days and one day is too long), get his two divisions here and my offer 10/11:

10 days by a friendly guide (this is the route we did, travelers can finish fast on 9 days by days 8 and 9 connection):

  1. Le Bourg d ' Oisans Besse en Oisans ?

  2. Besse en Oisans and La Grave ?

  3. Monetier les Bains, La Grave ?

  4. Monetier les Bains ? Vallouise

  5. Vallouise ? Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette

  6. Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette ? La Chapelle en Valgaudemar

  7. La Chapelle en Valgaudemar ? Le Desert en Valjouffery

  8. Le Desert en Valjouffery ? Valsenestre

  9. Valsenestre ? Refuge de la Muzelle

  10. Refuge de la Muzelle ? Le Bourg d ' Oisans

13 days by a friendly guide

  1. Le Bourg d ' Oisans Clavans le Bas»

  2. Clavans le Bas ? Le Chezelet

  3. Le Chezelet ? Refuge de l ' Alpe de Villar

  4. Refuge de l ' Alpe de Villar Monetier les Bains»

  5. Monetier les Bains ? Vallouise

  6. Vallouise ? Refuge des Bans

  7. Refuge des Bans ? Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette

  8. Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette ? Refuge de Vallonpierre

  9. Refuge de Vallonpierre ? Refuge des Souffles through La Chapelle en Valgaudemar (low variation)

  10. Refuge des Souffles ? Le Desert en Valjouffery

  11. Le Desert en Valjouffery ? Valsenestre

  12. Valsenestre ? Refuge de la Muzelle

  13. Refuge de la Muzelle ? Le Bourg d ' Oisans

10. my proposal (not all, suggestions to higher variants according to conversations with other travelers)

  1. Le Bourg d ' Oisans Besse en Oisans ?

  2. Besse en Oisans ? Villar d ' Arene

  3. Villar d ' Monetier les Bains Arene ?

  4. Monetier les Bains ? Vallouise-day powerful travellers have a high variation comes to Lac de l ' Eychauda

  5. Vallouise ? Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette

  6. Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette ? Refuge du Clot-Xavier Blanc

  7. Refuge du Clot-Xavier Blanc ? Refuge des Souffles-Col de Colombes variant high road

  8. Refuge des Souffles ? Valsenestre

  9. Valsenestre ? Refuge de la Muzelle + to view on La Muzelle

  10. Refuge de la Muzelle ? Le Bourg d ' Oisans

We also thought about adding a runway overnight by 3 day split and to Pave the Refuge du (2841 m)-this did not end for lack of (weather)

We allow 13 days for the trip (10 days net + travel + 2ימי another day to rest/incidence of bad weather) my suggestion is to take at least one more day, if not more. In this area there are and will always be possible to find what to do these days.

The start point and walk to Greece

Most people on the track doing it with Greece, could not find a reason determined the direction and I think it has a great meaning.

As I already wrote, there are 5 places which are accessible by public transport, as I see it, only 3 of them are suitable as starting points on primarily in terms of the body acclimatization hike and opinion and oluase (Wednesday night in a 10-day subdivisions) a (the night the first six in 10 days) in the second and more difficult of the less fit start chnk.

The first screw is not simple and fairly steep climb starts of 700 m, is relatively long and very exciting (you can skip the first prototype by her village and then a bus or (Huez) to shorten it by color at klbans. about an hour before bass).

The first word can be ideal stocking with a beautiful day as the first day of the track and 2 keys before entering the toughest part of the track.

Monteia start hard. but on the second day of the track will be one of the hardest two days.

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#4 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 9:57:35 AM(UTC)

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A description of the track.

* Times are net times without stopping, all distance and climbing/descending-according to my GPS measurements

Sunday-Borg (Le Bourg d ' Oisans) (Besse en Oisans) bass

1682 m 21.8 km rising, 837 m, 6 hours walking NET

We screw around 6:30, the town was still drowsy.

After 10 min the Centre reach early. The trail starts to climb atop boulders and rises above the stream. Here you should pay attention to marks and especially to find the ones which it's not (red X white). After 20 minutes we missed that check walk which led to a delay of about 20 minutes until we got on the ...

In the end, the increase comes to several small villages. The views of the Valley and hills of the then (Huez-which can also be reached by bus and skipping the first aliyah) and Alpes de then (Alp de Huez ski resort was ugly).

At some point the track descends some tens of metres into the Valley which continue to rise up to the Col de Sarenne.

The road is mostly through 4 and beyond also connects with highway-which means the region is seeing many – particularly leisure travelers a day, cyclists and car travelers there cabin aisle (Refuge du Col de Sarenne) and you can stop for lunch (another one-hour Auberge de Haute Combe), we stopped at the border for lunch the view is nice, but pass on the south wall (15-20 m) overlooking the northern ridge of the acrn (not move) and the village of upper Kleban (le Haut Clavan) which The track continues.

Apas, the track descends towards the upper Kleban and the lower Kleban (Clavan le Bas-hostel and restaurant) crosses the Creek and a few hundred metres bass (1550m Besse en Oisans-) where we spent the night.

Monday-mbbs included stocking (La Grave)

1040 m 17.1 km, 1075 m, rising 20 hours net

The day begins with a walk up the Valley of BAS until the village camping (15-b), where the trail starts to climb to Col Nazie (a sort of elongated saddle) and from there to Col Bichet panoramic views on the northern ridge of the acrn and hanging glaciers on it.

Away down to the Col du אמ'פריס and l. Scuchet.

It started a long decline against the views of La Meije (one of the most famous peaks of the Park) and glacier.

The track descends through 2 La Chazelet villages and Les Terraces (can is both) onto her stocking (which serves as the center of the area and offers a variety of accommodation) are advised to continue another hour to Schuyler d'Aran (Villar d ' Arene) to shorten the third day and to sleep at the Inn where excellent. Us caught in the decline and therefore decided to stop spending a sock.

Tuesday sock to monteia dress (Le Monetier les Bains)

1119 m 26.3 km 1119 m her descent, 6 hours walking NET

One of the most beautiful days in orbit.

In the morning we started walking in the rain. The trail goes along the romansh, and after about an hour we reached d'Aran, where Villars you will be decided skipped monteia bus because the worst weather and return to this day if I don't use the other day took us a calculating.

In hindsight it was the right decision, monteia (located on the East side of the Park) it was raining (if we await the day we were stuck in the d'Aran Villars you will be rain the next day) and when we got back to complete the US it was a big loss to do this day in bad weather. First day trail enters the Park and scenic acrn peaks and glaciers hanging from them.

From Villars you will be the d'Aran footpath along the romansh and after some km starts to climb along the Ridge towards the Valley becomes narrower and begin climbing the morays (gabions) left behind by glaciers in retreat.

The romansh falls here in a series of waterfalls when hanging glaciers from the mountains shmalino.

At the end of the climb on the bifurcated Moray-right high valleys that can be a side trip to tourism (accommodation in Refuge du Pave) and left the Refuge de l ' Alpe de Villar d ' Arene and crossing Col d ' Arsine, the type becomes significant increase in wide valley with impressive views of the glaciers in the background.

After returning to climb 1.5 miles until you get to the pass (Col d ' 2340m-Arsine).

South and just above the transition has glacial Lake (Lac du Glacier d ' 2455m-Arsine, 20 minutes pass 15. Unlike as 45 minutes listed on the sign to the families with the kids you see from here to the end of the day). We recommend that you stop by for lunch near the Lake.

The move begins the descent along the dairy's Lake just below the stream expands in the bathroom there is a chain in blue beautiful pools.

Further down, just before the tree line come to another Lake (Lac de la Douche, 1901m) and Tan prowled cautiously sitting in the Sun. The reduction is in the forest until arriving to the big Valley and Le Casset village where about 30 minute walk 45 minutes until monteia Valley.

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#5 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 9:58:44 AM(UTC)

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Wednesday-monteia to ooloaz

19.7 km, 1002 m 1326 m decreasing her, net: 35 hours

Is relatively easy, but has a high variation increases to Lac de l ' Eychauda via Col des Grangettes, we didn't do it, but also according to the route map and by other travellers calls this difficult variation with very steep. In addition to the 750 m of the increase by rising from monteia.

The day begins in the forest, at the exit from the trees reach the ski resort and continue along the cable cars and ski slopes up to Col de l ' Eychauda a long decline, down the Valley of the majeure (Vallon de Chambran) there's a hut to which has access to a car (lunch) and leaves a track day comes to Lac de l ' Eychauda. From here the descent continues through several villages and valley bottoms and oluase and oluase.

Thursday oluase to a violation de la pole (Refuge du Pre de la Chaumette)

1698 m 23.1 km on it, 1002 m drop, NET 7 hours

This is the entrance to the "tough" part of the track, which cost higher mileage on track-Col de l ' Aup Martin.

Today begins the long Valley walk (short-bus comes at 7:00 ooloaz), walking on a road, but nice.

Just before the end of the road for each surface tents (you can go far at the end of the fourth day).

From here the trail rises to the upper Valley and hence the character mellowed over the glacial Valley. On the way past Shepherd's hut (has for travellers). From here you can see the pass (Col de l ' Aup Martin).

After the hut starts climbing Morena to getting to bottom of glacial circus. Very soon the path starts to climb towards the crossing. The climb becomes steep as immigrants and in the final 100 meters of the climb and climb crumbling land becomes very steep (don't try to gain less and מ"טוב weather early in the season may be close or require technical equipment).

This is the point in orbit, from here continue more or less on the next crossing height (Pas de la Cavale). A few steps after the descent from the second move the cabin down below in the Valley, the first passage of the next day and the top of the Le Sirac (not visible in photo) in the first part of the next day.

Friday-cow lodge de la drooping included Chapelle

1245 m 25.1 km her 1946 m descent, 8 hours net

This is the longest day of the track includes three passes, two of them are very steep and you don't want to get them in bad weather.

Today begins the climb up the Valley from cabin, very quickly starts to climb the side of the ל"אמבטיה Valley," which must first pass (Col de la Vallette-2668m), on the South side of the shmcepon is the Le Sirac West and beyond.

The descent is very steep pass farmland fragmented and we got wet, too, is strongly recommended to try to drop it in wet weather or poor visibility. From here, descend a few hundred yards from her rise to pass (Col de Gouiran. 2597m), which can be seen from the North-West passage, northeast of the Le Sirac and East of the pass and descent steep (pictured).

This time the decline slightly less steep and the path continues towards the transition following the expected East of the Le Sirac and North to Lake Vallonpierre Lodge. Here we iafim number of Lone Eagle above our heads.

The very steep descent near the crossing. At Vallonpierre, on the Lake of the same name, you can stop for lunch.

From here we continue downhill (very) long. Initially, on the side of the mountain, descending a steep enough and then is moderate at the bottom of the Valley. After several miles of hiking in the Valley, the Valley faces a sharp turn West. Here the trail enters the Grove and after another km pass by xavier blanc chalet (stop here, as described in Division of days).

From here it continues for a significant decrease in the long walk and a little boring that ends in La Chapelle.

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#6 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 9:59:44 AM(UTC)

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7th day – La Chapelle dress right

Her 20.8 km 1583 m, 1386 m drop, NET 7 hours

The day begins with a walk through the Valley (1 hour) to the next village, where begins the long climb to the bottom of Souffles circus, panoramic views.

To the West can be seen in the mountain pass which headed Col de la Vaurze. The road continues on up to coming to the western slope of the circus (no water since the beginning of the ascent until the pass drop), begins a few hundred meters. The pass you can see the transition of tomorrow and the village right located above 1000 m below it (which indicates the expected lap at the end of the descent, taken the pass), the beginning of a very steep (don't try the weather isn't good).

After a drop of a few dozen meters is moderate (some) with a series of zigzag your way up, at some point the road continues on, but soon returning to a steep decline which continues to the bottom of the Valley zigzag your way up (here began to hatkadr the sky and Thunder came around, but in the end, the rain came only in the evening). At the bottom of the River Valley and small village to her right.

Friday mini dress right for oalsenstra

1040 m 10.9 km on it, 994 m drop, NET 4 hours

Today, the track is quick and easy-no cost to "beautiful rock" Col de Cote At a relatively low and less steep than previous days. The pass can be seen in the aisles of the previous day and following day.

The descent from the pass begins next to some real rock hanging above the slates.

The decline continues to the bottom of the Valley and there remains some 20 minutes walk (this section need to be repeated tomorrow) in a wooded valley to the small, picturesque village and alsenstra.

This day and the next day are short and quick and in good shape can connect them into one long day. The next day, despite being short is not a steep pass, not sure at the end of a long day getting him fit for everyone.

9th day-oalsenstra to her discount (Refuge de la Muzelle)

9 km, 1417 m 494 m, her 3:20 hours net

This day was the happiest day of our trip short, but it's really not easy, as I wrote. I think you can connect with the day to day.

The day starts with a return of about 20 minutes up the wooded valley, at the end of the great Valley North to the passage de la Moselle seems remote as yet lump dark rock lying between two rock mountain (looks like someone decided to raise the pass that was too easy to climb it ).

The hike starts at the top of the Valley and eventually starts to zigzag your way up toward the crossing, this guy is steep and the ground isn't always stable (according to the book two years ago wasn't there, and the final was very difficult).

The transition relatively narrow, per se, can see him a couple of days back (the previous two rollovers) and three days (the rollovers and the first 10 days and the beginning of the second day).

Above the transition depends she discounted glacier descending from the Summit on what he called passage, can be detected in the Lake and reduced her shack.

The steep decline from here, demanding half of several snow fields not (in early August). At the end of the decline reaches Lake discount entered her from the glacier above it and reduced her shack on Moray diabetes the Lake (2115 m).

If you got here early, you have several options available to you.

A. sitting over a pint in the cabin.

To keep the equipment in the cabin and a view of the glacier on the East of the cabin.

To get to the village and onosck (Venosc) which public transport screw.

4. continue on the route.

C. options. I think not-recommended that you lose one of the pearls of the track. It's a pretty long walk that includes a very long drop to the next point (La Danchere, our village took to reach more almost four hours the next day, but long).

We planned to do, but during lunch on the clouded sky and we don't change plans. What after about an hour the wise decision.

Tenth-day discounted dress for bolt.

497 m 18.4 km on it, 1896 m descent, 6 hours walking NET

Depart back towards the mouth of the Lake away starts to rise from the West towards the clearly visible from the cabin type is not difficult. After an hour walk comes to switch views to her cabin, discounted the shlida Lake and the Summit and the iceberg (all with the same name).

From here starts a long and steep decline on the rock part. While the decline begin to see one Lake Lauvitel is the point in orbit and a bit difficult to cut down.

The Lake attracts a lot of families and kids (it's a very popular day trip) and from here to the end of the descent to the Valley track is packed with them. The decline is orderly way and along the stream descends from the Lake. At the bottom of the individual masses decrease continues in la Danechere parking and facing the Valley walk (some can give dull and catch a bus from the village) to the screw.

More pictures

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#7 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:00:42 AM(UTC)

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And finally, some personal background-and the GR54

In the summer of 2007 I went the HRP in the Pyrenees, so I was introduced to the British books Cicerone.

In September 2008 we left 4 members from Israel (then students academic juggler) to visit a friend who worked at the time. The plan was to go 5 days on the GR5 area to Lake Geneva.

During the planning of the trip I encountered friendly release on new release a book called "Tour of the Oisans: The GR54".

School starts early in the paragraph titled "What is Europe ' s toughest trek?"

In this section compares line between the GR20 Reynolds HRP and the GR54. It is not clear why (or rather,) this paragraph started Tickle toes.

Continued planning of the GR5 and kept the idea of another opportunity the GR54 (still flew a week and needs 10 days). Unfortunately, for the flight to Switzerland forecast turned out to be the next week not to shoot us. So I suggested to make a small change in plans and scrupulous acrn National Park area (Ecrins)-Although we can't go 5 days as planned because a longer travel time, but we can go 3 days-3 days of the GR54.

When we got to the screw ד'אויזן (Bourg d ' Oisans) turns out the weather here doesn't really us, stomach tight (since I don't eat seafood before flights). Found bed bolt and went to sleep. The next day I woke up with a stomach ache and connect with low clouds and drizzle. They decided to try to do a little spin around, while I stayed in bed and breakfast.

The next day, the weather and the conditions have improved, though I decided not to go with them to explore and we arranged to meet in the village of Kleban (Clavans le Bas). They were the first day and I hitchhike GR54. I got to ride one after Kleban 1.5 hours ' walk, the other day I spent on hold. Towards sunset-friend tired but satisfied. We have set up tents outside the village and prepare for tomorrow.

The next day I went. This great day אמ'פריס level panoramic views of the northern ridge of the acrn with glaciers that depend on it. The next day we'd have to go back to Geneva, but I swore myself hopefully I will be back.

Since it's been a few years ago, I met my future wife at the end of that year I tried to paste it in (the walking, not of the GR54), good luck, and after several attempts (and less successful) she realized there could be rather fancies her let me deal with them.

At the beginning of the year (2014) I started to get ready to exit the track (tab said), I was able to find two partners was one of the first round in 2008, and plans to climb the klimang but gave no arguments are based such as "leave you aklimang-trip to Japanese aged 60.

End of July came and with it raining, but even halting flights to router (renewed in less than 24 hours before our flight, the Italian company Meridiana), couldn't stop me this time to get back on track.

אמנון לנגי  
#8 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:16:30 AM(UTC)

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Finally a detailed story on the track which is on top of my European:)
Thanks a lot to me. Inshallah next year.
יענקל'ה סער  
#9 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:29:11 AM(UTC)

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Not sure enough to alarm implant training towards the track.

But not before the TMB inshallah, next year.

Anyway thanks to me the excellent description.

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#10 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:36:49 AM(UTC)

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Done with me. Through detailed story with maps and photos. This year I planned at the end of July to go to and tell the GR54 of Ken Reynolds, but because "rain rockets" have decided to cancel the trip.

With a ceasefire, I decided to take a route that seems easier to plan over 31/8 went to AV1 in Aosta Valley after your description I am sorry I bought this book much more.


#11 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:56:14 AM(UTC)

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#12 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 2:48:51 PM(UTC)

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I've been waiting (patiently) to this summary.

Not disappointed! Summary of useful and fun.

The track was known as my plan this summer, but ...

I have no idea when I go the GR54 but I opened an account with daily and yet to come.

Thank you!

#13 Posted : Saturday, September 13, 2014 11:20:54 PM(UTC)

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Thanks for responding!

Yuval-your message has been deleted, but a description of the track has a link to a piksha
#14 Posted : Sunday, September 14, 2014 9:01:51 AM(UTC)

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Indeed I've seen.

Nice pictures and nice review.
Eli TheHiker  
#15 Posted : Sunday, September 14, 2014 9:13:44 AM(UTC)

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Excellent summary and very useful to successors (I love style:)), thanks.

Although the track is not in the list, but does feel like the distant future or every two weeks in the summer.
#16 Posted : Sunday, September 14, 2014 9:37:05 AM(UTC)

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To me thank you
2 questions:
1. can some sections (1700 m on her first day.)
2. which sections you recommend (if I can do it?

Thanks Oded
#17 Posted : Sunday, September 14, 2014 11:18:59 AM(UTC)

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[Quote = dede; 581529] to me thank you
2 questions:
1. can some sections (1700 m on her first day.)
2. which sections you recommend (if I can do it?

Thank you


Until me,

Note that the outline also friendly to 13 days and I think this degree of difficulty wasn't significantly different. TMB

That way at least it seems the cumulative rise (12,200 metres) divided over 13 days.

What does ons must have equipment there.

#18 Posted : Sunday, September 14, 2014 12:30:21 PM(UTC)

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Hi Yuval
I saw the Division
Want to know more detail if there.

Ons equipment Everywhere there. Just a question of price.
We five, six so it doesn't leave us and most importantly keeps welcome
#19 Posted : Sunday, September 14, 2014 6:02:09 PM(UTC)

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Hello me

First aspired to the review. Vintage and do want to throw a backpack on my back and aikvotch. I appreciate a lot of investment.

B-fit nose it started. To go the first day nearly 14 miles and almost 1700 m in less than 7 hours is impressive on Sunday.

The full picture album yet to see but you can be sure. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

And select questions to finish (reminiscent of my questions about the track in Vanoise):

About the number passim tougher of the track you are warned against walking in bad weather (or at the beginning of the season) and describes them as extremely steep drdertis. I'm trying to figure out how you think these passim (assuming we go where weather permitting).

  • Do I need to use sheer sections or hands it to narrow and steep zogazg (as seen in the picture attached)?
  • Whether it was necessary to "take under" decreases?
  • How do you think the hike is possible for those with fear of heights (especially without fear of possession and the fall in them dangerous.)
    For example, programs such as the Vanoise TMB or not problematic to me.

Thanks for this, Jonathan

#20 Posted : Sunday, September 14, 2014 11:20:39 PM(UTC)

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As Yuval wrote you-Bill 59 Division days.

Overall, especially in the early days, the route passes through many villages and could do with the controversy.

On the first day, for example, stopping to sleep in a small variance Huez is the end of the first 2-3 hours and 700 m from the beginning of the track (if you get to screw in the afternoon half-day can begin with this thing), Huez can also be reached by public transport.

The same day can finish at Clavans le Bas which is about an hour before Besse (300 m below it) where we stopped or Refuge du Col de Sarenne sitting at 2-3 hours pass before Besse.

Today, only one has the problem of fragmentation is the fifth day – where you can stop off at shepherds unmanned about 4 hours from the trailhead.

About featured sections.

To say what I think at least successful passages if you're short on time, I'd skip the first day and the fourth day and the Valley walk at the end of the third and tenth days.

What to do-it already depends on you and the time you have.

2 days, 3 days, and 10 are very nice and they are suitable for day trips, but which have to deal with hordes of day-trippers (especially downhill Lake Lauvitel in the second section of the tenth day and downhill from the Col d ' Arsine in the second part of the third day)

5 days to nine days, but recommended and therefore only if you get them ready .

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